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Listening and Acting on VOC to Boost Satisfaction, Loyalty, Innovation and Revenue

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Customer Feedback

  1. 1. Go Beyond Loyalty and Retention to Word of Mouth, present the… Word of Mouse and a Full Range of Social Media 6th Customer September 21-24, 2009 The Omni Hotel at CNN Atlanta, GA TM Feedback Week Also Featuring: HOME DEPOT Site Tour Listening and Acting on VOC to ’09 Fortune World’s Most Admired Companies ’09 Fortune Blue Ribbon Company Boost Satisfaction, Loyalty, Innovation SOUTHWEST AIRLINES ’09 Fortune World’s Most Admired Companies and Revenue CASE-MATE COMPUCOM Best Contact Center Supervisor of the Year (2008), ITIL Service Management Certified v3 Capitalize on Best Practices for Implementing a SUNTRUST BANKS, INC. 2009 Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies Crucial Three Pronged Process: SUN MICROSYSTEMS ’09 Fortune World’s Most Admired Companies Capturing Translating Analyzing SPRINT NEXTEL Customer Feedback Feedback ’09 Fortune’s Global 500 Feedback into Action ’09 InformationWeek’s 250 Top Innovators HAYS ’07 Human Capital Recruitment Agency Our expert faculty will demonstrate how to listen to VOC of the Year to uncover opportunities along with action plans to PETNOVATIONS convert them into measurable action with assured payoff. ’07 Editor’s Choice Award Pet Product News Featuring a BRAND NEW Speaker Faculty for 2009: DELAWARE NORTH COMPANIES 2008 EcoStar Award Farnaz Wallace, Executive Vice Scott Swift, Director of President and Chief Marketing Consumer Affairs, HUNTER Officer, CHURCH’S CHICKEN DOUGLAS ’09 FS/TEC Top Technology ’07 Best Company to Work for in Award for Project Excellence Colorado Sponsors: Derek Ungless, Executive Vice Don Hill, Director of Service President and Chief Marketing Delivery and Customer Officer, DSW Advocacy, TRAVELOCITY ‘06 Kiplinger award for loyalty ’08 1to1 Impact Award program Jeffrey K. Kay, Director of Lynn Holmgren, National Mayor Bloomberg’s Office Director of Customer Care, of Operations WHIRLPOOL CORPORATION ’09 Fortune World’s Most Admired Matt Greenberger, Consumer Companies Experience Champion, MOTOROLA Jeremy Whyte, Director of ’09 Information Week 250 Top SAVE UP TO $2,196 WHEN Customer Feedback and Innovators YOU REGISTER BY JULY 17th! Reporting, ORACLE See Page 7 for details. ’09 Forbes Best Big Companies To Register Contact Rachel Howes at +1-416-597-4766 or Email :
  2. 2. Who Will Attend 6th Customer VPs, Directors and Managers involved in: Feedback Week TM • • • Client and Guest Services Customer Experience and Loyalty Brand and Product Management • Marketing and Marketing Dear Executive: Research • Strategic Planning When resources are scarce, how do • Social Media you get a seat at the table with mark information that delivers an immediat eting and finance? By providing e payoff and impact on the bottom • Customer Feedback and people to bring problems, they wan line. Executives don’t want t opportunities along with actio Reporting measurable action with assured n plans to convert them to payoff. • Technology Support Now more than ever, we need to and any customer focused capture customer feedback, anal feedback into action. If we don’t yze the data and translate effectively listen and respond to custo executive! someone else surely will in an effort mers in this tough economy, then to snap up the business. It’s becoming customers, so we must keep the custo so much harder to attract new mers we already have! But, new resea that the VOC process is still fragmente rch from TARP Worldwide finds Quality, Service and Chief Customer d in a majority of organizations, brok Officers, leading to dysfunction, ineff en up between Market Research, Sponsorship and iciency and politics. At the 6th Annual Customer Feed Exhibition back Week, senior-level practitione leveraging the voice of the customer beyond loyalty and retention to rs will provide real-world insight on for survival and ideally growth and profi t. The conference will go Opportunities word of mouth, word of mouse We’ll address not only measurin and full range of social media. Sponsorships and exhibits are g it but using the feedback to man age it to maximize effect. excellent opportunities for your Every interaction is an opportunity to company to showcase its products enhance your relationship with the and use that information to create value customer, gain valuable information enterprise-wide. Customer feedback and services to high-level, targeted satisfaction, loyalty, innovation and coupled with action boosts revenue as well as