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Lawo Catalog 2010-11

Lawo Catalog 2010-11



Lawo's 2010 - 2011 general catalog

Lawo's 2010 - 2011 general catalog



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    Lawo Catalog 2010-11 Lawo Catalog 2010-11 Document Transcript

    • Products 2010/11For broadcast, production,radio and live applications
    • Contents – Products 2010/11. Welcome to the world of Lawo. Table of contents: Dear Customers, About Lawo 02 40 years of Lawo! 40 years in which a small engineering office At this huge event Lawo systems played a leading role. For example, has developed into a leading supplier of audio technology. the international feed was distributed via Lawo routing systems mc²90 06 40 years in which Rastatt, Germany, has acquired an excellent and, at all 10 venues and the IBC in Johannesburg, the international reputation within the broadcast world. This success fills us sound was produced using our mixing consoles. Every opening mc²66 14 with a certain pride — above all because, since 1970, we have whistle at kick-off, every goal cheer and every outcry from the mc²56 22 been true to the values of Lawo. A willing desire to innovate is stadium ran via technology from Rastatt. In this way, the what distinguishes Lawo — today and tomorrow. world’s festival of football was also a festival of technology for Plug-in Integration 30 the Lawo team. In 2010, we continue to offer real innovation, and at this Lawo Dolby® E Plug-in 32 year’s IBC in Amsterdam we will present a new mixing console Despite all the successes and mega events — one thing is Lawo Plug-in Collection 33 and another audio matrix system. But what can we show you more important to me personally: we are a medium-sized now: the new facilities which we moved to in spring 2010. company. And, as a medium-sized company, every task which sapphire 34 With these new facilities, which adjoin the existing premises, supports our customers counts. Since 1970, the desire to find we have expanded the ground floor to double its size, achieving the optimal solution for every project has characterised our zirkon 42 the perfect workflow for an even more efficient manufacturing company culture — an attitude that will continue to shape us crystal 52 process. “Made in Rastatt” remains our hallmark — represen- in the future. ting vertical integration, competent staff and excellent quality. z4 60 I look forward to continuing to work well and collaborate with you. As in previous years, the big sporting events of 2010 were an Routing 64 exciting challenge. Besides the Winter Games in Vancouver Nova73 HD 66 and Formula One worldwide, the football tournament in South Yours, Africa was a main focus of interest. Philipp Lawo Nova29 74 Nova17 78 MADI.SRC 82 SPLIT.CONVERTER 83 Networking 84 OB Vans 88 References 92
    • About Lawo — Profile.Lawo specialises in developing, designing and manufacturing mixing consoles and matrixsystems for radio and TV broadcasters, as well as for use in live events. Standards of highquality and innovative technology are supported by forty years of experience in the field ofprofessional audio technology.Lawo’s product range covers digital audio mixing consoles foruse in radio, broadcast, production and live applications. Inaddition to the provision of matrix systems and audio networks,Lawo also carries out project engineering tasks and acts as amain contractor for radio OB vans; these services include usertraining and maintenance. The company’s high level of expertiseprovides a comprehensive support service for all its customers.For best results, we listen carefully.At Lawo, we are a company that listens carefully to our clients,so we can better achieve their needs. We find solutions by usingour technical know-how and experience to build systems thatare adapted perfectly to the required application. Our constantlyincreasing product range can be combined to create anycustomised system — be it a mixing console, a routing matrix, anOB truck or a complete broadcast facility.Innovation is our passion.Right from the start, Lawo has been an innovative companywith a strong R&D department — a department that keepsimproving the products as well as designing new componentsfor an ever-increasing product range. Our finger is always on thepulse of the industry, so we can use this knowledge to continuethe development of our innovative products and solutions.Quality is the basis of our success. Made in Rastatt / Germany.Lawo relies on the highest quality in all areas. Our perception Lawo sees itself as a modern company that is obliged to confirmof quality is not just confined to the manufacture of outstand- the quality requirements associated with the concept “Made ining products. It also includes reliable project management, Germany”. This is why innovations that offer genuine addedoptimum customer orientation, efficient cost management and value, and meticulous standards of manufacturing, are particu-a responsible attitude to society and to the environment. larly important to us. It is only in this way that we can fulfil our self-imposed objective: we want to be the reliable and trustedVertical integration guaranteed. partner that provides customers with universal solutions toA key aspect of the Lawo organisation is the particularly high their challenges.level of vertical integration. By this, we are able to apply ourexperience at each production stage and ensure the implement-ation of our extremely high standards. Thanks to this funda-mental production philosophy, we can ensure the professionalmaintenance of all Lawo products, even after many years ofoperation. 02 03
    • About Lawo — Landmarks.Throughout its history, Lawo has always kept learning and looking ahead, making it apioneer partner in the development of digital radio and TV. Constantly communicatingwith our clients, we continue to optimise the ergonomics, functionality and design ofour products.The beginnings. Completing the product range — Networking Audio Systems.Before founding an electronic equipment company in 1970, Continuing the philosophy of listening to our customers, newPeter Lawo was an R&D manager for radio and navigation digital mixing consoles and matrices have been created thatsystems. With the development of special devices for elec- merge our accumulated experience and the knowledge of ourtronic sound processing (Ring-modulator, Vocoder, Halaphon), customers’ requirements with our know-how and innovativeLawo entered the field of audio engineering. In the 1970s, spirit. Lawo has developed a product range that covers anyanalogue modules and completely modular mixing consoles application in a radio station or production studio. With ourwere developed and built for broadcasters in the German- competence in establishing audio networks, we can offerspeaking countries. our clients innovative solutions for the future, today. We will continue to listen to our customers, and carry on developingHybrid technology. products and solutions accordingly.At the beginning of the 1980s, the young company was workingon digital electronics. Supported by a group of sound engineersfrom the local broadcaster, a programmable audio mixingconsole (PTR), with analogue signal processing and digital con-trol, was designed. The console met the strict technical require-ments of the German Institute for Broadcast Technology and,because of its integral software control, it was possible to adaptthe console to a customer’s individual specifications.Digital mixing consoles.Based on its experience with a hybrid audio mixing console,Lawo developed the fully digital and modular mc series inthe early 1990s. This series included the mc 50 for ambitiouson-air and small studio productions, and the mc 80 / 82 forbroadcasting applications including music and drama recor-ding, post production and outside broadcasts.mc² technology.In 1998, Lawo achieved a technological breakthrough viasystematic development. The new mc² series made it possibleto interlink and route, using linear audio signals, practicallyall audio components in a system.It runs in the family.In 1999, Philipp Lawo, Peter Lawo’s son, became CEO of theLawo AG. Peter Lawo joined the supervisory board. 04 05
    • mc² 90 — No compromises.A new reference for high-end mixing consoles: the mc² 90. Size and power, flexibilityand dependability, an intuitive control surface and ergonomic design — the mc² 90 setsnew standards in all these areas. And it offers you today the technology you might beexpecting tomorrow from a top class mixing console. With the mc² 90 we have developedan innovative audio tool that meets the highest demands and individual requirements inany type of production — and all this with 24-hour, 365 days-a-year reliability. 06 07
    • mc² 90 — No compromises. Optimum control with maximum flexibility. Iso bay access. Whether it is live broadcast, recording, post-production or The mc² 90 excels with its innovative operating philosophy live sound reinforcement, with the mc² 90 everything is under that meets the highest demands of functionality and user- control — all of the time. The mc² 90 offers a modular central friendliness. A core item in this philosophy is a completely new control section that enables you to position the most import- decentralised operational control function, providing maximum ant modules exactly where you want them, so they can be ac- control in any situation, by allowing you to transfer control of cessed more easily. In addition, external control devices can be central functions to anywhere on the console. With this ground- incorporated smoothly into the mc² 90’s control surface — from breaking feature, the mc² 90 facilitates optimal multi-user panels up to 5U in the clever 19’’ rack integration, to Danner operation, and separate monitoring options can also be provided, modules that can be fitted in the meterbridge as well as on the thanks to the inclusion of additional AFL and PFL buses. control surface. Furthermore, in spite of the comprehensive range of functions provided, enhanced user feedback and a clearly laid out control surface constantly guarantee the best possible overview of the current console status.mc²90 in the ZDF news studio, Mainz, Germany. 08 09
    • mc² 90 — No compromises. mc² 90 — No compromises. Technical Details Control Panel Interfaces Frames from 16 + 8 faders to 96 + 8 faders; with doubled Mic / Line, Line Out, AES, SDI, MADI, ATM, GPIO, Serial, fader bay up to 192 + 8 faders MIDI, Audio-over-IP option (available soon); 6 banks per 2 layers, 2 layers with direct access; for details see DALLIS product information Bay-Iso function for isolated bank/layer switching Monitoring systems in stereo and surround 100 mm faders + 10 rotary controls; channel display for every fader with sense-triggered change of module display Synchronisation in the Channel Display Two redundant inputs with automatic detection of Up to 5U 19” integration Blackburst, Wordclock, AES3, MADI Danner module integration Redundancy Signal Processing PSUs, DSP card, router card 512 channels and 144 summing buses, 40-bit floating point Fully redundant signal path Up to 376 inputs with A / B input, up to 48 sub groups, 32 aux Redundant control system, exchangeable during run time; sends, up to 96 track busses, up to 48 main sums, change on full data redundancy the fly from mono to stereo to surround channel and bus PSU for control system and control panel Up to 64 surround channels, 256 GPC channels Surround formats: DTS / Dolby ® Digital 5.1, Dolby ® Pro-logic Control 4.0, DTS ES / Dolby ® EX 6.1, SDDS 7.1, DTS-HD 7.1; various Bay-Iso with separate layer and bank switching, panning characteristics, surround aux bus plus second PFL/ AFL bus 2* AFL: 1* surround 8-channel, 1* stereo Global A /B input switching 2* stereo PFL Mix-minus control with two conference systems Audio-follow-Video with 128 events, control either via Various tally and fader start modes Remote MNOPL protocol or via GPIO; adjustable envelope Programme switch up to 10 s fade time Machine control Solo In Place Audio-follow-VideoBe on the safe side. Innovative design for greatest operational convenience. Permanent input metering on the fader; selectable metering Manifold T/B integrationWith the mc² 90, we have reached a new level of redundancy You will be drawn to the mc² 90 by its pleasing shape and of INPUT, PF, AF, DIROUT, on the Channel Display Remote control of camera microphonestructure: the Lawo-developed “Dual Star Technology” has now refined construction, which makes this console the visual focus Modules: INMIX with MS-Decoder, Digital Amp, 2-bandfound its way into mixing console design. As a result, not only in any studio. The modern design is supplemented by logical fully parametric Filter, 4-band fully parametric EQ, 2-band External Control Systemsare all front panels connected to the control processor using detailing that, thanks to optimal ergonomics and intuitive user fully parametric Sidechain Filter, Insert, Delay up to Remote control via networkstar topology but, in addition, the mc² 90 has a second redun- feedback, will make your day-to-day production work signifi- 1800 ms (units in metres, milliseconds, frames), Expander, Online configuration via AdminHD; graphic configurationdant control processor that is also connected in star-mode to cantly easier. Gate, Compressor, Limiter, Image, Meter, Direct Out of HD Core componentsevery panel. In incorporating this dual star technology within Inline configuration with send / return switching — channel External matrix control for BFE, VSM, Jupiterthe control surface, Lawo has established a further milestone For example: in order to keep an overview of up to 200 faders, or globalin reliability and redundancy, and new standards have been set the mc² 90 offers the colour coding of fader strips, similar to 128 VCA masters with metering of up to 8 slaves Remote Maintenancefor the design of mixing consoles and HD cores. that commonly used in analogue days. However, with the mc² 90 Fully-equipped surround channel with linking of all channel Connection via Internet Remote Software you don’t need to manually change the fader caps, because the parameters and Hyper Panning Remote software updates, error diagnostics fader strips can be identified using modern LED technology mxGUI: remote control of console via laptop according to channel type or your individual requirements. This Routing Matrix allows you to easily keep track of any fader at any stage in the Up to 8192 crosspoints, non-blocking production. 96 kHz, 24 bit Fully redundant signal path Downsizing up to 7.1 to Stereo The mc² 90 key benefits at a glance: Full networking of up to 16 HD Cores, share and import of sources and destinations, studio arbitration function Freely configurable control surface (up to 200 faders) Full snapshot and production portability independent with optimum adaptability to individual workflows of matrix or DSP size Intuitive operation and perfect ergonomics (two-operator layouts available) Plug-in Server Highest security with a redundant control processor Full VST plug-in integration with storage of plug-in Complete integration of VST plug-ins parameters in snapshots and production data 10 11
