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Atkins Services in Asia Pacific

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Atkins In Asia Pacific

  1. 1. Atkins in Asia PacificWe have enormous expertise, providingboth breadth and depth of knowledge inan extremely diverse range of disciplines> Plan Design Enable
  2. 2. Contents 4 18 Urban Planning & Consultancy Geotechnical Engineering 6 20 Architecture Civil Structures 8 22 Landscape Design Building Structures 10 24 Rail Sector Highways & Bridge Engineering 11 26 Rail Infrastructure Marine Infrastructure & Airports 12 28 Railway Services Water Services 14 30 System Assurance Environmental Services 16 32 Tunnel & Ground Engineering Power 34 Mechnical & Electrical Services
  3. 3. Atkins - A Global PartnerAtkins is one of the world’s leading providers of professional, technology basedconsultancy and support services. In recent years, it has expanded from its historicalbase in traditional engineering, management consultancy and property services intorelated technological consultancy and the management of outsourced facilities.We have 17,500 employees in more than 200 offices worldwide, including 1,000 staffin our Asia Pacific offices located in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing,Singapore and Australia. Atkins has enormous expertise, providing both breadth anddepth of knowledge in an extremely diverse rangeof disciplines.Our clients are varied and include governments, local and regional authorities, fundingagencies and commercial and industrial enterprises. We help our clients to realisetheir objectives by developing and delivering practical solutions, adding value to theirbusinesses through the application of our experience, innovative thinking and state-of-the-art technology.
  4. 4. 12 34 5 67 4 Atkins in Asia Pacific
  5. 5. 1 Jinma River Area, Chengdu, Sichuan2 Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou, Guangdong3 Taiyuanjie Area, Shenyang, Liaoning4 Tongzhou Central Area, Beijing5 EasternTransport Hub, Hangzhou, Zhejiang6 Dongjiu New Town, Yixing, Jiangsu7 Shiling Area, Chengdu, SichuanUrban Planning & ConsultancyAtkins is a premier supplier of urban planning and consultancy services rangingfrom market studies and economic analysis through to master planning and urbandesign. Atkins has completed 400 urban planning projects within Asia Pacific andhas 500 urban planners worldwide.Asia Pacific is experiencing significant pressures from rapid Our servicesurbanisation, the depletion of natural resources, and changing Our services and capabilities include all spatial scales fromlifestyles. Urban planning is therefore often called upon to regional analysis through to master planning and propertypromote economic development and competitiveness, address development schemes:social issues, and protect key natural and environmental resources. Regional StrategyInternational best practice in sustainable development is a New Town / District Developmenthallmark of Atkins’ design process, fully integrating economic,social and environmental concerns into urban planning. This Urban Regenerationapproach is reflected in our range of services which we believe Smaller Settlements Developmentoffers significant strength in depth. Property DevelopmentThe planning of new communities can ensure that growth In addition, we have the expertise to cover a number ofoccurs in the most desirable locations and directs development specialist areas:away from sensitive environmental and landscape resources. Inaddition to accommodating urban growth, new communities Urban Development Strategycan provide a degree of self-containment, social balance andengender a sense of community. Atkins has pioneered carbon- City Cluster Studyneutral and eco-city approaches in its urban planning work in City Master PlanningAsia Pacific and elsewhere. Land Development Strategy Real Estate Market StudyPlace-making and urban design are key approaches to urban Sustainable Development Planningdevelopment in both new and existing areas. The promotion of Environmental Planningliveable cities is not only a target in its own right but can alsoenhance overall competitiveness and positively impact property Geographical Information Systemsvalues. Urban development is thus designed to be mixed-use, Urban Designcompact, liveable, and walkable. Landscape Planning Tourism Planning & ConsultancyRapid and unbalanced economic development has left areas Heritage/Conservation Planning & Managementof the inner city in physical and economic decline. The failureof the land and property markets to function effectively in Industrial Zone Planningsuch areas requires specific interventions to overcome low Transport Hub Planningdevelopment values and uncertain demand through area-based Aviation City Planningurban regeneration initiatives. Logistics Planning Underground Space PlanningTourism, leisure and recreation are key growth sectors within theAsia Pacific region and we have significant resources in this area. Residential Planning Golf Course and Property Planning Hotel Development ConsultancyOur clients include governments, urban operators, private sectordevelopers, investors, and international lending institutions. Investment & Financing ConsultancyUrban Planning & Consultancy 5
  6. 6. 2 1 34 5 6 47 5 6 7 6 Atkins in Asia Pacific
  7. 7. 1 Bank of China, Chongqing2 CISDI, Chongqing3 Railway Station, Hangzhou4 Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental, Songjiang Shanghai5 Taiyuan Airport6 Namaste W Hotel, Mumbai7 East Tower, Guangzhou8 The Regatta, Jakarta9 Yinchuan Airport10 Yongtai Four Points, BeijingArchitectureAtkins Architects create design solutions.We plan, design and enable innovative solutions to development problems.8 9 10With internationally renowned, locally based teams and an Our Projectsinternational office network, Atkins is able to provide world- We have developed projects as small as single buildings toclass design solutions around the globe. Across China and complex mixed-use projects and complete new towns. BySE Asia, Atkins has created numerous innovative architectural addressing each development as a fresh challenge, we are able tosolutions. Over the past ten years Atkins have planned provide unique design solutions suitable for each situation. Givendesigned and enabled commercial, transport, residential, the