identifies inter decision-makers attending the 6th thereby saving expense. actions that are preventable, Annual Customer Feedback After spending several days with us, Week. Customer Management IQ delegates will return to their environm and Marketing IQ help companies their customer feedback programs to ent reenergized and ready to take the next level. Plus, we will offer a road to avoid the bumps and bruises that map that will enable companies like yours achieve important sales, others experienced. marketing and branding objectives When the Going Gets Tough, the by setting aside a limited number of Tough Get Going!! event sponsorships and exhibit This important event will take a realis tic look at the economy and offer strate spaces, all of which are tailored to and case studies to weather the econ gies, insight, practical examples omic storm, and even come out ahea assist your organization in creating a help you place customer feedback with d – stronger and more agile. We’ll in the context of corporate functions platform to maximize its exposure at experience, end to end. to assure impact on the customer the event and to its attendees. Addressing Current Challenges! For more information on sponsoring or Despite the fact that many companies exhibiting at the 6th Annual Customer are focusing on Listening to the Voice has uncovered that our audience is of the Customer, IQPC’s research Feedback Week, please contact still struggling with numerous challenge • Making sense of the voluminous amount of feedback s, including: Rachel Howes at (416) 597-4766 or • Selecting those data and reduce duplication of effor few key initiatives that will create signi t • Translating ficant business improvement feedback into product and process effectiveness innovations as well as improved mark eting and sales • Dealing with tighter data collection budgets while facing more demanding internal custo • Leveraging • Protecting the technology to improve efficiency and reduce operational costs mers What’s New company’s brand and image in a socia • Getting existi ng customers to continue to spend l media world money during tough economic time for 2009! • Driving strate s gy by integrating the VOC with tradi • Providing leade tional business planning processes • 20+ Brand New Speakers from rship for inspiring excellence in stres • Quantifying sful times Award Winning or Industry the impact of an enhanced customer experience Recognized Companies Get ready for an exciting few days of • A Strong Emphasis on Social learning, sharing and networking with a diverse group of industries. I Media Platforms look forward to growing with you. • A great mix of “B to B” and Sincerely, “B to C” speakers the P . Don miss .S ’t • The addition of 2 speakers that exciting site tour at are EVPs and Chief Marketing Se e Page Home Depot! Officers 6 for details. Lisa Schulman Sector Leader and Senior Conferen Customer Management IQ/Marke ce Producer Have a Story ting Management IQ Divisions International Quality & Productiv ity Center (IQPC) to Tell? Are YOU interested in being considered as a speaker for future customer management/marketing events? If so, send a short e-mail to describe your innovative initiatives to Rachel Howes at . 2 Sponsors:
  3. 3. Pre-Conference Workshops Monday, September 21, 2009 8:00 am – 11:00 am (Registration 7:30am) A Leadership Development for Customer Excellence NCO's Leadership Development for Excellence (LDE) program launched WHAT YOU WILL LEARN in October 2007 and is designed to offer continuous leadership • How the training of agents and management is key to ensure the education for our supervisors and division managers through Level 1 highest quality of customer care and Level 2 certification. The goal is to develop our front-line leaders, • How to develop an action plan to continually improve leadership thereby increasing agent retention with our teams. Lower attrition and performance and ultimately customer satisfaction stronger leadership will build stronger customer relationships through effective customer support and will improve profitability. Ann Mercadante VP of Global Leadership Development WHAT WILL BE COVERED NCO Customer Management • The strong curriculum NCO Customer Management utilizes to cultivate top-notch personnel 2008 Winner - IQPC Call Center Excellence Award for Best • The importance of surveys in identifying the strengths and Performance Leveraging the Customer Experience as a opportunities of each individual Strategic Business Driver 11:15am – 2:15pm (Registration 11:00am) (Lunch to be provided) B Creating a Voice of the Customer (VOC) Process that Impacts the Entire