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New products from AETA Audio Systems during the IBC 2012

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Aeta Newsletter 12082012

  1. 1. New Products and Features onDisplay at the 2012 IBC Show The innovative The innovative more more Rack: 3 units in one The most advanced studio codec The economic Cost-Efficient Solution for IP more more RAVENNA more more impro- ved more more Visit AETA AUDIO more SYSTEMS at IBC 2012 at Booth 8.B30c
  2. 2. The innovativeThe innovative ScoopFone HD, designed for the needs of modern broadcasting, is a professional mobilephone that integrates 3.1 kHz 2G telephone calls into the broadcast chain and offers significant audioquality increase to 7kHz/ HD Voice in 3G / UMTS mobile networks. HD Voice delivers higher qualityvoice transmissions by extending the frequency of range of traditional or narrowband voice calls (300Hz to 3400 Hz) out to wideband audio ranges (50 Hz to 7000 Hz). The 7 kHz wideband sound quality al-lows the full signature character of the reporter’s voice to be heard, leading to greater audience involve-ment and loyalty.ScoopFone HD offers broadcasters abilities that have never been available before in thisinnovative category. Features include:++One input with three selectable gains with a high pass filter (80Hz 18db/Octave), a limiter and fader, and 48 volts Phantom power (XLR 3 pins).++Mixing between the microphone input and the line input++Two headphone jack sockets++AETA makes this new technology available in a highly portable form for low cost remotes and immediate on-the-spot broadcasts from reporters.Visit AETA AUDIO SYSTEMS at IBC 2012 at Booth 8.B30c
  3. 3. The innovative Rack: 3 units in oneThree innovative ScoopFone HD units combined in a studio or an OB van rack allow superiorbroadcasting quality at the receiving end and complete the Scoop Fone HD line up. ScoopFone HD’sbroadcast specification input and output interfaces with full RF shielding of all audio circuits ensureinterference free audio. The digital nature of the system provides complete separation of the send andreturn circuits — each with its own dedicated audio connection. Remote control is available through anEthernet interface.Visit AETA AUDIO SYSTEMS at IBC 2012 at Booth 8.B30c
  4. 4. The Most Advanced Technology in a Rack or Studio Codec.At IBC, AETA will introduce Scoop5, the newest generation of Scoop technology. The Scoop5 is avail-able with all multiple network interfaces including IP ISDN, Leased Line, POTS and cellular 2G/3G/AMR ,Wideband. Building on the feature set that made Scoop4+ a resounding success, Scoop5 combines amajor upgrade to the software platform with an ergonomically-improved design. Faster, more intuitiveoperation, profile management and supervision via an embedded web page, a new control panel withgraphic displays, and an elastomer keyboard for greater comfort make Scoop5 the leading product inits class.Visit AETA AUDIO SYSTEMS at IBC 2012 at Booth 8.B30c
  5. 5. The economic Cost-Efficient Solution for IPThe new Scoop5 IP is a rack mount codec dedicated for IP studio to transmitter and other pure IP links,designed specifically for broadcasters (STL applications) or others who wish to do their live transmis-sions over IP Scoop5 IP has all the key features that make it worthy the ‘Made by AETA’ label -- high .audio quality, reliability, X24/V11 and Ethernet interfaces, a wide range of coding algorithms, and espe-cially the famous 4SB ADPCM at a low latency in 15 kHz quality. In addition, Scoop5 IP also has audioanalog input/output, simultaneous AES, additional I/O, and the option to configure and manage theequipment via embedded Web page. Broadcasters get all of this with the Scoop5 IP at a very attractiveprice.Visit AETA AUDIO SYSTEMS at IBC 2012 at Booth 8.B30c
  6. 6. AETA Audio Systems introduces RAVENNA for audio codecsThe Scoop5 RAVENNA adds a dual RAVENNA IP audio interface for redundant audio transfer to thestandard version of the codec. In addition the Scoop5 RAVENNA has an independent IP interface forremote control.The Scoop5 RAVENNA is the perfect gateway between a RAVENNA based local infra-structure and the outside world.WHAT IS RAVENNA?RAVENNA is a solution for real-time distribution of audio and other media content in IP-based networkenvironments. Utilizing standardized network protocols and technologies, RAVENNA can operate in ex-isting network infrastructures. Performance and capacity are scaling with the capabilities of the underly-ing network architecture. Primarily targeting the Professional Broadcast Market, RAVENNA will matchBroadcaster’s requirements for low latency, full signal transparency and high reliability. Fields of applica-tion include (but are not limited to): in-house signal distribution for Broadcasting Houses and other fixedinstallations, flexible setups at venues and Live events, OB van support, inter-studio links across WANlinks and production facilities.OPEN TECHNOLOGY STANDARDUnlike most other existing networking solutions, RAVENNA is an open technology standard without aproprietary licensing policy. Interested parties are invited to participate in the ongoing development ac-tivities. In order to emphasize this open approach, ALC NetworX has already teamed-up with renownedcompanies from the Pro-Audio market such as AETA to present a variety of RAVENNA-powered technol-ogy prototype.For more information visit AETA AUDIO SYSTEMS at IBC 2012 at Booth 8.B30c
