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Technology Disruption Brings New VAS Opportunities

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Radisys expert Nitin Tomar presented the keynote at VAS Asia 2012 on

Radisys expert Nitin Tomar presented the keynote at VAS Asia 2012 on

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  • 1. Technology Disruption Brings New VAS Opportunities Nitin Tomar Product Line Manager
  • 2. End-to-End LTE Infrastructure From Radio Access to Media ProcessingRadio Access Network Evolved Packet Core Policy Control IMS IP Policy & User Mobility Multimedia Equipment Charging Management Subsystem Routing Home eNodeB Entity Function Application Media Server Resource Function User Policy & Equipment Charging Internet Enforcement Function eNodeB LTE Security Serving Packet Gateway Gateway Gateway  Macro  Small Cells  10G  40G ATCA  Dumb  Smart Pipes  Audio  Video Conf  60+ Customer Wins ~40% ATCA Market Share  Traffic Management  ~65% Market Share Radisys Corporation Confidential 2
  • 3. Media Server Product Flavors All Products share common: MPX-12000 • Media Processing Features • Control Interface Options • Management Capabilities CMS-9000 Current products Software MRF CMS-3000 • Turnkey entry-level • Scalable Linux-based MRF for • Scalable up to • New next generation MRF system for smaller carrier and enterprise on COTS 22,800 ports • Optimized for: carriers and hardware: • Fault-tolerant • Video conferencing enterprise • Radisys ATCA • NEBS compliant • Mobile Video • Suitable for • Dell PowerEdge R610, R620 • LTE, VoLTE lab/development • IBM BladeCenter HS-21, HS-22 • Transcoding environments • HP ProLiant BL460c • Fault-tolerant • NEBS compliant Radisys Corporation Confidential • Massively scalable 3
  • 4. World Acclaimed Trillium SoftwareProduct  World’s Leading Protocol Software for Processing of Wireless & Wireline Signaling  Unmatched Architecture Flexibility  Patented Technology  All Top 10 TEMs use TrilliumApplications  LTE (Long Term Evolution)  3G Wireless  Femtocell/ Small cell  IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)  Voice over IP (VoIP) Radisys Corporation Confidential 4 4
  • 5. Data Remains The Growth Engine Capacity Mind The Gap Revenue vs. Traffic Growth Traffic Revenues & Traffic Gap Widening Voice Era Revenues Data Era  Traffic Doubling every 12 months  Increase ARPU  VideoTextOperators’ Albatross =  Lower Cost per Bit Source: Cisco VNI Source: Heavy Reading Data Growth is Global Radisys Corporation Confidential 5
  • 6. Monetization Conundrum Backhaul Coverage Churn OTT mVoIP Increase Revenue WiFi High ARPU Increased Cost Bundling Lost Revenue New Devices New VAS Data Cap App Store Radisys Corporation Confidential 6
  • 7. Top 5 Technology DisruptionsBeyond Devices Radisys Corporation Confidential 7
  • 8. LTE Status  GSA confirms LTE is the fastest developing mobile technology  327 operators investing in LTE in 99 countries  267 operator commitments in 86 countries  LTE Subscribers are growing:  60 pre-commitment trials 13 more countries • 17M already on LTE (source GSA)  80 commercial networks in 38 countries • 50M LTE connections (source Informa)  76% of mobile operators expect to see VoLTE  India will become 2nd largest Mobile deployed within 3 yrs Broadband Market in next 4 years  86% support VoLTE • LTE services already launched  54% expect a positive impact of VoLTE on TCO • Growing momentum in ecosystem & performance  50% expect VoLTE to improve revenues & user  Asia and US leading the VoLTE charge experience • SK Telecom, LG U+, Verizon, MetroPCS • LTE VoLTE devices available this year.Beyond Messaging & Internet, mobile operators are becoming “invisible service enabler”(source Informa) Radisys Corporation Confidential 8
  • 9. 1. LTEEnhanced MBMS; Enhanced SMLC Contents Contents Provider Provider PDN Gateway BMSC PDN Gateway BMSC MBMS GW SG-imb SGmb SG-imb SGmb MBMS MBMS MME Sm MBMS MBMS MME Sm CP UP CP UP M3 MCE M1 M3 M1 Enhanced F4 F2 SMLC M2 MCE MCE eNB eNB eNB eNB Proprietary SLP interface E-SMLC possible r e are P Lb SU L PP Pa SLs LP SET UE LTE-Uu eNode B S1 MMEVAS Opportunities  Mobile TV using LTE infrastructure  Precise Positioning based services  Mass distribution of live sports events  Enhanced location finding  Cost Effective multicast  Geography specific targeted ads Radisys Corporation Confidential 9
