Better homes and gardens architectural home designer [download] [old version]


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Better homes and gardens architectural home designer [download] [old version]

  1. 1. REVIEWS - Better Homes and GardensArchitectural Home Designer [Download] [OLDVERSION]ViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating3.5 out of 5Product FeatureArrange wall, windows, doors, decks, andqautomatically generate 3D modelsChange colors, rooms, kitchens, baths, and createqyour own cabinetsVisualize flooring styles, countertops, new interiorqdesign styles and more3,200 new realistic plants with plant encyclopediaqdata to help you choose the right plant for yourdesignIdentify your costs and materials for your nextqproject before you beginRead moreqProduct DescriptionBetter Homes and Gardens Architectural Home Designer is an all-in-one Home Design software and providesfeature rich tools for design projects including: Home Design, Remodeling, Decks & Landscaping, InteriorDesign, Site Planning & Estimating. Quickly place and arrange walls, windows, doors, and cabinets. Choosecolors, place furniture, create decks and landscaping. Powerful building tools like standard CAD tools, automaticroof generation, dormers, stairs, framing, foundations, and Plan Check make it easy. Choose from a Library ofmore than 7,000 items including windows, doors, lighting, furniture, interior/exterior fixtures, cabinets, andmore. A Sprinkler Designer tool and full landscaping capabilities including a library of 3,200 plants are included.Read moreProduct DescriptionCreate Your Dream Home... Better Homes and Gardens Architectural Home Designer provides an advanced yeteasy to use set of tools for Home Design, Remodeling, Interior Design, Kitchens, Baths, Decks, Landscaping,Site Planning and Cost Estimation.
  2. 2. Create your dream home today.View Product Demo.Use the Pathway tool to design curb-appealing landscaping using stone, pavers, or sidewalks--line with trees,shrubs, flowers and more.Design your ideal kitchen--move walls, create new cabinets, add appliances, and more.Exclusive All-in-One Home Design SolutionExclusive Better Homes and Gardens Design Planning Center for expert design adviceChoose from over 2,500 Sample PlansDesign Inspiration Galley contains photos by type for design and inspiration design ideasChoose from built-in home style templates or create your own custom home design, or use the House WizardPowerful building tools like automatic roof generation, dormers, stairs, framing and foundationsGet Started Quickly and EasilyThe Quick Startup Options Guide will help you begin with "How-To" tutorials based on the type of your projectUse the House Wizard for quick and easy layout of your roomsSelect from the pre-designed Home Design and Landscaping Style Templates complete with colors, cabinets,decks and moreExclusive Design Planning Center for up-to-date How-To and Design Tips from the experts to help in yourdesign process
  3. 3. Includes Step-by-Step Tutorial DVD Packed with over 40 easy "step-by-step" tutorial training videos that willquickly get you started on your next home design projectKitchen and Bath DesignDesign the Kitchen of your dreams--move walls, create new cabinets, add appliances. Design your perfectworkspace!Plan the new layout of your bathroom with custom cabinets, sinks, showers and garden tubs. Its easy tovisualize your ideas in 3D.Create custom cabinets in minutes by choosing your own colors, countertops, door styles and moreDesign your new kitchen or bath with using the Cabinet Designer ToolsUse the Cabinet Designer tools to create unlimited of cabinet styles. Choose your own colors, countertops anddoor styles.Interior DesignUse the Better Homes and Gardens Design Planning Center to help guide your designs with guidelines, tipsand expert adviceDesign Inspiration Gallery--Our gallery of photos will help you to jump start your design and decorating styleideas with inspirational photos by roomsMaterial Painter lets you apply colors and materials quickly and easilyChoose from thousands of colors and textures or create your own materials using a digital photographDesign for your lifestyle and personality--change colors, add lighting and choose furniture to accent your newroomGlass House View provides a full translucent view of your design.Choose from over 3,200 plants with the Plant Chooser.Decks and Landscaping
  4. 4. Powerful deck and patio tools allow you to design and visualize your new deck with 3D models and can helpyou estimate the costsDesign single or multi-level decks complete with automatic deck framingQuickly lay out your deck with stairs and arrange furnitureDeck foundations automatically generate to match sloped lotsExclusive Better Homes and Gardens Plant EncyclopediaChoose from over 3,200 plants with the Plant ChooserPlant Hardiness Zone reference mapsSee what your plants will look like in 0-20 yearsPathways--Use the Pathway tool to design curb-appealing landscaping using stone, pavers, or sidewalks--linewith trees, shrubs, flowers and more3D Models and Virtual ToursDesign in 2D and 3D. 3D Views are automatic with a point-and-click of the camera tool.Glass House View provides a full translucent view of your designDoll House View, a 3D overview without the roof, is an effective tool for space planning of furniture placementand traffic flowCreate a Virtual Tour--draw your record line to Automatically Generate; or record your camera movementsVisualize your home with day and night viewsAssemble a scale model of your design with Model MakerGenerate shadows from the sun for realistic 3D viewsPoint-and-click to remove wall surfaces, or use 3D Cross-Section Elevation Slider to quickly create a 3D slice ofyour desired viewSite Planning & EstimatingUse Automatic Build Terrain and Terrain Perimeter tools to create flat, irregular shaped, or sloped lots--use aGPS to import or enter elevation dataCreate plot and perimeter plans; automatically generate a 3D model of your actual terrainMake your backyard design come alive using several easy-to-use terrain and landscaping tools. Add a pool orpond and visualize in 3D.Sprinkler Designer tools to easily layout sprinkler zonesFences and Driveways--With the Fencing tools you can choose a variety fencing styles and custom gates. Youwill also find driveway, sidewalk and curbing toolsHill and Valley tools make it easy to add gardens, beds and slopes that automatically appear in 3D views.Choose from landscaping style templates or create your own.Cost Estimating--Dont be surprised by the cost of your project. Automatically generate a completespreadsheet for your project costs, broken down by category. Calculate the amount of lumber for your deck orconcrete required for that new patio.Read more