African americans in the civil war


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African americans in the civil war

  1. 1. African Americans in the Civil War Sassy Perry Rachel Robinson Brooke Salzman
  2. 2. African Americans in the Union  About 180,000 African Americans served during the Civil War, including runaway slaves. In total, they made up about 10% of the Union Army
  3. 3. African Americans in the Confederacy  Although many blacks tried to enlist in the army, the Confederate government did not allow them to, and instead were just laborers. They only took up arms when their masters went into combat.
  4. 4. Jobs of African Americans in the Union  Most blacks served in the  army and navy after the  Emancipation  Proclamation was issued.  Even so, they still faced discrimination in such things as salary and ranking.
  5. 5. Jobs of African Americans in the Confederacy  Blacks aided the war effort by working as blacksmiths, nurses, laundresses, etc. Blacks were not allowed to serve in the Confederate Army until General Order 14 was passed, but by then the war had already ended
  6. 6. Patrick Cleburne’s letter Before General “The slaves are dangerous Order 14 was passed, now, but armed, trained, General Cleburne and collected in an army had written a letter they would be a thousand to Confederate fold more dangerous; President Jefferson therefore when we make Davis asking for soldiers of them we must Permission to arm make free men of them beyond all question, and slaves in order to thus enlist their sympathies also…” help the war effort.
  7. 7. Famous African American unit  The 54 Massachusetts Regiment was one of The first official black Units in the country, And are known for their Assault on Fort Wagner In South Carolina. Although the Regiment was not able to hold the fort, the battle encouraged more African American to enlist for the army.
  8. 8. Frederick Douglass’s Speech  Although he never served in the armed  forces, Douglass gave a speech  encouraging blacks to enlist in the army  "Who would be free themselves must  strike the blow....I urge you to fly to  arms and smite to death the power that  would bury the Government and your liberty in the same hopeless grave. This  is your golden opportunity."
  9. 9. James Lewis (1832-1897)  Originally a steward on a ship, Lewis Escaped the south at the start Of the Civil War. He then joined The Union army and achieved The rank of Captain in the First Louisiana Volunteer Native Guards. After the war he was given the post of United States Inspector of Customs in New Orleans.
  10. 10. Robert Smalls (1839-1915)  Smalls served as a ship Pilot until he became Famous after he stole the CSS Planter and handed it Over to the Union. After the war he served in the House of Representatives from South Carolina from 1875 to 1887.
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