Customer Experience Most Chief Marketing and Finance Officers (CMOs and CFOs) view show how the analysis of damage to loyalty and word of can be used customer experience as interesting but not directly linked to sales and to quantify the revenue implications of a better customer experience revenue. Your VOC process only has impact when it can appeal to in a conservative manner that even CFOs will accept. greed and can be written into budgets or provide any direct benefit to them. This is because most VOC processes fail to quantify the revenue WHAT YOU WILL LEARN word of mouth and risk benefits of enhanced marketing, service and • Key dimensions of loyalty and customer experience programs that quality. Further they don’t explicitly highlight the 20-40% of can be quantified dissatisfaction that is caused by marketing and sales that set incorrect • How to reconcile data from multiple sources and touch points customer expectations. • Approaches for estimating revenue, word of mouth and risk impacts • Approaches to obtaining C level officer buy in to your business case WHAT WILL BE COVERED • How to evaluate your current measurement and reporting process This session will show how to get CFO and CMO buy-in and support and identify key opportunities for improvement for loyalty programs by drawing upon many different data sources and integrating them into a unified Voice of the Customer, and then John Goodman developing a conservative estimate of revenue, word of mouth and Vice Chairman risk impact which is often ten times the cost-saving impact. Mr. TARP Worldwide Goodman will describe TARP’s basic research on the impact of quality Author Strategic Customer Service problems on loyalty and word of mouth and then, using examples from financial services, direct mail, B2B and health care, he will then IQPC Top Rated Workshop Leader 2:30pm - 5:30pm (Registration 2:15pm) C Leadership Development for Customer Excellence Considering today’s economic environment and increased spend for • The research methodology, metrics and analytical plan used to justify online marketing strategies, brands are more focused on learning the brand website investment where to spend with the most returns. The key challenge in today’s • How to showcase that the brand website contributes to increases in marketplace is to learn how to spend budgets on media and marketing incremental purchase, first- time awareness, cross selling, and initiatives intelligently, as resources become more and more limited. moving consumers along decision making process • Key points you need to consider before the brand website redesign The website is the only marketing channel where the customer to maximize purchase intent chooses to spend time interacting with the brand. Customer listening • The future of brand websites and feedback metrics are most powerful to optimize and maximize • The key metrics that need to be shared with key stakeholders your online strategies. crmmetrix identifies why it is a misconception to solely rely on site traffic to justify the brand website investment. By crmmetrix will illustrate and educate about the large demonstrating the multi-tasking capabilities of the website through opportunity to drive sales/revenue, increase loyalty, and gain or various case studies, crmmetrix will highlight how websites not only convert market share by focusing on the metrics that count. help to build brand equity, drive lifts in brand health and purchase intent levels but also can generate awareness and cross-sell products: Hemen Patel Directly feeding into the bottom line. President Kimberly Struyk WHAT YOU WILL LEARN Director of Client Service This interactive workshop will address: • The power of the brand website within the marketing mix CRMMETRIX, INC. (offline/online) 3 To Register Contact Rachel Howes at +1-416-597-4766 or Email :
  4. 4. Main Conference Day One Tuesday, September 22, 2009 7:15 Registration and Coffee • Understanding where you’re at • Defining the customer experience and making it a part of your 8:00 Welcome Address and Introductory Remarks from culture the Chairperson • Measuring the experience through increased spending, boost in advocacy and improvement in the overall customer • Sizing up how you stand with your competitors. 