11.14.13 Social Media for Volunteers presentation


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PowerPoint for the November 14, 2013 Volunteer Administrators of Midcoast Maine Fall Conference at the Farnsworth Museum, Rockland, Maine.

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  • IntroductionsNames & organizationsHow much experience with social mediaWork on social media by themselves or with co-workers
  • http://manmadediy.com/users/chris/posts/1522-how-to-make-star-wars-snowflakes-free-templates-included
  • (http://expandedramblings.com/index.php/by-the-numbers-17-amazing-facebook-stats/)
  • http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2400546/Become-volunteer--live-longer-Those-regularly-help-communities-20-likely-die-prematurely.html
  • Why is Twitter so successful: “On Instagram, it’s nearly impossible to go viral. On Facebook, content constantly goes viral. On Vine and Twitter, people go viral. Retweets are rewarded with follows, and follows are rewarded with more retweets. It’s not a true meritocracy, but it can, under the right circumstances, feel like one.” -- -- http://www.buzzfeed.com/jwherrman/why-twitter-just-turned-itself-inside-out
  • Connecting with hashtagsUse relevant hashtags (but only 1 or 2 at a time). It’s considered rude to use moreCreate your own or use already established hashtags like #volunteer or #voluntweet #VolMaine free; #VolunteerMaine doesn’t seem to be used frequently #volunteer(ing)(s)#activism#cause(s)#charitytuesday#csr (corporate social responsibility)#sm4sg (social media for social good)#socialgood#socimpact#dogood#video4change#nonprofitshttp://www.companykmedia.com/2011/05/18/30-super-useful-nonprofit-hashtags-twitter-chats-too/
  • Library – Have you seen the Lizzie Bennett Diaries – check it out.
  • http://www.bethkanter.org/linked-company/
  • Nonprofit Marketing Guide (Kivi Leroux Miller) – blog of the same name and a couple of books: Nonprofit marketing guide and Content Marketing for Nonprofits. Lots of free materials. Also as a monthly writing prompt newsletter that you may find helpful.Beth’s Blog (Beth Kanter) – The Networked Nonprofit and Measuring the Networked NonprofitNetwork for Good blog – fundraising company – They also participate in Giving Tuesday, which is coming up! You could ask supporters to commit time if they can’t give money. Note that Network for Good is www.nonprofitmarketingblog.com (similar to kivi’s site name)Wild Apricot blog – database company“Social Social,” social media blog by Rob Gould in the Portland Press Herald.Social Media Breakfast monthly meeting in Portland
  • 11.14.13 Social Media for Volunteers presentation

    1. 1. Using Social Media to Engage Volunteers November 14, 2013
    2. 2. Agenda • Strategic planning • Marketing your volunteer outreach • Top social media networks • Things to know • Tips for making social media manageable • Analytics and content calendars • Resources
    3. 3. Social Media and Volunteering 1. Know what you’re already doing 2. Cover your bases – get the basics down 3. Think creatively 4. Evaluate Results: Happier, more dedicated volunteers More support for your organization
    4. 4. Strategic Planning • First, outline your current activities. Identify: • • • • • What works well What isn’t working What steps you can take to improve Who is responsible for each task How work will be evaluated • Clarify your design template – have a consistent look, feel, style (colors, fonts, etc.) Social media is a supplement, not your entire strategy
    5. 5. Sample strategic plan
    6. 6. Your social media strategy Focus on recruitment and retention of volunteers HOW? • Incorporate media that appeals directly to your volunteers – thanking them, highlighting their work • Tell donors who your volunteers are and why they decide to participate with your organization.
    7. 7. You have time for social media • Don’t be intimidated! • Plan out your content 1-2 weeks in advance • Graphics can take less than 10 minutes to create Women’s Equality Day post
    8. 8. Take original photographs! Always try to take pictures of your own volunteers and supporters! Get permission to post pictures online If you can’t use new images, use Library of Congress, Wiki/Flickr Commons
    9. 9. Humor, creativity, brevity Recruit volunteers with funny, innovative content
    10. 10. Highlight your volunteers Show your appreciation for your volunteers. The Rainier Valley Food Bank profiles its volunteers on a regular basis (every 1-2 weeks), including a quote from each person.
    11. 11. Share “behind the scenes” Organizations that showcase fun experiences will attract good volunteers. Pictures from charity:water’s Halloween costume content.