nature of development in Asia many of the projects we dealretail and civic projects from our regional base. The key to with are at a very large scale. Our design teams are also involvedthe success of Atkins Architects is the local knowledge and in urban design, which crosses the boundary of traditionalinternational experience of the people we have in the region. architecture and landscape solutions. In large scale urban design projects, wider issues of transport, social development andAtkins Architects team provide design services from four key environmental issues must also be addressed to create successfullocations: Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen that cover solutions.all of China. We are also rapidly expanding into South East Asia,with presence in Vietnam and Malaysia to support our Hong Kong Our Futurestudio in continuing to serve this broader region. Atkins is growing. Over the past decade we have established and built a strong team. It is our goal to become the leadingIn Asia and China in particular the Atkins design teams have international consultant in Asia. Given the pressing environmentaldeveloped projects from conception to completion on site, challenges created by the urbanization of the region andworking with both local and international consultants. We particularly China, sustainable design is a key issue for newemploy, architects, urban designers, planners, landscape architects development projects. Atkins is a world leader in sustainabilitylow carbon design experts and interior designers. Our design with some of the world’s most significant ‘green’ building projectsteams are made up of a potent mix of international staff and now under construction. Atkins Architects in China and Asia areexperienced local designers. now playing a key role in implementing sustainability. Globally and nationally this will be the focus of much of Atkins work in theTo serve clients across the region a realization of the cultural future.and regional differences of this vast continent is essential. Theinnovation and best practice of Atkins worldwide network is alliedwith the knowledge of local culture and real conditions in Asia.Architecture 7
  8. 8. Landscape Design Atkins architectural and landscape teams create design solutions. We plan, design and enable innovative solutions to development problems. Atkins is an innovator in landscape and urban design, with a We Plan, Design and Enable landscapes to fit the purpose using reputation for imaginative, elegant and practical solutions for all local knowledge and global experience. facets of landscape requirements from public realm to sensitive historic environments, both in China and overseas.1 2 34 56 7 8 Atkins in Asia Pacific
  9. 9. 8 910 11 We deliver landscape solutions of vision and beauty, but Atkins has strong landscape design teams containing a mixture which also bring tangible benefits to the project in terms of foreign and local staff who know how to deliver successful of value for money, health, quality and efficiency. We enjoy projects. Based in the three key locations of Beijing, Shanghai building relationships with clients in order to develop a deeper and Shenzhen we cover the whole of mainland China and understanding of their requirements and help contribute towards Hong Kong. the project’s successful business case. Our team is used to working in wider multi-disciplinary Legible and inclusive, fit for purpose and fit for the future, we environments, and we always strive to be innovative, creative deliver unique landscapes that: and comprehensive in our approach. We have created Meet the complex needs of everyone using them, both by landscapes for small courtyards and gardens to complex day and by night, as well as the funders and maintainers urban, mixed-use masterplans, from waterfront promenades to ecological parks and leisure facilities. Each scheme is treated Are flexible and robust but also elegant, imaginative and with the same care and attention no matter the size with the thought-provoking aim of bringing value to the project. As well as nurturing our Are affordable, buildable, cost-effective and sustainable own clients, we work closely with our fellow urban designers, long term planners and architects to provide a holistic approach to project Reflect and enhance local identity and the surrounding design and deliverability. environment Sustainable issues within the landscape design are at the forefront of our design ethos and with our own trained staff and wider company expertise and resource we believe we can seriously contribute to a better environment and help lead the 1 Heixiazi island, Fuyuan, Heilongjiang way to a ‘greener’ China. 2 Tianjin Yang Liu Qing Par 3 Mianyang New Town City Centre 4 Tianjin Old Town #14i 5 Thamestown, Shanghai 6 Jiangsu Zhong Da V33 Peninsula 7 Songjiang Shimao Hotel, Shanghai 8 Suzhou Industrial Park New City CBD 9 Zhonghai International 10,11 Shimao Olive Gardens, Beijing Landcape Design 9
  10. 10. 1 Tsuen Kwan O Station, MTR Corporation, Hong Kong 2 Kwai Tsing Tunnel, Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation West Rail, Hong Kong 3 Hung Hom Station, Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation, Hong Kong 4 Pedestrian Density Map, Shanghai Shijidadao Station, China 5 Light Rail Grade Separation, Tuen Mun, Hong Kong 6 Tsuen Wan West Station, Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation West Rail, Hong Kong Rail Sector Atkins currently has over 2000 staff working on railway In addition to a full range of planning and civil engineering projects, and has worked on some of the largest rail projects skills, our expertise includes railway operations & maintenance, in the world. But whether the scheme is large or small, our rail alignment & permanent way, signalling & control systems, approach is focused on providing our clients with the best electrification, telecommunications and rail vehicles. With schemes possible to increase revenue from the operation of this comprehensive range of skills, we are uniquely placed to their railway lines, keeping capital and operating costs to a provide integrated solutions for railway projects. minimum whilst providing a safe and reliable service.1 2 3 45 10 Atkins in Asia Pacific