    • mc²90 – No compromises.Today’s news in tomorrow’s studio:New ZDF news studio with two Lawo mc²90. A virtual Green Box with nothing more than a presenter’s isle with an elegantly curved wooden desk. This is what Germany’s most modern TV studio looks like — the studio where, since July 2009, the news programmes of German public broadcaster Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF) are produced. The special thing about this futuristic studio: all image data is supplied through computers resulting in considerable latencies of up to 160 ms. This would result in audio and video being out-of-sync. However, for this audio-technical challenge, there was an optimal solution: two mc²90 consoles from Lawo. The mc²90 systems — capable of providing up to 1800 ms delay — can be set to fix delays. Thanks to these features, video“The reliable delay performance of the Lawo consoles was latencies of 80 ms for studio monitoring, and 160 ms at theone of the reasons which tipped the balance in favour of show production, don’t pose a problem for the mc² consoles —Lawo” concludes Wolfgang Wacker, Planning Engineer at and, using in-ear monitoring, presenters always hear the rightZDF for the new studio. sound at the right time. In addition to the delays, the absolute redundancy and Video- follow-Audio functions of both mc² 90 represent crucial factors for ZDF. Since the cameras, for the first time, are controlled through the audio consoles via GPI, it is now possible to produce the night-time news without monitoring personnel. The benefits of these features: more efficiency during every-day operation! mc²90 in the ZDF news studio, Mainz, Germany. 12 13
    • mc² 66 — Inspired by your needs.More Power. More Speed. More Flexibility. Get the job done. When challenging situationshave to be tackled, and your work is the centre of attention, Lawo’s mc² 66 provides theideal solution — because it is, above all, a tool completely tailored to the needs of theuser. The mc² 66 not only impresses with the highest standards of performance wherespeed, flexibility, and security are concerned, but also with its groundbreaking user-assistance, which makes the mc² 66 a reference point around the world. 14 15
    • mc² 66 — Inspired by your needs. More Power. More Flexibility. 512 DSP channels, 144 summing buses and 8192 x 8192 With the mc² 66 you are always in command of all of your crosspoints broadcast a clear message on their own, yet the console’s resources. You can change the channel section para- impressive powerhouse that is the mc² 66 goes even further meters during runtime without losing production data; you can than these basic specifications. In particular, highest-quality adapt the DSP power at any time, so it is optimised for the signal processing gives the mc² 66 the power and precision that current production; it is even possible to achieve fast switching you‘d expect from a professional tool, and there are many other of the main bus outputs between mono, stereo or surround, as outstanding features. For example, on every channel, all the well as the on-air integration of a mic card in your stage box — audio sections deliver the highest standards, from the superb whenever you need to. limiter to noiseless delay changes — every one available, all of the time. More Speed. The mc² 66 guarantees to always be that little bit faster. Our recently developed operating philosophy: “Assign at Destination”, allows you to set the controls the way you want them — with speed and confidence — even at critical moments. This ability is a hallmark of the mc² 66: total control, all the time, in any situation.mc²66 in the Studio 4 control room of the Westdeutscher Rundfunk, Cologne, Germany. 16 17
    • mc² 66 — Inspired by your needs. mc² 66 — Inspired by your needs. Technical Details Control Panel Interfaces Frames from 16 + 8 faders to 96 + 8 faders Mic / Line, Line Out, AES, SDI, HD-SDI,MADI, ATM, GPIO, Separate frames with 8, 16 and 24 faders Serial, MIDI, ADAT ®* Audio-over-IP option 6 banks per 2 layers (available soon); for details see DALLIS product information 100 mm faders + 4 rotary controls with free assignment + All interfaces at 24-bit, 96 kHz Input Gain controller Monitoring systems for stereo and surroundMore Usability. Channel Display on every fader, with touch-sensitive selectionThe mc²66 is equipped with a new mxGUI, which will impress TFT metering in mono, stereo or up to 7.1, including Synchronisationyou with its many innovative features. You can now fully pre- bus-assignment, dynamics gain reduction, AfV status, 2 redundant inputs with automatic detection of Blackburst,pare your mc²66 console offline for the task ahead — from VCA assignment, surround master assignment Wordclock, AES3, MADIconsole layout to matrix control in X / Y view, partial snapshots External display of GUI pages, eg. meteringand pre-amplifier settings through to the creation of complete 9 user buttons Redundancysnapshot and production data. Further benefits: up to 16 mxGUI Optional: up to three different user panels, talkback, PSUs, DSP board, router boardclients can simultaneously sign on to the control system, so that script tray, PPM-integration, 2RU 19” integration Fully redundant signal pathsecondary users and service technicians can perfectly support 19 inch overbridge mount for up to 3 RU e. g. for intercom panels Redundant control system, exchangeable during run time;the audio engineer, during live broadcasts, if necessary. full data redundancy Signal Processing PSU for control system and control surfaceMore Security. 512 channels and 144 summing buses, 40-bit floating pointIn the professional broadcast and live sound domains, maximum Up to 376 inputs with A/B input, up to 48 subgroups, Controlsystem availability and resilience are paramount. To this end, the 32 aux sends, up to 96 track buses, up to 48 main sums Bay-Iso with separate layer and bank switching, plus secondmc² 66 offers the highest possible redundancy and reliability Quick change of channel and bus to mono / stereo / surround PFL / AFL busfrom mic input, through the entire system to the programme out- Up to 64 surround channels, 128 VCA groups with metering, Global A/B input switchingput. Another milestone in terms of redundancy is the integra- 256 GP channels Enhanced mix-minus control with independent off-air conferencetion of the new MKII router with its internal computer system. Surround formats: DTS / Dolby ® Digital 5.1, Dolby ® Pro- Direct out mute by faderThus, the console’s control system can be designed redun- logic 4.0, DTS ES / Dolby ® EX 6.1, SDDS 7.1, DTS-HD 7.1, Diverse tally and fader start modesdantly. Because of this superb availability, the mc² 66 has diverse panning characteristics, surround aux bus Program switchestablished itself as the de-facto reference console in Europe. 2 AFL: 1 surround 8-channel, 1 stereo Machine control 2 stereo PFL Audio-follow-Video up to 128 camera tallies, EthernetMore Precision. Audio-follow-Video with 128 events, controlled either via Re- or GPI controlledComplex productions require absolute concentration and mote MNOPL, GPI or matrix connection, envelope adjustable Camera mic remote via GPI or voltage controlprecision. For this reason the mc² 66 is designed to provide up to 10s fade time Customization by users: easy integration of fader starts,support in critical situations, and so reliably releases you from Solo-In-Place user button programming, matrix connects permanent ormany tasks. Thanks to innovative functionality — such as Permanent meter point on the fader, selectable to INPUT, as parallel connect etc.Audio-follow-Video, external control of camera mic preamp PF, AF, DIROUT on the Channel Displaylevels, convenient console partitioning, and the ability to Modules: INMIX with MS-Decoder, Digital Amp, 2-band fully External Control Systemssimultaneously create multichannel and stereo mixes — you parametric filter, 4-band fully parametric EQ, 2-band fully Remote control of all routing parameters via networkcan make the mc² 66 a dependable partner. parametric side chain filter, insert, delay up to 1800 ms Online configuration with AdminHD, graphic configuration of (units in metres, milliseconds, frames); 4 independent HD Core componentsMore Know-how. dynamics (Expander, Gate, Compressor, Limiter), Image, External matrix controllers: VSM, Jupiter, BFE and othersHigh quality production methods and the use of innovative Meter, Direct Outmaterials (as used in the aerospace industry) combine to In-line configuration with send / return switching — on the Remote Maintenanceguarantee the greatest stability and lowest weight. The proof: channel or global Connection via Internet Remote Softwarea mc² 66 with 56 faders weighs just 125 kg and is only 2.35 Fully equipped surround channel with linking of all channel Remote software updates, error diagnosticsmetres wide. Consequently, the mc² 66 is your first choice parameters and Hyper Panning mxGUI: remote control of console via laptopwhere weight, size and power consumption are an issue: in the * ADAT® is a registered trademark of Alesis, LLC and is used here under license.OB van, the studio, the theatre and conference centre. Routing Matrix Up to 8192 crosspoints, non-blocking The mc2 66 key benefits at a glance: 96 kHz, 24-bit Fully redundant signal path Excellent flexibility — changes can be made during Downsizing from up to 7.1 to stereo runtime without losing production data Full networking of up to 16 HD Cores, share and import Superb networking — handles the largest of from sources and destinations, studio intervention broadcasting complexes, with several mixing consoles Full snapshot and production data portability independent and routing matrices, thus saving time and costs of matrix and DSP size Comprehensive features — e. g. Audio-follow-Video, camera microphone control, flexible dynamic Plug-in Server automation, sequence snapshot automation Full VST plug-in integration with storage of plug-in Complete integration of VST plug-ins parameters in snapshots and production data 18 19
    • Pictures by Courtesy of Clifford Isaac Nathanmc² 66 — Inspired by your needs.Lawo mc²66 for Singapore‘s first HDTV Outside Broadcast Van:MediaCorp trusts in Lawo technology. MediaCorp has already some experience with Lawo technology: “Lawo’s reputation for providing excellent pre- and post-sales support, and for proven technology, were important factors in the awarding of this contract,” says Boon Siong Tan confir- ming the reasons why MediaCorp trusts in Lawo. In South-East Asia viewers can now enjoy HDTV and surround sound due to the new OB van from MediaCorp, Singapore’s leading media company. The OB excels with innovative technol- ogy — and on board the rolling audio control room: a mc²66 console from Lawo. As yet, there are no other HD studios with full surround moni- toring control facilities, so the new vehicle will play a vital role in the corporation’s HDTV surround production capability. As well as handling outside broadcast projects, the OB van can be linked to any of the MediaCorp studios for in-house surround sound productions, a highly cost-efficient solution. This is made possible by the audio and video equipment inside the vehicle, notable the Lawo mc²66 and the 4 x DALLIS I/O systems. Inside the HDTV OB van’s audio section is a 48-fader mc²66 with a routing capacity of 8000 x 8000 crosspoints from the HD Core and Nova73 HD router. Full redundancy is included in the router and fibre connections to the four DALLIS frames, and, of the 240 full DSP channels, 48 are planned for redundancy. Delivery of the new HD OBV was scheduled for March 2010, but producers of MediaCorp’s popular talent contest “Singapore Idol” were keen to use surround sound for the all-important finale in late December 2009. So MediaCorp hired a Lawo mc²66 digital audio console for the show, ideal training for MediaCorp engineers prior to the delivery of the OB van. “This was MediaCorp’s first HD production with full surround sound,” explains technical sales specialist Boon Siong Tan, Lawo’s representative in Singapore, “and therefore the first chance to utilize the mc²66 to its full potential. They were de- lighted with the results, particularly the performance of the console which they found to have many unique features ideally suited to this kind of production, and an impressively powerful tool compared to other mixers.” MediaCorp HDTV OB van with mc²66, Singapore. 20 21
    • mc² 56 — Performance, pure and simple.The highest quality can now be so compact. The largest is not always the best, and less canoften mean more. This is why there is a new mixing console from Lawo that offers superbperformance in daily operation, with well thought-out design and intuitive user guidance;a console that features reduced control density and, in particular, a compact frame con-struction. Yet, with plenty of concentration on the “down to basics”, the new mc² 56 consoleconforms fully to the proven mc² series in terms of quality and performance. The mc² 56 isbased on current Lawo HD core technology, and guarantees maximum reliability, function-ality and DSP power. You can count on the fact that all products with a name featuring thewell-known “mc²” naturally incorporate that legendary mc² quality that only Lawo can offer. 22 23
    • mc² 56 — Performance, pure and simple.Where performance, rather than size, is important.The mc² 56 is consistently designed for the very best perform-ance. For this reason, you have the same processing power inthis console that already distinguishes the mc² 66 and mc² 90.What makes the mc² 56 different to its siblings is its compactconstruction. In a width of only 1.2 metres, we provide 32 faders(when installed in the width of an OB van, 64 faders arepossible). The secret of these space-saving dimensions is thateach fader bay contains 16 faders, and there are virtually nogaps between bays. The mc² 56 will certainly impress you withits superior suitability, even at the installation stage.Where functionality, rather than luxury, is required.A mixing console must particularly impress during dailyoperation. This is why, with the mc² 56, you benefit from manyproven features of the mc² range — starting with the designprinciple of “form follows function”, through dynamic auto-mation, and on to speedy access to the most important controlparameters (“assign at destination”). An intrinsic feature ofthe mc² 56, however, is the specially designed control layout.Here, the most important functions are within easy reach, whilelesser-used features are accessed exclusively via the touchscreen. The result is an ease of operation that really can bedescribed as user-friendly, and a suitability in use that is bestsummed up as: Performance, pure and simple!Don’t think solo, look at the networked solution.Complete compatibility and uncomplicated data transfer – thisis what characterises mc² consoles. The networkability of Lawomixing consoles does not just provide for the flexible expansionof existing mc² installations, but in day-to-day operation, the100 % compatibility of user data, and its inherent benefits, willalso be appreciated. A typical example: a production starts instereo, using an mc² 66 in the OB van, and is subsequentlycontinued in a portable control room before the automatedmix, supported with snapshots, can be completed in an mc² 90studio in 5.1 — and all this completely independent of thephysical number of faders, the size of routing matrix, and theDSP capacity. Thanks to the transferability of all user data,extended configuration times can be avoided, thus leading toeven further efficiency in day-to-day production. 24 25
