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Slavery In America by Rachel Cooperrider
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Slavery In America by Rachel Cooperrider



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  • 1. Slavery in America (1700-1770) Rachel Cooperrider
  • 2. Why Slavery? To meet labor needs Indentured servants no longer reliable The establishment of the Royal African Company in 1672
  • 3. The Capture Bartering with African kingdom Kidnapping Journey back to the coast would take up to two months Branding slaves before travel
  • 4. The Journey to America The “middle passage” Kept below deck with no fresh air Threw sick slaves overboard More than 1 in 4 captives died along the way
  • 5. New Life in America Auctioned off in public squares Inspection of teeth, underarms and genitals Young men and women most valuable Total journey from Africa to New World plantation took six months
  • 6. Plantation Life Preserved several African traditions Family life unpredictable Slaves outnumbered colonists in South
  • 7. Life in New Life in Middle England Colonies 3% of 18% of population was population African Worked as field Worked on small hands, on small farms or in the farms, as house cities servants, or skilled artisans
  • 8. Racism Used as a legal device to maintain control as population grows Interracial marriage is forbidden Marriage and literacy outlawed Overtime free blacks lost right to employ, hold office, bear arms, strike
  • 9. Rebellion and Resistance Limited open resistance Run away to swamps and mountains Georgia set up to prevent runaways Native Americans were given bounties for runaway slaves
  • 10. Stono Rebellion Stono, South Carolina in 1739 Group of slaves stole firearms Plan to go to Spanish Florida Marched from house to house murdering slave owners and families After 30 miles, the group was met by militias
  • 11. In Response to Stono Negro Act − S.C. State law forbidding slaves to grow their own food, assemble in groups, and learn to read Resulted in more legal action for slaves
  • 12. The Growing Slave Population 2,000 slaves brought over a year Between 1680 and 1700 the transportation of slaves on an English ship rose from 5,000 to 20,000 By 1750, African Americans were 4/5ths of the population In 1755, 80% of black population was mixed racial 95% of colonial African slaves remained slaves for life
  • 13. Slaves During the Revolutionary War Slaves gained freedom by joining state militias Those who fought on American side were in the line of fire Those who fought on British side were doing manual labor
  • 14. Freed Slaves By 1770, there was around 40,000 free black slaves in the colonies − Included runaways and black immigrants from West Indies Had certain social, economic, and legal restrictions Status was one of uncertainty
  • 15. Results of Slavery As population grew, so did restrictions More racism Caste-like system of segregation Economic expansion
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