  11. 11. 6 Railway Infrastructure Atkins is a premier supplier of integrated consultancy services on railway engineering, covering the full range of the services required to design all aspects of rail projects, from the systems that operate the railway to the civil infrastructure that carries it. Atkins is frequently called upon by our Clients at the initial Our Services and capabilities include: stages of their projects to help them plan their strategic railway networks, assess ridership or to carry out independent Railway Planning assessments of their project’s financial viability. We carry Strategic planning out feasibility and technical studies for all types of railway - Route planning to identify the optimum route alignments, station locations, - Catchment studies and form of construction. Fundamental to the success of Financial assessments this process is the use of our structured approach to value - Bankable feasibility studies engineering. Railway Design Engineering Metros / Suburban Railways Alignments designed include in tunnel, on viaduct or at Stations grade. We have extensive experience in the sizing, planning - Station planning and design of stations for light rail and metro systems. These - Entrance optimisation include stations which are elevated, at grade, partially above - Pedestrian modelling ground and fully underground (including in cavern) and use the latest pedestrian modelling techniques to optimise the size and Tunnels layout. Alignment Light Rail Our clients include railway operators and also contractors Viaducts under design and build assignments. At-grade We are fully familiar with the planning and engineering Existing Railways of modifications to existing railways including: concourse Upgrading of existing railways extensions, entrances and subways, new lifts and escalators and noise barriers installed to meet the latest standards. Project Management Services Project controls All of our work is characterised by the quality and cost Risk management effectiveness of the design. Value engineering Railway Infrastructure 11
  12. 12. 1 Rail Services Globally our 2,000 railway systems engineers, rail operators, and railway consultants including staff based regionally across Asia Pacific gives us unparalleled expertise covering all aspects of railway systems and operations planning, design, implementation and whole life support. Atkins expertise extends through railway operations & - System simulation & modelling (e.g. line capacity & maintenance, rail alignment & permanent way, signalling & power system) control systems, a.c. & d.c. electrification, telecommunications - Specialist engineering studies (e.g.stray current) and rail vehicles. - Development of performance and functional specifications We are wholly independent of any system supplier, and are - Systems tender documentation therefore able to provide totally impartial advice to owners, - Fully integrated application design operators, contractors or suppliers. Independent checking and certification Our Rail Services are summarised under the following areas: - Independent checking of third party design for any railway system including safety critical systems; - Independent checking and certification of signalling Systems Engineering & Management interlocking / control tables Systems project management and project controls - Independent checking of software based control systems - Project management procedures and project controls for to SIL4 systems works Systems integration - Systems programme development - Complex electrical systems integration support (e.g. - Technical and commercial management of systems signalling, rolling stock, electrification) Suppliers and contractors - Earthing design, management and coordination - Systems design management - Alignment coordination - Construction management & supervision - Combined Services / Structural E&M Coordination (CSD/ Systems design engineering SEM) - Functional interfaces design, hazard analysis and Design engineering (concept, preliminary and detailed management design) of permanent way, overhead line, power supply, - Interface design development, planning and testing signalling, control systems, and telecommunications 12 Atkins in Asia Pacific
  13. 13. 1 Singapore MRT, Systems Testing 2 Hong Kong MTR Tsuen Kwan O Line, OHL Design 3 Taiwan High Speed Rail, Control Centre Development 4 KCRC Light Rail, Design & Site Supervision for Railway Systems 5 Sydney Clearways, Operational Reliability 6 Taiwan High Speed Rail, Trackwork Detailed Design Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Incident and Accident investigation Operations and Maintenance planning Independent investigation - Operating strategy and business planning Evidence gathering and securing (including chain of custody - Operational layout design and testing/simulation for procedures) mainline/depot Recovery of data from event monitoring or voice recordings - O&M resource planning Identification of investigation critical documents - O&M budgetary costing Specialist technical investigation services and advice - Maintenance planning Reliability and failure investigations Operational readiness support Performance improvement monitoring - O&M documentation needs analysis Asset Management and Engineering - Structured development of operating rules, procedures, instructions and O&M manuals Asset condition assessment and benchmarking - Training needs analysis Asset management best practice - Staff competency assessment Life extension opportunities - Development of training materials Development of asset management systems in accordance - Delivery of structured bespoke training courses with international standards2 3 4 56 Rail Services 13