    • mc² 56 — Performance, pure and simple. mc² 56 — Performance, pure and simple. Technical Details Individual configurations: Control Panel Plug-in Server Making the console your own. Frames from 16 + 16 faders to 64 + 16 faders Full VST plug-in integration with storing of plug-in Individuality as a standard feature — this defines intelligent Remote Frames 16 and 32 Faders parameters in snapshots and productions technology today, and is certainly the case with the mc² 56. 6 banks per 2 layers each Using an online connection, you have direct access to the hard- 100 mm faders + 2 rotary controls free assignable + Input Interfaces ware, and can configure the function of each user button on the Gain Controller, channel display for every fader with sense- Mic / Line, Line Out, AES, SDI, MADI, ATM, GPIO, Serial, mc² 56 console to suit your own requirements. In this way, you triggered change of module display in the Channel Display MIDI, Audio-over-IP option (available soon); can freely, and specifically, decide which console functions you TFT metering mono, stereo or 7.1 including bus assignment, for details see DALLIS product information want to have immediate access to. Whether it be GPI controls gain reduction for dynamics, AfV status, VCA assignment Monitoring systems stereo and surround in an OB truck, sequence automation on a theatre console, or External display of GUI Pages e.g. metering machine control in post-production, the mc² 56 provides the Synchronisation most appropriate solutions customised to your needs. Signal Processing 2 redundant inputs with automatic detection of Blackburst, 512 channels and 144 summing buses, 40 bit floating point Wordclock, AES3, MADI Modularity: Up to 376 inputs with A /B input, up to 48 sub groups, 32 aux Because there are different solutions for different needs. sends, up to 96 track busses, up to 48 main sums, change on Redundancies What is an essential characteristic of the mc² series? Outstand- the fly from mono to stereo to surround channel and bus PSUs, DSP boards, router board ing adaptability to individual requirements, and the series’ Up to 64 surround channels, 128 VCA groups with metering, Fully redundant signal path modularity, which is, of course, also available in the mc² 56. 256 GPC channels PSU for control system and control panel For example, not only can you select from five different frame Surround formats: DTS/Dolby ® Digital 5.1, Dolby ® Pro-logic 4.0, sizes, housing up to 80 faders, there are many options in terms DTS ES / Dolby ® EX 6.1, SDDS 7.1, DTS-HD 7.1, diverse Control of expansion and types of interconnection. With the mc² 56, panning characteristics, surround aux bus Bay-Iso with separate layer and bank switching as well as you will always be geared up for the future. 2* AFL: 1* surround 8-channel, 1* stereo 2nd PFL / AFL bus 2* PFL stereo Global A/B input switching Snapshots with trimmed parameters: Audio-follow-Video with 128 events, control either via Remote Enhanced mix-minus (N – M) control with independent Because efficiency comes from intelligence. MNOPL, GPI or Matrix Connect, adjustable envelope up off-air conference A comprehensive snapshot system make it possible to save and to 10 s fade time Diverse tally- and faderstart modes recall control surface assignments, DSP settings, routing matrix Solo In Place Programme switch connects and I / O parameters. And that’s not all: snapshots Permanent input measuring point in the fader, adjustable Machine control can now be loaded with trimmed parameters; the settings of measuring points INPUT, PF, AF, DIROUT in the Channel Display Manifold T/ B integration individual channel audio sections can be given an offset or Modules: INMIX with MS-Decoder, Digital Amp, 2-band fully Camera microphone remote via GPI or voltage control written absolutely into a sequence. The trimmed settings can parametric Filter, 4-band fully parametric EQ, 2-band fully also be stored in so-called Oversnaps. This makes it possible parametric Sidechain Filter, Insert, Delay up to 1800 ms External Control Systems to save and recall different Oversnaps as and when you need (units in metres, milliseconds, frames), independent Remote control via network of all routing parameters them — a feature that will make your work much simpler, par- 4 Dynamics: Expander, Gate, Compressor, Limiter, Image, Online configuration with AdminHD, graphical configuration ticularly in the case of productions that feature a number of Meter, Direct Out of HD Core components different soloists. Inline configuration with send/return switching — at the External matrix controller: VSM, Jupiter, ProBel and others channel or global Fully equipped surround channel with coupling of all Remote Maintenance channel parameters and Hyper Panning Connection via Internet Remote Software Software updates, error diagnostics, remote Routing Matrix Up to 8192 crosspoints, non-blocking 96 kHz, 24 bit The mc²56 key benefits at a glance: Fully redundant signal path Proven and high-performance HD core technology Downsizing up to 7.1 to Stereo from the mc² series Full networking of up to 16 HD Cores, share and import Reduced control density with excellent usability of sources and destinations, studio arbitration Intelligent mix of hardware controls and touch screen operation Compact size that facilitates flexible installations 26 27
    • mc256 – Performance, pure and simple.For the football highlight of 2010:SABC chooses Lawo for four new OB vans. New streets, new stadiums — and new OB vans: like the rest of the country, the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) has been preparing itself for the sports highlight of 2010. That is why one year ago SABC ordered four OB vans, all equipped with mc²56 from Lawo. The four identical mc²56 consoles provide a fully program- mable control surface fitted with 64 faders. There is full processing for every channel and the HD Core offers 128 AES inputs and 128 AES outputs. A Lawo DALLIS frame provides all the other AES and analogue I/Os; the routing capacity of the HD Core is 8192 crosspoints. Besides an impressive technical specification, the mc² consoles excel in their usability. International football requires different mix outputs which can only be achieved by two sound engineers operating at the mixer together — a challenge which is easily mastered by the mc²56. Furthermore, there is a demand for the audio perspective to match the selected video, be it from one side of the pitch, overhead pictures from a helicopter or from a “blimp”. Here, the Audio-follow-Video feature comes to the fore, allowing different sub-mixes to be assigned to up to 128 events. The mc²56, with its diverse panning characteristics and multiple output formats, turns what might otherwise be a daunting task into a relatively simple process. With built-in redundancy for PSUs, DSP boards and router board, the mc²56 is as fail-safeMervin Buthelezi, the Technical Manager of the OB Units for as a live OB mixing console can possibly be. With regards to audioSABC, explains: “After evaluation, research and testing by technology, a successful tournament is sure to be plain sailing.our own sound engineers, we all felt that the Lawo mc²56had the power, flexibility, reliability and redundancy we werelooking for.” SABC OB van with mc²56, South Africa. 28 29
    • Plug-in Integration for Mixing Consoles. Plug-in Integration for Mixing Consoles. For Live Shows and Studio Productions: Now you can access the widest variety of audio FX with your mixing console. Mixing consoles: Digital workstations: Real-time production Wide variety of FX Perfect tool for live broadcasts Unlimited equalization possibilities Superb redundancy Mixing console Workstation Compatibility with third-party Live configuration possible sound cards Familiar and user-friendly Maximum efficiency: Plug-in settings can be saved in snapshot and production data. With the Lawo Plug-in Server, you don’t just benefit from a complete range of various FX, but this exciting tool also wins in terms of usability, with well thought-out functionality and oper- ational efficiency. The plug-in parameters can, for example, be directly loaded onto the console and can be saved as snapshots or as production data. The decisive benefit: the details of a complete production can be saved, along with all its associated plug-in parameters and personal configuration, enabling you to switch between various projects with ease. Stunning ease of use: Accessing a virtual FX rack via the GUI. The Lawo Plug-in Server is conceived as a virtual effects rack, The Plug-in key benefits at a glance: and can be operated as simply as a digital workstation. A most important tool here is the graphical user interface (GUI), which Complete integration of plug-ins into the mixing consoleWorld’s first from Lawo: complete plug-in integration for mixing consoles. With the Lawo automatically displays the plug-ins in use. In this way, you can- environment not only generate various effects directly from the mixing con- Saving of all settings in snapshot and production dataPlug-in Server you can gain from the benefits of two completely different worlds. Thanks sole, you can also manipulate all the plug-in settings via the Superb suitability for live situations, thanks to minimalto comprehensive plug-in integration, it is now possible to use the live mixing facilities of control surface. Additionally, each plug-in function can be used latencythe mc² series, while easily accessing the widest range of “outboard” FX. With this exciting on multiple channels in the mixing console. Plug-in DSP core cards can be used (for example,new application, Lawo provides demanding audio engineers with a genuine innovation that TC Power Core or Universal-Audio) Installation of all plug-ins is possible without Lawo supportopens up completely new possibilities in audio production, offering undreamed-of flexibility Complete compatibility with all VST plug-ins, VST 2.4for live and studio sessions. hardware platforms and plug-ins 30 31
    • Lawo Dolby ® E Plug-in. Lawo Plug-in Collection.Genuine software innovations now come from Rastatt: New Lawo Plug-in Collection:The Dolby ® E Plug-in from Lawo. The mc² sound on your workstation. We all use virtual writing desks, write virtual letters and play virtual musical instruments. It is therefore fully understandable that you would like to use your computer as a virtual mixing console. And now this is made really easy with the Plug-in Col- lection from Lawo. But even with this virtual device, with refer- ence to the software, one thing is very real: the excellent quality that distinguishes all Lawo products. The benefits of this innovative solution: with the Lawo Plug-in Collection you can import the high-quality signal processing and the original algorithms of the mc² mixing consoles directly to your workstation. Plus you benefit from the many features that have made the mc² series a worldwide reference – for ex- ample, an excellent signal-to-noise ratio, powerful Hyperpan- ning and noise-free parameter control. These benefits certainly distinguish the Lawo Plug-in Collection: superb specification, intelligent user guidance and – last but not least – an extremely attractive price. Intuitive user guidance: as with large-format mixing consoles, Lawo Plug-ins also inspire you with simple and easy-to-understand navigationDeveloped in cooperation with Dolby ® Laboratories and Min- SurCode for Dolby ® E Decoder.netonka Audio Software Inc, Lawo now present a real world’s This software decodes Dolby ® E data, and enables the outputfirst: The Dolby ® E Plug-in for decoding surround bundles. and routing of audio streams. The user interface displays theThe big advantage: Dolby ® E data can now be used not only current programme configuration, the output metering, andon digital workstations but also in combination with the Lawo the most important metadata. Furthermore, realtime tests andPlug-in Server which makes Dolby ® processing software now playback are possible at any time, thus guaranteeing consistentavailable for use in live situations. Data streams can be pro- quality control.cessed on the mixing console in realtime, and you will benefitfrom user-friendly operation that significantly eases your every- SurCode for Dolby® E Encoder.day programme work. This tool facilitates the encoding of up to eight audio channels with different user-selectable programme configurations. From 5.1 and Stereo to up to four independent Stereo or eight Mono channels — all the Dolby ® E data and metadata can be displayed and updated via a simple user interface. Page 33: The Lawo Plug-ins at a glance: From the Automatic Gain Control to the Compressor with a Sidechain Filter – the 12 plug-ins provide the best solution for every job. 32 33
    • sapphire — A step ahead. NEW available 2011As powerful as ever, as attractive as never before: With the sapphire, a mixing consolehas become available that combines the best of both worlds. Our new console for radiobroadcast is not limited to proven cutting-edge technology but also offers an eye-catchingnew design. The advantage: while technicians will be convinced by the possibility of variousupgrades, maximum flexibility and sophisticated functionality, radio broadcasters will becontinually impressed by the modern control surface, which makes working with the newsapphire fun. In addition, the sapphire offers everything expected from a powerful mixingconsole: top quality, intuitive user guidance and clever solutions, all of which guaranteeeven greater working efficiency. 34 35
    • sapphire — A step ahead.The best solution for radio hosts:Maximum results with minimum expense.Whether you are a radio host, DJ or editor, your one main concern sapphire advantages for hosts:is to produce a show that your audience will want to listen to. That Reduced control surface results in a short learning curvemeans controversial topics, lively presentation and captivatingcontributions. It also means the right equipment: equipment VisTool touch screen software for visual feedback andthat can be operated intuitively, is easy to understand and can enhanced user interfacestill handle the multiple requirements of day-to-day radio work. Motorised faders for the best overview and perfectIn other words, the sort of features provided by the sapphire — interaction with radio automation systemsthe functional mixing console for hosts who want to focus onwhat is essential: superb broadcasts. Sophisticated n-1/conference logic for relaxed and secure broadcast operations Source-oriented operation — eg. stereo and surround formats on one faderThe best solution for a broadcast complex:Interconnection of several systems via network.The sapphire is not only a convincing soloist — it also performs as a perfect team player. For example, thesapphire can fit perfectly into broadcast networks. Besides the option of low-cost audio connection via MADIinterfaces, broadcasting setups can also be realized at a control level — featuring, of course, resource sharing,standby production cubicles and multi- studio operation. At the same time, freely configurable control signalscan be distributed via Ethernet-TCP/IP to other independent systems, thus enabling multiple and cross-systemfunctions, such as program switches, talkback, conferencing, monitoring selections and red light routing.Another benefit: the high cost-efficiency of integrated sapphire solutions. 36 37
