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Executive summary

  1. 1. For two years, I have been part of AIESEC Romania and have witnessed the amazingthings it does. Just from my example, it took a mediocre student with no future perspectives andpushed him into doing and learning things he never thought possible. From commuting a fewdays each week from one city to another just to be part of AIESEC, to founding and leadingAIESEC in his hometown, just after a few months of experience.This story isn’t just mine, I wasjust one other actor, because people before me, people who I worked with in EBs and LC andso many other people in AIESEC Romania did the same things. They invested, they pushedthemselves and proved that impossibility is just another challenge to overcome and they still doit time and time again, just to make sure we develop amazing people who will have that positiveimpact in society we need so bad. So my strategy (just like this organization) is all about the people – AIESEC Romania’smembers who deserve an organization that fully supports them, their needs and their ambitionsand that challenges them to grow beyond their limitations.My goal is to show the country the relevance and impact of the Alumni Development area andeducate it on how to use it in order to contribute to our organizational goals. My first focus is on AIESEC Romania developing the H4TF Program by implementing this stage in every LC with the main focus on quality of delivery, allignment between members personal goals and the organizational goals and also make sure that our results are officially recognized in the external market. All this in order to make sure that this stage is a relevant objective for members in their development, provide a complete AIESEC Experience for members and help them understand and leverage their AIESEC experience so that we can create real values for the external market which can become those true change agents we keep talking about. My sencond focus area is Alumni Engagement strategy for creating a collaborativeenvironment between AIESEC and its Alumni by continuing this term’s work on Communication,Reconnection and Involvement. We need to make them understand that the AIESECexperience exists and can be relevant even when they are Alumni and also show the externalmarket that our organization produces real values. Thirdly, by doing extensive research, developing products based on revenue generatorsfor different segments and actually implementing them, we can create products whichgenerate revenue for our organization based on our alumni.By having a chance to implement this whole strategy with the help of the LCs, MC and NST, theAlumni Development area can use its full potential and deliver the results which will driveAIESEC Romania into achieving its goals and the 2015 Mid Term Ambition. AIESEC’s finality or end purpose as an organization is creating Alumni. They are theones who become change agents and fulfill our vision of “peace and fulfillment of humankind’spotential”. Radu Matei – for MCVP Alumni Development of AIESEC Romania “Impossible is just another realized objective!”