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Tascam fiyat listesi 2013


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Tascam 2013 fiyat listesi

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Transcript of "Tascam fiyat listesi 2013"

  2. 2. TASCAM Nisan 2013 Fiyat ListesiDigital Portastudios Instrument/Vocal TrainersDP-32 GB-1032-track Digital Portastudio using SD All-in-one guitar and bass trainer andcard, LC colour display, 8 Mic/Line inputs recorder with effects, tempo/key control,with phantom power, insert and send tuner, metronome, auto recording, fileeffects, mastering effects, 40 channels divide function, USB 2.0during mixdown, CD-RW drive, USB 2.0 145 € 1.008 € LR-10 All-in-one instrument/vocals trainer andDP-24 recorder with reverb, tempo/key control, tuner, metronome, built-in stereo mic24-track Digital Portastudio using SD and mono speaker, File divide, USB 2.0card, LC colour display, 8 Mic/Line inputswith phantom power, insert and sendeffects, mastering effects, CD-RW drive, 158 €USB 2.0 CD-BT2 CD Bass Trainer, Built-in multi-effects, VSA, Pitch Control, Bass Enhancement, 830 € 7-band EQ (Minimum order: 2 pcs.)DP-038-track digital Portastudio using SD, 2 158 €inputs, 2 built-in mics, CD burner, reverb,mastering effects, tuner, metronome, effects, ff r metronom , CD-GT2USB 2.0 CD Guitar Trainer, Built-in multi-effects, VSA, Pitch Control, Guitar Canceller (Minimum order: 2 pcs.) 473 € 158 €DP-008EX YENİ!Ultra-compact 8-track Pocketstudio, CD-VT2 CD-Vdynamic effects, reverb, parametric EQ CD Vocal and Instrument Trainer, Built-inon input and tracks, XLR/phantom, auto- effects , VSA, Pitch Control, Octaver, Vocal effects ffpunch, bounce, mastering tools, tuner, Canceller (Minimum o order: 2 pcs.)metronome, USB 2.0 158 € 305 €DP-006 YENİ! Tuners/Metr Tuners/MetronomesUltra-compact 6-track Pocketstudio(2 mono + 2 stereo tracks), CD-quality PT-7 7recording, stereo condenser mic, two ding stereo condenser mic tworecording, st mic, Intonation Trainer, High-speed tunermic/line inputs (one switchable GUITAR), T with metronome and mono audio recor-tuner, metronome, undo/redo, USB 2.0 r metronome, der, pitch display/correction 111 € 195 € TC-8 Chromatic tuner/metronome for any musician, 8 scales, various tuning modes ous incl. strobe and tone output, 5 response esponse speeds, up to 200 hours on batteries 42 € TG-7 Tuner/metronome for guitar and bass, 7 tuning types, 5 user settings, various tuning modes, tone output, 5 response speeds, up to 200 hours on batteries 42 € Vocal Processor l TA-1VP P (powered by Antares), Auto-tune real- time pitch correction, compressor, noise ch r gate, de-esser, mic/tube modelling, etc esser, r modelling, etc. 439 €Nisan 2013| Radikal Elektronik 2 Fiyatlara %18 KDV dahil değildir. değildir
  3. 3. Nisan 2013 Fiyat Listesi TASCAMUSB Interfaces iOS AccessoriesUS-2000 iM2/iM2WHigh-quality audio interface, 16 inputs, Turns an iOS device into a PCM audio re-4 outputs including stereo digital I/O, corder, built-in A/D converter, high-grade24-bit/96-kHz, USB 2.0, LED metering condenser mics in AB orientation, up to 125 dB SPL, input level control, limiter, USB charge connector 538 € 97 €US-180016-input/4-output Audio/Midi Interface,SPDIF I/O, USB 2.0, 1U Rack-mountable iM2X Turns an iOS device into a PCM audio re- corder, built-in A/D converter, high-grade 330 € condenser mics in XY orientation, up to 125 dB SPL, input level control, limiter, USB charge connectorUS-366 YENİ!4 in/6 out or 6 in/4 out for Win or Maccomputers, up to 192 kHz/24-bit, digital 97 €I/O (coaxial and optical), HDDA micpres, phantom power, on-board effectsprocessor, Cubase LE6 IXJ2 Mic/Line preamp for iOS devices, built-in A/D converter, 2 stereo inputs (A/B/ 195 € STEREO), mono summing, switchable plug-in power, separate L/R level controls and indicatorsUS-322 YENİ!2 inputs/2 outputs for Win or Mac com- fputers, up to 96 kHz/24-bit, bal./unbal. 