    12. 12. Know your audience Posts from Curtis Memorial Library FB Embrace inside references
    13. 13. Partner with other organizations Lent Madness was sponsored by Forward Movement (Episcopal Church). Lent Madness increased FPC Facebook likes 200+ each month 2013 Lent Madness winner, Frances Perkins
    14. 14. Remember these rules • Start small • Don’t force people to sign up or post online • DON’T BE STUPID
    15. 15. Websites Your website should be under control before you engage with other social media! • A website is the first place people look when researching an organization • Blog and write frequent posts • Keep your website up-to-date • Remember: Simple is better Good example: charity:water
    16. 16. Rainier Valley Food Bank
    17. 17. Rainier Valley Food Bank Post volunteer opportunities and job descriptions on website Job descriptions can also be posted on Idealist or LinkedIn Advertise these opportunities on Facebook and Twitter
    18. 18. Habitat for Humanity LA • Website’s volunteer page includes a rotating stream of photographs • Recent Facebook page posts: video of house construction, photos from volunteer event • Pay attention to the terminology used
    19. 19. Facebook • Facebook is the dominant social media network • Facebook’s popularity is decreasing • Wide audience of all ages (1.26 billion users) • Teenagers are not actively participating • Facebook should be central to your social media strategy • Increasing concerns about privacy, leadership, and frequent design changes that annoy users
    20. 20. Facebook Tips Pictures and brief videos are most popular Keep posts short: 3-4 sentences Update cover page regularly – aim for at least once a month Make sure your logo fits correctly
    21. 21. Connecting with volunteers on Facebook Post volunteer profiles – “Volunteer of the Week” Post videos of people discussing why they volunteer Say thank you
    22. 22. Events Share information about upcoming service events Don’t forget to share photos! Remember special months: e.g. Domestic Violence Awareness
    23. 23. Tag yourself! Bring props or signs to events and share these photos online www.facebook.com/GetVolunteer ing Ask volunteers to submit & tag themselves in photographs www.facebook.com/foramericorpsa lums
    24. 24. Ask questions • “Our subject this month will be men and volunteering. Do you know any men that inspire you with the way they invest their time? We want to hear about it.” • “What motivates you to volunteer?” • “When did you start volunteering?” • “What is the most life-changing thing you have been taught?”
    25. 25. Share information Articles: Quotations: “Volunteering can help lead to a longer life” “Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.” – Elizabeth Andrew “Volunteering is associated with 27% higher rate of employment” Statistics: “According to a 2010 study, 58% of Canadian kids ages 15-24 years old volunteer. What could we do to get that number up even higher?” …and pair with questions! “How do you find time to volunteer?” https://www.facebook.com/GetVolunteering
    26. 26. Graphics/Memes Look at content aggregators: • George Takei • I F’ing Love Science Malaria No More, Planned Parenthood, AmeriCorps, Spec ial Olympics, & Girl Scouts create original graphics with consistent themes
    27. 27. More graphics
    28. 28. Twitter
    29. 29. Twitter • Post updates, tag friends and organizations, share images, use hashtags to follow trending information • Emphasis on real time • What is Twitter currently used for? • • • • informal conversations between friends journalists/citizens to cover breaking news comedy live-tweeting television shows and other events • On its way to being the dominant social media platform
    30. 30. Tips for Twitter • • • • 140 character limit Be witty, creative, and/or succinct Post regularly (1-3 times daily) Tag people and/or organizations in every post
    31. 31. Twitter for nonprofits • Use as a content aggregator Create lists to scan for relevant tweets • Follow new people/organizations regularly • Twitter is less popular in Maine – but great for solidifying partnerships with national organizations
    32. 32. Connect with your volunteers • Incorporate Twitter in your social media volunteer recruitment strategy • Thank your volunteers over Twitter • Thank new followers individually • Ask volunteers and supporters to participate on social media. Offer rewards, e.g. best photograph taken by a volunteer at an event. • Answer questions or coordinate real-time events • Post links to volunteer profiles on Facebook, website
    33. 33. Connecting with hashtags Use relevant hashtags (but only 1 or 2 at a time) Create your own or use already established hashtags like #volunteer or #voluntweet
    34. 34. Publicize your Twitter feed Habitat for Humanity Los Angeles includes link to Twitter feed directly on their homepage
    35. 35. YouTube/Vimeo • YouTube – owned by Google – dominates the market • Vimeo is an older service, now primarily used by professional filmmakers • Both services post long videos • YouTube for Nonprofits Program
    36. 36. YouTube/Vimeo • People don’t watch long videos. Aim for 2.5 - 3 minutes • Make sure videos communicate the right messages Tips for creating videos • Flip cameras, iPhones • http://freemusicarchive.org
    37. 37. Zombie apocalypse
    38. 38. Zombie-repellent kittens www.spcawake.com/zombies
    39. 39. “Instagramers be like”
    40. 40. “Instagram: Not just for #hipsters”
    41. 41. Instagram versus Flickr • Instagram owned by Facebook – Flickr owned by Yahoo • While professional photographers use Flickr, individuals use Instagram. Organizations use both • Both sites provide filters, editing tools
    42. 42. vs. United Way for Southeastern Michigan American Red Cross
    43. 43. LinkedIn • Networking site primarily used for hiring • Review resumes, recommendations, and endorsements • Great for making new professional connections, such as recruiting board members, interns, and volunteers • Making a play to be one of the dominant social media sites
    44. 44. LinkedIn company page Set up a profile so you have a presence in the professional world.
