Cambridge Consultants' success factors for smart appliances


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An overview of the factors that will be important for successful smart appliance development, taking into consideration: Working with the wider ecosystem, providing real benefits to the consumer, roadmapping and system design

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Cambridge Consultants' success factors for smart appliances

  1. 1. Introduction to Cambridge ConsultantsSmart Appliance solutions Paste an image over the circle and use ‘Send Backward’ tool 3 times OR delete the picture frame and the white square if no image is required.Richard Williams, Rachel HarkerCommercially Confidential 7 March 2011 S3908-P-135 v0.11
  2. 2. Who we areA world leader in technology and product innovation Over 300 engineers, designers, scientists, and consultants based in UK and USA The majority of our business is fee-for-service product development 70% of our work is repeat business – our team members become trusted partners for our clients Our work is typically on strategic projects requiring detailed technical and market knowledge Our clients often benefit from technology transfer between our key markets such as telecomms, consumer products, medical and industrial/manufacturing – creating breakthrough products We’ve spun out >20 successful companies in markets such as ultra low power wireless silicon and inkjet printingCommercially Confidential 2 7 March 2011 S3908-P-135 v0.11
  3. 3. What we doFor our clients we create products to delight consumers... ...and deliver business resultsUnderstand Create Evaluate Integrate Deliver consumer innovative design technology robust need concepts options designs We develop breakthrough products fast in highly competitive markets Being first to market is important, but so is getting to market with the right product, and protecting it – the combination can deliver huge market share Our innovation processes are proven over hundreds of successful projects and are re-used by our clients We are self managing and collaborative – our teams are hand picked for their skills and experience We complement our skills by partnering strategically – e.g. with other suppliers and subcontractorsCommercially Confidential 3 7 March 2011 S3908-P-135 v0.11
  4. 4. Background to Cambridge ConsultantsWe have worked with many clients in diverse, high volume markets includingconsumer goods, consumer electronics, utility metering and securityCommercially Confidential 4 7 March 2011 S3908-P-135 v0.11
  5. 5. AgendaWhat are the key requirements for successful Smart Appliance Products ? Working with the wider Ecosystem – Turning connectedness into value – Defining your product boundary to maximize market share Providing real benefits to the consumer – Significant cost saving by reduced energy consumption and use of lower cost energy – Added convenience – Minimal required change of behavior – Positive environmental benefits (Green credentials) – Ease of use A Roadmap and System Design – Ready for the future, consumers don’t want technical obsolescence – Flexible with the ability to evolve built-in – Every product is designed to follow its route on the roadmap – Maximize the value from your R&D spendCommercially Confidential 5 7 March 2011 S3908-P-135 v0.11
  6. 6. Work with the wider EcosystemSmart Appliances will be part of a wider ecosystem Service Providers: Service Functions: Will the Smart Energy market be: - Analytics - Utility - Internet Co (e.g. Google) – Utility led? - Peer groups - Consumer goods Co - Energy advice - New Vendor (Start-up) – Internet company led? - Data presentation – Consumer product company led? Internet Answer: All of these Smartphone Collaboration will be required Broadband Home Energy Router Management Smart Meter, System Time of Use Which System Configuration? Pricing – Basic: Appliances and Smart Meter – User: Appliances to UI devices inside and outside the home – Intelligent: Appliances with HEMS (Home Energy Management System) PC and TV, Alternative User Interfaces Smart AppliancesCommercially Confidential 6 7 March 2011 S3908-P-135 v0.11
