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Technology in the classroom

  1. 1. Technology in the Classroom By Rachel Lott
  2. 2. Table of Contents  Article One  Article two  Article three  Conclusion  Citations
  3. 3. MyVision 2.0 Gets Full Active Directory Integration, Expanded Mac OS X Support  This article was describing a form of technology software that has been upgraded. It has the ability to enhance classroom management and reduce management time. It is software that teachers can use to monitor what their students are doing. Sites like games, social networking sites and anything else that is not appropriate for school can be monitored by the teacher. In the article it also gives different options available to the teacher for dealing with students who are abusing computer privileges.
  4. 4. …Summary  It enables teachers to be able to teach without the hassle of patrolling around the room. Teachers can also instruct from their computer screen and show students their assignments. It seems to be very helpful software for the classroom
  5. 5. Reflection I found this article very interesting. I didn’t consider managing what my students are doing on the computer. I always think about the general classroom management but I guess I need to consider other outlets for students to become involved in inappropriate behavior. Also, I fail to realize how advanced technology is becoming and how beneficial it can be for my classroom. The lingering issue of social networking sites as an issue in schools was also brought to my attention as I review this article. “There's more that we can be doing than just walking around and looking over people's shoulders.“ I want to make sure that I am maximizing my class teaching time. I don’t want to be a class manager most of the time but I want to be a classroom teacher! And the software presented in this article seems like it could really help make that possible.
  6. 6. Social Networking: The Essential Balancing Act in Schools Providing access to learning resources while shaping a school culture of protection  This article is discussing social networking sites and where they fit into the educations setting. It addressing who actually determines what is appropriate. The answer is the state and the communities within that state decide. It also talks about the difficult task of moving toward social networking while still enforcing some sort of policy to keep order.
  7. 7. …Summary  The article realizes that social networking has its positive side and is sometimes necessary. It gives examples of students’ parents texting them. In school, however, there is a need for policy to be in place to keep order within that school. This articles gives examples of questions to ask students and other faculty when implementing policies in the midst of allowing the use of social networking technology to be used.
  8. 8. Reflection At first glance I thought this article would be solely addressing the students’ use of social networking but to my surprise it also mentioned teachers’ and faculty. I was also surprised at the optimistic attitude towards social networking sites. Most educational articles are completely against it. I must realize that the times in which I will be teaching, students will be much more engaged in the use of technology for social reasons. The last part of this article really challenged me because I always talk about how ignorant I am to technology and this article says that’s not ok. “It is okay to be nervous about the trends in social networking. It is not okay to be ignorant of the fundamental change in information-sharing dynamics.” I really took this quote to heart. It really spoke to me because I am nervous about the trends and I know that I am behind in technology today. I have to become more informed if I want to be an affective teacher in a classroom of students who may no more about technology than I do.
  9. 9. National Ed Tech Plan Puts Technology at the Heart of Education Reform This article is focusing on the federal policy statement that’s been passed, which has encourages technology as the center of education. The plan includes incorporating the technology that we use in our everyday life into the classroom to enhance learning. This plan is quite open to the exploration of different things like social networking skills and gaming interests to spark students learning. It recognizes that not all students learn the same but it does have a goal of figuring out what students need and then attending to those needs. As those needs are met the students are then able to become engaged into learning.
  10. 10. …Summary  The policy focuses on 5 broad categories. Those areas are assessment, infrastructure, learning, productivity, and teaching. The article breaks down each category and explains exactly what it has to do with technology in education according to this plan.
  11. 11. Reflection I found this article very interesting because it mentioned an idea that I focus on in other courses, which is reaching all learners. Some shocking information that I found was that they still plan to have standardized tests but a good thing is that they are emphasizing ongoing assessments in the classroom. Something else that stuck out to me in this article was the focus on students being the central focus and not the teachers’ preference. It’s neat to see how the things I am learning in different courses all string together. “The plan envisions a model in which the student is at the center of the learning process, with teachers, parents, mentors, peers, and technology-based supports all contributing to an individual learning environment in which the student is essentially in control.” This is so important. Students must be the center focus that we build the rest of our curriculum around in order to reach them with the education they need and deserve.
  12. 12. Conclusion All of these inspiring articles discussed incorporating technology into the classrooms. But they all had some sort of perspective on the infamous social networking sites. One was promoting a software program to reduce the use of these sites in school; another article was suggesting was to use social networking sites as a way of enhancing students interest in learning. The other article was discussing the need to balance the encouragement of social networking technology and enforcing some sort of policy. Social networking as it relates to the school setting is a topic that interest me. I enjoy social networking sites myself and I can only imagine how my students will be intrigued by them. They are advancing so rapidly. As an educator I must learn ways to balance class management and incorporating the technology that interests my students.
  13. 13. Citation  Nagel, David. (2010). National Ed Tech Plan Puts Technology at the Heartof Education Reform. Retrieved from Tech- Plan-Puts-Technology-at-the-Heart-of- Education- Reform.aspx?sc_lang=en&Page=1  Scott, Arownowitz. (2010). MyVision 2.0 Gets Full Active Directory Integration, Expanded Mac OS XSupport. Retrieved from gets- full-active-directory-integration-expanded-mac- os-x- support.aspx?sc_lang=en  Wells, Christopher. (2010). Social Networking: The Essential Balancing Act in Schools. Retrieved from Networking- The-Essential-Balancing-Act- nSchools.aspx?sclang=en&Page=3