Getting Started Using Facebook For Business


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Getting Started Using Facebook For Business

  1. 1. Getting Started U i G tti St t d Using Facebook For Business Mid Peninsula Professional Alliance 9/21/10 Rachel Melia Online Marketing Consultant
  2. 2. Background  14 years online marketing experience y g p  Mostly at SF ad agencies on clients including Kodak Mobile (part of Kodak Gallery), Macromedia, Microsoft, Palm, Tivo, Electronic , , , , Arts, Veronica Mars  4 years as marketing consultant  Women In Consulting Online Marketing Director  Current emphasis on Facebook marketing k ti
  3. 3. Today s Today’s Objectives Explain why you should consider using Facebook How you can use Facebook to meet your business objectives Examples E l How to get started How t measure H to
  4. 4. Why Facebook? HUGE  More than 500 million users (Facebook) ( )  Approx. 150 million US – 53% of US  50% log in every day  Average user has 130 friends  #2 most trafficked website in world (Alexa)  Google - 149.6 million visitors May  Facebook - 123 7 million visitors May 123.7  Facebook #1 by time on site  48% over 35 years old (iStrategyLabs)  F t t growing group Fastest i Photo by Don Harrison of UpNorth Memories HIGHLY ENGAGED  Average user connected to 80 p g , community g pages, y pages, groups, events FREE  Average user creates 90 pieces content a month
  5. 5. Facebook Is New Start Page & Preferred Way t R W to Receive I f i Information ti Was - AOL, Yahoo, Google, Email Now - Facebook
  6. 6. Types of Facebook Accounts Personal Profile Business Page Group •People have to request to be •Anyone can “Like” a page Anyone Like your “F i d” “Friend” •Posts display on wall of people that •Posts display on “Friends” walls “Like” •Possible to mix business and •Can post from page ex. “Whole Foods” pleasure •Many applications available •People have to request to “Join” •Posts do not display on member walls •Can send emails to members •Posts come from personal profiles
  7. 7. Objectives You Can Achieve Using Facebook F b k  Facebook can help y meet these business p you objectives Brand awareness Thought leadership/display of expertise Customer affinity Customer service Product feedback Networking Lead generation Drive traffic t D i t ffi to website, physical store or event b it h i l t t Sales  … and a benefit – increased SEO
  8. 8. Companies Doing Facebook Right Incredible level of customer affinity.. 104k Likes Almost every post is person saying how much they love Lilly Almost 14 million Likes Majority of posts from people about their favorite coffee, etc.
  9. 9. Companies Doing Facebook Right Increasing thought leadership or showcasing expertise Fitness and nutrition tips 24k Likes Leading FB expert Expertise and passion apparent
  10. 10. Companies Doing Facebook Right Selling products online Regularly post discounts Buy flowers within Facebook
  11. 11. Companies Doing Facebook Right Drive traffic to a store or event Regularly post Post fresh coupons bakery items that look amazing Post special events
  12. 12. How To Get Started  Develop Facebook objectives based on overall p j objectives  Develop content strategy  Post highly valuable content  Tips, blog articles, relevant information, discounts, OPC (other people’s content), pictures/videos  Include images whenever possible  Aim to elicit comments/Likes for inclusion in “Top News” and in order to go viral  Y /N fill i th bl k etc. Yes/No, in the blank, t  Promote
  13. 13. Beyond The Basics – Custom Tabs Original Content Welcome Tabs
  14. 14. Beyond The Basics – Custom Tabs Team Bios Email Sign-Up FAQs
  15. 15. Beyond The Basics – Application YouTube I t Y T b Integration ti Integration I t ti Foursquare Integration Slideshare Integration
  16. 16. Promotion – Non-Paid Non Paid  Add Facebook icon/URL everywhere – website, newsletters, business cards, email address, LinkedIn, Twitter, print collateral/ads, signage  Send email/s to list  Use Facebook social plugins Like Box Like Button Opportunity to Like page from Message displays on person’s blog/website feed when click Like
  17. 17. Promotion - Paid Sweepstakes S t k Paid Ads
  18. 18. Measuring Success  What gets measured g g gets improved upon p p  Measure based on objectives  Ask new clients how heard about  Include social media in registration forms  Unique URLs or links  Surveys
  19. 19. Key Takeaways  Develop Facebook objectives and a strategy p j gy  Compelling content is critical… Give people a reason to consume your content and share  People do not usually search for a page… Promotion is necessary  Measure  Have fun!
  20. 20. Thank you! Questions? rmelia@gmail com More Information: htt // h l li /