Social Media Marketing for Businesses


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Social Media Marketing for Businesses - focused on how social media can help your business, good practice when using social media, as well as a few useful good practice tips when using Linkedin and Twitter.

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  • Hi everyone, thank you for the opportunity to speak here today. I am going to be giving a short talk on Business to Business social media marketing, so if you have any social media accounts or your considering setting one up then I hope that there is a few useful tips that you can take away from this presentation.
  • Before we start, I will just tell you a little about myself. I am Rachel Murray and I am a digital marketing consultant at Hydrant. I recently joined the team at Hydrant to broaden there digital marketing services available. Hydrant, are based in Carlisle and are a digital agency specialising in developing bespoke websites and providing services in we design, support, Search engine optimisation and digital marketing.
  • Over the last five years, social media has matured and grown and is now an important tool in online and digital communication. Social media can simply be defined as online technologies and practices that people use to share opinions, insights, experiences and perspectives with each other. With most popular and highly used social networking sites especially by businesses being Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ and Pinterest.
  • There has been an increase in the number of businesses getting involved with social media, and using it for many things such as customer communication or generating leads or improving their seo results. A few tips to help you make sure your making the most of the profiles you have, is to not think of the profiles as separate, when appropriate it is great to cross promote and market your links, by tweeting our pins, facebook about your blog etc. Adding share buttons to your website content, email communications to drive site traffic and raise awareness that you have a profile on social networks.If you have more than 1 profile, or you find it time consuming to generate a lot of content than a great tool to use is one too Schedule your communications – this can be done through a number of tools however at Hydrant we use a market leading piece of software called Hootsuite or buffer which allows you to schedule your communication in advance, auto-schedule for the message to receive optimal impact and also manage many accounts. It additionally has reporting features. Another note, is measure what works on your site by using relevant analytics to generate which updates gain most engagement. Although there is many social media platforms, its important to not join to many networks, target the best ones for your business goals and focus on them. SEO - using keyword relevant to your organisation and words that you think you should be competing for and listed within,Especially in blog posts and most certainly within the titles of blog posts. Creating back links to the site is also important from the content - which can be done by the encouragement of sharing. Employee sharing by providing a pre-created tweet which will then reach a larger audience. Naming social media profiles properly - profile description is effective and details what the organisation does, add website address to link to the site and appropriate landing page and also include location.
  • Linked-In is a social networking site that is aimed at professionals, with a steady growth rate with two new members signing up every second. When using Linked-In for business to business social media marketing, a few considerations to enhance effectiveness are;Create adverts to draw attention to your company page, or your professional pageWhen you think it could benefit your business, ask your contacts for introductions to their contacts.Endorsing other people skills adds creditability to their profile, and they may endorse your skills back. Professional photo which allows for instant recognition,  you should use the same headshot across all of your professional platforms. It helps with your personal branding.Things to share on Linked-In should be a mix of third party articles, company blog posts, links to e-books and webinars, employee information and other content appropriate for your LinkedIn audience.The main thing to do for lead gen is to make sure you are providing compelling offers with calls-to-action so prospects can become leads for your B2B company.
  • Build your following, reputation, and customer's trust with these simple practices:Regularly monitor the comments about your company, brand, and products.Respond to compliments and feedback in real timeTweet updates about special offers, discounts and time-sensitive deals.Reference articles and links about the bigger picture as it relates to your business.Retweet and reply publicly to great tweets posted by your followers and customers.Twitter users tend to prefer a direct, genuine, and of course, a likable tone from your business, but think about your voice as you Tweet. How do you want your business to appear to the Twitter community?Recommended followers - It is likely that people are already having conversations about your business, your competitors or your industry on Twitter.
  • At Hydrant, we do offer packages to assist businesses with social media, which are fully catered to your needs and requirements whether you want to grasp the fundamentals of using the social network or you want assistance in creating a communication strategy or marketing campaign. We offer an introductory social media package, a more advanced package which can be done in-house to ensure that your in-house staff are well advised and trained to have the equipped skills and knowledge to manage the social media accounts effectively. Or lastly social media management which is that our digital marketing department can manage your social media accounts for an agreed number of hours per month. For a set number of hours, ensuring that sites are best optimised, content is shared effectively and that work is being conducted to ensure objectives are being met.If this something that you would like to know more about than you can discuss it with either myself or my colleague who are here today, or we can send you some more information.
  • Social Media Marketing for Businesses

    1. 1. Social Media Marketing for BusinessesRachel MurrayHydrant
    2. 2. Hydrant Award winning digital agency based in Carlisle. Providing services in web design, support and consultancy, search engine optimization and digital marketing.
    3. 3. What is Social Media? Online technologies and practices that people use to share opinions, insights, experiences, and perspectives with each other Twitter,Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ and Pinterest
    4. 4. How social media can helpbusiness SEO rankings Raise your company profile and awareness Marketing exposure Build Loyalty Lead Generation & Boost Sales  With over 53% of companies find customers via Facebook, through Twitter and by identify customers through LinkedIn.
    5. 5. Good Practice Sharing relevant content Monitor Staff Profiles - Policies Don’t join to many networks Measure what works Cross Promote – Tweet your pins, Facebook about your blog
    6. 6. Good Practice - Linked-In Linked-In Advertising Create a group around your specialisations and core competencies Introductions Endorse fairly Professional Photo Recruitment
    7. 7. Good Practice - Twitter Respond Reward Demonstrate Leadership Establish Right Voice Search for followers – or Recommended to Tweet a few times a day
    8. 8. How can Hydrant help? Social Media Packages Social Media Management Consultancy/Strategy
    9. 9. Thanks for ListeningEmail - – 0845 862 1111Twitter - @HydrantRachel @TeamHydrant