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Top tips to make your presence on LinkedIn more productive and engaging

Top tips to make your presence on LinkedIn more productive and engaging

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  • LinkedIn is a professional network, not a job board. Members come to LinkedIn for a number of reasons:Maintaining their professional profile of recordNetworking with other professionalsFinding insights to get better at what they doActive job searching is just one of the reasons professionals come to LinkedIn, and the majority of LinkedIn’s members are passive job seekers.[RMs may remove this slide if context has already been set]


  • 1. Pimp your Profile
  • 2. Recruiting SolutionsWe hope this isn’t….
  • 3. Recruiting SolutionsStand up…and stay standing IF… You have a LinkedIn profile You have more than 50 connections You’ve logged in at least once in the last 7 days You’ve used LinkedIn to research companies / people You’ve used LinkedIn to search for positions You joined a group You have a LinkedIn premium account You received an InMail from a prospective employer
  • 4. Recruiting SolutionsWhy members come to LinkedInIdentityProfessionalprofile of record4Connect, findand be foundNetworkingBe great atwhat you doInsights
  • 5. Recruiting SolutionsDo’s and Don’t Do…– introduce yourself– Describe your experience and abilities– Use keywords (skills)– Keep it clean (simple)– Keep it up to-date– Share information / links Don’t– Copy and past your CV (or job description)– Be sloppy (spelling and punctuation matter!)– Lie
  • 6. Recruiting SolutionsAdd a photo... It’s harder to forget a face…
  • 7. Recruiting SolutionsWrite a personalised tagline• Your professional Headline and Brand• It follows your name in search hit lists.• It grabs the business decision maker in the first 3 seconds
  • 8. Recruiting SolutionsCreate your ‘Elevator’ Pitch• Use the Summary section to engage readers.• Max 5 –10 seconds to…– capture their attention– showcase what you represent– sell yourself!
  • 9. Recruiting SolutionsHighlight your skills and expertise• Keywords will help recruiters find you• Research on what employers are looking forward and add the skillsthat you have Insert video clip
  • 10. Recruiting SolutionsBe found! SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is very important on LinkedIn so optimise yourprofile with keywords related to your position and the role you want. Think like a recruiter and what they would search for Be specific and don’t lie
  • 11. Recruiting SolutionsMake your profile public No point in keeping a great profile a state secret!
  • 12. Recruiting Solutions‘Stand out’ from the crowd…add sections Find on edit profile below the print button– Relevant qualifications– Info on courses you’ve done– Languages– Honours & awards– Add in publications
  • 13. Recruiting SolutionsBuild a network! What’s your connection strategy?– Colleagues– College / university– Friends– People you may know Goals for connecting– Career services, support groups, recruiters, HR leaders– Personalize your connection request! Spend 9 minutes a week developing your network
  • 14. Recruiting SolutionsGet recommended You are more likely to geta recommendation ifyou give one Ask for meaningfulrecommendations Request Specifics Be careful who you ask (yourmother doesn’t count!)
  • 15. Recruiting SolutionsTo add it to signatures, business cards, collateral and moreClaim and customise your unique URL
  • 16. Recruiting SolutionsPrepare for interviews… Research the interviewers and company – profiles, company pages,LinkedIn Today, Groups Benchmark look at peers already holding the role Match your skills and communication style to the company Apply using similar tone and language
  • 17. Recruiting SolutionsGet recommended by people you’ve helpedAsk for meaningful recommendationsIf you’ve added value to others, they’ll reciprocateRequest Specifics
  • 18. Recruiting SolutionsImprove your school page
  • 19. Recruiting SolutionsCreate & administer a group
  • 20. Recruiting SolutionsJoin manyParticipate in a fewRun one .NETDevelopersBiotech &PharmaDesignPros800,000 +
  • 21. Recruiting Solutions 21Integrate LinkedIn With Other Tools
  • 22. Recruiting SolutionsLinkedIn’s Mission - StudentsConnect, inspire and engage students worldwide to providea foundation for success and development22
  • 23. Recruiting Solutions 23Products & Features
  • 24. Recruiting Solutions 24Pre populated with content people in mynetwork are reading you can customiseLinkedIn Today - Sharing is keyLinkedIn Today -
  • 25. Recruiting Solutions 25Learning Centre – Students
  • 26. Recruiting Solutions 26Resume Builder -
  • 27. Recruiting Solutions 27Student Jobs
  • 28. Recruiting Solutions 28Peer Tracker / Alumni
  • 29. Recruiting Solutions 29LinkedIn Labs -
  • 30. Recruiting Solutions 305 things you should do in the next 24 hoursEnhance your personal profile & brand - Fill inyour employment history & your educationAdd your classmates or colleagues or friendsAdd a photo – it’s harder to forget a faceAdd a public urlJoin an alumni or networking group
  • 31. Recruiting Solutions