  14. 14. 1 Taiwan High Speed Rail, RAMS Management, Software Assurance 2 MTRC Control Room Design, Ergonomics Study 3 Airport Authority Hong Kong, Safety Management 4 Automated People Mover System, Safety Assurance 5 Chlorine Transport for Water Treatment Works, Quantified Risk Assessment 6 KCRC Control Room, Threat & Vulnerability AssessmentSystem AssuranceAtkins is one of the largest System Assurance consultants in the Asia Pacific Region. Wehave built up an unsurpassed reputation for System Assurance services, covering a widerange of sectors including transportation (railway, road, airports) to power, oil & gasand building services.Atkins has been offering practical consultancy in System Safety managementAssurance (SA) since 1984, and established a team of safety - Specialist training& reliability consultants, Hong Kong based, in 1994. With - Emergency planningthe ever-increasing demand of System Assurance services, the - System safety auditdivision has grown steadily with more than 100 SA consultants - Safety case developmentcurrently employed worldwide. The key to this success is theapplication of internationally accepted standard and technology- - Independent Safety Assessment (ISA)led techniques with the objective of adding value and solving Human Factors Engineeringproblems in a cost effective manner. We offer services in a Ergonomics / anthropometricsvariety of industries, including transportation (especially in Workplace analysis, control room layoutrailway systems), aerospace, defence, oil & gas, chemical andprocess industries, power and building services. Human error identification and quantification Man-machine interface design / development of graphical user interface standardsSystem Assurance, primarily comprising Reliability, Availability,Maintainability and Safety (RAMS), is of paramount importance Human behavioral assessment, crowd safetyto the safety and performance of a system. We assist the 3D animation computer modellingclient to define the overall strategy for the implementation of Software AssuranceRAMS activities throughout the project lifecycle by adopting Software assurance management systems setup andBest Practices and International Standards. Recently, increasing trainingfocus has been given on other dimensions of System Assuranceincluding Human Factors, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Independent software assessment for safety relatedSoftware Assurance, and Security & Resilience. Our services and systemscapabilities include: Software auditing Software safety case developmentPlanning, Implementation and Management of RAMS Electro-Magnetic Compaitability (EMC) Hazard identification and assessment EMC management & planning - Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP) EMC test specification and audit - Preliminary Hazard Analysis (PHA) Electrical systems integration assessment - Subsystem, operations and interface hazard analyses Earthing safety assessment - Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) - Safety Integrity Level (SIL) assessment Security & Resilience Security management services, incident response RAM modelling Surveillance systems, safety management - Functional analysis and block diagram Business continuity management, emergency & - Reliability block diagram (e.g. AvSIM) contingency planning - Reliability centered maintenance IT & information security - RAM prediction and apportionment Personnel security, training & planning for resilience - Maintainability task analysis Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear (CBRN) - Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality analysis (FMECA) Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) - Fault tree & event tree analysis - Cost benefit analysis - Sensitivity analysis14 Atkins in Asia Pacific
  15. 15. 12 3 4 56 System Assurance 15
  16. 16. Tunnel & Ground Engineering Within the overall structure of the Atkins multi-disciplinary Drill and blast tunnels including large span and / or complex business in the Asia Pacific region, the tunnel engineering caverns in rock group inputs their skills across the full business spectrum, Soft ground tunnels including highways, railways and utilities. Their role extends Tunnels formed by tunnel boring machine (TBM) from preliminary and concept design to scheme and detailed designs and includes input to all forms of contractual Small diameter tunnels using directional drilling and thrust framework including conventional Engineer’s design, design- boring and-build working closely with Contractors, and Independent Portals and portal structures Checking Engineer. Construction support services can be Cut-and-cover tunnels, major shafts and TBM launch provided. facilities Small diameter circular and rectangular shafts In addition to the technical capability, the services that can be offered extend to contract management; risk management; Lighting, ventilation and all E&M services operational evaluation and life cycle costing, and life safety Adits engineering. Tunnel remedial works The Tunnel and Ground Engineering Group are involved in a As support to the tunnelling process, ground stabilization and broad range of differing projects which encompass many of groundwater exclusion / control methods are designed. forms of construction, including: Atkins Tunnel and Ground Engineering Group comprises more than 50 technical staff, providing the full range of design and specialist technical consultancy services required for projects both within the Asia Pacific areas and internationally. 21 3 16 Atkins in Asia Pacific
  17. 17. 1 CLP Tsz Wan Shan Cable Tunnel, Hong Kong 2 CLP Ma Wan & Kap Shui Mun Channels Cable Crossing, Hong Kong 3 MTRC Lai King Tunnel, Hong Kong 4 KCRC West Rail Ha Kwai Chung Tunnel, Hong Kong 5 Highways Department Cheung Ching Tunnel, Hong Kong 6 TBM, Dubai Metro Green Line, Dubai, UAE 7 KCRC West Rail Tsuen Tsing Tunnel, Hong Kong Our business is built upon ensuring that we are at the forefront To support the tunnel group, Atkins China is able to provide of technology using the latest technology to design and our technical input from other in-house engineering disciplines designs try to reflect the advances in construction technology. including: Tunnel design and assessment in the Asia Pacific Region and elsewhere in the world is undertaken using state-of-the-art geotechnical engineering group for ground investigation software. We have a number of internationally renowned planning and management, natural terrain hazard studies, specialists who are required to provide opinion on particular blasting assessments, instrumentation and monitoring, and GIS tunnelling problems or to act as expert witnesses in cases of dispute. civil and structures groups for the assessment of buildings and structures likely to be affected by tunnelling works environmental services group including Environment Impact Assessment, and drainage4 5 67 Tunnel & Ground Engineering 17
