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  1. 1. History of Teen comedy:Teen comedy started in the 50s, it was an idea that intermediatestage between childhood and adulthood, with its own peculiarcharacteristics. It was all still new when the film ‘The wild one(1953)’ was made.Changing the social attitudes and the economy of the war madethe emerge in teenagers. Because of this, teenagers foundthemselves with a much larger allowances and more free time,due to parents wanting there children to have much fulleducations after their depression of the war.Rock n roll sound was added into a lot of the early first teenmovies. ‘Rock around the clock (1956)’ was one of the firstteenage films to be marketed to the exclusion of their elders.
  2. 2. Conventions of a teen comedy: The conventions of a teen comedy can include proms, alcohol, illegal substances, high school, parties and all night raves, losing virginity, relationships and social groups. The jock/Cheerleader The princess The geek/nerd The rebel The misfits/outcasts The average girl/boy The new girl/boy The loner The band geek.
  3. 3. Teen comedy timeline:One of the first teenage films made was ‘The Wild One’.The wild one was released on 30th December 1953,staring Marlon Brando. It was one of the first filmsshowing rebellion and the biker gang lifestyle. It wasfrowned upon and banned from the UK for 14 years. Another film that was released in the early 50s was ‘A rebel without a cause’. It was released in 1955 and was one of the first films where the main target was teens and the storyline was a typical teen movie like today’s, for example ‘New kid’. It included romance and was a huge hit everywhere with teenagers.
  4. 4. In the 60’s teen movies were a lot more common, Filmsthat were released in the 60’s was:‘Beach party’. This was released on the 19th July 1963.It was one of the first major teen films of the 60s andLike many films now days was focused on fun andromance.Films released in the 70’s were films like ‘Grease’ whichwas released in 1978. Grease is a timeless movie which isstill watched by many today, but at the time it was made itwas more focused on teenagers with it being based in ahigh school with summer romance. The only maindifference in today is the costumes they wore for examplethe ‘tight trousers, T-bird jackets and the pink lady jackets.
  5. 5. Teen comedy’s that were released in the 80s werethe golden years for teen movies. The emphasis wason parents being clueless and suburb life wasportrayed to be ‘alienating’. Films that were released in the 80’s are films like‘Girls just wanna have fun, the breakfast club, FerrisBuellers day off and pretty in pink’.Teen comedys released in the 90s increased a lot asthe laws were a lot less strict than they were in the50s. They were a lot more focused on sex, nudity anddrugs. With strong themes like ‘losing virginity’ asshown in the film ‘American Pie’ which was released in1991. Other films released in the 90’s were films like‘Clueless’ which was also about partying, romance andshowed a lot of wealth in characters.
  6. 6. Teen comedy’s today are films like;‘Mean girls’ which was released in 2004. Meangirls was one of the most popular teen moviesstaring Lindsey Lohan who is one of the mostfamous teen stars in this generation. It wasmainly targeted at teenage girls, but fits thecriteria of a teen movie including romance,comedy and high school lifestyle. It had a lot ofsetting in parties as well. Other films released in 2000 were ‘Juno’ which was released in 2007. Juno was slightly indie but with the emphasis being on unusual situations such as high school lifestyle with a sense of humor.