    • sapphire — A step ahead. sapphire — A step ahead.Modular technology — today’s intelligent solution. Your individual requirements will The extension modules:determine which sapphire configuration is the right one for you. All you need to start For an efficient workflow.broadcasting is a central module, a channel module and a couple of interfaces. However,the sapphire is also able to meet more demanding needs — with the addition of morechannel modules, a sapphire can be transformed into a true production mixing console, The fader and central modules provide a basic configuration to which you can add various optional extensions. These includeplacing a total of 40 faders at your finger tips. But potential configurations go beyond additional rotary controls and buttons that can be freely assignedthe console’s surface. A specific example: Level and control options are displayed directly to different functions. The advantage: you can configure aabove the respective channel in the overbridge, offering more ease of use and the best console to optimize your personal workflow, according to yourpossible workflow in daily productions. specific requirements.The Channel Module:Several layers on one control surface.The modular console concept allows for up to ten channel modules, each with four faders, The overbridge:so that the largest system gives you direct access to 40 channel strips. Each channel Better overview and simplified controls.strip is clearly laid out, and makes the most important functions always available,based on a source-oriented concept. Virtual channels also allow you to work on severaloperating levels — thus enabling a channel module to access many more channels thanthe number of physical faders. And, especially practical during installation, frames with The optional overbridge is not only a slick tool with a moderntheir included modules are connected to each other by just one cable, so they can be design, it offers integral features that guarantee a highly efficientplaced anywhere in or on the table; this allows your workspace to be configured just the workflow in daily radio broadcasts. For example, all channel levelsway you want it! can be displayed directly above the respective channels. The overbridge is not only available for all versions of the sapphire, but can even be used as a standalone unit and ordered individually.The Central Module: Simple, flexible, and made to measure:Fast access to all functions. Configuring a sapphire.The compact central module enables access to all signal parameters, bus assign- Different operator teams, different program ‚ The sapphire s configuration highlights:ments and snapshot control. The buttons in the monitor section can be used to formats, individual workflows — and oneselect monitoring sources or can be assigned to other functions. This makes the mixing console that can be adapted Individual definition of sources, destinations and summing busses,most important functions directly accessible, and you gain from a high level of user- perfectly to your needs. Thanks to its top including integral functions and resourcesfriendliness, enabling you to work quickly and with confidence. performance and extensive configuration Freely programmable console buttons and monitoring section capability, you can set up a sapphire to meet your every need. For example, with Simple allocation of names and control functions the help of the provided software you can (such as mix minus, talkback or fader starts) enter individual settings for interfaces, Extensive programming of logic functions including optocouplers sources and summing mixes, freely assign and relays, eg. red light control relay functions and flexibly create moni- toring systems and remote controls. And Restriction of access rights all of this by the simple use of a WindowsTM graphic application. 38 39
    • sapphire — A step ahead. sapphire — A step ahead.As individual as your needs: Technical specifications:sapphire’s different system components. Everything at a glance. Panel Synchronisation Available as desk top or integrated version Wordclock input and internal generator High-performance core Up to 40 motorised 100 mm faders Optional via MADI Based on the proven DALLIS interface, the sapphire core Operation possible with multiple operating layers (multi-layer) Supported sample rates 48 kHz and 44.1 kHz handles routing, control and signal processing (DSP). In Panel version with extensions available as upgrade (depending on motherboard) addition, it is the interface for console modules and panels, Optional touch screen overbridge to display channel level for VisTool software and radio automation systems. But there Control is more to it than that: the core can also be connected via System core 2 possible PFL busses MADI to other routers — or as the Nova17, even be used as Modular plug-in card system based on the DALLIS I/O system Simulcast production of surround and stereo an independent router. Central motherboard with integrated control system and signal Integrated mix-minus /conference logic processing (redundantly designed as an option) Freely programmable logic core (redlight, faderstart, program Integrated matrix with up to 384 inputs and outputs switch, T / B integration, etc.) (non-blocking) Serial interface for interaction with radio automation systems PC-independent and fan-free operation (“sapphire” operating mode) Optional redundant power supply Serial interface for matrix control (“Nova17” operating mode) Modular extension with custom panels Optional MIDI interface for interaction with audio However you want it: sapphire systems can be expanded Signal processing workstations (HUI protocol e. g. for ProTools™) to incorporate as many as 30 pushbutton panels for the 80 channels (mono or stereo, surround, depending on the Remote control of external Lawo matrices possible individual requirements of commentator or editorial rooms, available resources) with Input Gain (e. g. source selection) for example. All devices are completely integrated into the Central masterboard with integrated control system and signal Optional control via touch screen (VisTool) system configuration, and can be assigned any function. processing (optional with redundant design), Pan / Balance, Optional graphic matrix control (NovaConnect) (Fig.: TB-12) Direct Out and Insert 48 equalizers: 3 fully parametric bands and 2 filters (mono*) Configuration and maintenance 14 dynamic units: gate, expander, compressor Software for system configuration and logic programming (mono or stereo use) Integrated web server for system diagnosis 14 limiters (mono or stereo) Dedicated SW tool for performing software updates 24 delays: up to 340 ms with switchable units: metres, Remote maintenance via VPN/ISDN milliseconds, frames (mono*) More operator satisfaction with VisTool 48 summing busses (mono*, incl. main 1, 2 and PFL, second An improved overview and extended functionality; this is PFL possible) made possible by the VisTool touch screen software. On 30 mini-mixers (2 x 2 mixers for monitoring, stereo to mono, etc.) Please note that certain system components and functions may require a graphically eye-catching screen layout, you can keep a individual configuration, which may incur additional costs, depending on Optional: dynamically assigned signal processing (EQ, DYN, the respective service provided. check on signal level and DSP parameters at all times. You LIM) for 40 stereo channels via additional masterboard will benefit from additional tools such as trigger circuits or central snapshot databases, and can freely arrange the Interfaces console’s control panels to meet your own requirements. Analog Mic / Line (transformer or el. balanced) Headset (incl. VCA interface) AES / EBU (AES3) with and without sampling rate converter (SRC) ADAT ® (ADAT ® is a registered trademark of Alesis, LLC The sapphire key benefits at a glance: and is used here under license.) 3G / HD / SD SDI (embedded audio) Modular surface, including optional extensions Serial data transfer (RS232, RS422, MIDI) and overbridge, with a fresh design GPIO (optocouplers, relays, VCA) Available as table top or countersunk versions Optional up to 4 MADI ports on the masterboard Workflow adaptive surface with outstanding usability, IP codec multi-layer operation and motorised faders Audio-over-IP option (available soon) Proven system core with a variety of I/O modules, surround and extended networking capabilities (*Stereo coupling possible) 40 41
    • zirkon — Perfect on-air.Powerful performance and easy to operate: zirkon is the perfect mixing console forradio broadcasting: for highly demanding radio productions, daily broadcast operation,and for today’s radio professionals. zirkon inspires not only with its superb functionalityand its intuitive, clearly laid out, control surface; it also delivers reliable engineering,a wide range of extras and an extensive feature list that ensure custom solutions forevery requirement. 42 43
    • zirkon — Perfect on-air. The optimum solution for radio hosts: Maximum results with minimum expense. Radio hosts, DJs and editors need equipment that, above all, the VisTool touch screen software provides a superb operational can be operated intuitively, is easy to understand but can still overview and an enhanced user interface. Moreover, zirkon is handle the multiple requirements of day-to-day radio work. extremely flexible and can be perfectly adapted to suit individ- In other words, the sort of features provided by zirkon — the ual requirements or personal workflows. And, last but not least, functional mixing console that significantly facilitates daily when the outstanding mix minus/conference logic contributes radio work by virtue of its sophisticated features. A reduced- to a smooth and secure broadcast operation, it becomes just scale control surface requires less training, motorised faders plain sailing to create superb programmes. enable flawless interface with radio automation systems, and The optimum solution for sound mixers: Flexible configuration for complex requirements. Although zirkon was consciously designed to be easy to use What about networking? The console also excels in this area by by radio hosts, it provides sound mixers with all the options providing innovative solutions. they need — thanks to its modular design and a wide range of configuration options. This begins with the multi-layer feature Apart from the option for inexpensive audio connection via MADI that enables access to up to 40 channels. When it comes to interfaces, zirkon also allows the cost-effective realisation of console configuration, you benefit from maximum flexibility; comprehensive on-air setups — with, of course, resource sharing, using software provided with the console, it is possible to set up backup consoles and multi-studio operation. individual audio and control interfaces, sources and sums, and to individually assign button functions and relay switching. In addition, monitor systems and remote controls can be designed to your requirements, using a Windows®-based application.zirkon in the Danmarks Radio Master Control Room. 44 45
    • zirkon — Perfect on-air.One principle, three interpretations:zirkon’s different module variants.zirkon.All you need for a powerful, broadcast-capable mixing console is a centralmodule, a channel module and a coupleof interfaces. Ideally suited for medium-sized productions and self-op studios,zirkon surpasses with its proven user-friendliness and extensive flexibility.Thanks to a minimal control surface,and guidance from the on-board menusystem, the central module allows com-plete access to all functions.zirkon XL.Superbly user-friendly, and a compactdesign with its focus on the essential,the XL central module is completelyconsistent with proven zirkon phil-osophy. However, this larger centralmodule is especially designed to meetthe requirements of bigger productions.Its control surface, specifically designedfor audio operators, allows direct accessto all audio parameters, and thus en-ables active sound design when editorialtimes are especially short.zirkon 2s.In self-op situations, program contentand broadcast integrity are necessarily inthe operational foreground; by contrast,audio design frequently plays secondfiddle. So the radio professional behindthe microphone has special expecta-tions: he wants functional technologythat gives him the clearest operational Radio on-air studiooverview and the greatest security. These at Radio Argovia, Switzerland.are the needs that the 2s module wasdeveloped to meet, while consciouslyforegoing a classic central module with adirect access to signal processing. 46 47
    • zirkon — Perfect on-air. zirkon — Perfect on-air.As individual as your needs: Technical Detailszirkon’s different system components.Different requirements need specific solutions — this is why you Panelcan adapt the zirkon control surface to your individual needs. Modular design with up to 40 faders 3G / HD / SD SDI (embedded audio) with SRCYou also benefit from the make-up of the different system 4-fader module with motorised 100 mm fader Serial data transfer (RS232, RS422, MIDI)components. Optional multiple layer operation GPIO (opto-couplers, relays, VCA) Two central panel variants with CF card reader/writer Optional MADI ports (up to four) on the masterboard for saving snapshots – IP codec Modules for building into desk, freely placeable – Audio-over-IP option (available soon) High-performance core. (CAN bus wiring) Based on the proven DALLIS interface, the zirkon core handles Panel extendible with additional control panels and Synchronisation routing, control and signal processing (DSP). In addition, it VisTool touch screen software Wordclock input and internal generator is the interface for console modules and panels, for VisTool Optional via MADI software and radio automation systems. But there is more System core Supported sample rates: 48 kHz and 44.1 kHz to it than that: the core can also be connected via MADI to 19’’ 3U or 6U frame (depending on masterboard) other matrices — or as in the Nova17, even be used as an Modular plug-in card system based on DALLIS I/ O system independent matrix. Central masterboard with integral control system and Control signal processing (redundantly designed as an option) Two PFL buses (option) Integral matrix with up to 384 inputs and outputs Surround sources and buses in 5.1 or 5.1 + 2 formats (non-blocking) (with stereo feed) PC-independent and fan-free operation Integral mix-minus / conference logic More operating satisfaction with VisTool. Optional redundant power supply Freely programmable logic core (red light, fader start, An improved overview and extended functionality — the VisTool programme switch, T / B integration, etc.) touch screen software makes it all possible. On a graphically Signal processing Serial interface for integration with radio automation systems attractive screen layout you can keep an eye on signal level 40 channels (mono or stereo, surround, depending on the (zirkon operation mode) and DSP parameters at all times. You will benefit from access available resources) with Input Gain Serial interface for matrix control (Nova17 operation mode) to additional tools such as trigger circuits or central snapshot Pan / Balance, Direct Out and Insert Optional MIDI interface for integration with audio databases, and can freely arrange the console’s control panels 48 equalizers: 3 fully parametric bands and 2 filters (mono*) workstations (HUI protocol, e. g. for ProTools ®) to meet your own needs. 14 dynamic units: gate, expander, compressor Optional remote control of external Lawo matrices With the optional VisTool software you can add a modern (mono or stereo use) (e. g. source selection) screen-based user interface to zirkon. Now your operators have 14 limiters (mono or stereo) Optional control via touch screen (VisTool) a control surface with extended functionality and even greater 24 delays: up to 340 ms with switchable units: metres, Optional graphic matrix control (NovaConnect) user-friendliness. milliseconds, frames (mono*) Configuration and maintenance 48 summing buses (mono*, incl. main 1, 2 and PFL, Software for system configuration and logic programming optional second PFL) Integral web server for system diagnosis 30 mini-mixers (2 x 2 mixers for monitoring, stereo Dedicated SW tool for performing software updates to mono, etc.) Remote maintenance via VPN / ISDN Modular extension with custom panels. Optional 40 full stereo channels with EQ, DYN, and LIM However you want it: zirkon and Nova17 systems can be via additional masterboard extended to include as many as 30 pushbutton panels for the Internal tone generator individual requirements of, for example, commentator or edit The zirkon key benefits at a glance: rooms. All devices are completely integrated into the system (*Optional stereo coupling) configuration, and can be assigned to any function (for IP-based networks integrate complete radio stations details, please refer to page 70). Interfaces Workflow-adaptive control surface with freely Analogue Mic / Line (transformer or electronically balanced) configurable functionality and VisTool software Headphones (incl. VCA interface) Extended applications with multi-layer operation AES / EBU (AES3) with and without sampling and motorised faders rate converter (SRC) 5.1 and 5.1 + 2 surround for on-air operation ADAT® * with SRC * ADAT® is a registered trademark of Alesis, LLC and is used here under license. 48 49