8:15 KEYNOTE: Demonstrating to Top Management the Value of VOC Programs Don’t miss this opportunity to hear how a brand leader – with over All customer focused executives are also internal marketing 90% brand awareness and double digit increases in operating professionals, constantly needing to prove your value, promote what earnings 20 straight years – has moved to a state of affinity where you do, and compete for internal resources. While we all capture loyal customers are impacting the bottom line. what customers are saying; we all must make the data ACTIONABLE Jamie Lee, 2nd Vice President, Administrative Technology Support and sell it upstream. Hunter Douglas will discuss the areas critical to Dan Womack, Senior Manager Insights, reaching out: AFLAC • How to effectively conduct voice of the customer meetings • How to integrate VOC into product quality, distribution and retail 12:00 Networking Luncheon points • Bringing a VOC culture into an organization TRACK A Social Media OR • How to demonstrate and quantify the value of VOC programs 1:15 Choose TRACK B Strategies for Success Scott Swift, Director of Consumer Affairs, HUNTER DOUGLAS TRACK Driving Insights with Community Forums 9:00 KEYNOTE: Turning Data into Profit: B to B A Driving Business Growth and Profit Find out how to leverage insights from online communities for Find out how increasing customer loyalty through improved customer innovation of marketing communications and product developments. • Inviting existing customers and prospects setting up internal experiences can be driven by the insight gained from a comprehensive customer feedback program. • Stakeholders on cross-functional basis and creating a learning • Embedding customer feedback into company strategy and across agenda lines of businesses • Generating instant feedback positioning the forum as a laboratory • Implementing an integrated, multi-channel, closed-loop customer for inventing new ideas feedback program Discover how to demonstrate to customers that you're listening to • Prioritizing opportunities having the greatest impact on customer them and translating their input into action. success and retention Hemant Deulkar, Group Vice President, Manager of Digital Marketing, • Utilizing feedback to drive customer-centric business change and SUNTRUST BANKS, INC. growth • Exploring new profit generating areas by harnessing continuous TRACK Listening to VOC, Creating Accountability and customer feedback B • Linking customer feedback to operational and financial data Achieving Results Government has always had a hard time interacting with customers. Jeremy Whyte, Director of Customer Feedback and Reporting, Find out how Mayor Bloomberg’s Office has created a customer ORACLE focused environment and achieved remarkable progress using all sources of customer feedback – surveys, face to face customer 9:45 Morning Networking Break meetings, 311 phone line, and NYC Citywide Surveys. • Interacting with customers 10:30 Realigning Metrics Around VOC and Using VOC • Knowing who your customer is to Prioritize Strategic and Operational Initiatives • Digging deeper into survey data through focus groups In this presentation, you will find out how to fight for internal resources Discover how to create an environment for interaction, collect the data and demonstrate your bottom line value. People like to manage on growth and information, implement recommendations and hold management savings but net is what you take to the bank. Understand your full value accountable. chain and leverage new technology to fix customer issues before they have Jeffrey K. Kay, Director of Operations, a problem. • First call resolution: “one and done.” MAYOR BLOOMBERG’S OFFICE • Providing customer education via 20 social media sites including Twitter,, and YouTube to resolve problems so they TRACK A Social Media OR don’t escalate 2:05 Choose • Moving headcount from a 3rd tier escalation team to front line TRACK B Strategies for Success “digital detectives” • Realigning metrics, from monitoring call quality all the way through TRACK balanced scorecards – aligning what the agents and the CEO see to A PANEL SESSION: Using New Media to Listen to drive corporate and customer value Customers • Find out how Whirlpool has beat their budget by $2 million, Online surveys, email, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube… all represent new ways for customers to express what they think and enhanced employee retention, decreased escalations by 30% and how they feel about your brand. In this increasingly digital age, new realized a 160% ROI through an at home agents program media is becoming mainstream, creating new challenges and Lynn Holmgren, National Director of Customer Care, opportunities for brands to communicate with their customers. This WHIRLPOOL CORPORATION panel will discuss how companies like Southwest Airlines and Case- Mate are leveraging new media to listen and interact with customers. 11:15 KEYNOTE: Adjusting your Messaging and Panel moderator: Strengthening your Value Proposition Steve Latham, CEO, SPUR INTERACTIVE During uncertain economic times, it’s important to make customers feel protected, give them piece of mind and be the service provider Panelists: they turn to. Find out how to adjust your messaging, and strengthen Paul Berg, Manager of Emerging Media, SOUTHWEST AIRLINES your value proposition - keep customers, grow revenue, generate new Andrew Knight, Director of e-Commerce, CASE-MATE sales, and build brand awareness. This presentation will provide a holistic approach to managing the overall customer experience. • Analyzing yourself as a company TRACK see top of next page B 4 Sponsors:
