Finding Books


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Finding Books

  1. 1. The Library Website 0
  2. 2. Click on the link that says, “Find a Book, E-Book or Article”
  3. 3. 0In a few seconds, a box will enter the screen. It allows you to chat live with a librarian. 0If you need help, click on “Yes, Let’s Chat.” 0If you don’t need help, click on “Not Now, Thanks.”
  4. 4. Sign in first 0 The Log In link is in the upper right corner 0 Your borrower ID is your student ID # 0 Your PIN is the last four digits of your Social Security number
  5. 5. Now you see your name in the top right hand corner
  6. 6. Now you’re ready to search 0Type your topic into the box that says Search All Available Items 0Look at the line below the search box. 0For books or e-books, click the arrow beside “All Items” and change that to “Books” or “E-Books” 0Then, click on Search
  7. 7. Find the book on the shelf 0 For each book, look at the third line (below title and author) 0 If the book is on the shelf, it will say “Available” 0 If the book is checked out, it will say so (in red) 0 If the book is on the Daytona campus, it will say “Daytona State/Daytona” 0 Books that say “Daytona State/West” are in the DeLand campus library 0 If you need the book sent to another campus, you can request it (see below)
  8. 8. Reference or Circulation? 0 If the book says Circulation, it can be checked out. Circulating books at the Daytona campus are on the first floor of the library. 0 If the book says Reference, it cannot be checked out. You may use it within the library but cannot take it out of the building. You can make copies of anything you like. 0 If the book says Circulation/UCF, ignore the UCF part.
  9. 9. The Call Number 0 The call number is what you need to write down. 0 It is the exact location of the book on the shelf. 0 Books are shelved alphabetically by the first two letters, then numerically after that. 0 Sometimes you will have to look at the front of the book for the call number, if the book is very thin. 0 Books are filed by subject. If you find one good book on your subject, the other books like it will be right beside it.
  10. 10. Checking out your books (Daytona and DeLand) 0 Once you have found your books, take them to the Circulation Desk, at the front door of the library, to check out. 0 You may check out books for two weeks, and renew them once. (Bachelor’s degree students may keep books for four weeks.) 0 A fine of 25 cents/day will be collected on overdue books. 0 For more information, see ml or call (386)506-3055 (the circulation desk)
  11. 11. Requesting books to be sent to other campuses 0 If you are on a campus without a library (Flagler, Deltona, ATC, New Smyrna Beach), you can request that the book be delivered to you. 0 If you are on the DeLand campus, and the book you want is in Daytona (or vice versa), you can also request the book. 0 If a book is checked out, and you want to be notified when it is returned, you can request the book. 0 If you are on the same campus as the book, and the book is not checked out, you have to go get the book yourself.
  12. 12. How to request a book 0 Click on the blue “Request Item” link below the book description 0 Click on “Select Pickup Location” to indicate your campus 0 Choose your campus, then click on “Hold” 0 If you are on the Daytona or DeLand campus, your book will be delivered to the library circulation desk 0 If you are on a campus without a library, the book will be delivered to the Academic Support Center on your campus 0 You will receive a phone call when your book arrives. 0 It takes 2 to 3 days for a book to arrive at your campus. Books can’t be delivered overnight.
  13. 13. Need more help? Call 386-506-3055 or 386-785-2017 Add us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Watch on YouTube