Social Media Time Management


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A look at strategies and tips for managing resource allocation and time when implementing social media programs for business.

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  • These are all the questions I hear all the time. Incorporating social media is the same as adding any major initiative to your business or personal mix. Need goals, planning, reasonable expectations, and flexibility.
  • First step: Figure out what you’re doing this for, then how you’re going to go about it.
  • Run down advantages of paid tools Addictomatic NetVibes IceRocket Yahoo Pipes Technorati Search Twitter Board Tracker Backtype
  • Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Blogs Flickr YouTube - #2 search engine in the world, BTW Backtype Forums & Boards Google Reader Email Phone Website
  • Paid tools of course Facebook analytics Twitter Analyzer TweetStats Trendrr URL shorteners Google Analytics - web stats Hubspot - Website and Twitter Grader (free), paid tool is good for lead tracking BlogPulse Spreadsheets & Calculators
  • This is a hypothetical sketch and your mileage will vary. Estimate for a team OR an individual, but obviously individual is harder. Listening will always be the biggest chunk. Always. That’s how you learn what to do next and how well your current efforts are paying off. As you mature, you’ll need more than you. Reasonably, it’s hard to attain a truly engaged/initiating level with just one person. You end up sacrificing something, usually on the measurement or listening end in order to up the content creation. Individual listening is easier because it can be tucked into the active stream a bit more and run concurrent with other efforts.
  • Creation can overlap with existing content creation and repurposing/reformatting for social Measurement and Listening people can and often do overlap Often, individuals/solopreneurs and truly small biz have to divide and conquer OR vs. AND is critical for this size business. Need to decide where social media will be an evolution and a replacement for other efforts We figured out how to work email into our mix. This is the same thing.
  • Explain how Radian6 listening grid is set up. routing/assignments/specific responsibilities
  • Know which priorities are mission critical. Log top three items that must get done that day and everything else has to fit in around them. Set expectations for round back: “I’d love to help with that, but I need 24 hours to get back to you. Is it more urgent than that?” Want more time? quit with the pokes and farmville and mafia wars and what crayon are you quizzes
  • Delete. Ask for forgiveness and tolerance. Honest responses about capacity and priority.
  • Desktop Tools - TweetDeck, Seesmic Desktop, CoTweet, HootSuite WordPress & suite of plugins (ShareThis, Tweetbacks, etc) Resist the urge to automate. Small outreach with the right intent is better than mass messaging in social any day.
  • Delicious Internal intranets/wikis Flickr YouTube or Viddler Google Docs or Zoho
  • Framework of email responses Framework of Twitter/FAQ responses Set of links or page on your website to point people to FAQs Delicious categories
  • Things for Mac Task lists in Outlook Pen and Paper Do NOT use your inbox as a to-do list
  • Honesty Capacity Progress Obstacles & Challenges Ideas for Solutions Feedback on hypothetical vs. reality - assessment and adjustment
  • Give yourself time slots to: * write/blog/create content * tweet * answer and respond to email * put your phone on DND * do monitoring and analysis * focus on OFFLINE
  • Social Media Time Management

    1. 1. Fi#ng  It  All  In Time  Management  Strategies  for  Social  Media Amber  Naslund Director  of  Community,  Radian6 @ambercadabra
    2. 2. Where do I start? What tools should I use? How do I prioritize? What can I automate? How much time does this take? How  do  I  stay  sane?
    3. 3. Ge#ng  Organized
    4. 4. What    Are  You  In  This  For?
    5. 5. Personal  vs.  Professional
    6. 6. Listening  Tools
    7. 7. Engaging  &  ParPcipaPng
    8. 8. Measuring  &  Analyzing
    9. 9. Social  Media  Maturity   Monitoring  &  Research  -­‐  40% IniPaPng  -­‐  20% Responding  -­‐  20% Measuring  -­‐  20% CreaPng* Monitoring  &  Research  -­‐  50% CreaPng  -­‐  40% Measuring   10% Total  Time  Commitment Engaged* IniPaPng   Monitoring  &  Research  -­‐  50% -­‐  20% Responding  -­‐  20% Measuring  -­‐  20% Responsive Monitoring  &  Research  -­‐  60% Responding  -­‐  20% Measuring  -­‐  20% Passive Monitoring  &  Research  -­‐  80% Measuring  -­‐  20%
    10. 10. AllocaPng  Resources Integrated  Social  Media  -­‐  SMB Listening Engaging,  IniPaPng  &  CreaPng Measuring 1  team  member 1-­‐3  team  members 1  team  member 10-­‐15  hours  per  week 1-­‐3  hours  per  day 5-­‐10  hours  per  week
    11. 11. AllocaPng  Resources Exclusive  Social  Media  -­‐  SMB Integrated  Social  Media  -­‐  Larger  Biz Listening Engaging,  IniPaPng  and  CreaPng Measuring 1-­‐3  FTE 2-­‐4  FTE 1-­‐2  FTE*
    12. 12. Tricks,  Tips,  and  Shortcuts
    13. 13. Managing  DisrupPons
    14. 14. InformaPon  Overload
    15. 15. Leverage  Tools
    16. 16. Annotate  and  Share
    17. 17. When  Templates  are  Okay
    18. 18. Simple  Task  Management
    19. 19. CommunicaPon  &  ExpectaPons
    20. 20. RouPnes
    21. 21. Unplugging.
    22. 22. QuesPons? @ambercadabra