  18. 18. 1 Engineering Inspection for Tsing Ma Control Area 2 Slope Upgrading Work for Feature no. 11NW-A/C20 at Cho Yiu Chuen 3 Seawall and Reclamation at Yi Pak Wan 4 Site Formation for Siena, Discovery Bay 5 Site Formation for Discovery Bay Master Plan 7.0 6 Excavation & Lateral Support for CLP Substation at Lai Cheung Road 7 Temporary Works for Pipe Jacking at Kau Lung Han Geotechnical Engineering Atkins offers a comprehensive range of geotechnical engineering services, from slope inspection & maintenance to major site formation and deep excavation, for both private and government sectors. We have extensive experience in providing cost effective and economic solutions.1 2 3 45 18 Atkins in Asia Pacific
  19. 19. 6 7 Our Geotechnical Department is staffed by more than Site Formation 20 professionals specialized in geotechnical engineering, Technical feasibility study who include Registered Geotechnical Engineers (RGE) and Geotechnical engineering input for master planning study Registered Professional Engineers (Geotechnical) [RPE(G)]. Geotechnical assessment In addition to providing a wide range of geotechnical Ground investigation engineering services to external clients, we also provide Site formation design for both building development and technical support to all our design teams as well as undertaking infrastructure works specialist geotechnical investigation and design assignments. Slope greening Blasting assessment Atkins has been at the forefront of natural terrain hazard assessments - combining our geotechnical and risk assessment Seawall & reclamation expertise. Excavation & Lateral Support (ELS) Innovation is our key attribute - be it in design of landslide Excavation & Lateral Supporting (ELS) design for building control measures, design of reinforced earth retaining development structures or the use of jack up barges to facilitate marine site Temporary works design for contractors investigations in Victoria Harbour. Pipe jacking Our services and capabilities include: Ground improvementwork Slope Inspection Ground movement prediction Instrumentation and monitoring Routine maintenance inspection Specialist advice on geotechnical matters (grouting, Engineering inspection seepage, pumping test, hydro-geological study) Leakage detection Emergency inspection Natural Terrain Hazard Study Horizontal drain assessment / monitoring Natural terrain hazard study Ground anchor monitoring Landslide risk assessment Recommendation of emergency works Quantitative risk assessment Design of mitigation works (boulder fence, check dam) Slope Upgrading / Stabilization Works / DH Order Stage studies Contract Administration & Site Supervision Stability studies Tendering services Ground investigation Contract administration Slope remedial works design Provision of Technically Competent Person (TCP) for site Dangerous hillside order supervision Landslip Preventative Maintenance (LPM) work Provision of resident site staff Provision of RGE services Geotechnical Engineering 19
  20. 20. 1 Independent checking engineer for Deep Bay Highway Link South Section 2 Hong Kong Baptist Hospital New Extension Block, Hong Kong 3 KCRC East Noise Mitigation Measures, Hong Kong 4 Demolition of Passenger Terminal Building, Kai Tak Airport, Hong Kong 5 CLP Power Sub-station at Hung Hom Bay, Hong Kong 6 Salah Al Din Station, Dubai Metro, Dubai U.A.E. Civil Structures Atkins is a premier supplier of integrated consultancy services on large projects, covering the full range of the services required to design all aspects of Heavy Civil Structures, including design of foundations and superstructures, and heavy temporary works.1 2 3 45 20 Atkins in Asia Pacific
  21. 21. Atkins Civil Structures team offers delivery of cost effective, General high quality solutions. A key reason for this is our ability to AP / RSE / RGE Services integrate our international expertise with our strong local Project management services capability. Feasibility / conceptual studies Our civil works include major government, KCRC and MTRC Detailed design services projects, as well as smaller commissions for private developers, Supervision in chief services architects, and contractors. Railway Station and Subway Structures Our services and capabilities include: railway station and Railway station substructures and foundations subway structures, substations, hospitals, noise barriers, heavy Railway station superstructures temporary work, demolition, AP/RSE/RGE duties Integrated railway and commercial developments Subways and adits Our Civil Structures Team has achieved particular success in Ancillary structures commissions for local contractors by providing innovative alternative designs for both temporary and permanent works. Institutional Structures Our technical ability is demonstrated by the significant cost and Hospitals program saving for our clients. Our major skills are summarized Logistic centres as follows: Stabling precinct Noise mitigation measures MTR & KCR noise barriers Temporary works design Independent checking engineers Demolitions6 Civil Structures 21
  22. 22. 1 St. Joseph’s Home for the Aged, Sheung Shui, Hong Kong 2 Wuhan Times Square, Wuhan, China 3 Hong Kong Baptist Hospital New Extension Block, Hong Kong 4 Hotel development at 146-164 Tung Lo Wan Road, Hong Kong 5 Yinhuan Airport Terminal, China 6 Hotel & Casino Development at Ponte 16, Macau Building Structures1 2 3 45 22 Atkins in Asia Pacific
  23. 23. 6 Atkins is the international first choice of integrated consultancy services on building development, our building structure team’s service cover the full range of structural engineering services required for all kind of developments Atkins has been offering technology-led, practical consultancy We provide a wide range of structural engineering services in Building Structure engineering services in the greater China supported by our global resources with the necessary local skills region since the 1980’s. Supported by the multi discipline and knowledge. Our services and capabilities include: expertise of Atkins worldwide, we are able to provide integrated solutions in any field of building and structural construction from planning and feasibility study, project Building Structure Design management, detailed design to supervision of construction Residential building works. Hotel, casino & resort development Office & commercial development Our strong team makes Atkins one of the leading consultants Industrial building development in this customer driven market due to our commitment to performance – including innovative design, co-ordination School, hospital & community projects ability, programme control and cost efficiency. Planning Studies Cladding & Curtain Wall Design We have built up an unsurpassed reputation for the provision of structure related services. The key to this success is the Condition Survey and Alteration & Addition Works application of internationally accepted standard techniques Project Management with the objective of adding value and solving problems in a cost effective manner. Building Structures 23
