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Inside Radware's Attack Mitigation (AMS)

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Radware’s Attack Mitigation System (AMS) is a real-time attack mitigation system that cost-effectively protects the infrastructure against network & application downtime, application vulnerability …

Radware’s Attack Mitigation System (AMS) is a real-time attack mitigation system that cost-effectively protects the infrastructure against network & application downtime, application vulnerability exploitation, malware spread, information theft, web service attacks and web defacement. Whether you run revenue generating applications, manage your enterprise data center security, or need to secure critical applications in the cloud – we’ve got a tailored solution to best fit your needs.

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  • 1. Beyond Today’s Perimeter Defense:Radware AttackMitigation System(AMS) Presenter Name Presentation Date
  • 2. About Radware 144.1Over 10,000 Customers Company Growth 108.9 94.6 88.6 77.6 81.4 68.4 54.8 43.7 38.4 43.3 14.1 4.9 1998 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010Recognized Security Vendor Global Technology Partners Slide 2
  • 3. Online Business Security Threats
  • 4. Attackers Exploit Multiple Weak Points Large volume network flood attacks (1 & 2) Network scan (3) Large volume SYN flood (1 & 2) Low & Slow connection DoS attacks (1) Business Web application vulnerability scan (3) Application flood attack e.g., Slowloris, Port 443 data flood (1) Web application attacks e.g. XSS, Injections, CSRF (3)Case #1 Case #2 Case #3 Slide 4
  • 5. Mapping Security Protection ToolsDoS ProtectionBehavioral AnalysisIPSIP Reputation Large volume network flood attacksWAF Network scan Intrusion SYN flood “Low & Slow” DoS attacks Port scan Brute force attack Intrusion, Malware High & Low rate application DoS attacks Web application attacks (e.g. XSS, Injections, CSRF) Slide 5
  • 6. Introducing Radware Attack Mitigation System
  • 7. AMS Protection SetDoS Protection• Prevent all type of Reputation Engine network DDoS attacks • Financial fraud protection • Anti Trojan & PhishingIPS• Prevent application vulnerability exploits NBAWAF • Prevent application• Mitigating Web resource misuse application threats • Prevent zero-minute and zero-day attacks malware Slide 7
  • 8. OnDemand Switch: Designed for Attacks Mitigation DoS Mitigation Engine • ASIC based • Prevent high volume attacks • Up to 12 Million PPS of attack protectionIPS & Reputation Engine• ASIC based String Match & RegEx Engine• Performs deep NBA Protections & WAF packet inspection OnDemand Switch Platform Capacity up to 14Gbps Slide 8
  • 9. Radware Security Event Management (SEM) • Correlated reports • Trend analysis • Compliance management • RT monitoring • Advanced alerts • Forensics3rd Party SEM Slide 9
  • 10. Emergency Response Team (ERT)• Radware’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) Service provides 24x7 security services for customers facing a denial-of-service (DoS/DDoS) attack or a malware outbreak.• The ERT provides instantaneous, on-site expert security assistance in order to restore network and service operational status.• The ERT leverages Radware’s Security Operations Center (SOC) & Security Update Service (SUS) . The SOC is an industry-regarded research entity that has been the first to identify vulnerabilities and provide protections for: Mozilla’s Firefox 3 Browser, Apple’s iPhone Safari browser, Gangsta.exe Trojan, YATE for SIP, Oracle E-Business Suite, and many more.• Free of charge for Radware customers Slide 10
  • 11. Compliance and Standardization with AMS Compliance Reports PCI DSS FISMA GLBA HIPPA Slide 11
  • 12. Radware Intellectual PropertyEight Patents Secure Radware’s Attack Mitigation Solution Slide 12
  • 13. Radware Security Products PortfolioDefenseProNetwork & Server attack prevention deviceAppWallWeb Application Firewall (WAF)APSolute VisionManagement and security reporting &compliance Slide 13
  • 14. Summary
  • 15. Summary: Radware AMS Differentiators• Best security solution for online businesses: – DoS protection – Network behavioral analysis (NBA) – Intrusion prevention (IPS) – Reputation Engine service – Web application firewall (WAF)• Built-in SEM engine• Emergency Response Team (ERT) – 24x7 Service for immediate response – Neutralize DoS/DDoS attacks and malware outbreaks• Lowest CapEx & OpEx “Radware offers low product – Multitude of security tools in a single solution and maintenance cost, as – Unified management and reporting compared with most competitors.” Greg Young & John Pescatore, Gartner, December 2010 Slide 15
  • 16. Thank You!For More Information please visit: http://www.radware.com/ams