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Unit 1 review (answers)
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Unit 1 review (answers)



Published in Technology , Education
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  • 1. Intro to Earth Science TEST REVIEW
  • 2. You are designing an experiment to see if studying with music improves science test scores… What is your independent variable?
  • 3. Answer • Music
  • 4. You are designing an experiment to see if studying with music improves science test scores… What is something you would want to keep the same when performing this experiment?
  • 5. Answer • Amount of time studied • People participating need to have same intelligence, background etc. • Subject studied • And Many more!!!
  • 6. You are designing an experiment to see if studying with music improves science test scores… What would the dependent variable be?
  • 7. Answer • The scores on the test
  • 8. Here is the data you recorded: Test # Test Score with Music Test Score without Music 1 78 88 2 70 72 3 85 91 What conclusion can you make from the data above?
  • 9. Answer • Studying with music does not cause scores to increase
  • 10. Thinking of the Music experiment….. What is one thing that could be done to make results more reliable?
  • 11. Answer • Repeat the experiment
  • 12. Thinking of the Music experiment….. What is one thing that could have happened to make the results less reliable?
  • 13. Answer • Many possible answers….changing or altering any of the controlled variables causes results to be unreliable
  • 14. A topographic map shows changes in ___________________
  • 15. Answer • elevation
  • 16. What feature does this topographic map show?
  • 17. Answer • A hill or mountain
  • 18. The highest point of elevation is found at what point?
  • 19. Answer • A
  • 20. What is the elevation at point c? 200m 150m 100m 50m
  • 21. Answer • Between 100m and 150m
  • 22. What is the contour interval on this map? 200m 150m 100m 50m
  • 23. Answer • 50 m
  • 24. What feature does this represent?
  • 25. Answer • A depression
  • 26. How will your mass change if you traveled to the moon?
  • 27. Answer • Mass will not change, only weight will change because it is effected by gravity
  • 28. What does temperature measure?
  • 29. Answer • The motion (kinetic energy) of particles
  • 30. To measure the mass of a liquid, what unit of measurement would you use?
  • 31. Answer • Grams
  • 32. Which sphere includes plants and animals?
  • 33. Answer • Biosphere
  • 34. Volcanoes and Earthquakes are found in what sphere?
  • 35. Answer • Geosphere
  • 36. Explain how a volcanic eruption from the geosphere could effect 2 other spheres?
  • 37. Answer • Atmosphere: ash and gases ejected from eruption • Hydrosphere: ash deposits contaminate water • Biosphere: Plants and animals are unable to survive due to air and water quality, habitat destruction • Geosphere: New rock is formed from cooled lava, ash gets into soil and adds nutrients
  • 38. What is one feature of the atmosphere?
  • 39. Answer • • • • • Mostly Nitrogen Causes weather Keeps temps stable Protects from radiation Protects from meteors
  • 40. A closed system exchanges ________ but not __________ with its surroundings
  • 41. Answer • Energy NOT matter
  • 42. Give one reason as to why the hydrosphere is an open system
  • 43. Answer • Water is transferred physically between the hydrosphere and atmosphere
  • 44. How is the biosphere part of the nitrogen cycle?
  • 45. Answer • Bacteria fix nitrogen into usable forms for plants, plants absorb it through their roots, then animals eat plants. When living things die, they decay and release nitrogen back into the soil. Another type of bacteria may transfer it back into the atmosphere
  • 46. Where is one place that Carbon is stored on Earth?
  • 47. Answer • Ocean • Rock • Living things
  • 48. How have humans altered the natural balance of the Carbon cycle?
  • 49. Answer • By burning fossil fuels at high rates and deforestation
  • 50. How could using too much fertilizer (nitrogen) effect the environment? (be specific)
  • 51. Answer • Plants use nitrogen to grow, but any unused nitrogen will run off into nearby rivers and lakes and accumulate. Plants in the lake may overgrow, causing an imbalance in the food chain.
  • 52. How does removing rainforests affect the Carbon cycle?
  • 53. Answer • The more trees are removed, the less plants there are to take in carbon from the atmosphere