  24. 24. Highways & Bridge Engineering Atkins has over 5,000 staff working on highway and With the developed and mature environment in Hong Kong, transportation infrastructure projects around the world. In designing and constructing new transportation infrastructure Hong Kong we are involved in the planning, design and is becoming increasingly challenging and requires innovative construction of a wide variety of transportation infrastructure solutions to enable projects to be implemented with the and all modes of transport. Our approach is always focused on minimum of disruption and environmental impact. We pride achieving the best solution for our clients and improving the ourselves in consistently meeting these objectives. As well as quality of life for the community. meeting the transportation needs of Hong Kong, the skills and talents of our local staff are being put to good use in providing transportation solutions in other parts of the world.1 2 3 45 24 Atkins in Asia Pacific
  25. 25. 6 7 Our approach is always focused on achieving the best solution for our clients and improving the quality of life for the community. Our services and capabilities include: Contractor Services – Design & Tender Highway Engineering Tender design and technical submissions Feasibility studies Review of tender submissions Alignment Value engineering Pavements Contractor’s designer Drainage Contractor Services – Construction Road markings and traffic signs Alternative designs Maintenance and management Independent checking engineer Bridge Design Construction engineering Feasibility and detailed designs Technical advice Road and railway bridges in all forms of construction Transport Planning - Precast, prestressed segmental Transport planning studies - Insitu prestressed Traffic impact assessments - Reinforced concrete Traffic surveys - Steel composite Traffic modelling Constructability reviews Car park studies Rail / structure interaction – for railway bridges Pedestrian planning and analysis Bridge Modification & Assessment Traffic Engineering Identification of modification schemes Traffic engineering design Major modification design Traffic improvement schemes Construction sequencing Temporary traffic management design Protection measure design Independent traffic consultant Structural assessment modelling Traffic signal junction design Traffic signs and road markings design 1 Study on Hong Kong Port – Master Plan 2020 2 Route 9 (ex-Route 5) Section between Shek Wai Kok and Chai Wan Kok 3 Causeway Bay Underground Pedestrian Link and Station Improvement Scheme 4 Improvements to San Tin Interchange 5 Light Rail Viaducts, Hong Kong Light Rail System 6 Dubai Metro 7 Improvements to San Tin Interchange Highways & Bridge Engineering 25
  26. 26. 1 Central Reclamation Phase III 2 Light and spacious public pier design, Central Reclamation Phase III 3 New “Star” Ferry Piers – historic heritage design, Central Reclamation Phase III 4 Airfield Design, Chek Lap Kok 5 AAT Cargo Handling Terminal, Chek Lap Kok 6 North Satellite Terminal, Chek Lap KokAtkins’ engineering skill and ingenuity have played a major partin the development of Hong Kong’s strategic infrastructure.Marine Infrastructure & AirportsIntegrated Transportation Infrastructure Airport InfrastructureAtkins has been involved in numerous integrated Atkins has provided a wide range of engineering services fortransportation infrastructure projects – the largest and most both the original construction of HK International Airport andcomplex project being Central Reclamation Phase III. We have its ongoing expansion. Our experience at the Airport stemstaken the project from an initial concept through the planning, from our design of the entire airfield pavements – runways,preliminary and detailed design to contract tender award and taxiways and aprons – and their associated supervision. At the peak of the design phase we Airfield Infrastructure Designhad a multidisciplinary design organization of 90 staff and we Airfield planningnow have a construction resident site staff team of 80 staff. PavementsOur services and capabilities used on the project include: Drainage and oil separation Airfield services and utilitiesMaster Planning Geotechnical Strategic planning Contract document preparation Feasibility studies Construction supervision Financial & statutory approval assessmentsPreliminary and Detailed Design Airfield Modifications Highways Cargo stands Road and pedestrian bridges Aprons Road tunnels Taxiway extensions Marine piers Major modifications of operational airfield infrastructure A heliport Construction planning Public cargo working areas Airfield Monitoring Wave absorbing seawalls Pavement condition surveys Stormwater drainage Settlement monitoring Cooling water pumping systems Settlement prediction analysisProject Management Runway reprofiling Coordination with over 40 external organizations Cost estimates Contract document preparation Contract management and supervision26 Atkins in Asia Pacific
  27. 27. 12 3 4 56 Marine Infrastructure & Airports 27
  28. 28. 12 3 45 67 28 Atkins in Asia Pacific