    • zirkon — Perfect on-air.How “Made in Rastatt” is now generating enthusiasm in Kuala Lumpur:AMP Radio Malaysia equips with zirkon and Nova73 HD. Over recent years, the Tiger and Panther States of Asia have all made dynamic progress in their technological development. Particularly in the case of innovative products, you will often find that well-known seal of quality: “Made in Germany” — a promise of quality that has now established itself in Asia. AMP Radio in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s leading broadcaster, decided to purchase their technology from Southern Germany. The specific requirements for this project were not just that the latest generation of digital studio technology should be installed, but intelligent solutions were also required by AMP in order to guarantee optimum workflow and the best possible efficiency in configuration. For this reason, AMP chose the zirkon 2s and Nova73 HD by Lawo. Flexibility and efficient workflow. A particular highlight of this installation was that the zirkons have been networked with the Nova73 HD router, which, in turn, is linked to other studios and the broadcast uplinks in the zirkon frames. In this way, every device can access all the various components on the Lawo network. Furthermore, one console“Lawo gave us considerable support in reaching an excel- serves as a central controller for another eight integrated studiolent integrated solution. We are of the opinion that we now systems.own one of the most refined, but so simply integrated, radioinstallations available.” High usability thanks to zirkon 2s.Bala Murali, Systems Manager, AMP Malaysia. AMP ultimately decided to install eight zirkons with the new 2s surface modules. The benefits were obvious: because of the reduced control surface that is adapted to on-air operation, and its undoubted ergonomics, the consoles were the perfect solution for everyday radio broadcasting. Apart from that, the consoles can be configured so that complicated and oft-repeated control processes can be selected at the push of a button. This virtually allows presenters to configure the mixers them- selves. But it’s also in terms of efficiency that Lawo technol- ogy wins out. For example, the VisTool touch screen software guarantees a perfect operational overview, since it permits direct access to functions such as metering, timer, EQ, dynamics, network control and alarm displays. Mozart Studio at AMP Radio, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 50 51
    • crystal — Welcome to digital broadcasting. A fresh start into ng. digital broadcastiClever technology — ready to use.With crystal it’s now so much easier to get into digital broadcasting techniques. Thislatest mixing console from Lawo is not just an obvious choice because of its intuitiveoperation and many intelligent features, but there are also the well-conceived usertemplates that guarantee an ideal workflow. For you, this means that the crystal isa mixing console that ensures maximum efficiency for on-air operation and in theedit suite, during setup time as well as throughout your everyday work. 52 53
    • crystal — Welcome to digital broadcasting. Ready, Steady, Go: User templates ensure a rapid start. Prolonged programming and complex preparation have become a thing of the past; now you can benefit from the crystal user templates with their carefully designed standard configura- tions. This means that your console is ready for operation after just a few minor adjustments, so that, from minute one, you can concentrate fully on the programme content. Highest usability for radio hosts: crystal in everyday broadcasting. A well laid-out control surface, short user training times and ergonomic design make the crystal an ideal console for a de- manding presenter’s daily routine. It’s not just the universal operating concept and VisTool touchscreen software that make everyday work easier. The easy connection to radio automation systems, and ingenious n-1 conference logic also provide the highest degree of usability, with which the crystal sets a standard for compact mixing consoles. Flexible operation for editors: crystal at the editor’s workstation. Intuitive operation, logical workflow, and refined functionality — the crystal also excels with its perfect operational suitability for edit suites. What will impress you, particularly in this application, are the many well-designed features that simplify production even in a hectic situation. A variety of feeds can be connected at any time; all-important functions (such as listen selections or GPIO control) are readily at hand, and integration with video environments and larger systems via SDI (embedded audio) and MADI is perfectly possible. 12-fader crystalin on-air radio application. 54 55
    • crystal — Welcome to digital broadcasting.Everyday work can be a breeze:crystal operating philosophy. High-quality control surface, modern displays and compact construction — the crystal is a genuine eye-catcher in any studio. Naturally, it is not just the design of this new Lawo mixing console that is impressive. The build quality and integral attributes of the crystal will meet the highest de- mands — from the superb all-metal aluminium case to its 100 mm fader with integral dust shield, plus its excellent signal processing capability. Ergonomic design for optimal workflow. Apart from its modern appearance and the renowned Lawo build quality, the crystal will also impress you with its outstand- ing ergonomics. Two high-visibility OLED displays per channel provide an ideal overview, even in critical situations. Multi- colour LEDs, that can be labelled by function, assure the high- est reliability in everyday operation. Various functions can also be assigned to the multi-purpose buttons (e.g. PFL, conference, talkback), whereby button labelling is partially provided directly by the display, with visual feedback indicated by the LEDs. crystal control surface versions. The crystal is available in five different versions featuring up to 16 faders. Particularly of interest will be the 12-fader model, which is also available as a split version. crystal 4-fader model crystal 8-fader model crystal 12-fader model crystal 12-fader split model crystal 16-fader model 56 57
    • crystal — Welcome to digital broadcasting. crystal — Welcome to digital broadcasting.Different components for different needs: Technical Detailscrystal highlights. Control surface Interfaces Compact system core. Control surface variants with up to 16 faders 4 Analogue mic inputs (incl. bass cut, stereo coupling Just 1 RU high, 19 inches wide — with the crystal, highest qual- Compact design with case height only 3 cm / 1.2” possible, also usable as line inputs) ity now comes in a compact package. The system core does not Long-life 100 mm faders with dust protection 4 Analogue line inputs only stand out with its neat dimensions, but also with a speed OLED displays (160° visible angle) 8 Analogue line outputs that is ready for immediate action; this PC-free unit guaran- Buttons with multi-colour backlight (RGB) 2 Headphone outputs (stereo) tees a short boot time. A further advantage of the crystal is the Ambient light sensor for automatic brightness control 4 AES3 inputs (stereo) with sample rate converter (SRC) comprehensive feature set available in even the basic version, Fully stand alone operable, opt. touchscreen software 4 AES3 outputs (stereo) which enables you to make a quick start on your everyday work. GPIO (8 optocouplers, 8 silent cmos relays) What if you want to expand the boundaries? Additional options System core Optional MADI extension with 4 ports are available to meet the widest range of requirements — from Base Unit 19” / 1 RU with control system, signal processing (= 256 mono channels) connection to radio automation systems, through audio inter- and audio interfaces 2 slots for I/O extension, per card alternatively: face card expansion, to glass fibre links to a main control room. Integrated routing matrix (non-blocking) with up to – 4 Analogue mic in / 4 Analogue line in 288 inputs and 292 outputs – 8 Analogue line in /out Active cross ventilation, system-controlled – 4 AES3 in/out (stereo) with input SRC Integral wide-ranging power supply 100 … 240 V AC or – HD/SD SDI embedder/de-embedder (4 x stereo) VisTool touchscreen software. alternatively 12 V DC connection – Audio-over-IP option (available soon) Additional functionality and an even better overview: VisTool Optional redundant PSU, external (future option) touchscreen software is a perfect complement to the crystal’s Configuration and maintenance control surface. Not only signal processing but also various Signal processing Software for system configuration and logic programming other functions can be graphically displayed. Additional features Up to 16 fader channels with input gain (max. +18 dB) Integral web server for system diagnosis such as access to your snapshot database, routing matrix control and pan / balance Dedicated SW tool for software updates or timers all add to the ease-of-use and confidence in everyday Up to 128 definitions for sources and summing buses; Remote maintenance using VPN operation. You have the choice of various VisTool versions: from mono or stereo, 5.1 surround (future option) the included VisTool CS version ready for immediate use, to one 16 Equalisers: 3 fully parametric bands and 2 filters VisTool (option) that provides freely user-configurable control surfaces. (mono or stereo) Software for the enhancement of the control surface, 16 Dynamics units: gate, expander, compressor support of touchscreens (mono or stereo) Visualisation of DSP parameters, signal levels and states 16 Limiters (mono or stereo) Additional functions and controls (e. g. timer, snapshots) 16 Delays: up to 320 ms (mono*) 32 Summing buses (mono* including PFL) Panels (option) Modular panels. 32 Minimixers (2 x 2 mixers for monitoring, stereo-to-mono, etc.) Several panel variants (19”/1 RU) with illuminated buttons, Do you need additional buttons, want to modify your workspace Internal tone generator LCD-keys, potentiometers and GPIO layout, or require more control facilities for additional devices? Control of logic functions and level adjustment for Then the KSC series panels are the perfect solution for you. (*Stereo coupling possible) e. g. conferences, talkback and monitoring Whether it be playback, pre-listen, talkback or red light control Connection of up to 30 panels via CAN-Bus (opt. TCP / IP) — additional switch control panels will make sure you are best Control equipped for the most diverse tasks. Additionally, the panels Programmable logic core (red light, fader start, Please note that certain system components and functions may require can be integrated cost-effectively into the system using the broadcast button, talkback integration etc.) individual configuration, which may incur additional costs, depending on the respective service provided. CAN interface, or may be connected, depending on type, via Integrated n-1/conference logic (2 independent systems) Ethernet (TCP / IP). Serial interface for integration with radio automation systems Networking via TCP/IP The crystal key benefits at a glance: Synchronisation Professional and economical entry to digital broadcasting Wordclock input and internal generator Standardised user templates for fast start-ups Optional sync via MADI or slot 1 Ergonomic design and intuitive operation for 48 kHz and 44.1 kHz sampling rates unparalleled confidence in use Individual layouts are possible due to a comprehensive option list, as are customer-specific configurations 58 59
    • z4 — The small mixing console with a big performance. z4 — The small mixing console with a big performance. z4: Compact console for small productions. Optimum technology, diverse applications. Perfect as a soloist or a team player. The z4 is a digital 4-fader broadcast mixer that combines The z4 is also compatible with ENG vehicle and mobile on-air integral high-quality signal processing with freely configurable studio applications. Versatile monitoring possibilities, easy interfaces. The z4 is equipped with two fixed mic/line inputs handling and flexible access to the signal processing are indis- and configurable analogue and AES3 inputs. Depending on the pensable features in such situations. The operating philosophy combination, the z4 offers up to 14 local analogue or digital in- of the z4 largely follows that of its “big brother” zirkon; the z4 puts. Sampling rate converters on the input and adjustable clock therefore blends seamlessly into a complex studio environment frequencies of 44.1 and 48 kHz allow for optimal integration. with large and small mixing consoles. Analogue or digital signal processing. Comprising a remote operational unit and a 19” 1U base device, All output signals can be analogue as well as digital. A multi- the z4 offers not only a compact space-saving solution but, tude of special functions is directly aimed at the demands of with the constantly increasing number of input interfaces the broadcast studio environment. Optionally, the z4 can be options, it is well prepared for changing requirements. further equipped with MADI and SDI connections. The pos- sibility of a login to the studio network via Ethernet opens up new ways when it comes to control. With this option, the user can access up to 256 further sources for use on the mixer, from an external routing matrix. Gets the work done. Small productions within an editorial environment, with tele- phone interviews and in-studio discussions, dubbing and feature mixes, are some of the most important and popular applications for the z4. In these situations, you need to produce a professional result in very little time. The excellent sound of the z4 is provided by, amongst other features, the integral high-quality voice processor and the full signal processing bandwidth from the high pass filter, gain, phase, expander, de-esser, and compressor, to the three fully parametric equal- isers. Adjustable limiters in the four summing buses reliably prevent any overload.Practical, compact and reliable — if ease of operation and everyday suitability are theprime criteria, then the z4 is the best solution. Whether required for small productionsin an editorial environment or in the editor‘s workspace, our smallest console does abig job when it comes to studio interviews, telephone interviews or small features.Here, it’s not just because of its compact size and flexibility, but also its functionalityand high-value technology, that make the z4 a professional tool, suited to the mostdiverse requirements. 60 61