  7. 7. Provide real benefits to the consumerSave energy and cost for the consumer Consumer’s interest won’t be sustained User requirements: From the Utility: long term with a manually controlled Which appliances to run Time of Use tariff system. Automation with intelligence is Priority and urgency Demand limit to required. Budget/Spend limit less than x kWh Plus Load control / – Optimize and schedule the Learned behaviour Code Red appliance operation taking inputs from users, utilities and HEMS – Incorporate heuristics - every Optimise and consumer is different Schedule – Give the consumer prioritization choices which are relevant to their lifestyle and values. For example: – Lowest cost – Stick to a budget – Eco priority Appliance characteristics: Energy Source: Energy consumption profile Micro-generation Programme options ImportCommercially Confidential 7 7 March 2011 S3908-P-135 v0.11
  8. 8. Provide real benefits to the consumerEvidence of consumer behaviour• Providing consumers with simple displays IHD = In Home Display requiring manual intervention does not result in significant savings • Every Consumer is different, automation systems must learn and adapt for each household. Source:Commercially Confidential 8 7 March 2011 S3908-P-135 v0.11
  9. 9. Provide real benefits to the consumerEnhanced User Experience Multiple UI choices: – At the appliance – Via other devices in the home – Via mobile devices for consumers who are out-and-about Motivation: Positive feedback and fun – “You saved $ today, keep it up and you’ll save $$$$ in a year” – “You’re am Eco Winner with the lowest 5% of carbon emissions” Ease of use and installation – Auto registration and connect for networks – Intuitive operation – Common look and feel across all appliances, and other components in the product range => Brand imageCommercially Confidential 9 7 March 2011 S3908-P-135 v0.11
  10. 10. A Roadmap and System designA System Design is required which is flexible and future proof Consumers want long life from their Product Roadmap appliances (not technical obsolescence) => Appliance manufacturers must offer new services and applications as they emerge (and keep pace with the Ecosystem) without retrofit Functionality Appliance Manufacturers must meet the requirements of both Retail and Utility driven markets => The requirements and standards for these market will differ for some time (they may converge in the future) A platform approach is required with easy (remote) in-home upgrade => Will an Open standards approach maximize the Time market opportunity? “A well planned roadmap enables the quick To cope with this Appliance Manufacturers development of new variants (necessary for will need to plan flexible product platforms a rapidly changing market) and maximises with much longer product lifecycles the value of R&D expenditure.”Commercially Confidential 10 7 March 2011 S3908-P-135 v0.11
  11. 11. Next StepHow can Cambridge Consultants help? Product roadmapping – Helping you to orientate your product development for a new eco-system System architecture – options and definition – Ecosystem, Standards, Interoperability – Defining market scenarios and capturing their requirements Mapping technical and functional capability to consumer’s needs and behavior – By considering the human factors you can select the technologies that will work for the consumer UI and ergonomics design – Ensuring a consistent user experience for your consumers to encourage them to engage and realise the benefits of your products and services Product development support to cover technical issues beyond your core competence – Proof of Concept Demonstrators – Design & development servicesCommercially Confidential 11 7 March 2011 S3908-P-135 v0.11
  12. 12. Contact details:Cambridge Consultants Ltd Cambridge Consultants IncScience Park, Milton Road 101 Main StreetCambridge, CB4 0DW Cambridge MA 02142England USATel: +44(0)1223 420024 Tel: +1 617 532 4700Fax: +44(0)1223 423373 Fax: +1 617 532 4747Registered No. 1036298 EnglandRachel.Harker@CambridgeConsultants.comRichard.Williams@CambridgeConsultants.comwww.CambridgeConsultants.comCambridge Consultants is part of the Altran group, theEuropean leader in Innovation Consulting. www.Altran.comCommercially Confidential This Presentation contains ideas and information which are proprietary to CambridgeConsultants Limited and/or Cambridge Consultants Inc: it is given to you in confidence. You are authorised to openand view any electronic copy we send you of this document within your organisation and to print a single copy.Otherwise the material may not in whole or in part be copied, stored electronically or communicated to third partieswithout the prior written agreement of Cambridge Consultants Limited and/or Cambridge Consultants Inc.© 2011 Cambridge Consultants Ltd, Cambridge Consultants Inc. All rights reserved.Commercially Confidential 12 7 March 2011 S3908-P-135 v0.11