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Akon blame it on me done Akon blame it on me done Document Transcript

  • Akon blame it on me - Some hip hop songs are a class apartAuthor: Luke ThomsenWho says that hip-hop is only about physicality or only about fun? Well,it’s just like talking and sometimes you just want to hear … even if it isn’tabout you.The 2007 release “Sorry! Blame it on me” by Akon is one song that doesthat to me. The other day I read about Akon getting into the Indian Filmindustry, Bollywood and all of a sudden I found myself trying to recollectmy most favorite-Akon-song. I browsed through You-tube and came acrossthe “Akon-blame it on me” number and heard it all over again after somany years. What really pleases about such rap is that it’s real, it’spleasant and it’s deep. It’s not just about you or him or anyone… it’s astory, its life and it’s an interaction. I think that is what works for hip hopmusic. The part where the rapper talks and the listener dances to the beatsis where the interaction; connection happens. So what if it is sexual? Thattoo is a part of human character.Perhaps the impressionable young should be regulated to exposure of adultrap songs but with that the criticism should cease. Music is, after all, achoice and you can influence, but not force. The hip hop culture on thewhole does use explicit content; that being a draw back as well as ademand. When we as an audience mature and demand more like thehonest one I am talking about here, we will automatically elevate the genreof hip hop music.As for the critiques of Hip-Hop, here’s the video and the lyrics of this one;while for the fans, here’s something you can cherish, enjoy and relax with.It’s just a song… and just a hip hop rap song… but somehow, a little morethan that too!The video is a must watch… what I like is that it is very beautifully done.Well shot. Tells different stories woven together; instance that you may or
  • may not relate to but you sure can understand. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynMk2EwRi4QThe instances mentioned are all equally real. When Akon says that he isonly an entertainer and didn’t mean harm, you want to believe him. Yes,you do need courage to go out open, and apologize for your mistakes andeven for what aint yours. Heartwarming it is!As life goes on Im starting to learn more and more about responsibilityAnd I realize that everything I do is effecting the people around meSo I want to take this time out to apologize for the things that Ive doneAnd things that havent occurred yetAnd things that they don’t want to take responsibility forIm sorry for the times that I left you homeI was on the road and you were aloneIm sorry for the times that I had to goIm sorry for the fact that I did not knowThat you were sitting home just wishing weCould go back to when it was just you and meIm sorry for the times I would neglectIm sorry for the times Id disrespectIm sorry for the wrong things that Ive doneIm sorry Im not always there for my sonsIm sorry for the fact that Im not awareThat you cant sleep at night when I am not thereBecause Im in the streets like everydayIm sorry for the things that I did not sayLike how you are the best thing in my worldAnd how Im so proud to call you my girlRepeat:I understand that theres a problemAnd Im not too blind to knowAll the pain you kept inside youEven though you might not showIf I cant apologize for being wrongThen its just a shame on meId be the reason for your painAnd you can put the blame on me
  • Said you can put the blame on me (3)You can put the blame on meIm sorry for the things daddy put you throughLike all the times you didnt know what to doIm sorry that you had to go and sell those bagsJust trying to stay busy till you heard from dayAnd You would rather be home with all your kidsIts one big family with love and blissAnd even though pops treated us like kingsHe got a second wife and you didnt agreeHe got up and left you there all aloneIm sorry that you had to do it on your ownIm sorry that I went and added to your griefIm sorry that your son was once a thiefIm sorry that I grew up way too fastI wish I wouldve listened and not been so badIm sorry that your life turned out this wayIm sorry that the feds came and took me awayRepeat:I understand……You can put the blame on meIm sorry that it took so long to seeThat they were dead wrong, trying to put it on meIm sorry that it took so long to speakBut I was on tour with Gwen StefaniIm sorry for the hand that she was dealtThe further embarrassment that she feltJust a little young girl trying to have funHer daddy should of never let her out that youngIm sorry for Club Zen getting shut downI hope they manage better next time aroundHow was I to know she was underageIn a 21 and older club they sayWhy doesnt anybody wanna take blame?
  • Verizon backed out disgracing my nameIm just a singer trying to entertainBecause I love my fans, Ill take that blameEven though the blames on you (3)Ill take that blame from you