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Technology for healthy living
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Technology for healthy living



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  • 1. Technology for healthy living Vitality & Health for Consumers Cambridge Network: Consumer Product & Supply SIG Rachel Harker, Business Development Manager – Consumer Products Paste an image over the circle and use ‘Send Backward’ tool 3 times OR delete the picture frame and the white square if no image is required.
  • 2. Background to Cambridge Consultants
  • 3. Expect a large market for tech products & services promising ‘vitality & health’ The Market Opportunity
  • 4. Today we’re looking at technology that promotes health and vitality
    • … for well consumers …not those managing diseases
    The Market Opportunity
  • 5. Current Product Landscape Exercise & fitness Good sleep & relaxation Eating healthily & drinking in moderation Social engagement Exercising the brain Beauty & personal care Monitoring & preventative maintenance
  • 6. Many of these products and services are possible because of merging technology trends
    • Mature sensor technology
    • The explosion of wireless and internet connectivity
    • Battery innovations
    • Embedded processor improvements
    Technology trends
  • 7.
    • A variety of small, low cost sensors available for volume applications:
      • Bio-sensors following long term medical investment:
        • Thermometers – ECG – Blood pressure – Pulse oximetry
      • 3D accelerometers proving really useful
    • In the future: Non-contact/remote sensors and more signal processing
    Sensor technology has matured Technology Trends
  • 8. The explosion of wireless and internet connectivity
    • GSM, WiFi, Bluetooth & GPS are in mainstream consumer vocabulary
    • The next wave of wireless standards will be small, low power, low data rate:
      • Bluetooth Low Energy
      • Zigbee
      • 6LOWPan
    • In the future:
      • The ‘internet of things’
      • Smartdust – autonomous sensing &
      • communication in a cubic millimetre
    Technology Trends
  • 9. Battery innovations
    • From flashlights to portable consumer electronics, a continuous push on:
      • Size, weight, operating life, discharge currents and cost
    • Lithium-ion/lithium polymer cells now commoditised and offer best energy density:
      • Reaching limits of conventional technology
      • Research continues on alternative materials with better energy density
    • In the future:
      • Thin film solid state batteries
      • Energy scavenging
      • Small fuel cells - methanol
      • Nanotechnology e.g. nano-phosphate cathodes
    Technology Trends
  • 10. Embedded processor improvements
    • The key challenges in this sector:
      • High data processing requirements – demands energy
      • High energy means bigger, heavier battery requirements
    • In the future:
      • Reduced energy consumption
      • Parallel processing
        • Increased processing power
        • Reduced footprint
        • Reduced energy consumption
      • Good for bio-sensing applications
    Technology Trends
  • 11. In future…even more signal processing and better algorithms Technology Trends Heartbeat Time Frequency Breathing
  • 12. These technology trends will continue to drive future developments
    • Mature sensor technology
    • The explosion of wireless and internet connectivity
    • Battery innovations
    • Embedded processor improvements
    Technology trends
  • 13. Three predictions:
    • Services not products - business models based on device plus web service
    • Many more internet connected things – including piggy back devices
    • More data fusion products – combining bio-signals to provide health indicators
    The Future
  • 14. Questions
  • 15. Contact details:
    • Cambridge Consultants Ltd Cambridge Consultants Inc
    • Science Park, Milton Road 101 Main Street
    • Cambridge, CB4 0DW Cambridge MA 02142
    • England USA
    • Tel: +44(0)1223 420024 Tel: +1 617 532 4700
    • Fax: +44(0)1223 423373 Fax: +1 617 532 4747
    • Registered No. 1036298 England
    • [email_address]
    • www.CambridgeConsultants.com
    © 2010 Cambridge Consultants Ltd, Cambridge Consultants Inc. All rights reserved. Cambridge Consultants is part of the Altran group, the European leader in Innovation Consulting. www.Altran.com Commercially Confidential This Presentation contains ideas and information which are proprietary to Cambridge Consultants Limited and/or Cambridge Consultants Inc: it is given to you in confidence. You are authorised to open and view any electronic copy we send you of this document within your organisation and to print a single copy. Otherwise the material may not in whole or in part be copied, stored electronically or communicated to third parties without the prior written agreement of Cambridge Consultants Limited and/or Cambridge Consultants Inc.