97 €analogue I/O, HDDA mic p , pha tom I/O HDDA I/O, HDD pres, phant phantompower, on-board effects processor, r on-board effects ff rCubase LE6 iXZ High-quality mic/instrument preamp for iOS devices, balanced/unbal. combo 162 € input, phantom power inpuUS-200US2 inputs + 4 outputs + MIDI I/O for 44 €Win or Mac computers, up to 96 kHz,instrument input, 48V phantom power, iUR2 YENİ!powered by USB bus USB 2.0 audio/MIDI interface for Win and f Mac computers, can also be used with iPad/iPad 2, iPhone 4/4S, iPod Touch 4G, 164 € bal./unbal. input, phantom ppowerUS-144 MKII 166 €USB 4-channel Audio/MIDI Interface,Analogue and Digital SPDIF I/O, Phantom WS-2ipower Windscreen for iM2, iM2X 15 € 179 €US-122 MKIIUSB 2-channel Audio/MIDI Interface,Bal./unbal. analogue I/O, Phantom p ./unbal. power 158 €US-125MUSB audio iinterface with mixer function- erali dedicated level controls for 3 inputsality, orand loop back from computer, can beused as stand-alone mixer 151 €US-100USB audio interface with two input andoutput channels, Balanced I/O, Guitarand RIAA-Phono input 109 €Nisan 2013| Radikal Elektronik 3 Fiyatlara %18 KDV dahil değildir. değildir
  4. 4. TASCAM Nisan 2013 Fiyat ListesiPortable Audio Recorders BB-800 Boom box style recorder, everythingDR-60D YENİ! needed for digital recording to SD card,Audio recorder for use with a DSLR came- MP3/WAV file recording to SD card, built-ra, WAV/BWF up to 24-bit/96kHz (SD in stereo speakers, XLR, special playbackcard), 4-track or dual recording, HDDA featuresmic pres, phantom (24/48 V), audio in/out for camera, USB 2.0 418 € CS-BB1000 418 € Soft padded case for BB-1000CD/BB-800, durable black fabric with velcro closureDR-100 MKIIStereo recorder for professional use, fourcondenser mics, XLR inputs with phan-tom power, digital in, high-performancepreamp, MP3/WAV format, up to 96 kHz,auto recording, monitor speaker, USB 2.0 46 € Field Recorders 452 € HS-P82DR-40 8 XLR inputs, phantom power, 2 XLRHigh-quality 4-track handheld recorder, outputs, 8 AES/EBU I/O, BWF with iXMLdual recording (2x stereo), XLR ins with metadata, video/word clock/cascade i/o,phantpha tomphantom power, overdub, mi down, AB/ r overdub, mixd wn, dub mixdown, various power options, TFT colour touchXY mic configurations, MS decoder screen, CF media, aluminum chassis 5.498 € 233 € RC-F82DR-07 MKII Fader unit for HS-P82, 8 faders for mix le or input level, 8 rotary controls for trim,Handheld stereo recorder, MP3/BWF pan or level, d le dedicated shortcut keys forrecording/playback, built-in stereo several function XLR Line in and out, functions,condenser mic (A/B and X/Y setup sup- talkback microphoneported), overdub, pitch control, markers,file divide, reverb, tuner, USB 2.0 998 € 187 € DR-680DR-05 s 6 tracks + stereo mix track at up to 96 z, t kHz, 2 tracks at 192 kHz, SD/SDHC media,Cost-effective handheld stereo recorder, ffCost-effective r 48V phantom power, Pre-recording,omni-directional microphones for high f Auto-recording, 8 AA batteries