  7. 7. supports HD Voice in 41 commercial networks41 commercial mobile HD Voice networks have been launched in 33 countries. The Scoopy+ alreadysupports this HD Voice service through its internal 3G module. While mobile IP links can suffer fromunreliable throughput and variable latency, HD Voice is a circuit-switched service that provides superiorvoice quality at low latency.Broadcasters never lose a story with Scoopy+ HD because this lightweight, portable codec not onlytransmits from everywhere to everywhere, it also offers recording and editing functions. Before trans-mitting, users screen all wired and wireless telecommunication systems at hand and select the bestinterface available.HD Voice delivers higher quality voice transmissions by extending the frequency of range of traditionalor narrowband voice calls (300 Hz to 3400 Hz) out to wideband audio ranges (50 Hz to 7000 Hz). Thewideband sound quality (7 kHz) allows the full signature character of the reporter’s voice to be heard,leading to greater audience involvement and loyalty. And because the unit’s rechargeable batteries lastfor more than five hours, a reporter can continue reporting when most others must look for an electricaloutlet.Visit AETA AUDIO SYSTEMS at IBC 2012 at Booth 8.B30c
  8. 8. LTE Support For Scoopy+, the Most Complete Portable CodecAETA’s renowned Scoopy+, the industry’s first portable, professional audio hardware codec to supportHD Voice (7 kHz) now supports the higher-speed LTE standard as well. LTE provides a significant perfor-mance improvement and alternative to congested 3G networks by enabling up to 100 Mbits/s downloadand 50 Mbits/s upload, with lower latency for better performance during live transmissions, and bettercoverage in rural areas by using lower frequencies in the 800 MHz band.Internal LTE modules are available in new Scoopy+ units, and the latest firmware for the Scoopy+ sup-ports several LTE external USB sticks, allowing LTE to be used with the different standards in Japan,Europe and the USA. With an external USB stick, LTE capability can easily be added to existing units,and used in conjunction with an internal HD Voice module. For fast switching between mobile networkproviders, the Scoopy+ can support internal and external mobile network devices in parallel.Using an external USB LTE stick (possible with all existing Scoopy+ units) provides the opportunity forusing two different networks. For example, for the internal mobile network module a Telekom SIM cardis being used and for the LTE USB stick a Vodafone SIM card is inserted. The user can select quicklybetween the two networks through the Scoopy+ menu. If one network isn’t available or overloaded,the other one can be used.Visit AETA AUDIO SYSTEMS at IBC 2012 at Booth 8.B30c
  9. 9. L4MinX: Improved Usability for Award Winning Integrated Digital Mixer and Recorder improvedAs the first fully integrated multi-track digital recorder and mixer, 4MinX opens up new production op-portunities for the broadcast and media industry. It is capable of mixing and recording 5.1 or 7 – both .1in the studio and in the field. 4MinX functions as a TV/film sync-sound location recorder, or users canreconfigure it to record music or mix up to four channels in high audio quality. With the new, lightweightportable 4MinX, a user can work on location for more than six hours before the unit’s standard batteriesneed recharging.In a testament to its value for broadcasters, the 4MinX won a prestigious SATIS innovation award in theproduction category in Paris in November 2011.At IBC, 4MinX will be shown in its latest version with new features including:++Use of the innovative DSP concept++Ambient time code++Improved user interface for the audio settings, shortcuts for faster access to important settings++Improved file configuration manager++User configurable bar graph settings++Mix down limiterVisit AETA AUDIO SYSTEMS at IBC 2012 at Booth 8.B30c
  10. 10. Cost efficient and robust: Professional analogue / digital mixer to goAETA offers high-quality ENG-mixers for TV and film productions as well as audio fans. Despite its smalldimensions MIXY is a full-blown professional stereo and M / S analogue / digital mixer. With a levelrange of 92dB and clean processing of each audio source, the microphone pre-amps are ready to dealwith everything from the singing of birds in a forest to the full sound of a Formula 1 race.As it is battery powered it can either be carried or placed anywhere on location. MIXY works with anyanalogue or digital recorder. For high quality real-time transmissions SCOOPY+, the portable multi-task-ing codec for all networks, is a perfect fit.Visit AETA AUDIO SYSTEMS at IBC 2012 at Booth 8.B30c