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Radici Plastics, corporate presentation

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Radici Plastics presentation

  1. 1. RADICIGROUP RadiciGroup is based in Europe and operates globally with diversified business activities focused on: CHEMICAL PLASTICS SYNTHETIC FIBRES
  2. 2. RADICI HISTORY 1920 Trade of household textiles. 1940 The company Tessiture Pietro Radici is founded (1941) for wool blanket manufacturing. 1950 First phase of horizontal diversification. Beginning of carpet production. 1960 Second phase of horizontal diversification, production of fabrics for clothing and flooring. PA6 polymerization starting from caprolactam. 1970 Diversification through vertical integration with polymers and synthetic fibres. Polyester polymerization and spinning. 1980 Production of chemical intermediates (adipic acid – hexamethylendiamine) and polymeri- zation of PA66. Beginning of industrial activities linked to engineering plastics and to the production of yarns for synthetic grass. Development of the engineering business (turnkey plants).
  3. 3. RADICI HISTORY 1990 Globalization of the engineering plastics business. Development of the fibre market in South America: acrylic and polyamide production. 2000 Further development in strategic business areas and further vertical integration at earlier stages in the process. Beginning of elastane (spandex) production and strengthening of the chemicals-plastics businesses. 2010 Consolidation of RadiciGroup’s global position in its polyamide core business, especially in the engineering plastics sector. Development of eco-sustainable products. 2020 Ecodesign of sustainable, recyclable and highly performing products.
  4. 4. THE RADICI WORLD STRUCTURE Founders Pietro Radici Gianni Radici Paolo Radici 40% Mariagrazia Radici Maurizio Radici Angelo Radici 60% Bruna Radici 100% Hotel San Marco SRL RadiciFin SpA SER SpA GeoEnergie SpA President Angelo Radici President Bruna Radici President Angelo Radici 86.26% Geogreen SpA Radici Partecipazioni SpA 37.5% President Angelo Radici 49% Vice President Maurizio Radici ITEMA SpA Novel SpA
  5. 5. THE RADICI WORLD KEY NUMBERS Synthetic Fibres - 612 Sales (Millions of Euro) Aggregated Chemicals - 491 Plastics - 259 Textile Machinery - 221 Personnel: 4,400 employees Energy - 90 Other Businesses - 5
  6. 6. RADICIGROUP KEY FIGURES CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS *Sales (Millions of Euro) Chemicals, Plastics and Fibres Radici Partecipazioni Personnel 1,238* 3,500 employees
  7. 7. RADICI WORLDWIDE PRESENCE EUROPE Mendrisio (CH) Saint Priest (F) Stabio (CH) Szentgotthard (H) Podborany (CZ) Andalo Valtellino (IT) Ardesio (IT) Overath (D) Casnigo (IT) Hamburg (D) Chignolo d’Isola (IT) Lüneburg (D) Gandino (IT) Reutlingen (D) Novara (IT) Tröglitz (D) Trivero (IT) Viernheim (D) Villa d’Ogna (IT) Selbitz (D) Savinesti (RO) La Carolina (ES) London (UK) AMERICA ASIABuenos Aires (RA) Gastonia (USA) Noida (IND) Shanghai (CN)Rio Grande (RA) Wadsworth (USA) Suzhou (CN)Araçariguama (BR)São José dos Campos (BR)
  8. 8. SYNERGY AND INTEGRATION / PA6 Engineering Plastics PHENOL Textile Yarns Cyclohexanone Textile Yarns Caprolactam POY, LOY Warping and PA6 PolymerDraw-warping Staple Fibre Nonwovens Stitch Bonded BCF Yarns Semi-worsted Yarns BCF Yarns SPACE-DYED AND HEATSET HTY Yarns ® Warping Monofilaments Greige Fabrics Textured or twisted monofilaments
  9. 9. SYNERGY AND INTEGRATION / PA66 PHENOL Ammonia Adiponitrile KAoil Nitric Acid Hexamethylendiamine Adipic Acid 66 Salt Dibasic PA66 Polymer Acids Dimethyl Engineering Plastics Diisobutyl Adipate Adipate HTY Yarns Dimethyl Diisobutyl Esters Esters Textile Yarns Warping BCF Yarns Textile Yarns Greige Fabrics TEXTURED - TWISTED - COVERED Monofilaments BCF Yarns SPACE-DYED AND HEAT SET Warping and Draw-warping ® Textured monofilaments
