Summary of ancillary products


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Summary of ancillary products

  1. 1. Summary of Ancillary products Rachel Hanson
  2. 2. During my research in to posters I found out that every film poster uses a main image of the characters involved in the film covering the whole background of the poster. They do this so the audience can see clearly who is in the poster and it represents the film a lot more. Also because the images show a lot about the film.For example, in the American pie poster the mise-en-scene usedin the image represents the film a lot as they are all revealingparts of their body for example the boy does not have a t-shirt onand is exposing his body and the girl is bending down to showparts of her body as well. These are all conventions that teenagersare in to sex etc.Posters
  3. 3. All of the posters that I have researched all have bold sans seriffonts which stand out from other smaller texts and the imagesbehind them. A popular colour to use is red as it symbolisesenergy and strength and makes it look more youthful and fun.They both use mainly wide shots because it shows most of thecharacters in the shot so you can see what is going on.Posters mainly include things like slogans to make the posterseem more fun and create a sense of humour to the poster whichis a convention of the genre which is a comedy. For example inAmerican pie there is a slogan saying ‘There’s something aboutyour first piece’. Which is a slogan to match a scene in the filmwhere on of the characters does something rude with a pie, so it’sa humorous joke relevant to the film. They also use an image of apie too.Posters
  4. 4. Conventions of posters:- All posters tend to have credits on them, to represent who made the film and the characters involved in them.- The main title of the posters which is the name of the film, tend to be the same text and colours as what it is on the film to create a brand identity.- The title of the poster usually are in a bold sans serif font to stand out better.- On the poster, the image is normally a long shot to show the whole character and the costume, props etc.- They usually use the same costume on all the characters on each promotional packages to make people recognise them better.Posters
  5. 5.  The mast head on the magazine is normally the biggest text on the magazine so it stands out and people know it is the brand name. They tend to put the mast head in front of the image to show it is the most important part on the magazine, but occasionally put the image in front of the text. There is always cover stories around the magazine. The date, issue and price are normally placed around the mast head. They normally use bright colours to attract in the audience, and sometimes pull quotes. The image on the on the magazine is always conventional to what the magazine is about. The main image normally takes up the whole magazine.Conventions of magazines
  6. 6. During my research in to magazines I found out that all magazines have a main image that take up the whole magazine front cover. The image is usually a celebrity endorsement so that the audience can recognise it better. The image is also normally related to the magazine.The images also show a lot about the film, for example in theempire magazine the character has cuts and blood on his face sothis would show the genre of the film and that it’s action etc. Thecolours of the magazines are normally related to the images forexample if its a horror film the colours tend to be quite dark anduse colours like red to represent blood and death etcMagazines
  7. 7. The main head line is normally the name of the magazine. It tends to be a bold sans serif font to stand out from other texts or magazines etc. They use bright colours for example red or white. These is also so it stands out.They sometimes put the celebrity endorsement in front ofthe image to show that it is the most important part on themagazine, but usually have the main headline in front toshow that the brand name is the most important part onthe magazine. They use cover lines around the outside ofthe magazine so the audience can see more of what theyare expected to read in the magazine. They also use pullquotes to draw in the audience.Magazines