  5. 5. 2:05 continued 3:35 continued TRACK “Use it or Lose it” – Leveraging Customer B to B TRACK B Feedback to Avoid Losing Customers B Capturing the Voice of the Customer When Keeping customers is always critical, particularly in a harsh economic Migrating from a Traditional Call Center to a climate where competitors are vying for new customers. Your customer! Virtual One Discover how simple changes in approach to customer service can Call center companies are constantly being challenged to find new greatly impact whether you retain – or lose – your valued customer. labor markets that can provide high-quality agents at a cost-effective • Understanding how service decisions can change your business in price. The search that has taken companies around the world is now this economy coming full circle with the emergence of virtual call centers that use • Platform to challenge the entire business toward a “customer agents working out of their homes. focus” mindset A virtual call center can still support important customer-facing • Polling your customers in new ways functions like customer care or technical support, but companies have • Conducting customer feedback upfront –as you’re going to market to take extra care to ensure agents are properly capturing the voice of with new products &/or services the customer since the managers cannot conduct hands-on, face-to- • Leveraging social media and assessing the impact online customer face supervision. Find out how Sprint places a strong emphasis on ratings have on your business voice of the customer even in a virtual deployment. • Use it or Lose it! Scott Ross, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Gregory S. Reeves, Technical Support Manager, COMPUCOM NCO CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT Best Contact Center Supervisor of the Year (2008), ITIL Service John Messall, Director of Collections, SPRINT NEXTEL Management Certified v3 2:50 Afternoon Networking Break 4:25 CLOSING KEYNOTE: Getting Results! Leveraging VOC to Drive Business B to B TRACK A Social Media OR 3:35 Choose TRACK B Strategies for Success Improvement and Increase Revenue Find out how Hays, a specialist recruitment firm with 380 offices across 27 countries, uses its VOC program to identify customer needs TRACK Maximizing Customer Learning from B to B and drive business improvement. A Online Communities and Social Media • Positioning VOC as a comprehensive business strategy to harness Learn how Sun Microsystems Customers and Prospects: insight across the company and create processes to transform the • Help improve the content, format, responsiveness and interactivity data into action • Employing net promoter score to transform insight into growth of its Product Websites and Online Communities • Participate in developing innovative Products and Services that they • Harnessing technology to support VOC initiatives – Leveraging need and want technology as a hub for collecting and disseminating customer • Continuously improve hardware and software by sharing their insight across channels to all corners of the organization experiences, expectations and wish-lists Find out how quickly getting information to the right people who can make decisions and act on it sets companies apart from their Hernando González, Ph.D., Senior Manager, competitors. Corporate Market Research, SUN MICROSYSTEMS Sueanne Carr, Head of Marketing Strategy, HAYS TRACK B see top of next column 5:15 Cocktail Reception Main Conference Day Two Wednesday, September 23, 2009 7:30 Registration and Coffee • Churning the data to make it actionable • Creating dashboards so internal executives can slice and dice the 8:00 Event Producer Announcements data as needed • Developing targets by division to demonstrate ROI and effectively 8:05 Chairperson’s Welcome improve the loyalty score Discover how to gain customer traction so that the data is not just 8:15 KEYNOTE: Multi-Cultural Branding – The “New looked at - but actually acted