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Radian6 Insights Webinar


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Slide deck used by Bryan Jennewein during the May 25, 2011 Webinar.

Slide deck used by Bryan Jennewein during the May 25, 2011 Webinar.

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  • 2. Welcome to Radian6 Insights!
    • What is Radian6 Insights?
    • 3. What power does Insights bring to existing Topic Profiles?
    • 4. Radian6 Insights can drive YOUR social strategy!
    • 5. Getting started with Radian6 Insights!
    • 6. Your live demonstration of Radian6 Insights!
  • What is Radian6 Insights?
  • 7. What is Radian6 Insights?
    A deeper understanding of the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, and WHY
  • 8. What is Radian6 Insights?
    • Enhances topic profile results with demographics, location, sentiment and influence information.
    • 9. New types of social media analysis available nowhere else
  • The Power of Radian6 Insights
    • Goes beyond social media metrics to:
    • 10. Demographics (age, gender, location)
    • 11. Places being discusses
    • 12. Deeper and different sentiment analysis
    • 13. Likes and interests
    • 14. Things people are talking about
    • 15. Influence… and so much more!
  • The Power of Radian6 Insights
    It works by:
    • Adding information to social media posts in the existing dashboard and Engagement Console
    • 16. Information appears as options throughout the Radian6 product suite
    • 17. Analysis Dashboard: Exposes new menus for filtering and exploring social media content
    • 18. After Insights is activated, we leverage the power of Insights partners to perform and provide analysis of the data in your Topic Profiles.
    • 19. Activation of Free Insights and monthly subscriptions to Paid Insights
    • 20. New Insights partners being integrated on a rolling basis.
  • The Power of Radian6 Insights
    Insights Partners and Capabilities
    Klout: Measures influence across the social web. Discover both sides of influence with Klout’s “Influenced By” and “Influencer Of” insights.
    OpenAmplify: Offers semantic text analysis to deduce sentiment and intent. OpenAmplify strives to bring meaning and understanding to raw content.
    OpenCalais: Tracks mentions of entities (people, companies, organizations, etc.), facts and events as well as discerning topics that people are discussing.
    Radian6 Basic Demographics Insights: Provides demographic information about the authors of Twitter posts. This includes age, gender, and location. (Included with your subscription!)
    Radian6 Basic Insights: provides analysis of social conversations on the web to reveal Insights like common domains, hashtags, retweeted username, usernames, and sources. (Included with your Subscription!)
  • 21. | Radian6 and Your Social Strategy
    Who’s using Insights:
    Market Researchers: Receive the same type of information as from a focus group in real-time, on a larger scale, and at a fraction of the cost.
    Customer Service/Customer Affairs: Develop a deeper understanding of the source or post to help determine action. Influential, right demographic, etc
  • 22. | Radian6 and Your Social Strategy
    Who’s using Insights:
    Brand Management/Product Marketing: Understand who talks about your products: their likes, interests etc. Check effectiveness of advertising and products. Uncover new product ideas
    Public Relations: Understand who’s sharing information, location, what else they’re interested in, influence and more. Track success of releases and news.
  • 23. | Radian6 and Your Social Strategy
    Who’s using Insights:
    Risk Management/Investor Relations: Uncover trends and themes and isolate the where and who of sources. Understand investor opinion by type.
    Human Resources: Understand the profile, interests and likes of groups of potential recruits. Understand perception as an employer by group and location.
  • 24. | Radian6 and Your Social Strategy
    Who’s Using Insights:
    Digital Marketing: Track success of social media campaigns and online marketing. Uncover new opportunities for content and conversations.
    Senior Management: Real time voice of the customer information. Aligns social media KPIs with exisiting corporate KPIs
  • 25. | Radian6 and Your Social Strategy
    Who’s using Insights:
    Agencies: All the previously mentioned plus:
    • Discover new campaign ideas form likes and interests.
    • 26. Understand how creative resonates with different groups.
    • 27. Uncover the interests and likes of influencers
    • 28. Provide new depth to campaign reporting and tracking.
  • Getting Started with Radian6 Insights
    Getting started is easy:
    • Getting started is easy! You can activate Free Insights as soon as your account is enabled on the new platform. Just log in at and click on “Insights Gallery.” Then, select a Topic Profile and click the “Free Insight” button to activate Free Insights. You’ll start seeing Insights data appear from that day onward. (Historical Data is not yet available for Insights).
    • 29. You can activate Paid Insights by contacting you Account Manager today! Want to try it out? There’s no commitment! Activate some of the Paid Insights for a few months and then deactivate them if you decide later you don’t want them. It’s that easy.
  • Try it out for FREE with a Sample Topic Profile!
    • We’ve already copied a sample Topic Profile for you to see to power of Radian6 Insights!
    • 30. Just log in at and access the “SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST” Topic Profile.
    • 31. From there, click on any keyword group to start accessing Insights and IMAGINE the power when added on to your own Topic Profiles!
  • Live Demonstration!
    It’s time for our LIVE DEMONSTRATION!
  • 32. | Questions and Discussion