or ACsound p pr pressure le el up to 125 dB, e level to dB dB, adapter (included) tion,self-timer, tuner, VSA, resume function,built-in loudspeaker etc. 1.164 € 128 € HD-P2 Portable, high-definition stereo recorder, eo rWS 11WS-11 CF media, SMPTE sync, carrying case ying includedWindscreen for DR series recorders f 36 €BB-1000CD 1.023 €Boom box style recorder, everything r everythingneeded for digital recording to CD or f digital CS-DR680SD card, built-in stereo speakers, di t kers, direct , Pro carrying case for DR-680, multipleaudio CD creation, MP3/WAV recordingdingto SD card, XLR, special playback featureses connectors, buttons and switches 599 € 97 €Nisan 2013| Radikal Elektronik 4 Fiyatlara %18 KDV dahil değildir.
  5. 5. Nisan 2013 Fiyat Listesi TASCAMSolid-State Audio Recorders HD-R1 Stereo solid-state recorder, 1U rack-HS-8 mountable, XLR, euro block, SPDIF,8-track professional recorder, dual CF ethernet, serial port, parallel port, PCM orcards, TFT touch screen, multi-track flash MP3 file formatstart, internal mixer with stereo mixtrack, balanced and AES/EBU I/O, paral-lel/serial control, video/word sync, etc. 1.195 € SS-CDR200 5.471 € WAV/MP3 recording/playback on CD, SD and USB media, XLR, RCA, SPDIF, RS-232,HS-4000 Parallel port, Wired remote control4-track professional recorder, Timeline orTake mode, can operate as two separatestereo recorders, balanced and AES/EBU 1.195 €I/O, parallel/serial control, video/wordsync, etc. SS-R200 WAV/MP3 recording/playback to SD and 6.413 € USB memory, XLR, RCA, SPDIF, RS-232, Parallel port, Wired remote controlHS-2000Broadcast/studio stereo recorder, up to 691 €192 kHz, Timeline or Take mode, Onlinefunction with balanced monitor output,confidence monitoring, RS-232C, RS-422, SS-R100SMPTE I/O etc. WAV/MP3 recording/playback to SD and USB media, RCA, SPDIF, Wired remote control 5.219 €HS-2 565 €Broadcast/studio stereo recorder, up rto 96 kHz, Timeline or Take mode, dual Take TCF card slot, Gigabit ethernet, RS-232C, Audio Master RecorderSMPTE I/O and optional RS-422 (SY-2) Y DV-RA1000HD 2.090 € High-definition audio/DSD master recor- High der with internal 60-GB hard disk iSY-2SMPTE timecode and RS-422 extensionfor HS-2 2.565 € 1.573 € CD Recorders RecordeRC-HS32PD CD-RW9 CD-RW901SLFlash start or fader start/stop control for fHS-4000 and HS-2000, full control of the Stand-alone Audio CD Recorder for CD-R/ tand-alonerecorder, 32 flash start keys with 64 x 32 r start CD-RW, Slot Drive, XLR, AES/EBU, Parallel/dot matrix colour LCD Serial Port, Auto Cue, Auto Ready, Call, Continuous recording with two units 4.150 € 1.103 €RC-HS20PDFlash start remote control for HS-2/HS-8, CD-RW900SLcolour TFT touch screen, 20 flash start Stand-alone Audio CD Recorder for CD-R/ der f CD-R/keys, fader start/stop, monitor speaker, CD-RW, Slot Drive, CD Text, MP3 Play- ,headphones output back, Auto Cue, Auto Ready, Fade in/out ade 2.182 € 683 €RC-900Desktop remote control for Tascam HS- f T HS- CC-222SL MKII4000/HS-2000/HS-2, CD-9010/9010CF, F CD-RW Recorder / Cassette Deck Com-CD-6010 and SS-R200/SS-CDR200, bination, Slot Drive, Cassette to CD-R/heavy dut k sheavy-duty keys and aluminum wheel RW dubbing and vice versa, Continuous playback between decks, Pitch Control, 1.048 € Key ControlRC-SS20 935 €Direct Play Controller for HD-R1 andSS series, instant access to 20 tracks,announcements or effects (HD-R1: 16) 935 €Nisan 2013| Radikal Elektronik 5 Fiyatlara %18 KDV dahil değildir.