    • z4 — The small mixing console with a big performance.Hi-tech Down Under:z4, zirkon and Nova73 HD on air in Australia.A massive continent with a great radio broadcaster: Australia Solid solutions, uncomplicated operation.and the Macquarie Southern Cross Media Company. This net- Proven solutions were also chosen for the networking. All thework, with approximately 85 radio stations, includes the Albury mixing consoles are connected via the Nova73 HD — with aRadio Centre, which provides satellite-based programming for switching capacity of 3,000 crosspoints for the master controlaround 35 radio stations. room. In deciding upon Lawo technology, it was not just a high degree of security, but key influences were also the superb easeMost modern consoles, complete systems. of service and uncomplicated operation of the big Rastatt router.The Albury Radio Centre has been producing programmesfor some time by means of an older digital routing system.Following years of reliable work, it was decided to replace this Andrew Meachen, Sound Engineer at the Albury Radiocompletely, together with their older mixing consoles. The Centre, comments on the project:most modern consoles and a scalable routing system were the “We went for Lawo because of the reliability, flexibilityrequirements when these radio professionals contacted our and free configurability of their products; the transferAustralian representatives in August 2007. from old to new equipment ran without problems. Since installation, the entire system is running excellently andUltimately, the Radio Centre chose the following products: the commissioning process proved to be surprisingly rapidthree zirkon consoles, five z4 Mini Mixers, plus a Nova73 HD and simple.”as the central, high-performance, router. While the zirkon con-soles, fitted with 2s control surfaces, 12 faders and VisToolsoftware, are intended for more substantial productions, thefive compact z4s are used for less complicated programmes.Ease of handling and reliability in broadcasting operation meanthat the z4s are predominantly used for newscasts, where the z4 at Bayerischer Rundfunk, Munich, Germany.VisTool touch screen software also provides for greater ease ofoperation. Technical Details Remote control surface 19” 1U frame with all inputs and outputs Different input interfaces (analogue mic, analogue line, digital, SDI, MADI) Channel modes: stereo, mono, left or right signal Integral signal processing 4 stereo summing buses with limiter The z4 key benefits at a glance: Synchronisation via Wordclock, internal generator or external AES3; video sync optional Professional tool with superb functionality and 4 freely configurable buttons high-quality technology Intercom function to remote presenter suite Voice processor and limiters in the summing buses Editor’s workplace with z4 at 6 GPI and 8 tally outputs (galvanically-isolated) guarantee outstanding audio results Albury Radio Centre, Australia. 10 Mbit/s Ethernet for control of external matrices High-quality and robust manufacturing assure RS232 for configuration and system monitoring sturdiness and longevity in operation Configuration software runs under Windows 2000 ® Optional linking to external routing matrix controllers and Windows XP ® and Ethernet-based configuration 62 63
    • Routing — Profit from reliability. Routing — Profit from reliability. Routing: Optimum Control thanks to Maximum flexibility. One for all. Taking a back seat. The Lawo interface card is used in almost every Lawo product. A primary characteristic of a reliable, high quality routing From digital patchbay or on-air matrix through to extended matrix is that it should sit seamlessly in the user’s workflow. audio networks, the interface card from our DALLIS I / O system Lawo has an extensive range of software and hardware options handles it all. It allows a wide range of potential combinations for matrix design, thus allowing the appropriate ergonomic and interconnectivity between products, and smaller instal- system to be created. Workflows can be automated — using our lations can benefit from the high quality of top of the range software for time-based connection it’s possible to schedule systems. lines, automate fades and manage scheduling conflicts. To achieve this, we use DSP resources integrated as standard into State of the art. the routing matrices. Combined with our hardware, which Lawo products demonstrate the highest availability and flexi- allows the creation of control surfaces such as monitor selectors bility. The STAR² architecture used in our router frames is or audio sweetening devices, we can provide complete control becoming a de-facto audio industry standard, as it has been for of the broadcast environment. some time in telecommunications. Unlimited potential. Put your mind at rest. Our products incorporate general-purpose hardware and are Our products excel by virtue of their comprehensive redun- distinguished by extreme flexibility. Based on an established dancy, which is an essential attribute of any component at technical and engineering knowledge, plus 40 years of experi- the nerve centre of your audio infrastructure. Our application ence, we can meet the specific requirements of almost every of this philosophy extends from PSUs to the processor, and project. There is practically no limit to the solutions that can be includes redundant failsafe structures such as double wiring, to implemented using our wide product range. eliminate single points-of-failure. Our strict attention to detail in this area ensures customer satisfaction and peace of mind. Breaking new ground. As one of the original manufacturers of digital audio technology, Lawo pioneered the use of ATM for audio transfers, and this has been an influential step in the field of audio networking. SDH/ STM-1 is available as a standard interface across our product range, and is in ever-increasing demand. Keep in touch. We use TCP / IP over Ethernet as our control interface, since this provides maximum reliability, flexibility and capacity. TCP / IP was chosen as the basis for our control protocols and service interfaces as it has the added benefits of easy setup and distribution, as well as allowing remote operation and service diagnostics, which have been built into our products for some time. For example, a service technician can retrieve informa- tion from the integral web-server of a remote system matrix,To diminish the role of the routing matrix, especially in a broadcast environment, is simply through the use of a standard web browser.to deny oneself significant opportunities; the importance we place on innovation andquality means that we greatly value comprehensive matrix performance. The startingpoint is operational reliability but the solutions cover sophisticated operational inter-faces and complex routing structures. Considerable effort has been put into gettingthe design of our routing matrices right, and the consequent benefits are definitelyworth your consideration. 64 65
    • Nova73 HD — Just what a router must be. Nova73 HD — Just what a router must be. Nova73 HD: Highest availability and simple handling. Reliability as a concept. Guaranteed versatility. Conceived for transfer-critical applications, the expression 24 /7 is Nova73 HD taps into the full potential of a digital and synchro- not just a vacuous tag in the case of this routing matrix, but rather nous matrix system. For example, Nova73 HD carries out signal a very firm reality. It’s not just a case of exemplary operational distribution accurately and to the point — clock-synchronised reliability around the clock, but also about seamlessly handling switching means the crosspoints are referenced to video frames processes that are not necessarily the order of the day. and, if required, this can be applied to all destinations simul- taneously. Usability at its best. The transparent transfer of audio data allows the distribution Complex and flexible systems require configuration — a fact of additional information, and even compressed audio streams that one has to accept, but which can be approached in differ- (eg. Dolby® E). As crosspoints are, as standard, mono, signals can ent ways. You can upgrade and re-configure the Nova73 HD use any number of channels and be summed where, for example, while the system is running; hot plugging is no longer restricted stereo signals are routed to an individual mono destination. to the replacement of similar components, but also allows sys- tem extensions, even when you are on-air. This, along with a synchronised audio-matrix, offers far more benefits than just a trouble-free installation. High-Tech for High-Performance. Our HD technology offers everything you’d expect from a modern routing system, e. g. 96 kHz operation, Dolby® E compatibility, signal switching clock-synchronised to video frames, integral signal processing, and direct connection of SDI signals for audio embedding and de-embedding, ect. With its modular structure and high-performance architecture, you are more than prepared for tomorrow’s needs. In addition, the Lawo STAR² technology guarantees reliability at its best. Open architecture — for maximum flexibility. Nova73 HD is designed as a central router for audio and ad- ditional data. Its modular construction allows for flexible adapt- ation to real requirements and, in a single frame, a scalable routing capacity of up to 8192 mono channels. MADI, SDH / STM-1 and AES 3 ports are available directly on the system core. Further interfacing possibilities may be supplied by La- wo’s proven DALLIS interface. Homogeneously integrated into the system, a DALLIS enables the integration of further formats as well as the creation of a decentralised structure. Individual connections, as well as the complete system, can be designed with inbuilt redundancy — right up to our unique Dual Star architecture with self-healing topology.If a house is only as strong as its foundation, a network is only as good as its infra- Future modules with new formats and functions can be inte- grated without any problems. The open architecture makes thestructure — this is why with the Nova73 HD you won’t only benefit from ease of system system an extremely flexible platform — and therefore a future-management and reliable operation, but also from innovative state-of-the-art technology proof investment.that is more than capable when facing up to any competition. With the Nova73 HD, allits features are consciously designed for highest availability and simple handling — aterrific benefit, not just in everyday operation, but also in installation and maintenance. 66 67
    • Nova73 HD — Just what a router must be. 2 3Comprehensive features. Easy to maintain.Furthermore, the integral processing ranges from modulation Be it installation, system expansion or maintenance: the sim-control to gain setting — standard on every single input and out- plicity of the system will amaze you. The replacement of activeput. Enhanced DSP features such as Automatic Gain Control, modules can be carried out during operation without affectingEqualizer, Dynamics and Delay are available — optionally pro- any other components. When replacing I / O modules, the newvided on a dedicated DSP card with floating point processing modules automatically adopt the configuration of the old ones.and the very high quality of our mixing console algorithms. The In case of a fault, redundant components are activated auto-synchronous crosspoint structure results in a defined latency matically.of just a few samples; with a 96 kHz sampling rate, production In addition, both an integral web server, requiring only a con-and post-production requirements are easily met. ventional browser, and a SNMP, enable convenient platform- independent monitoring of the system’s technology via theReady to go. network; and an alarm contact in the system rack provides anConfiguring the Nova73 HD matrix is child’s play. All settings additional safeguard. Coupled with the maintenance softwareare easily implemented with the help of the software provided. provided, you can keep a clear overall view of the system in anyThis can either be done online or prepared unhurriedly off-line. operational situation.With transfer to the system via Ethernet, the settings will in-stantly take effect without the necessity of a restart.The Nova73 HD can be similarly upgraded during operation;additional components may be plugged in and configured with-out the worry of audio dropouts. Technical Details 19” 10U frame Sampling rates: 48 / 44.1 kHz and 96 / 88.2 kHz 16 slots for I/O modules (MADI, SDH/STM-1, AES/EBU) Synchronisation via Wordclock, AES 3, Video, MADI, Nova73 HD DALLIS breakout boxes for decentralised structures and SDH/STM-1 or internal generator high performance router module 980 / 33 further interfaces Control via Ethernet TCP / IP Available interfaces: Basic operation and configuration software included – Analogue Mic/Line (transformer or electronically balanced) Integral web server and SNMP for system diagnosis – Headphones (incl. VCA interface) Remote maintenance via VPN (ISDN as an option) – AES/EBU (AES3), optional sample rate converter (SRC) Optional redundant master module – MADI (AES10) Optional redundant power supply – SDH/STM-1 Operating voltage 85 V to 265 V AC, 47 Hz to 63 Hz – 3G / HD/SD SDI (embedded audio) with SRC DALLIS I / O System – ADAT ® * with SRC with various plug-in cards – Serial data transfer (RS422, RS232, MIDI) – GPIO (opto-couplers, relays, VCA) – IP codec The Nova73 HD key benefits at a glance: – Audio-over-IP option (available soon) 8192 x 8192 I / O high performance core with Transparent transfer (Dolby® E compatible) STAR² technology (fully redundant design) Integral signal processing (DSP) with gain/phase, balance, Optical fibre network for decentralised structures mono mixing and silence detect. Optionally also with: supporting SDH/STM-1 for wide area applications – EQ (parametric or graphic) Nova73 HD System Core Flexibility during operation — online configuration hosts up to 8192 I / Os in compact 10 U – Dynamics (Gate, AGC, Compressor, Limiter) without service interruption – Delays (up to 10s) Unique Dual Self-Healing Star topology for greatest – Mixing matrix (64 x 64 channels) availability – Timed fader – Signal condition monitoring * ADAT® is a registered trademark of Alesis, LLC and is used here under license. 68 69
    • Nova73 HD — Just what a router must be. Nova73 HD — Just what a router must be.Application example: Perfect Redundancy:Direct networking via telecommunication circuits. For highest system availability.Whether it is Vancouver 2010 or a SouthAfrican football highlight — our cross- DALLIS DALLIS DALLISlocation networks can be used for manyprojects. The benefit is that routing matrix I / O System. Cabling.systems of various broadcasters can be All modules in the I / O frame are linked to the mastercard A further level of redundancy is provided by doubling-connected with each other on a network by point-to-point connections. With an additional second up the fibre links. In this configuration, the fibres arethat uses telecommunication circuits. Nova73 HD Nova73 HD mastercard, your system has a second, parallel, point-to- connected to double ports at both ends of the link soThis is where the Nova73 HD shines — as TelCo Network point connection, thus offering perfect security. Further- that, should a connection fail, there is always a backupa high-performance and scalable routing more, point-to-point connections are inherently friendly connection.system for real time audio that can be to hot swapping (card insertion and / or removal on anoperated on an application-specific basis. active system). System core. Routing systems. The HD core also uses point-to-point connections; unlike For complete redundancy, a dual-core system can be bus-based systems, faults can be reliably pinned down deployed, whereby the second core can be set-up at a to their respective end points. The advantage of this is different location. A particular highlight of Lawo rout- that, in the case of a fault, the entire system does not ing systems is the Dual Self-Healing Star architecture of hang up, and components can even be changed during the Nova73 DSHS. This architecture permits faults to be runtime. remedied independently by the system, without user in- tervention; a benefit that above all guarantees the highest efficiency in day-to-day operation. 70 71