upon! Normal” Bobbykin Makwana, Senior Manager, Customer Experience, Don’t miss this exciting keynote! Farnaz Wallace, EVP & Chief LOGITECH Marketing Officer, serves as the chief brand protector and accelerator of performance for Church’s Chicken. She is also responsible for all 9:45 Morning Networking Break aspects of brand positioning and global marketing. In her 5 years as CMO, Farnaz Wallace has led the brand in 5 10:30 KEYNOTE: Launching On-Line Forums – Turning consecutive years of positive same store sales growth, outpacing the your Lowest Cost Support Channel into your Best category, through successful new product introductions & innovative, Source of Customer Feedback break-through advertising. An expert in multi-cultural and cross- Motorola is going full force with internally managed on line forums generational branding and marketing, she successfully moved the for all their phones. Find out how to “remove the filter” by providing brand beyond price/value, and re-positioned as real, authentic high your internal customers and engineers with first hand feedback and quality chicken at a great value, proudly serving multi-cultural direct contact with customers and an opportunity to ask customers neighborhoods, family & friends. direct questions. • Recruiting consumers to provide feedback Farnaz Wallace, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, • Capturing videos/recordings, designing and implementing surveys CHURCH’S CHICKEN and developing virtual focus groups 9:00 KEYNOTE: What To Do With Customer Feedback – Don’t miss this compelling story with real world insight on what it Consolidating Data and Demonstrating ROI takes to tackle the challenges and pitfalls of collecting direct It is often challenging to figure out what to do with the huge volume of consumer feedback. customer feedback data. Find out the various methods to collect data and Matt Greenberger, Consumer Experience Champion, MOTOROLA how best to consolidate as well as close the loop with your customers 5 To Register Contact Rachel Howes at +1-416-597-4766 or Email :
  6. 6. 11:20 Using VOC to Manage and Drive Business Results 2:00 Afternoon Networking Break • Leveraging text mining to understand and quantify customer verbatim feedback TRACK A Social Media OR 2:30 Choose • Prioritizing business initiatives TRACK B Strategies for Success • Using customer feedback to shape business metrics • Providing actionable direction to business leaders • Using customer feedback to manage Content Provider and Vendor TRACK Customer Lifecycle Management A SunTrust Banks, Inc., headquartered in Atlanta, is one of the U.S.’s relationships largest banking organizations, serving consumer, commercial, Don Hill, Director of Service Delivery and Customer Advocacy, corporate and institutional clients. This presentation will address the TRAVELOCITY company’s Customer Lifecycle Management process. • Understanding the customer life cycle management framework and 12:10 Networking Luncheon objectives • Developing effective onboarding programs and “moment of truth” solutions TRACK A Social Media OR • Developing the customer relationship tho the full profit and benefit 1:10 Choose TRACK B Strategies for Success potential • Removing barriers to customer development and loyalty TRACK Incorporating Feedback into Product Design and Find out how to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of customer A Listening to VOC on Continual Basis acquisition, onboarding, development, retention and winback The CatGenie 120, the world’s only self-flushing, self-washing cat box processes! is the product of years of customer feedback and research. Find out Arie Goldshlager, Group Vice President, Marketing Manager, how the product and customer interaction represents the company’s SUNTRUST BANKS, INC. commitment to customer satisfaction and ownership. • Collecting feedback and incorporating ideas during product development TRACK Managing Feedback to Drive Revenue, Improve B • Committing to customers as an investment, not an expense Employee Engagement and Guest Loyalty • Working with customers that are not the end user of the product • What is the objective of gathering feedback: Now and in the Discover how to listen to customer feedback during product Future. development and continue listening for the entire product life cycle. • The importance of creating a systematic approach to gathering feedback. Steven Yampolsky, President, PETNOVATIONS • Harvesting feedback from various sources and acting on the information. TRACK B Converting VOC Data into Product and Process • Guest Loyalty – So what? Revenue today and tomorrow. Innovation