  29. 29. 1 Shenzhen River Regulations Project, Shenzhen, China2 North China Rural Water Environment Project, Beijing, China3 Water Demand Forecast Modelling, China4 Upgrading of Central and East Kowloon Sewerage, Investigation, Design and Construction, Hong Kong5 Pak Kong Treatment Works and Water Transfer Facilities, Hong Kong6 Guangdong, LNG Terminal Water Quality Modelling Study7 Replacement of water mains, Engineering and Risk Management, Hong KongWater ServicesAtkins provides a holistic approach to the water industry and offer services fordeveloping solutions to meet regulatory and financial targets.General Services Wastewater Collection, Treatment & Disposal Water and wastewater strategy and master planning Industrial wastewater treatment and disposal Project investigation, design and construction supervision Inflow and infiltration studies Treatment plant commissioning and operation support Sewerage systems modelling, design and optimisation Asset inspection, assessment and management Sludge treatment and disposal Due diligence and expert witness services Wastewater treatment plants and outfallsWater Treatment Rivers, Coastal & Flooding Water treatment plant design and management River modelling, design and construction management Capital works planning and programming Coastal process assessment, modelling and protection design Treatment process optimization and development Flood defence assessment, design and management Due diligence and expert advice Privatisation & RegulationWater Supply & Distribution Demand forecast and financial analysis modeling Hydraulic design and network modeling Asset management and capital works planning Leakage audits, assessment and management Performance reviews and benchmarking Pipeline replacement and rehabilitation Due diligence for re-finance and acquisition Pumping station and rising mains Private sector participation advisory services Water quality analysis and management Regulatory advice, reporting and auditingWater Services 29
  30. 30. Environmental Services Leading businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the social, environmental and ethical impacts of their projects and operations and the responsibility that this entails Atkins provides a wide range of environmental services Strategic and Project Environmental and Social Impact supported by our engineers, planners, designers and architects Assessments (ESIA) & Specialist Advisory Services including: Air quality Environmental Planning & Sustainable Development Noise and vibration assessment Master planning Water quality management Development specific planning Waste management Transport planning Ecological services Land contamination assessment and remediation Environmental Due Diligence & Risk Management Social impact assessment Commercial and industrial real estate Landscape and visual assessment Mergers and acquisitions Liability assessments1 30 Atkins in Asia Pacific
  31. 31. 1 Detian Sustainable Tourism Planning, Guanxi, China 2 Central Reclamation Phase III, Engineering, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environmental Management, Hong Kong 3 BP LPG Bulk Breaking Terminal Project ESIA, Ningbo, China 4 Kwai Chung Incinerator Demolition EIA and Remediation, Hong Kong 5 Guangdong LNG Terminal and Trunkline Project ESIA, Guangdong, China Regulatory Services and Compliance Systems Corporate Social and Environmental Reporting Legislative reviews Corporate Training Site auditing / environmental management Development of procedures and plans Third party evaluations Performance measurement, evaluation and capital planning assistance Compliance reporting Condition assessments Energy management planning Waste management and other reduction initiatives Health and safety reviews2 3 45 Environmental Services 31
  32. 32. Power Atkins is a world leader in the power market and has environmental services, owner’s engineer, construction established a reputation for its professional approach and management, and operation and maintenance. multi-disciplinary techniques. Atkins works together with energy utility companies, industry, commerce and governments Our services and capabilities include: worldwide to raise efficiency and profitability, whilst actively Generation; supporting sustainable energy use. Our services cover the Transmission and Distribution; many roles required during the project development life Renewables and Sustainability. cycle including, Pre-Feed, FEED, tendering and procurement,1 2 3 45 6 32 Atkins in Asia Pacific
  33. 33. 7 8 The power market is continuously changing. Traditional power generation approaches are being supplemented by new approaches in response to issues related to climate change, sustainability and energy security. Atkins is fully engaged in, and actively enhancing its capability for, all aspects of the exiting and developing power markets. In the field of power generation Atkins has and continues to For over 35 years Atkins has worked in the Renewable Energy provide a broad spectrum of services with respect to CLP’s Sector and can offer an unparalleled range of services, giving existing generating power stations in Hong Kong , in particular our clients a unique ‘one stop shop’. Our Renewables and Castle Peak Power Station, which has been in operation for Sustainability Energy Team has in-depth experience of the over 25 years. Recent services provided include: full range of commercial and pre-commercial technologies including: Review of Water Treatment Plants; Wind; Refurbishment of Oil Pipelines Hydro; Review of specifications for out sourcing of Coal Handling Biomass; Plant; and Waste to Energy; Study of reagents to employed and re-use of by-products Solar; for Emissions Control Systems. Wave; Tidal; In the field of power transmission and distribution Atkins has Geothermal; had a long association with tunnelling in Hong Kong and has Micro-generation; played a significant role in the design and construction of a Energy Storage; and significant number of CLP and HKE cable tunnels. Atkins is Fuel Cell Technology. also currently involved with a 400kV route selection study, the first in Hong Kong in over a decade, which comprises both new overhead line and transmission tunnels. In addition, Recently Atkins was the Owner’s Engineer acting on behalf of Atkins is designing a number of major new substations for CLP for the Pilot Wind Turbine Project in Hong Kong - a project CLP. Supporting both clients and contractors, we deliver the to investigate the economic, environmental and technical complete service, encompassing all aspects of feasibility, design feasibility and practicality of wind energy application. and project delivery. 1 CLP Cable Tunnels, Hong Kong 2 HKE Underground Power Transmission System - Wah Fu to Bowen Road 3 CLP 400kV Route Selection Study, Hong Kong 4 CLP Engineering Design for Castle Peak Power Station HFO/IDO Pipeline Refurbishment, Hong Kong 5 CLP Commercial Scale Wind Turbine Pilot Project in Hong Kong 6 CLP Castle Peak Cable Tunnel, Hong Kong 7 CLP Supply Chain Study of Reagents and By-Products for CPPS ‘B’ Emissions Control Project, Hong Kong 8 CLP Cable Crossings at Pui O, Hong Kong Power 33