    • Nova73 HD — Just what a router must be.Southern German technology for Northern Europe:Danish Broadcasting Corporation broadcasts with Lawo equipment. DR’s Project Manager, Lars Sorner, summarises: “Operational security is of outstanding significance with this installation. The ‘Dual Self-Healing Star’ concept is ideal for us, and together with the highest level of redundancy, we were able to actually implement our vision of the greatest possible security. In addition, the Lawo solution guarantees ideal scalability and interface variability.”Founded in 1925, the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) is New Multimedia Center with Lawo technology.the oldest and largest media organisation in the Nordic kingdom. In order to better handle its capacity, and also to be able toWith a market share of 71%, this public service broadcasting face future requirements, DR opened its Multimedia-Center ininstitution is clearly one of the public‘s favourites on the Danish September 2006. The imposing new building, which can houseradio airwaves, and its two TV channels — since recently, broad- up to 3,000 employees, is named DR Byen. Broadcasting fromcasting in DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) format — achieve the centre commenced last year, and part of the package wasnotable ratings. Lawo‘s leading technology. High fault tolerance thanks to innovative solutions. In planning the project, those responsible had clear expect- ations. Apart from a high degree of practicality, the requirements were, above all, optimum reliability and fault tolerance. The system, devised by Lawo and its Danish partner Interstage A/S, was designed around the Nova73 HD router with two fully redundant stars. The installation, based on the DSHS (Dual Self-Healing Star) principle has four Nova73 HD cores, so that additional redundancy is available. To guarantee the best security, the cores were also installed in various underground levels of the building. A particular highlight of the system is that all system components are exchangeable during normal operation, so that maintenance and the setting up of new configurations can be performed during runtime. In addition, the network has superb integration capability because of its open control protocol, which permits the operation of other manufacturers’ components. Impressions from DR Byen Master Control Room, Copenhagen, Denmark. 72 73
    • Nova29 — Just what a router must be. Nova29 — Just what a router must be. Up to 16 consoles on one router. Do you have multiple broadcast studios and want to be able to react flexibly to future challenges? In that case the Nova29 is the perfect solution for you. It enables the connection of up to 16 MADI clients within a broadcast centre, be it mixing con- soles or external equipment. The Nova29 is the ideal standalone solution, whose 1024 x 1024 I / Os can be switched individually as well as transparently, making the router perfect for the transfer of non-audio formats, such as Dolby E. Thus, the Nova29 is a universal router, adapting perfectly to the requirements of modern, mid-sized broadcast facilities. Homogenous broadcasting facilities — with the seamless interconnection of all elements. Today, the focus lies not only on individual products, but also on comprehensive, networkable solutions that create perfectly integrated systems. The Nova29 makes this requirement a reality. Used together with Lawo’s broadcast consoles, you can create an exemplary networking homogeneity for up to 16 participants. The result is a broadcast facility in which every component relies on the same logical elements, thereby guaranteeing the best possible integration. The advantage: many highlights of Lawo’s mixing consoles can now be used across all products. You are no longer working with single components but on a comprehensive, fully compatible platform. crystal 2 / Studio 2 crystal 1 / Studio 1 KSC-LCD 15 / Editorial area KSC-LCD 15 / Editorial area zirkon / Studio 3 Nova29 Nova73 HD Sports arenaThe compact MADI router for mid-sized networks — There are some tasks that requirethe complete works, a comprehensive solution, the full program. Yet there are other chal- sapphire / Studio 4 VisTool / System engineer zirkon / Remote facility DALLIS Breakout-Boxlenges where complete modularity or hardware variants are not necessary — challengescentred around one specific task. That’s the principle behind the Nova29 — the Laworouter that gets straight to the point with MADI networking. Specifically, this means thatthe Nova29 is the perfect router for up to a maximum of 16 clients. A routing centre, basedon MADI technology, universally applicable, and at a very attractive price. MADI Ethernet CAN Bus 74 75
    • Nova29 — Just what a router must be. Nova29 — Just what a router must be.Further highlights of the Nova29:InterCom:Broadcast studio facilities often require the purchase of anextra talkback system. This is not the case with the Nova29.It features an integrated talkback matrix that enables you tocommunicate between various studios at any time, withouthaving to rely on traditional talkback systems.It is configured using dedicated software called “InterCom”, whichallows control of up to 42 talkback stations, each of which canbe equipped with up to 32 buttons.Push-button panelsThe Nova29 can be conveniently upgraded with up to 30 KS and KS-ETH series panels. This allows differentworkstations to be flexibly equipped, to accommodate announcers, producers, guests, or even additional editingstations.The compact push-button panels can be seamlessly integrated into a system, and are connected to each othereither via CAN bus (KS series) or Ethernet (KS-ETH series). Technical Details TB -12 19” / 1 RU panel with 12 backlit buttons, talkback microphone and loudspeaker 16 MADI ports 128 x 8 GPIO via MADI (GPIO tunnel), KSC.T20 1024 x 1024 I / O (in addition to internal signals) GPIO network 10 x 32 + 10 x 10 VCAs 19” / 1 RU panel Compact 1 RU design 40 x 40 talkback matrix with 20 backlit buttons Simple port redundancy, configurable with other Lawo 64 mini mixers (stereo), each with one individual products (sapphire, zirkon, crystal, Nova17) talkback input KSC.LCD16 19” / 1 RU panel Fast visual feedback with coloured LED indicators 128 PPMs (mono), each including Silence Detect, with 16 LCD buttons above each MADI port: “Redundancy”, “MADI present”, loopback available “Port configured”, “Port not configured” Integration of different protocols (DMS, KPF, NTP) KSC.LCD15P1 Powered AC adaptor (included) or optional redundant NovaConnect included 19” / 1 RU panel with 15 LCD buttons, power supply (951 / 25) and one rotary control (eg. for level control) Configuration / maintenance via zirkon.exe software and SOP Explorer with graphical user interfaces KSC.LCD14P2 Currently set crosspoints are retained if a new The Nova29 key benefits at a glance: 19” / 1 RU panel with 14 LCD buttons, configuration is loaded and two rotary controls (eg. for level control) Sample rate switchable between 44.1 and 48 kHz MADI router for up to 16 clients Up to 30 panels (switch panels or GPIO) can be connected Compact and cost efficient KSC.GPIO32 MADI ports in 56 or 64 channel mode 1024 x 1024 signals, switchable on mono-level, 19” / 1 RU panel with 32 GPIO contacts 256 loopbacks transparent and non-blocking and 8 VCA inputs Various DSP and logic functions like gain, silence detects and InterCom functionality Homogeneous integration with other Lawo products * ADAT® is a registered trademark of Alesis, LLC and is used here under license. 76 77
    • Nova17 — The highest quality can now be compact. Nova17 — The highest quality can now be compact. Nova17: Compact size — high performance. As diverse as your requirements. Perfect Synchronisation. Nova17 is designed as a universal audio router that can be Nova17 works with sampling rates of 48 kHz or 44.1 kHz (depen- employed in a very flexible way, whatever your requirements. As ding on the mastercard type). The system can be synchronised many as 384 inputs and 384 outputs (mono) are possible with either by using the word clock input or via MADI; if no ex- this modular and extremely compact router. ternal synchronisation is supplied, the internal generator The external interfaces are designed as plug-in cards that can be takes over. In addition, the clock output allows connected inserted directly into the system rack, providing up to 128 I/Os, devices to be synchronised via word clock. according to your needs. Optionally, MADI interfaces provide up to 256 additional channels for use, for example, in connections Simple servicing for efficient operation. to mixing consoles, other matrices or breakout boxes, etc. A software configuration system allows the unit to adapt and One central mastercard performs the routing and the signal be extremely flexible in its environment; the general logic processing, and includes interfaces for control and servicing. functions, opto-couplers, relays and VCAs are all defined and Software for basic control of the matrix, as well as the creation managed here. The networking ability of the software allows the and management of configuration data, is included. central administration of several systems. An integral web server, requiring only a conventional browser, Proven system core and interfaces. enables convenient platform-independent monitoring of the Nova17 is based on the proven DALLIS interface system, and system’s technology via the network; an alarm contact in the utilises its constantly growing range of interface cards: system rack provides an additional safeguard. Analogue Mic /Line (transformer or electronically balanced) Headphones (incl. VCA interface) Grab your stake in the future. AES /EBU (AES3); optional sample rate converter (SRC) Nova17 is adaptable. Interface upgrades, talkback integration, HD/SD SDI (embedded audio) with SRC the use of the system as a MADI breakout or the incorporation ADAT® * with SRC of the system into a larger structure are just a few examples of Serial data transfer (RS232, RS422, MIDI) how users may easily expand or adapt a Nova17 in the future. GPIO (opto-couplers, relays, VCA) All interfaces are available in different variants. The central mastercard can be equipped with up to four optional MADI interfaces if required. All components are compatible with Lawo’s range of professional mixing consoles and matrices for broadcast and production. Power for performance. The powerful routing matrix on the mastercard allows the control of all channels individually and severally. This also allows mono routing for AES/EBU interfaces. In addition, gain setting and time-related switching are only some of the features that distinguish the Nova17’s performance from an ordinary routing matrix. The router can be controlled via Ethernet, serial interface, or CAN bus. External devices such as keyboards or rotary controlsSmall in size but large in performance — with the Nova17 you benefit from the highest can be connected directly to the central unit. Furthermore,quality that you expect from Lawo routing matrices. This audio router shines with many VisTool software can be provided, for use as a touch screen operating surface; a remote protocol is provided for the integra-features that guarantee absolutely professional work even with the smallest of systems. tion of third-party controllers. Nova17 can also be integratedWhether in broadcasting, production or theatre sound, the flexible technology of the with a radio automation system. The central unit can be de-Nova17 can be used for signal distribution, as well as a format converter or MADI breakout. signed with full redundancy. * ADAT ® is a registered trademark of Alesis, LLC and is used here under license. 78 79
    • Nova17 — The highest quality can now be compact. Nova17 — The highest quality can now be compact.Modular extension with custom panels. More operating satisfaction with VisTool.With the remote control panels of the series TB and KSC you An improved overview and extendedcan easily extend the zirkon and the Nova17 systems. At a low functionality — the VisTool touch screencost it facilitates the equipping of workplaces like announcer, software makes it all possible. On a gra-producer, guest and editor’s stations. Common to all of these phically attractive screen layout you canseparate 19”/ 1RU devices is that they are fully integrated into keep an eye on signal level and DSP par-the system configuration and that they can be conveniently ameters at all times. You will profit fromconnected via the system-CAN bus. Up to 30 of such control additional tools such as trigger circuitspanels can be operated simultaneously by one system. As an or central snapshot databases, and canoption, the KS series with Ethernet connection is available. freely arrange the console’s control pa- nels to meet your own needs. TB-12 19”/ 1U panel with 12 illuminated buttons, talkback microphone and loudspeaker KSC.T20 1”/1U panel Technical Details with 20 illuminated buttons KSC.LCD 16 19” 3U or 6U frame Synchronisation via Wordclock, MADI or internal generator 19”/ 1U panel Central masterboard with integral control system and signal with 16 LCD buttons processing, optionally providing: Control via Ethernet TCP / IP, RS422 and CAN bus – 1 MADI interface (optical MMF 62,5 /125 μm) Software for operation and configuration included – 4 MADI interfaces (optical MMF 62,5 /125 μm) (system requirements: IBM compatible PC with KSC.LCD15 P1 18 slots for I / O cards (16 for use as audio I / Os) Windows 2000 / XP ®, Ethernet connection) 19”/ 1U panel with 15 LCD buttons and Wide range of plug-in cards: Integral web server for system diagnosis one rotary control for use as level control – Analogue Mic / Line Optional redundant masterboard – Headphones Optional redundant power supply – AESBU (AES3), optionally with sampling rate converter (SRC) Operating voltage 100 V to 240 V AC, 48 Hz to 62 Hz KSC.LCD14 P2 – 3G / HD/SD SDI (embedded audio) with SRC PC-independent and fan-free operation 19”/ 1U panel with 14 LCD buttons and – ADAT® * with SRC two rotary controls for use as level controls – Serial data transfer (RS232, RS422, MIDI) – GPIO (opto-couplers, relays, VCA) – IP codec The Nova17 key benefits at a glance: KSC.GPIO32 – Audio-over-IP option (available soon) 19”/ 1U panel with 32 GPIO contacts and Internal matrix with up to 384 inputs and outputs STAR² technology provides fully redundant controller eight VCA inputs (non-blocking) and routing matrix Transparent transfer (Dolby® E compatible) Easy integration with optical MADI interfaces Integral signal processing (e. g. Gain, EQ, Dynamics, Delay) 384 x 384 I / O, integral DSP and programmable logic Sampling rate of 48 kHz or 44.1 kHz Adaptable and cost-efficient by modular design (depending on mastercard type) * ADAT® is a registered trademark of Alesis, LLC and is used here under license. 80 81
