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Ancillary products conventions
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Ancillary products conventions


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  • 1. Ancillary Products Conventions Rachel Hanson
  • 2. Professional MagazineHave the date and ’10 coolest moviestime and issue being made right now’number under the a quote to try andtitle. draw more people in.Lots of mini coverstory’s around the Main image in front of thesides of the magazine headline to show that theto show people what image is more are expected to Also used a celebrityread inside. endorsement. And relates to the story lines.Main story line as thebigger text to show it’sthe big story. Also the Bar code at the bottommain image matches of the magazine.the story line to showit’s important.
  • 3. My MagazineI have the name of themagazine at the top of the Date, price and issuemagazine, in bigger text to number all placedshow it is the name of the under the title of themagazine. And it a bold and colour to standout. Main image taking upLots of little cover stories the whole backgroundaround the magazine to of the magazine, showsshow the audience what how important thatthey are expected to story inside. ‘Hottest films of Main headline at the 2012’ A quote to bottom of the magazine, try and draw relating to the main image Bar code at the more people in. as well. bottom of the magazine.
  • 4. You can see that my magazine has many conventions to similar professional magazines.Both use a sans serif font which stands out and makes the magazines look bolder. Thetexts all use bright colours and both names of the magazine are at the top to showthey are the name. The layouts are very similar too, the main image covering themagazine and relating to the main headline which is at the bottom of the magazine ina much larger text than the cover lines. Both the magazines have a date, issue numberand price which are conventional for a magazine. They also have a barcode.
  • 5. Professional PosterSays about the otherfilms they have The main image is theproduced to try and three characters to bedraw in more people. relevant to the film as it is about them. They are also dressed inHas a bold sans serif costume to relate totitle, that stands out. the film.And also goes acrossthe image to show thename is moreimportant. ‘Coming soon’ is used at the bottom of the poster to tellHas credits at the the audience that itbottom to show who is coming soon.did the roles in thefilm.
  • 6. My Poster4 stars and ‘DailyMail’ at the top to Main title, sansshow it is good and to serif font anddraw more people in. stands out. In a high school text toMain image showing show it is a teenthe main characters so comedy.people know whothey are, they are alsoin costume and have ‘One night, One Mission!’props to relate to the a pull quote to attractfilm. more people to the film.Credits at thebottom of the Coming soon on theposter. poster which is conventional.
  • 7. My poster is very conventional and similar to other professional posters. Youcan see this as they both have a main image of the main characters that are inconventional clothing and props. Both of the posters have a bold title thatstands out from the other text. There are credits and a coming soon near thebottom of the poster which is conventional.