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Colonial Jeopardy

Colonial Jeopardy






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    Colonial Jeopardy Colonial Jeopardy Presentation Transcript

    • THIS IS Jeopardy
    • With Host... Your Mr. Radcliff
    • 100 100 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500 500 500 English Settlements French and Dutch Settlements The First Colonies The 13 Colonies Map Skills Potpourri Jeopardy
    • This settlement is known as “The Lost Colony.” When John White returned, he found it abandoned. Only one clue remained: the word “Croatoan.” A 100
    • What is the Roanoke Colony? A 100
    • John Smith established this settlement in Virginia. It almost failed due to bad water, disease, and swampy land. A 200
    • What is Jamestown? A 200
    • This daughter of Chief Powhatan saved John Smith’s life. A 300
    • Who is Pocahontas? A 300
    • Jamestown was able to make money thanks to John Rolfe, who planted this cash crop. A 400
    • What is tobacco? A 400
    • These people agreed to work for someone for a certain amount of time in exchange for the cost of their voyage to North America and the hope to buy land when they gained their freedom. A 500
    • Who are indentured servants? A 500
    • Samuel de Champlain founded this settlement for the French. B 100
    • What is Quebec? B 100
    • This sea captain was searching for the Northwest Passage. In the process, he claimed land for the Dutch and had a river named after him. B 200
    • Who is Henry Hudson? B 200
    • This settlement was owned by the Dutch but later captured by the English and renamed New York. B 300
    • What is New Amsterdam? B 300
    • This popular item became a good source of income for the northern colonies. They were made into fashion accessories in Europe. B 400
    • What are beaver furs? B 400
    • Samuel de Champlain sailed along this river, which proved to be an important waterway into North America. B 500
    • What is the St. Lawrence River? B 500
    • This is the name for anyone who travels for a religious reason. C 100
    • What is a pilgrim? C 100
    • This man was a great pilgrim leader. C 200
    • Who was William Bradford? C 200
    • This plan of government was signed by all the men on the Mayflower. It was created to make “just and equal laws…for the general good of the colony.” C 300
    • What is the Mayflower Compact? C 300
    • This Native American taught the Pilgrims how to plant corn and find good fishing areas. C 400
    • Who is Squanto? C 400
    • This group was very strict about how people practice religion. They called their colony the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Whoever didn’t worship their way were made to leave the colony. C 500
    • Who are the Puritans? C 500
    • This man started the colony of Rhode Island because he was made to leave Massachusetts Bay Colony D 100
    • Who is Roger Williams? D 100
    • Since King Charles II owed his father money, this man asked for land in the New World so that he could build a colony for his fellow Quakers. D 200
    • Who was William Penn? D 200
    • This was the last of the English colonies; it was founded by James Oglethorpe. D 300
    • What is Georgia? D 300
    • Which colonies were known for the longest growing season? New England, Middle, or Southern? D 400
    • What are the Southern Colonies? D 400
    • Thomas Hooker was made to leave the Massachusetts Bay Colony, so he started a new settlement called Hartford in this colony. D 500
    • What is Connecticut? D 500
    • E 100
    • What is Virginia? E 100
    • E 200
    • What is New York? E 200
    • E 300
    • What is Maryland? E 300
    • E 400
    • What is North Carolina? E 400
    • E 500
    • What is Massachusetts? E 500
    • This early law-making assembly helped to establish the tradition of self-government in the English Colonies. F 100
    • What is the House of Burgesses? F 100
    • John White was not able to return to the Roanoke Colony because England was at war with this country. F 200
    • What is Spain? F 200
    • This was the first permanent English settlement in the New World. F 300
    • What is Jamestown? F 300
    • Which colonies were known as the “Breadbasket Colonies”-- New England, Middle, or Southern? F 400
    • What are the Middle Colonies? F 400
    • Lord Baltimore started this colony, mainly for Catholics and Protestants. F 500
    • What is Maryland? F 500
    • The Final Jeopardy Category is: The New World Please record your wager. Click on screen to begin
    • Theses are the three main reasons that European Nations wanted to colonize The New World. Click on screen to continue
    • What are to find gold, find the Northwest Passage, and build empires. Click on screen to continue
    • Thank You for Playing Jeopardy! Game Designed By C. Harr-MAIT