  34. 34. Mechanical & Electrical ServicesThe Atkins group has a wide experience of delivering E&M detailed designs formajor projects in the UK and throughout the world. Our E&M engineers areexpert in providing value engineered solutions designed to save costs whilstproviding superior technical performance.A focus for our international offices is the implementation of We possess a wealth of experience in Building Services andinternational standard design concepts and approaches through infrastructure Mechanical & Electrical Services across the world.appropriate adaption to the specific requirements of where We have many landmark high profile projects including the Burjthe project is based. This requires a thorough understanding of Arab Hotel located at Dubai, London Olympic Facilities 2012,the local jurisdictions, and relationships with the government Sustainable Teaching Facility for the Hong Kong Academy andauthorities to allow the successful introduction of new many others.methodologies into the local market.1 234 Atkins in Asia Pacific
  35. 35. 53 4 67 8 9Our Services Typical Scope offered include:Our Main Focus on Both Building & Infrastructure facilities Condition Surveyinclude: Due Diligence Studies Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning Feasibility Studies Tunnel ventilation Detailed Design Electrical Power Construction Supervision Lighting Design Design Audit Public Health Services Master Planning Fire Services Utility Services Infrastructure Plumbing and Drainage Systems Telecommunications Our clients include government, railway corporations, airports, Building Management System power companies, educational institutions, property developers, Security Services hotels and investment banks as well as contractors under design and build assignments. Information Technology Systems Communication Systems Vertical Transportation Energy Engineering 1 Hong Kong Academy New School, Hong Kong Intelligent Building Applications 2 Burj Al Arab, Dubai Indoor Air Quality 3 Kwun Tong New Commercial Building, Hong Kong 4 JP Morgan Chase Bank Trader Desks Cooling, Hong Kong Sustainable Building Design 5 CAM – Macau International Airport, Macau Building Information Model 6 CLP HV Power Cable Tunnels, Hong Kong 7 Jeddah Airport Arterial 1 & 4 Tunnels, Saudi Arabia CFD Analysis 8 InterContinental Hotel, Hong Kong Trader Desk Cooling System 9 King Abdulaziz International Airport, Saudi ArabiaMechanical & Electrical Services 35
  36. 36. Plan Design EnableThe challenges facing our clients are multidimensional, oftenbecause of the increasingly complex modern environment. Fromcost and risk planning, feasibility studies and logistics, to impactassessments and stakeholder engagement activity, we plan everyaspect of our clients’ projects.Atkins designs intellectual capital such as management systemsand business processes. We also design physical structures such asoffice towers, schools, bridges and highways. Whatever we design,we apply the same passion and creativity combined with rigorousquality standards.Our clients choose Atkins because they want to focus on theircore operations. They entrust us to look after the management ofprojects, people and issues - ensuring that deadlines are met, costsare controlled and success is delivered.
  37. 37. Sweden Norway Denmark Germany Poland Scotland Netherlands Wales England Calgary Ireland Washington Romania Minnesota Massachusetts Oregon New York Portugal Illinois New Jersey Greece Beijing California Virginia Turkey Arizona Chengdu Shanghai Georgia Kuwait Texas Bahrain Florida Shenzhen United Arab Emirates Qatar Oman Hong Kong Manila Puerto Rico India Sri Lanka Singapore Trinidad and Tobago Perth Sydney Total employees Revenue 2011 17,500 £1.56bn Largest Engineering consultancy in the UK1 Source: 1. New Civil Engineer Consultants File, 2011.The Atkins logo and the strapline ‘Plan Design Enable’ are trademarks of Atkins Limited.
  38. 38. Atkins is one of the world’s leading providers of professional, technology based consultancy and support services. In recent years, it has expanded from its historical base in traditional engineering, management consultancy and property services into related technological consultancy and the management of outsourced facilities. With 17,500 employees worldwide, Atkins has enormous expertise, providing both breadth and depth of knowledge in an extremely diverse range of disciplines. Our clients are varied and include governments, local and regional authorities, funding agencies and commercial and industrial enterprises. We help our clients to realise their objectives by developing and delivering practical solutions, adding value to their businesses through the application of our experience, innovative thinking and state-of-the-art technology.Greater China and Asia Pacific Offices WS Atkins Singapore Pte LtdAtkins China Ltd Atkins Consultants (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. 138 Cecil Street5th Floor, Wharf T&T Centre Unit 8-16 #07-01 Cecil CourtHarbour City 53/F Shun Hing Square Singapore 069538Tsim Sha Tsui Di Wang Commercial Center Tel : +65 6227 6433Kowloon 5002 Shen Nan Dong Road Fax : +65 6227 9344Hong Kong Shenzhen 518008Tel : +852 2972 1000 China WS Atkins International LimitedFax : +852 2890 6343 Tel : +86 755 8246 2109 Level 2, Suite 202Email : Fax : +86 755 2588 2563 100 Mount Street Email : North Sydney NSW 2060 AustraliaAtkins Consultants (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. Tel : +61 (0) 2 8920 1988Beijing Branch Fax : +61 (0) 2 8920 832210/F, Tower A, Gemdale Plaza No.91 Atkins Chengdu OfficeJianguo Road, Chaoyang District Unit 20, Building B WS Atkins International LimitedBeijing 100022 City Tower, No. 86 Section One Level 28China South People Road 140 St. Georges TerraceTel : +86 10 5965 1000 Chengdu Sichuan 610016 PerthFax : +86 10 5965 1001 China Western AustraliaEmail : Tel : +86 28 8620 2130 Australia 6000 Fax : +86 28 8620 2132 Tel : +61 (0) 8 9278 2747 Email : Fax : +61 (0) 8 9278 2747Atkins Consultants (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd.Shanghai Branch www.atkinsglobal.com21-22, No. 388, West Nanjing Road 200003 : +86 21 6080 2100Fax : +86 21 6080 2101Email : BR_025_15e Plan Design Enable