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Questionnaire analyse
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Questionnaire analyse


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  • 1. Questionnaire Analyse
  • 2. Questionnaire
  • 3. Question 1• You can see the age of 14 is not on the pie chart because this age had no votes. This already tells me that I will be aiming What age group do you fit into? towards an older audience.• Age 16-18 had the highest votes which shows the audience I will be targeting for my trailer.• At this age, teenagers are into thrillers/horrors the adrenaline of getting scared excites them.• This will benefit me a lot because I am between my target audience age so I would know what they like/interested in.• The age 19 is the next highest so I am definitely targeting my audience to teenagers/young adults.• My trailer will need to be mature top grab my target audience and the story need to be well thought out.
  • 4. Question 2• From this question you can see that female are slightly Are you male or female? higher than male.• This can possible mean that I’ve asked more females but this can also means that females like thrillers/horrors more than males.• However they are almost even so this will only effect my target audience slightly.• I am going to aim for target audience for mixed gender.
  • 5. Question 3• Question: What makes you want to watch a film? Rank these in order of preference (1 Options Votes Place being most important and 6 being least important) Word of Mouth 5 1st• From my questionnaire, its shows that most people put ‘word of mouth’ and ‘trailers’ are Adverts 4 2nd the most important and ‘reviews’ being less important• This suggests that people nowadays don’t Posters 2 4th tend to look at reviews on films, they take a look at the film themselves and make a Trailers 5 1st decision whether its worth watching or not• This also suggest that if that I would have to Reviews 1 5th make a really good trailer to interest the viewers as this will determine whether they will watch the movie or not Actors 3 3rd• I would also need to build-up excitement of the movie through online social networks such as Facebook and Twitter so the film are spread through word of mouth
  • 6. Question 4• The plot and the tension wins What appeals to you the most in this question. horrors/thrillers?• Tension plays a massive role into horrors/thrillers. It’s the fright that makes them want to watch the film and also the plot.• The plot is enormously important because no plot will be dull and teenagers tend to loss interest quickly.• The actors are less important but still have votes. This shows that actors can be unknown but also famous movie stars.
  • 7. Question 5• It is clear that my questionnaire shows that Do you like horrors or thrillers? my target audience prefers thrillers than horrors.• I will definitely based my trailer on thrillers than horrors.• Both horrors and thrillers have the scare factor so I would still have to get that effect in my trailer
  • 8. Question 6• My questionnaire shows there is a similarity between how much my target audience How often do you watch watch horrors/thrillers. horrors/thrillers?• Annually and weekly are the same, this should that horrors and thrillers are watch throughout the year• Monthly was only one vote away, this shows that horrors and thrillers are a popular genre• This gives me a relief because horrors and thrillers are widespread
  • 9. Question 7
  • 10. Question 8• This question had a variety of votes What type of horrors/thrillers• Supernatural and psychological thriller had the most votes so I films do you like? would based my thriller on that• Religious had no vote which is easier because religious horrors/thrillers will have to very thought out• Sci-fi horror didn’t get any votes which is good because I am doing a thriller and I would not have the special effects for aliens etc
  • 11. Question 9• There is many variation What location do you think would be to wear I could film my most appropriate for a horror/thriller thriller. film?• Woodlands, house/cabins and haunted houses seem to have the same vote, this tells me that location is important but as long as it is dark/ scary/jumpy the location is less important to other things
  • 12. Question 10• Surprisingly this question is exactly half and half Do you prefer the main character• This shows that this will not to be male or female? affect my trailer whether the main character is male or female• I will try make my characters mixed gender so it will appeal to a wider audience.• My wider audience being males and females.