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    Assault Powerpoint Assault Powerpoint Presentation Transcript

    • ASSAULT Shadowmoon Server By: Racolek/Protonz
    • Guild History
      • Guild Created October 25, 2007
      • Founders: Racolek, Ako, Konton
      • Goal: Create a competitive raiding guild which has not changed ever since
      • Started as a Karazhan guild and progressed up to Illidan in BC
    • Expectations
      • Integrity: We expect all our guild members to be honest and truthful.
      • Quality: We expect the best performance from our raiders when called upon.
      • Consistency: Doing well in raids with minimal errors.
      • Preparation: Read up boss strategies posted on guild forums and bring flask/food.
    • Guild Information
      • DKP System: Zero-sum System – That will be covered once you register on our guild forum in the link below (register before moving onto the next slide)
      • http://smassault.guildomatic.com/forums/
      • Ventrilo info will be available to all guild members to view in the In-game Guild info
      • Raiding Schedule will be on the In-game Calendar
    • Guild Structure Guild Master Racolek DPS Officer Viktim Healing Officer Smty Casual Officer Dragore DKP Officer Protonz Class Leader Shaman: Blindstrike Class Leader Paladin: Kreeven Class Leader Druid Class Leader Hunter Class Leader Warrior Class Leader Priest: Sylestia Class Leader Rogue Class Leader Warlock Class Leader DeathKnight Class Leader Mage: Freezeall Pro-Raider Raider Member Trial Member
    • Incentives
      • !Raider Referral: We are always looking for new talent for the guild and if you know someone that meets our expectations and becomes a raider with us, you will receive Gold or DKP bonuses.
      • Exceptional performances in raids will also be rewarded with extra DKP.
    • Promotions & Advancement
      • We are always looking for people who want to step up and perform to the best of their abilities
      • Promotion to Member/Raider is decided by their own class leader
      • Advancement is based on time and contribution to the guild
    • Trial period expectations
      • Trial member probation period is approximately TWO weeks
      • During Trial period the loot distribution is subjected to change
      • During your trial period you are expected to attend most raids and perform up to standard
    • Theorycrafting
      • Theorycraft is a mathematical explanation using equations and formula to estimate dps.
      • We expect our guild member to be fully familiarized with the theorycraft of their own class, updated.
      • You are not expected to perform any theorycraft calculations, but to understand them.
      • Theoretical situation is always ideal, sometimes it is not the same as an actual encounter.
    • Feedback/Constructive Ideas
      • Guild members are always welcome to provide constructive ideas and feedback
      • Your opinion and comments are valuable in keep the guild successful and competitive.
      • During raids, direct your ideas/complaints to the CL’s/Officers rather than cause problems in raid chat.
    • THE END
      • Thanks for your time