  6. 6. TASCAM Nisan 2013 Fiyat ListesiMD Recorders/Players/Editors CD-200iB Cost-effective CD player with iPod dockMD-CD1 MKIII and front line input, MP3/WAV playbackMD/CD Combination unit, 4 x speed Mi- from CDs, audio playback from iPod, iPodniDisc duplication, fade in/out dubbing, video and s-video outputs, balanced XLRMD CD continuous playback, MP3 and output, IR remote controlWAV playback (CD) etc. 985 € 570 €LA-MC1 CD-200iBalancing Kit for MD-CD1 MKII Like CD-200iB but without balanced XLR output 141 € 473 € CD-200CD Players Simple and cost-effective CD player, MP3/WAV playback from CDs, pitchCD-9010 control, IR remote controlHeavy-duty broadcast CD player, Wordsync in/through, stereo mix input, XLR,RCA, SPDIF coaxial and AES/EBU outputs, 394 €Parallel/Serial (RS-232C) ports CD-A750 3737 € CD player/cassette deck combination, MP3/WAV playback from CD, XLR balan-CD-9010CF ced I/O, parallel and serial control portsPlays audio from CDs or CF cards, CDripping function, Stereo/Mono selection,XLR monitor out, USB keyboard connec- 746 €tor, no SPDIF out r CD-A550 4983 € CD player/cassette deck combination, MP3/WAV playback from CD, unbalancedRC-9010S I/O f CD-9010Remote control for CD-9010 with illumi-nated keys, jog dial and display 614 € 3718 € DVD PlayersCD-6010 DV-D01U f broadcast,CD player for broadcast, installation or Ultra-compact DVD P Player, 19-inch, 1U,touring, MP3/WAV playback, 20-tracks MP3/WAV playback, WA HDMI, RS-232C, Pr Progressive Scanflash start, 20 cue points, XLR/RCA, AES/EBU, SPDIF coaxial, RS-232C, Parallel 693 € 1.163 €CD-500B Dual Cassette DeckCD player, 1U, slot drive, Audio CD-R/RW, MP3 (192KBit/s) and WAV playback,flash start, RCA, XLR, AES/EBU, RS-232C, 202 MKVparallel port 19" Dual Auto-reverse Cassette Deck, Dolby B, Normal and High-speed 812 € Dubbing, Pitch Control, Repeat, RTZ ,CD-500 439 €Like CD-500B but without balanced XLRoutput, AES/EBU digital out, parallel port 658 €CD-200SBCD 20Solid-state/CD player, MP2/MP3/WAVplayback from CD/SD/USB media, WAV/MP3/MP2/WMA/AAC playback from SD/USB media, dubbing from CD, XLR/RCA/SPDIF outputs, IR remote control 548 €Nisan 2013| Radikal Elektronik 6 Fiyatlara %18 KDV dahil değildir. değildir
  7. 7. Nisan 2013 Fiyat Listesi TASCAMHard Disk Recorders/Workstations Digital Mixers and AccessoriesX-48 MKII DM-480048-Track Hybrid Hard Disk Workstation Digital mixing console, 64 mixing channels, 24 Busses, Dynamics, Effects, Automation, Cascadable 5.143 € 5.017 €IF-AN24XAnalog I/O Card for X-48, 24 channels DM-3200 Digital mixing console, 48 mixing channels, Dynamics, Effects, Automation, Cascadable 1.355 €IF-AD24XADAT Digital Card for X-48, 24 channels 3.148 € 691 € MU-1000 Meter unit for DM series mixing consolesIF-AE24XAES/EBU I/O Card for MX-2424 and X-48, 754 €24 channels IF-FW/DM MKII