for Breakthrough Performance Stewart Collins, Global Director of GuestPath, Find out how optionsXpress takes VOC data and incorporates it with DELAWARE NORTH COMPANIES internal cross-functional innovation teams for launching new offerings and achieving breakthrough performance. • Listening to customers across numerous channels, including: e-mail, phone, advisory boards and beta testing of new products 3:20 CLOSING KEYNOTE: Unleashing Passion for • Archiving ideas from both customers and employees Shoes Through Data Our distinguished speaker is responsible for the tremendous • Coming up with innovative ways to launch new product or process performance of the DSW Rewards program due directly to DSW innovations/Case Study: learn how optionsXpress launched texting customer evangelists and their feedback. The company’s customers applications represent 70+% of the business. Mr. Ungless will walk you through Listening to customers and then bringing ideas back to them in the DSW’s loyalty evolution using customer feedback and promotions. form of product offerings creates huge buy-in and “sticky customers.” You’ll be on the edge of your seat listening to the amazing stories. Tess Polasek, Customer Service Supervisor, OPTIONSXPRESS He’s called the “Brit with Wit.” Derek Ungless, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Customer Feedback 2008 Delegate Now Speaking About a DSW Program Based on Take-Away Learnings from the Show! 4:10 Close of Main Conference Post-Conference Site Tour Thursday, September 24, 2009 8:00am – 12:00pm D SITE TOUR HOME DEPOT This site tour will bring awareness to: Steve McKalvey • The focus we have on our customer service strategy and alignment Sr. Director, Customer Care with our retail store partners • There is also a tour of the Customer Care Center operations and The Cassandra Mattison Director, Customer Care Home Depot Legend Museum Suzanne Kleese-Stamps Sr. Manager, Customer Care HOME DEPOT 6 Sponsors:
  7. 7. Registration Information Register by Register by Register by Standard END USER July 17, 2009 July 31, 2009 August 28, 2009 Pricing (save $300) (save $200) (save $100) Conference Only $999 $1,099 $1,199 $1,299 All-Access Pass* (save $1,296) (save $1,096) (save $896) (save $696) $2,199 $2,399 $2,599 $2,799 Workshop/Site Tour Only $549 each $549 each $549 each $549 each VENDOR Register by Register by Register by Standard July 17, 2009 July 31, 2009 August 28, 2009 Pricing (save $1,000) (save $800) (save $400) Conference Only $1,799 $1,999 $2,399 $2,799 All-Access Pass* (save $2,196) (save $1,996) (save $1,796) (save $1,596) $2,799 $2,999 $3,199 $3,399 Workshop/Site Tour Only $549 each $549 each $549 each $549 each *The All-Access Pass provides full access to the main conference and all available workshops. Please note multiple discounts cannot be Reference: Please include the name of the combined. attendee(s) and the event number: Venue: A $99 processing charge will be assessed to all 11000.006 The Omni Hotel at CNN registrations not accompanied by credit card Payment Policy: Payment is due in full at payment at the time of registration. the time of registration and includes 100 CNN Center lunches, refreshment and detailed MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE IN U.S. DOLLARS Atlanta, GA 30303 TO: IQPC conference materials. Your registration will Direct: (404) 818-4311 * CT residents or people employed in the state not be confirmed until payment is received and may be subject to cancellation. of CT must add 6% sales tax. TEAM DISCOUNTS For IQPC’s Cancellation, Postponement For information on team discounts, please and Substitution Policy, please visit IQPC has a reduced sleeping room rate for Customer Feedback Week contact Rachel Howes at 416-597-4766 participants. The group rate is available until August 31, 2009, 3 days Only one discount may be applied per Special Dietary Needs: If you have a prior and 3 days post event dates and is subject to availability. Please call registrant. dietary restriction, please contact Special Discounts Available: A limited number Rachel Howes at 416-597-4766 to the hotel directly for the group rate. discuss your specific needs. of discounts are available for the non-profit sector, government organizations and ©2009 IQPC. All Rights Reserved. The academia. For more information, please format, design, content and arrangement Rachel Howes at 416-597-4766. of this brochure constitute a trademark of Keep in Contact with Us! Details for making payment via EFT or IQPC. Unauthorized reproduction will be actionable under the Lanham Act and wire transfer: JPMorgan Chase - Penton Learning Systems common