  10. 10. SYNERGY AND INTEGRATION / SUSTAINABILITY POLYAMIDE - Recycling Down the Value Chain PA66 Recycling Down the Value Chain polymerization polymer scraps fibre plastic recycling scraps scraps process ®
  11. 11. RADICI ECO-SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTS Manufactured using clean energy… Manufactured using recycled raw materials…. Radipol®: PA6, PA66, and PA610 polymers . Heramid®: PA6/PA66 engineering plastics. Radilon®: PA6, PA66, and PA610 engineering plastics . r-Starlight®: polyester yarnsThe polymer used to manufacture the following yarns is produced using RECScertified renewable energy.(during 2011 supplied by partner Geogreen – www.geogreen.it).. Radifloor®: PA6 and PA66 BCF yarn. Radigreen®: PA artificial grass yarn. Radilon® staple fibre®: PA6 staple. Radilon®: PA6 and PA66 textile yarn Manufactured using biopolymers obtained from renewable resource materials… Solution-dyed… saving water and energy. Radilon®: PA610 engineering plastics . Radifloor®: PA6 BCF yarn. CornLeaf®: Ingeo™ polylactic acid (PLA) yarn . dorix®: PA6 staple . Radilon® staple fibre: PA6 staple . Radilon®: PA6 and PA66 textile yarn . Starlight®: polyester yarn
  13. 13. SYNERGY AND INTEGRATION / PRODUCTION CAPACITY ADIPIC ACID Radici Chimica SpA, Novara – IT Radici Chimica Deutschland GMBH, Zeitz – DE 195 KTons PA 66 Radici Chimica SpA, Novara – IT 90 KTons HMDA Radici Chimica SpA, Novara – IT 45 KTons PA6 Radici Yarn, Villa d’Ogna – IT Radici Fil, Casnigo - IT 110 KTons
  14. 14. RADICIPLASTICS HISTORYOne of the world’s leading player in the field of Engineering Plastics. A company with a long history. 1981 The first compounding production plant, RadiciNovacips SpA, Villa d’Ogna, launched 1986 RadiciPlastics France SA sales office founded 1988 Second compounding production plant opened in Chignolo d’Isola 1996 RadiciPlastics UK Ltd, London, sales office founded 1997 RadiciPlastics Ltda, Brazil, opened to increase compounding production capacity 1998 RadiciPlastics USA Inc. opened in South Carolina. RadiciPlastics GmbH compounding plant opened in Lüneburg, Germany 2000 RadiciPlastics Iberica SL was founded in La Carolina, Spain 2006 RadiciPlastics Modi P.LTD, India, sales office founded RadiciPlastics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. compounding plant opened in Suzhou, China 2010 Consolidation of RadiciPlastics’ position in the American plastics market through the acquisition of North American compounder Michael Day Enterprises Inc.. RadiciPlastics continues to explore new horizons with a view to extending production and sales still further
  15. 15. ENGINEERING PLASTICSUp-stream integration in Polyamide 6 & 66 and copolymers. RadiciFil - PA6 - PA6/66 External Suppliers RadiciChimica - PA66 - PA66/6 RadiciPlastics Products
  16. 16. RADICIPLASTICS NUMBERS * Sales (Millions of Euro) Consolidated Turnover Radici Plastics Personnel 259* 409 employees
  17. 17. GLOBAL MANUFACTURING PRESENCEInvestment in fast-growing regions. Application development support worldwide. AMERICAS EUROPE ASIA Radici Plastics USA Inc. Radici Novacips SpA Radici Plastics (Suzhou) Co., UNITED STATES Villa d’Ogna, ITALY Ltd., CHINA Radici Plastics Ltda Radici Novacips SpA BRAZIL Chignolo d’Isola, ITALY Radici Plastics GmbH GERMANY
  18. 18. GLOBAL SALES NETWORK EUROPE Radici Novacips SpA Villa d’Ogna, ITALY Radici Novacips SpA Chignolo d’Isola, ITALY Radici Plastics France SA FRANCE Radici Plastics GmbH GERMANY Radici Plastics Iberica SL SPAIN Radici Plastics UK Ltd., ENGLAND AMERICA ASIA Radici Plastics USA Inc. Radici Plastics (Suzhou) UNITED STATES Co., Ltd., CHINA Radici Plastics Ltda Radici Plastics Modi P. Ltd. BRAZIL INDIA