    45. 45. Pinterest • Digital scrapbooking – An online community that shares info through images. • Great for beautiful photographs or infographics • Less useful • For those not focused on cooking, DIY, home improvement, or lifestyle advice • For those who don’t have a graphic designer on staff • Inspirational/aspirational
    46. 46. Pinterest boards
    47. 47. Tumblr • Microblogging site owned by Yahoo • Less formal than a website, more formal than most social media • Design is completely customizable • Uses scrolling format • Good starting point for groups not ready for a website • Showcase photos, gifs, videos, etc.
    48. 48. Examples of blogs Your L.L.Bean Boyfriend http://yourllbeanboyfriend.tumblr.com Modern Farmer http://modfarm.tumblr.com
    49. 49. wellesleymag.tumblr. com Tumblr Great for projects or groups whose work is slightly separate from your main organization (i.e. your volunteer network) Examples: Wellesley alumnae magazine Tumblr
    50. 50. Secondary sites Google+, Reddit, Digg, etc. • Less worthwhile investing time in unless you have the major sites down.
    51. 51. Vine/Instagram Video/Snapchat Things to know Keys to success • Vine – 6 second video • Humor works well • Instagram video – 15 second video • Opportunity to convey the character of your team • Snapchat – sends videos or photos that delete after delivery • Can show off how much you’ve accomplished in a short period of time (growing a garden, repainting a building, etc.)
    52. 52. Newer sites Concerns • Creativity is a necessity…but taking the time to prioritize creative thinking will help your organization in the long run • Make sure videos highlight your organization’s productivity • Snapchat – used frequently by teenagers and for explicit photos
    53. 53. Vine You can do a lot in 6 seconds Humans of New York Created by Jerome Jarre, who asked, "What is the most important message you would like to share with the world right now?"
    54. 54. Tell a story
    55. 55. Hunt for new treasures Send your volunteers on an adventure and share their stories!
    56. 56. Content calendar • A content calendar is integral to your strategy! • Identify types of material you post and diversify content • Divide up responsibilities between staff members – each person knows when he/she posts • Ensures you post material on a regular basis
    57. 57. Social media sites work together Post information on more than one media stream! Write blog post on website, advertise on Facebook and Twitter, post accompanying photo on Instagram
    58. 58. Analytics • Facebook, Twitter, Hootsuite have functions to analyze posts • Google Analytics for website • Compile your statistics regularly • Analytics will help figure out what is working and what isn’t • Make changes accordingly!
    59. 59. Analytics You can track all of your digital media analytics at once!
    60. 60. My favorite tools • Feedly • Hootsuite • Picmonkey • Easl.ly/Piktochart
    61. 61. Feedly • Content aggregator that subscribes to website’s RSS feed • Replacement for Google Reader • Great for locating content for newsletters, professional development
    62. 62. Hootsuite • Schedule posts in advance across your social networks • Review and tag your network of professional peers • Shorten hyperlinks
    63. 63. PicMonkey • Easily create graphics and collages • Great alternative to Photoshop • Free and paid subscriptions
    64. 64. Infographics There are free online tools to create infographics • Easl.ly • Piktochart (subscription option)
    65. 65. Do your research! See what other organizations are doing Contact your favorite organizations with questions Finally, HAVE FUN
    66. 66. Resources • Nonprofit Marketing Guide (Kivi Leroux Miller) • Beth’s Blog (Beth Kanter) • Network for Good blog • Wild Apricot blog • “Social Social,” social media blog by Rob Gould in the Portland Press Herald. • Social Media Breakfast monthly meeting in Portland