Lillian bassman


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Lillian bassman

  1. 1. Rachelle Sutherland Design 101
  2. 2.  Fashion Photographer  Painter  Photoshop Lillian's type of work
  3. 3. Lillian Bassman was born June 15,1917. She was an American photographer and painter. She grew up with both of her parents who were Jewish but emigrated to the United States from Ukraine in 1905 but they later settled in Brooklyn, NewYork. She grew up in Brooklyn and studied at theTextile High school . She graduated in 1933.
  4. 4.  Lillian first met her husband ,Paul Himmel who was also a Photographer.They met each other at Coney Island just at age of six. They later met again at the age of 13and which they started living together when Lillian was just 15 years old . They were married in 1935 but Paul Himmel had died in 2009 after 73 years of marriage.
  5. 5.  Lillian was known for her Seducing Lingerie photo shoots  Played with Photoshop to get the shading and effects the way that she wanted  Her photo’s where know for the models to have the long neck’s and long legs showing in each photograph.  She blew smoke over the Lens while she was shooting to create a Smokey effect to enchant the photo even more
  6. 6.  “Her first love was printing,” As Her husband Paul Himmel would say.  Lillian saw the dark room as her playground. She would play around and break the rules when it came to painting and to art.  Lillian's art was later Noticed by her techniques and different style with black and white.  Lillian embraced the digital darkroom as well where she was viewing Photo Shop and ink-jet printers as her new tools. S  Lillian would mix to get the colors that she wanted and liked with the ink.
  7. 7.  1974: Stämpfli Gallery, NewYork  1993: Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York  1993: "Vanité", Palais de Tokyo  1994: Jackson Fine Art Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia  2004: StaleyWise Gallery, NewYork[7]  2005: Farmani Gallery, Los Angeles,  2010: Retrospective,The Wapping Project, London, UK
  8. 8.  Seductive  Charming  graceful figure lines  vivid texture  stark contrast
  9. 9.  Don’t be afraid to photograph or paint something out of your comfort zone  Try something new and break the rules. Art has no rules to  That you can take a seductive photograph with out showing everything.  Push the limit’s  Do what you love and know. Don’t do what other people tell you.
  10. 10.  One of my favorite pictures of Lillian happens to be one of her. She took this photo of herself and I just love how happy she is doing, doing what she loves to do. She is a stunning woman who loves taking photo’s and creating them her own way. She take’s each Photo and create it the way she likes it. She plays around to make it 100% her own. Each photo she takes may be so simply but I just love how strong the black and white photo’s pop out.
  11. 11.  ian-bassman-retrospective- slideshow_slideshow_item7_8  012/feb/16/lillian-bassman  2/sets/72157625276078379/  ssman_exhibition.html
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