  19. 19. WORLDWIDE BRANDS OF POLYMERS A line of PA6, PA66 and 60% renewably sourced PA6.10 A line of PA and PBT flame retardant grades used polymers and copolymers used for injection, extrusion for injection and extrusion for all applications whe- and blow-moulding for applications in the industrial, re high fire resistance is required, especially in the electric-electronic, and automotive sectors. electric-electronic and automotive sectors. A line of thermoplastic semi-crystalline PBT and glass POM acetal copolymers for injection moulding ap- fibre reinforced PBT used for injection moulding for plications, obtained through the random insertion of applications in the industrial, electric-electronic, and co-monomer units in a poly-trioxane chain. automotive sectors. “Green” range of materials mainly coming from Radi- A line of thermoplastic elastomers based on SEBS, ciGroup’s polymerization, fibres and compound plants SBS and Co-polyesters used for injection and blow scraps used for injection, extrusion and blow-moul- moulding for applications in the industrial, electric- ding for applications in the industrial, electric-elec- electronic and automotive sectors. tronic and automotive sectors.
  20. 20. SYSTEM CERTIFICATIONSThe companies in the RadiciGroup plastics business area are ISO 9001:2008, ISO-TS 16949:2009, ISO 14001:2004 and BSOHSAS 18001:2007 certified. RadiciPlastics works in line with ISO certification requirements, demonstrating RadiciPlastics’commitment to quality and to customer satisfaction. Cópia Não Controlada
  21. 21. RADICIPLASTICS SERVICEProviding additional value to our customer through innovation and application developmentsupport. Dedicated laboratory for materials characterization and processing. Radilon A RV300RKC 339 BLACK DAM state 250 200 -40° -20° Radilon A RV300RKC 339 BLACK 150 0° STRESS (MPa) 1.E+04 23° shear viscosity (Pa s) 40° 100 60° 1.E+03 100° 50 120° 275°C 1.E+02 295°C 0 315°C 1.E+01 0 2 4 6 8 Strain (%) 1.E+01 1.E+02 1.E+03 1.E+04 Shear Rate (1/s) Radilon A RV300RKC 339 BK 12500 DAM 10000 50% RH 100% RH 7500 Modulus (MPa) 5000 2500 0 -50 0 50 100 150 200 T (°C) Radilon A RV350RKC 339 BLACK - Cond 120°C 5000 5 Mpa
  22. 22. RADICIPLASTICS:FOCUS ON INNOVATION AND SUSTAINABILITY New Grades to Answer Markets Trends • New PA66-GF grades that widen metal replacement opportunities thanks to higher mechanical properties when compared to standard grades • New High Heat Resistant PA66-GF that survive until 210°C Continuous Use Temperature in contact with air • Radilon® D bio-based PA6.10 that contains 62% of renewable source raw material • “Green” Post Industrial Recompounded polyamides 6 and 66 grades that satisfy severe customers specifications through the up-stream control of raw material coming from Radici Group fibres and textile divisions • High Performance Hydrolysis Resistant Grades Extensive Use of Hydroelectric Clean Energy for Compounding Compounding Wastewater Pollution Load Reduction by 80% in recent years
  23. 23. RADICIPLASTICS MARKETSA complete material ranges for the Automotive, E/E, Consumer and Industrial goods sectors. Automotive Market EE Market Consumer & Industrial Goods Market
  24. 24. THE ADVANTAGES OF BEING A RADICI PARTNER Up-stream integration on PA6, PA66 and Copolymers Worldwide Industrial and sales network A large range of materials available in all countries A pro-environment policy through a range of “green” materials solutions A strong focus on innovation through a great customer intimacy and flexibility on designing customer’s taylor made materials Global Application Development support and great competence on plastics parts design and processing