  • 10. 1. LTE : MRFMRF in 3GPP IMS Architecture MRF AS AS •V oLTE Supp Services Application Layer • Media Resource for all IMS Applications • LTE and non-LTE Access HSS S-CSCF Control Layer Mr Mr’/Cr PCRF S- MGCF/ MRF IBCF CSCF SGF RACS PDF Mp Mp MRFC IBGF GGSN/ Mb Mb Internet BAS/ A-BGF IMS- PGW Bearer/ GW MRFP Media Plane SGSN/ MGW SGW Access Layer BSC RNC CMTS DSLAM WAG eNode B 2G Wireless 3G Wireless Cable DSL WLAN PSTN 4G/LTE VAS Opportunities  Multimedia Conferencing  MRBT / CRBT  Multimedia Transcoding  Content advertisements  Multimedia Content Streaming Corporation Confidential Radisys  Voice Quality Enhancement 10
  • 11. 1. LTE + IMS Video ConferencingTomorrow’s Value Added Service Video Conferencing Today Video Conferencing Tomorrow LTE+IMS VAS Opportunities  Extend Video Conferencing  Operators’ Opportunity  Beyond conference rooms  Beyond a bit pipe  Mobile work force, remote executives Confidential Radisys Corporation  ARPU generator 11
  • 12. 2. Small Cells & GatewaysFemto, Metro, Micro, Pico cells E-UTRAN Architecture LTE Smallcell GW LTE Smallcell •Intelligent Edge •Intelligent Device •Aggregation Point •Operator controlled MME / Serving GW MME / Serving GW S1 S1 X2 eNodeB eNodeB HeNodeB HeNB Gateway eNodeB HeNodeB HeNodeB VAS Opportunities  Location based services  Content Caching  Context aware services  Analytics Radisys Corporation Confidential 12
  • 13. 3. Offload WiFi & Core Network Offloading Offloaded data traffic to PDN Internet Smart Offloading Gi •Application specific offload •Reduce OPEX / CAPEX WiFi access •Minimize traffic to CN WiFi Access Traffic Offload Gi Macro access Iub Iu Iu Node BUE RNC SGSN GGSN Iu Femto access Femto / Small cell Iuh HNB-GW VAS Opportunities • Application specific offload • QoS & Analytics • Premium Services with Tiered pricing Confidential Radisys Corporation • Context Aware Policy 13
  • 14. 4. Machine to Machine50 Billion Connected Devices by 2020 Messaging, Charging Charging & Device GPRS Core Registration HSS SMSC CGF SGSN GGSN BTS/BSC Policy Network Policy NodeB/RNC PCEF PCRF SGW eNodeB MME PGW Applications M2M Applications LTE EPC Application Server HeNodeB VAS Opportunities • Consolidated Billing • Policy enforcement • Device bandwidth usage billing • Performance Management • Post-analytics of data Corporation Confidential Radisys • Network Planning 14
  • 15. 5. Cloud(Media Processing as a Service) Media Processing in Cloud Layers (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) Complete Communications Applications Hosted in Cloud (eg. Multimedia Conferencing) Realtime Communications Services APIs (Create and Deploy Communications Apps) Compute, I/O, Storage, Load Balance, Redundancy Tuned for Realtime Radisys Corporation Confidential 15
  • 16. 5. CloudCloud Media Processing for Peak Capacity IaaS media processing Consistent end-user Normal Traffic Configuration during peak traffic • Release resources when back to experience normal • Same service quality, • Benefit - Minimizes service features, and performance 24/7 provider expense profile Application Server (AS) PSTN Cloud Media Phone Services Provider Service (IaaS) 2G Cellular Provider Virtualized Media Resources Laptop with VoIP Client IP Media Server (MRF) LTE Smartphone with App VAS Opportunities • New business models • RCS-e opportunities • Rent Media Processing Capacity Confidential Radisys Corporation • Innovation in Apps by developers 16 • Multimedia, RBT, Conf in Cloud • Pay per use
  • 17. ConclusionDisruption brings new opportunities  New Business Models • Rent Media Resource • One bill for all devices Media Server / MRF  Tiered SLAs Unmatched • Application aware Products & • On demand bandwidth upgrade Expertise  Innovative Applications • Location and Context Aware Applications • Connected homes Embedded Wireless Infrastructure Solutions Radisys Corporation Confidential 17