2014 Ecommerce Page Speed & Web Performance


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We tested the load times of the top 500 retail web sites and found that pages are bigger and slower than they were one year ago.
Learn more about how this Great Web Slowdown affects your bottom line.
To download our free report - State of the Union: Ecommerce Page Speed & Web Performance -- please visit http://www.radware.com/winter-sotu2014

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2014 Ecommerce Page Speed & Web Performance

  1. 1. 2014 Ecommerce Page Speed & Web Performance THE GREAT WEB SLOWDOWN LOADING We tested the load times of the top 500 retail web sites and found that pages are bigger and slower than they were one year ago. Here’s why, and how this affects the bottom line. Web Pages Are Slower Than Ever 21% 9.3 slowdown seconds 7.7 seconds 2014 2013 The median top 500 ecommerce home page takes 9.3 seconds to load. A year ago, the median page took 7.7 seconds to load. That’s a 21% slowdown in just one year. LOADING Ecommerce Leaders Are Slower Than the Rest of the Pack These Load Times Are Not Meeting User Demands Looking at the top 100 ecommerce sites, the median load time is 10 seconds – up from 8.2 seconds at this time last year. The majority of online shoppers will abandon a page after waiting 3 seconds for it to load. The maximum wait time threshold is 10 seconds. 10 8.2 seconds seconds 2014 2013 Only 5% of top ecommerce sites load in 3 seconds or less. 50% take 10 seconds or more load. 60 50 40 30 9s 8s 7s 6s 5s 4s 3s 2s 1s 20 10 0 LOADING Pages Are Taking Longer to Become Interactive Time to Interact (TTI) refers to how long it takes for a page’s primary content to load and become usable. In 2013, the median TTI was 4.9 seconds. Now it’s 5 seconds. This may not be a huge increase, but the fact that this number is creeping up is a worrying trend. LOADING The 10 Fastest Ecommerce Sites At the beginning of 2013 there were two sites that loaded in fewer than 2 seconds. By the end of 2013, there were none. Now 2013 Abebooks.com (2.0s) Groupon.com (2.2s) Wiley.com (2.9s) Nordstrom.com (3.0s) Walgreens.com (3.1s) BHphotovideo.com (3.4s) Legacy.com (3.5s) Amazon.com (3.6s) CDuniverse.com (3.6s) Amazon.co.uk (4.1s) (1.0s) CVS.com (1.9s) Polo.com (2.0s) eCrater.com (2.1s) Abebooks.com (3.0s) BHphotovideo.com (3.2s) JCrew.com (3.3s) Amazon.com (3.7s) ShopAtHome.com (3.9s) Etsy.com (3.9s) Gamefly.com LOADING Why the Slowdown? There are a number of reasons why pages are getting slower. These two are at the top of the list: 2014 2014 2013 2013 99 93 1094 resources resources 1436 kilobytes kilobytes Reason #1 Pages Are Bigger Than Ever Reason #2 Pages Are Fatter Than Ever The median ecommerce page contains 99 resources (things like image and CSS files). A year ago, the median page contained 93 resources. Each of these resources incurs latency, and this latency adds up to slower load times. The median page is 1436 KB in size, a huge increase – 31% to be precise – over the median page weight of 1094 KB just one year ago. To put it another way, imagine what would happen if you gained 31% of your current body weight and then tried to put on your pants. This is roughly what it’s like trying to stuff fatter pages through an Internet pipe that has stayed the same size. LOADING What Impact Does This Have on the Bottom Line? conversions Even 100 milliseconds can make the difference between profit or loss. The Bad News $ For every 1 second of load time improvement, up to a 2% increase in conversions. For every 100 milliseconds of improvement, incremental revenues grew by up to 1% bounce rate page views • • cart size 3.5% decrease • in conversion rate • conversions A mere 1-second delay can result in the following penalties to business metrics1: The Good News 2.1% drop • in cart size • 9.4% fewer • page views • 8.3% increase • in bounce rate • 1 Strangeloop Networks, The impact of HTML delay on mobile business metrics, November 2011 2 Real User Monitoring at Walmart.com, February 2012 Download the free report State of the Union: Ecommerce Page Speed & Web Performance © 2014 Radware, Ltd. All rights reserved. | www.radware.com