FireWire expansion card for DM series 1.355 € mixing consoles, 32 channels in/out 397 €Network AV Surround Receivers A Surround IF-AE/DM IF-AEPA-R200 AES/EBU I/O card for DM series mixing ca7.2-channel surround receiver with net- consoles, 8 channe in/out, 25 pin D-sub channelswork function, 100 W per ch., playbackthrough local network, internet radio orcloud streaming 208 € 1.033 € IF-AN/DM Analog I/O card for DM series mixing fPA-R100 consoles, 8 channels i in/out5.2-channel surround receiver withnetwork function, 80 W per ch., playbackthrough local network, internet radio or 357 €cloud streaming IF-AD/DM 794 € ADAT I/O card for DM series mixing consoles, 8 channels in/out 208 € IF-SM/DM Surround monitor card for DM series mixing consoles 712 € IF-AV/DM Aviom® network card for DM-3200 and DM-4800 1.426 € DM IF-CB/DM CobraNet® network card for DM-3200 aNet® f DM-3200 and DM-4800 -4800 872 €Nisan 2013| Radikal Elektronik 7 Fiyatlara %18 KDV dahil değildir. değildir
  8. 8. TASCAM Nisan 2013 Fiyat ListesiAnalogue Mixers General AccessoriesM-164UF RC-2016-channel analogue mixer, 6x XLR with 20-button direct play remote controlphantom, 5 stereo input modules (TRS, for CD-500 and other supported TascamRCA, Phono, mini jack), 2 aux, digital deviceseffects, USB 2.0 audio interface (16 in/ 2 out) 210 € 544 € RC-10 Wireless/wired remote control for TascamM-164FX portable audio recorders, 6 transport/Like M-164UF but without USB audio mark buttons, 4 function buttons tointerface control product-specific features 0€ 357 € RC-3F 3-pedal footswitch for GB-10, LR-10, DP- 03 and other supported Tascam devicesLM-8STLine mixer, 8 stereo ins + mic/line in on 48 €front panel, 2 bal/unbal stereo outputs, 2independent stereo busses, cascade I/O,ground terminal and ground-lift BP-L2 Replacement battery for DR-1, GT-R1, 443 € DR-100MH-8 48 €High-power 8-channel headphonesamplifier with flexible signal routing, 2 BP-6AAstereo inputs plus direct input on eachchannel, foldback outputs for cascading f f External battery pack for DR-40 and Ex other products powered by DC 5V (PS- p (P P520) or USB (PS-P515U) 511 €LA-80 MKII 38 €Line signal converter unbalanced/balan-ced, 8 channels, 19", 1U " PS-P515U AC adapter with USB c connector, for any product powered by USB 437 €LA-81 MKII 32 €Line signal converter balanced/unbalan-ced, 8 channels, 19", 1U " PS-P520 AC adapter for products powered by DC 5V (trainers, tuners, handheld recorders 437 € etc.)LA-40 MKIII 32 €Line signal converter bi-dir., 4 channelsbalanced to unbalanced, 4 channelsunbalanced to balanced, 19", 1U AK-DR1 Accessory kit for Tascam handheld re-e- or corders (tripod, tripod adapter for DR-1/ 399 € GT-R1, mic stand adapter, wind shield for for DR-1/GT-R1) 61 €Nisan 2013| Radikal Elektronik 8 Fiyatlara %18 KDV dahil değildir. değildir