Luxury Brands Grow Their Business Through the Social Web


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Customers are talking about a variety of topics online – which means they’re definitely discussing your products and services. Ensure your luxury brand is involved in these conversations by creating a social listening strategy, and engaging in a transparent and casual fashion. If customers have questions, you’ve got answers – and there’s no better place to interact than on the social web.

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Luxury Brands Grow Their Business Through the Social Web

  1. 1. Luxury BrandsRegardless of whether you’re interacting with a luxury brandin person or via their online social profile, you expect aquality experience. People under 35 are becoming the fastestgrowing market for full-price luxury items, eager to spendtheir money on larger purchases that define who they are aspeople, and that truly embody their personality.Creating a larger online presence for your to give fans an insider view of the fashion house,organization demonstrates the strength and including live video streams of runway shows, andlongevity of your brand, and can also open up sneak peeks of products before they’ve officiallynew avenues of relationship building, enhancing been launched. Their continuous innovations havecustomer loyalty. You wouldn’t make half an effort allowed Burberry to achieve concrete results thaton a floor display or advertising campaign, so try to have greatly impacted their bottom line.nurture your social profiles with the same care. Extend Your Company’sDrive Sales Physical PresenceWhile the social web is an exceptional location for A strong online presence should be an extensioncreating connections with your consumers, it’s of your physical presence, representing the samealso another means to drive more revenue for your quality products and services your consumersbusiness. A common question surrounding any have come to expect from your prestigious strategy is: ‘how can I turn this conversation Tiffany and Co. aimed to solidify their expert statusinto a real instance of ROI?’ Sharing creative in celebrating life’s most important moments.content that fosters strong online relationships can Recognizing that their clientele was becomingtransform into increased return on investment. Just increasingly involved in the mobile marketplace,ask Burberry – they credit a 21% profit increase they introduced their Engagement Ring Finderlargely to their efforts to enhance their digital mobile presence. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and when itBurberry has long been considered an innovator comes to choosing a ring for a special occasion,in the social space. They excel at reaching out to a little blue box from Tiffany and Co. is usuallytheir online fan base, and are routinely celebrated top of mind. Ring shopping starts before thefor their ability to share engaging, relevant customer has ever stepped foot inside the store,content. Boasting over a million followers on their so Tiffany’s Engagement Ring Finder app is perfectcorporate Twitter account, and 12 million ‘likes’ for users to search for the perfect ring, seekon their Facebook page, Burberry is successfully expert consultation, and covertly find ring sizes ifconnecting with their consumers across the social they were buying for someone else. It also allowsweb. Burberry’s success stems from their ability you to share your favorite pieces with friends andwww.radian6.com1 888 6RADIAN (1 888 672-3426) Copyright © 2012 - Radian6
  2. 2. LUXURY BRANDSfamily – or maybe even drop some hints to that Provide Exceptional Customer Servicespecial someone. All of these features help ensureTiffany and Co. customers not only have the most Customers are talking about a variety of topicspleasant experience choosing a ring, but also lead online - which means they’re definitely discussingcustomers into their nearest Tiffany’s location to your products and services. Ensure your luxurymake a purchase that will be loved for a lifetime. brand is involved in these conversations by creating a social listening strategy, and engaging in a transparent and casual fashion. If customersEngage with Consumers have questions, you’ve got answers - and there’s no better place to interact than on the socialWith so many products to spend their money on, web. The Four Seasons hotel chain values onlinecustomers are looking for businesses that care customer interaction. Routinely listening for socialabout them personally – their needs, wants and conversations, they form relationships online withinterests. That’s why it’s important to appreciate and those staying at their hotels. All hotel branches arevalidate those who are loyal to your brand. Inviting represented online, and staff constantly monitorscustomer’s input on the design and implementation for people looking for help with reservations, or tipsprocess of any product is a great way to share new and must-see sights in the cities they’re visiting.ideas, but to also foster strong connections between By sharing insight into the best things to see andyour brand and its supporters. do in that area, the Four Seasons is creating loyal customers, eager to share their positive encountersThe team at Oscar de la Renta understands the and become repeat visitors to their hotel.benefits of both crowdsourcing and engagingwith their clientele on the social channels theyfrequent most. Seeking inspiration for his latestResort collection, Oscar de la Renta invited hisfans to submit photos of what they’re inspired by:patterns, photography, magazine covers, nature, andeverything else. These images were displayed bothonline and in the Oscar de la Renta offices, providingon-the-go inspiration for the designer and his staff.This cost effective marketing tactic involved fansin the design process of one of their favorite luxurybrands, which cemented the relationship thedesigner has with his clientele.Ready to learn how social media monitoring and engagement canimpact your bottom line?Contact us today to learn more about getting started with Salesforce Radian6, visit our website, or contact our sales team via email or telephone 1 888 672 3426.Copyright ©2012 Radian6