law principles. Follow us on LLC dba IQPC: 957-097239 ABA/Routing #: 021000021 About Our Sponsors: NCO provides global Customer Care solutions to many of the Fortune improve important processes, and detect and prevent fraud. More than 95 percent of 500 companies. Our CRM division offers a wide variety of services the Fortune 1000 companies are SPSS customers. Founded in 1968, SPSS is including inbound and outbound customer care programs, customer headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. For additional information, please visit retention, technical support, customer acquisition/sales, e-mail management, Interactive Voice Response and Messaging, Web chat, and printing/mailing services. For more than 35 years, TARP Worldwide has been revolutionizing the customer experience. Today, our two divisions continue to create innovative solutions to help Release the Profit of Interaction™. TARP’s crmmetrix offers a full range of digital market research solutions Research Division quantifies the customer experience in financial terms, to help clients make the best decisions at all stages of the digital tracking its implications, and guiding resource allocation and executive decision- marketing development process and to maximize the return on making. TARP’s Practices Division develops strategies to improve customer service, their digital marketing investment. Our market research solutions are designed for all improve marketing and sales communications, improve frontline effectiveness, and aspects of digital marketing such as brand website, online ads, online campaigns, inspire employees to attain higher performance. Website: email CRM programs, social media, widgets, blogs, online sponsorships, micro sites, etc. UNICOR, also known as Federal Prison Industries, was established by executive order in 1934 with the goal of employing federal inmates in SPSS is the leading worldwide provider of predictive analytics software and productive work, and training them in valuable job skills. solutions. The company’s predictive analytics technology connects data to As a self-sustaining, self-funded government corporation, UNICOR has supplied a wide effective strategic action by drawing reliable conclusions about current range of quality goods and services to federal agencies for over 70 years. More conditions and critical future events. More than 250,000 commercial, academic, and recently, UNICOR has been authorized to partner with private sector firms currently public sector customers rely on SPSS technology to help increase revenue, reduce costs, sending work offshore or in lieu of sending work offshore. Media Partners: 7 To Register Contact Rachel Howes at +1-416-597-4766 or Email :
  8. 8. International Quality & Productivity Center REGISTRATION CARD 535 5th Avenue, 8th Floor YES! Please register me for New York, NY 10017 6th Customer Feedback Week TM ❑ Main Conference ❑ All-Access Pass ❑ Workshop(s)/Site Tour: ❑A ❑B ❑C ❑D See Page 7 for pricing details. Your customer registration code is: TLS/RH When registering, please provide the code above. Name__________________________________ Job Title ________________________ Organization____________________________________________________________ Approving Manager______________________________________________________ Address_______________________________________________________________ City__________________________________State______________Zip___________ Phone________________________________Fax_______________________________ E-mail__________________________________________________________________ 3 EASY WAYS TO REGISTER: ❑ Please keep me informed via email about this and other related events. 1 Call: 1-416-597-4766 ❑ Check enclosed for $_________ (Payable to IQPC) 2 Email: ❑ Charge my __Amex __Visa __Mastercard __Diners Club 3 Fax: 1-416-598-7934 Card #________________________________Exp. Date____/____CVM Code_______ Details for making payment via EFT or wire transfer can be found on preceding page. ❑ I cannot attend, but please keep me informed of all future events. 11000.006/D/KV 6th Customer September 21-24, 2009 The Omni Hotel at CNN Atlanta, GA TM Feedback Week Also Featuring: HOME DEPOT Site Tour Listening and Acting on VOC to SOUTHWEST AIRLINES Boost Satisfaction, Loyalty, Innovation CASE-MATE and Revenue COMPUCOM SUNTRUST BANKS, INC. SUN MICROSYSTEMS Capitalize on Best Practices for Implementing a SPRINT NEXTEL Crucial Three Pronged Process: HAYS Capturing Translating PETNOVATIONS Analyzing Customer Feedback DELAWARE NORTH COMPANIES Feedback Feedback into Action To Register Contact Rachel Howes at +1-416-597-4766 or Email :