    • MADI.SRC – A handy helper you can count on. SPLIT.CONVERTER – A handy helper you can count on.Product description. Product description.The MADI.SRC enables the highest quality real time sample in the other — so this feature is perfect for applications where The SPLIT.CONVERTER is a combined MADI format converter will pass through unchanged. It is therefore also possible torate conversion of a complete MADI stream (64 audio channels), not all available inputs and outputs are required. and signal splitter. It allows both conversion of optical MADI convert and route proprietary data formats.with excellent audio quality. The device supports all source and signals into coaxial signals, and vice versa, without any delay.destination sample rates from 44.1 kHz to 192 kHz, for all The MADI.SRC offers the highest standard of reliability by the Using the straightforward input selector, each MADI output The SPLIT.CONVERTER offers the highest standard of reliabil-MADI formats (48k / 96k Frame, 56/64 channels). use of two phase-redundant power supplies; power inlets and port can be fed by any input port. All ports are independent ity, being equipped with two phase redundant power supplies; switches are on the rear panel. For easy remote access, the from each other, allowing the SPLIT.CONVERTER to route and two power inlets and switches are located on the rear panel.Inputs and outputs are provided as optical connectors (SC MADI.SRC features a USB port, which allows for remote con- convert up to four asynchronous MADI streams simultaneously.multi-mode), and work in parallel; both outputs carry the con- trol via Windows software. Application examples.verted input signal. If required, the input and output signal The signal routing is bit-transparent and operates without any Switching converter units between control rooms. Redundancy split-format can be converted from optical to coaxial or vice versa by Application examples. delays. All common sample rates (up to 192 kHz) and MADI ting /switching (manually) during recording or live sound applica-using the SPLIT.CONVERTER. The MADI.SRC can be used wherever sample rate conversion formats (48 k/96 k Frame, 56/64 channels) are supported, and tions. Splitting signals for live events (FOH, monitoring, recording). with highest audio quality is required. The stream is processedSynchronisation can be achieved via Wordclock or AES3id in real time and all output channels are phase and sample(AES11), Video Reference (PAL and NTSC), the MADI input accurate with reference to each other.signal, as well as an internal clock. Conversion coaxial / optical Because of its comprehensive features, the MADI.SRC is alsoBy activating the innovative Split Mode, inputs and outputs can a versatile device beyond “simple” sample rate conversion. Forbe used in combination to allow for the conversion of more than example, in a situation where two digital systems cannot access,32 (@ 96 kHz) or 16 (@ 192 kHz) channels, depending on the or will not use, the same wordclock source. Here the MADI.SRC Splitter “1 : 4”SRC’s setting. can be used as decoupling unit to connect both asynchronous systems without any loss of audio quality.With its bidirectional mode (“2-way”), the MADI.SRC offers thepossibility to convert the sample rate simultaneously in both With the SRC switched off, the device works as a simple formatdirections with just one unit. This mode allows sample rate converter, and provides different MADI formats at the output Independent format conversion of four MADI streamsconversion of up to 48 channels in one direction and 16 channels ports (48 k/96 k Frame, 56/64 channels).Technical Details Technical Details MADI ports (input / output) Remote MADI ports (input / output) Dimensions – SC-Socket multi-mode – USB 2.0 – 2 x SC-Socket multi-mode – Width 19” (483 mm), Height 1 RU (45 mm), Wordclock input Power supplies – 2 x coaxial BNC, 75 Ohm Depth 10” (254 mm) – Coaxial BNC (75 Ohm termination switchable) – 2 x 84 V to 264 V AC Power supplies: Weight – 47 Hz to 63 Hz – 2 x 84 V to 264 V AC – About 6.6 lb (3 kg) Video reference input – 47 Hz to 63 Hz – BNC (75 Ohm termination switchable) – Safety class 1 – Safety class 1 – Black-Burst (PAL, NTSC) – Phase redundant – Phase redundant Supported Sample Rates Dimensions – 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 kHz + / - 12,5% – Width 19” (483 mm), Height 1 RU (45 mm), Depth 10” (254 mm) MADI formats (I /O) Weight – 48 k Frame, 96 k Frame, 56 / 64 Channels, S/MUX – About 6.6 lb (3 kg) 82 83
    • Networking — Wherever integrated design and highest efficiency are required. Networking — Wherever integrated design and highest efficiency are required. Networking: Intelligent solutions for integrated design. System solutions: Advantage 1: Because the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Unlimited scalability. While individual devices used to be the norm, in today’s en- Because of the networking capability of Lawo routing matrices, vironment, unified designs are the order of the day. For this a virtually unlimited scalability can be achieved. In this way, reason, Lawo relies upon a product philosophy that guarantees your routing system can be adapted to suit growing require- maximum coherency in all areas. So, as with a jigsaw puzzle, ments without problems, and is ideally suited to cope with all the various components fit perfectly together, and can linked demands of the future; a key point in terms of maintaining into an ideal system. In real terms this means, for example, value and return on investment. that since all mc² mixing consoles rely on the same basic tech- nology, they can be linked together within a large broadcasting Advantage 2: complex. The benefits of this HD core based system are clearly Maximum flexibility. apparent: from the control of various mixing consoles through Apart from audio streams and serial data streams, integrated to connection with several OB units, you can rely upon maxi- system data can also be transferred. And another advantage: mum flexibility and efficiency with Lawo. a comprehensive range of complementary products is available, from custom panels through to high performance mixing con- Audio networks: soles, thus assuring an optimum upgrade path for your systems. Where it is a question of availability and reliability. Irrespective of whether it’s a temporary routing system required Advantage 3: for the football World Cup or permanent networking within a Highest reliability. radio station, with Lawo networking you will be opting for sol- Fault tolerance and high reliability are the key requirements for utions whose performance has been tried and tested. The most any audio network. For this reason, we do not just attach great important reasons that Lawo proves itself, particularly with importance to the quality of our components, but also offer demanding projects, are the high availability and reliability, many possible options in terms of redundancy, from doubling- scalability and flexibility that are the essential features of a up all fibre links through to Star² architecture. Lawo routing matrix. Advantage 4: Convincing efficiency. The efficiency of our audio networks is apparent in many areas. Unified solutions lead to a high level of everyday suitability, pioneering concepts guarantee absolute technical sustain- ability, and our customer-specific approach ensures that you are provided with a network that is exactly customised to your requirements. Last but not least: with Lawo networking, you will achieve a level of cost and time efficiency that will pay dividends for years.As a sound engineer, you are constantly confronted with ever more complex requirements.All the more reason to count on a partner whom many rely on today for solutions that meetthe challenges of tomorrow. A partner such as Lawo; a company that, early on, recognisedthe growing significance of networked systems, integrated designs and intelligent solutions. RTL Media Corner with a network of Lawo equipment, Brussels, Belgium. 84 85
    • Networking — Wherever integrated design and highest efficiency are required.RTL in Belgium demonstrate its confidence in Lawo network solutions:RTL-TVI and Bel RTL use Rastatt technology.RTL TVI in Brussels was the first private broadcaster to become Customised infrastructure.established in Belgium, and today reaches the majority of Those responsible for the project were looking for unifiedFrench-speaking viewers in that country. In order to further solutions that would be characterised by high compatibility andexpand this leading position, a new RTL building had to be the best networking possibilities. It was here that Lawo wascreated. But the shining facades alone were not enough by far able to provide a coherent product philosophy and its exten-for the new RTL Media Corner, which came online in 2006; its sive know-how. In concrete terms, the installation was basedtechnology was also required to fulfil the highest demands. on a Nova73 HD routing system, which serves as a central audio routing matrix for the TVI complex. The Nova73 HD has a switching capacity of up to 4,000 inputs and outputs, and all studios are fully redundantly interconnected via MADI links. Mixing consoles and the network. For mixing consoles, RTL-TVI decided on two mc² 66, one zirkonXL and one zirkon. The identically configured mc² 66 consoles are equipped with 16 + 8 +16 faders, and have 96 fully fitted DSP channels, as well as their own local I / Os in the studios. By networking the mc² 66 with the Nova73 HD, router signals can be selected and used in all studios. Both zirkon consoles also have local I / Os, and can also pick up signals from the Nova73; selections can be made directly at the mixing console.“What was required in particular was a consolidated system, New radio studios also equipped by Lawo.and it was here that Lawo was most convincing. Because In addition to the TV studios, the Bel RTL radio station wasof the networkability of the individual components, we were also fitted out with Lawo technology. Here, a Nova73 HD withable to set up an integrated broadcasting complex that gave 4,000 mono channels and full redundancy is used to handleus plenty of flexibility in operation.” the central audio distribution. In the master control room, allThierry Peters, Head of TV Technical Service, RTL Belgium. audio connections are made digitally, while in each of the five studios there is a DALLIS interface system, each with AES and analogue I / O. Apart from one redundant router card, all the MADI connections to the various cards are doubled up. So now Rastatt hi-tech has made its mark in Brussels and is serving Belgium reliably — around the clock and with something new every day. Master Control Room at RTL Media Corner, Brussels, Belgium. 86 87
    • OB Vans — Mobile solutions for complex requirements. OB Vans — Mobile solutions for complex requirements. OB Vans: Complete solutions for mobile productions. Full range of OB van construction. Lawo offers a complete range of OB van and mobile system solutions. This includes radio ENG vans (with or without RF link) as well as mid-sized and larger radio OB vans. As the main contractor, we can supply mobile system solutions to suit your needs and applications, whether they are related to broad- casting, end-to-end applications or music production. Specialised custom systems are also available. Lawo can also act as a sub-contractor, equipping radio and TV OB vans with digital mixing consoles and routing matrix systems. Innovative technology and wide product range. Our success in the OB field has been founded on our ability to offer a variety of mobile solutions, ranging from our z4 digital minimixer, used as a portable unit, to larger systems such as the mc² 56, mc² 66 or mc² 90. We offer rack-mounted components such as stage boxes, and MADI or ATM-based fibre optic lines with different format I / O’s, or even complete large-scale digital mixing consoles with integrated routing matrices. Experience that you can rely on. Since the mid-80’s, a large number of radio OB vans have been produced under the management of Lawo, and fitted with the latest Lawo mixing console technology. We started with analogue consoles in the 70’s and 80’s, followed by the programmable analogue consoles (PTR family). These were later replaced by the fully digital mc series consoles and their successors, the mc² series. We also specify z4, zirkon and zirkonXL, as these mc² 66 inside radio OB van. systems are fully networkable and are perfectly suited for use in OB vans. Since mid-2004, the mc² 66 has been available ENG van on the road for for OB van projects. By the end of 2008, almost 100 mc² series Südwestrundfunk, Germany. consoles had been installed in radio and TV OB vans. Quality on wheels. An experienced team of project managers, project engineers and technicians guarantees the continuity of projects in this field; for chassis construction, we work closely together with experienced and well known companies.Maximum ease of operation and reliable technology characterise Lawo OB vans. Forover 20 years, we have been fitting medium and large sized OB vans with mixingconsoles, and work as the main contractor to ensure the smooth handling of everyaspect. But it is not just in the case of chassis building, fitting internal equipment andfurnishing that you can rely on Lawo know-how. Our well thought out designs demon-strate their advantages when it comes to demanding live broadcasts; a benefit that youwill particularly appreciate during hectic productions. 88 89
    • OB Vans – Mobile solutions for complex requirements.One of the largest OB vans in Europe — now with Lawo technology on board:Prisma OB equips HDTV OB van with mc² 66.“For our HDTV OB van we did not want The Swedish production company Prisma OB is a premiumto be content with less than the optimal league player in the field of mobile broadcasting. It is a fact thatequipment. This is why we have decided the company was at almost every mega-event over recent years,for the best surround mixing console on and also the Beijing Olympics last year were — amongst othersthe market: the mc² 66 from Lawo.” — broadcast by Prisma OB thanks to Lawo audio technology.Mikael Krantz, Technical IT Manager,Prisma Outside Broadcast. A new reference for OB vans. In order to be best equipped for the forthcoming challenges, this Swedish company decided to build a top-level HDTV OB van. The basic figures alone hint at the capacity that will be available: at 16 metres long and 4 metres wide, the mobile studio will have work space for 32 vision mixers and two sound engineers, making the HD-1 one of the largest OB vans in Europe. The high-performance Lawo mixing console. It is not just the sheer size of the HD-1 that is impressive, but also its innovative technology. This is why a 5.1 surround- capable mixing console, that has become the new standard in OB van construction, was installed — the Lawo mc² 66. The features of this console are also impressive: 2,100 inputs and outputs for the central router, console control surface with 48 + 8 faders and over 300 DSP channels, as well as I / O with 80 HD SDI embedders and de-embedders. In addition to that, the mobile stage boxes are connected redundantly to the OB van, providing 32 remotely located mic inputs, 16 digital I / Os and 16 GPIs. With this first-class technology, Prisma OB will be able to deliver a top-level performance also in the future. mc2-66 in the Prisma HDTV OB van, Sweden. 90 91
    • Lawo — References. Lawo — References.The Lawo reference list. Lawo is Supplier of the mixing console for Formula One host production in the season 2010/11.These are only some of our customers. For a fullreference list, please contact our headquarters inGermany or our subsidiaries in Australia, China,North America or Switzerland. Subject to change without prior notice, no responsibility is taken for the correctness of the details provided. 92
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