Human Resources: Social Media for Recruiting


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Up to 89% of employers will use social media for recruiting, but that’s just one of the many ways social media can benefit your company’s Human Resources team. Social media helps you hire the right people, develop professional connections, prepare employees for success, and find out what’s needed to keep staff happy. Radian6 can help your HR department harness the power of social media.

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Human Resources: Social Media for Recruiting

  1. 1. Human ResourcesUp to 89% of employers will use social media for recruiting,but that’s just one of the many ways social media canbenefit your company’s Human Resources team.Social media helps you hire the right people, personality traits for the job. Zero in on specificdevelop professional connections, prepare geographic areas, or add keywords to discoveremployees for success, and find out what’s needed recent graduates or potential part-time or summerto keep staff happy. Radian6 can help your HR candidates in that area. Radian6 can even help youdepartment harness the power of social media. report on the success of your recruitment campaigns.Recruit More Talent for Less Build Professional Social NetworksCompared to traditional methods, cost-per-hireis significantly less when using social media. It’s Social media is all about contributing to an onlinea great way to post job openings: fast, public, community. Some sites, such as LinkedIn, areand often free. What’s more, people are already designed specifically with businesses in mind, soactively using social channels to search for jobs it makes sense for your HR team to get involved.and advertise their skill sets. So be proactive in Radian6 can help you build and maintain long-termengaging with these people online. Consider having professional connections online, raise awareness ofa dedicated Twitter handle for career openings – like your company, and cultivate a corporate culture bywe did @radian6careers – to help those researching engaging in these social media conversations.your company for employment. By doing this, your HR department is alsoTo find the perfect candidate for any position, start simultaneously pre-screening candidates by learningby casting your net wide. Broadcast jobs on social more about the people in your network. Ourchannels, get retweeted by followers, and let powerful platform provides valuable Social Insightsword-of-mouth maximize the number of interested about the authors of social media posts so you canapplicants. Then, narrow your focus to identify begin to deduce what kind of person they are, andprospects with the required skills and desired if they might be a good fit for your company. Staywww.radian6.com1 888 6RADIAN (1 888 672-3426) Copyright © 2012 - Radian6
  2. 2. HUMAN RESOURCESahead of the curve by tagging potential candidates Use Radian6 to monitor employees’ public-facingso you’ve already got a queue lined up for future job communications to ensure people are adhering topostings. this policy and are held accountable for their actions online. Protect brand reputation and prevent a misapplication of employee time. Red-flag employeeEmployee Training & Development breaches of confidentiality, especially in sensitive industries like finance and healthcare, so that issuesTrain new hires by sharing best practices, and can be addressed quickly. Mitigate risks so that yourcommunicate important announcements by bringing company doesn’t find itself in a legal controversy.everyone together on an employee social network.An internal social network like’sChatter helps reduce email clutter and improvecross-company collaboration, all while assuring Gauge Staff Satisfactionconfidential information isn’t inadvertently sharedon a public channel. Share interesting content Social media not only helps you recruit staff; itthroughout your entire organization, or go bigger and can also help you retain staff. More often thanmonitor social media trends of your industry to stay you might think, employees are turning to socialup-to-date on salaries and benefits. channels, such as Twitter, to express job frustrations and dissatisfaction. Radian6 allows you to filter your results by negative sentiment or keyword stringsImplement a Smart Social Media Policy like “I hate my job” or “Another awful day at the office”. Engaging with unhappy people (either onlineMany businesses fear that excessive or improper or offline) lets them know you’re listening, and thatemployee social media use can be detrimental to your company cares about their well-being.productivity and brand reputation. But, social mediais too great an opportunity to miss out on because of Social media allows you to stay connected withoverly restrictive corporate policy. Instead, empower former employees in case they ask for a referral,employees to embrace social media wisely. Remind or are being considered for rehire in the future.employees that their online voice represents Radian6 is also your best defence against slanderthe company, so clarify what’s appropriate by from disgruntled ex-employees who may not haveimplementing a clear social media policy. left on the best terms. If anyone tries to take their resentment to social channels, the real-time natureLearn More about Social Media Policies Here: of Radian6 can help you defend your company against critics quickly. • Training Your Company for Social Media • Crafting a Corporate Social Media Policy, Part I • Crafting a Corporate Social Media Policy, Part II • Social Media Engagement, Strategy, and Policy DevelopmentAnd that’s all just the tip of the iceberg when it comes tosocial listening, measurement and engagement.If you’re looking to get started with Radian6, visit our website at, or contact oursales team via email or telephone 1 888 672 3426.Copyright ©2012 Radian6