VoLTE - From Delay to Deploy


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“VoLTE – from Delay to Deploy” – a presentation delivered by Simon Miles, Radisys director of sales engineer, at IMS World Forum, April 29, 2014

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VoLTE - From Delay to Deploy

  1. 1. VoLTE – from Delay to Deploy IMS World Forum April 29, 2014 Simon Miles Director of Field Engineering, EMEA simon.miles@radisys.com
  2. 2. Topics  Industry Hesitancy around VoLTE…. Why?  Motivations for deploying VoLTE  Considerations for the Media Resource Function MRF in a VoLTE Deployment
  3. 3. 3Radisys Corporation Confidential Industry Hesitancy to deploy IMS for VoLTE Why? Perceptions against VoLTE investments Reality Voice is a flat/declining revenue stream • Still the largest contributor to mobile operator revenues and profitability Use CSFB for voice services on LTE 3G networks work fine for voice • Data falls back to 3G speeds as well. • VoLTE sounds better. • Early VoLTE deployments prove operators can charge premium and increase ARPU. VoLTE handsets not ready, limited selection, poor battery life • 2H14 will see increasing variety of VoLTE devices with improved battery life IMS systems, and associated integration, is costly and complex • Myopic focus on IMS investment only, limits understanding of broader business case benefits…
  4. 4. 4Radisys Corporation Confidential Internet High-Level Comparison of Mobile Network Technology ATM/SONET Circuit Core (Voice) IP Packet Core (Data) Enhanced Packet Core (Voice, Video, Broadband Data) 3G Mobile LTE IP Access Internet IMS Proprietary Voice Service Platforms VoLTE TAS MRF IMS = IP Multimedia Subsystem TAS = Telecom Application Server MRF = Media Resource Function • Two separate voice and data networks to manage • Voice Services supported on separate, proprietary service platforms • One converged EPC for all IP services simplifies management • Open IMS supports VoLTE, with other interactive multimedia services • OneMRF for all services VoLTE strategy facilitates migration to converged EPC, achieving OPEX savings
  5. 5. 5Radisys Corporation Confidential VoLTE forcasted to grow
  6. 6. 6Radisys Corporation Confidential Is an IMS expensive? Compared to 4G spectrum – No! Motivation for the CFO: A VoLTE deployment can reduce or defer new 4G spectrum purchases, easily justifying an IMS investment for VoLTE
  7. 7. Summary: Motivations to Deploy VoLTE  Voice still the “Killer App”  Single IP network  Spectrum Refarming  Revenue Upside beyond VoLTE services  Better call quality  Lower call setup times
  8. 8. 8Radisys Corporation Confidential So at this point, hopefully you might be thinking… “Investing in an IMS to deploy VoLTE is starting to make more business sense.” Considerations for IP Media Processing (MRF) in an IMS deployment
  9. 9. Minimize OPEX with One Common MRF Minimize OPEX with One Common MRF, Shared amongst all real-time IMS, web, and transcoding requirements. AS Video CONF AS VoLTE MTAS Transcode Controller AS VAS Web Comms Server Many Communication Applications AS Audio CONF B2BUA Transcode One Common MRF MRF Codec YCodec X SIP MSML SIP MSML SIP VXML JSR-309, REST RFC 4117 SIP, H.248 OneMRF • Multi-Service • Multi-Media • Multi-Control Protocol • Multi-Codec • HW, SW, or Cloud
  10. 10. Radisys MRF available in various form factors MPX-12000 Software MRF Broadband MRF with built-in HW reliability and best densities Best scalability using Linux and COTS HW Virtualized Media Processing Virtualized deployment for Cloud, OTT and WebRTC (KVM, VMware) MPX-OS The unified architecture and code base used in all our products that provides partners and customers an unparalleled portfolio of MRF’s offering common… • Media Processing Features • Control Interface Options • Management Capabilities
  11. 11. Market Leadership in IP Media Processing for VoLTE IMS Enabling Real-time AV Communications for carriers, mobile operators, & web/OTT SPs 20+ Some of our Customers #1 Global Market Share Leader1 1- Source: Service Provider VoIP and IMS Equipment and Subscribers, Media Server/MRF, 4Q12, Infonetics Other
  12. 12. Copyright© 2014 - Radisys Corporation all powered by Mavenir’s mOne Convergence Platform enabled by… Many VoLTE deployments underway… Media Resource Function (IMS MRF)
  13. 13. Benefits of working with Radisys  Benefits for Service Providers • One MRF platform for all real-time revenue generating services. • The more services sharing a single MRF platform… …. the better your operational savings.  Benefits for Telecom Service Developers • You focus on IMS call control, orchestration, and integration. • Partner with Radisys for your IP media processing requirements. Enabling Wireless Infrastructure Solutions www.radisys.com/mrf info@radisys.com For More Information
  14. 14. So why are you waiting? Please visit the Radisys booth while attending IMS World Forum