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Carlow china trip summer 2011 (narrated mba&grd738)
Carlow china trip summer 2011 (narrated mba&grd738)
Carlow china trip summer 2011 (narrated mba&grd738)
Carlow china trip summer 2011 (narrated mba&grd738)
Carlow china trip summer 2011 (narrated mba&grd738)
Carlow china trip summer 2011 (narrated mba&grd738)
Carlow china trip summer 2011 (narrated mba&grd738)
Carlow china trip summer 2011 (narrated mba&grd738)
Carlow china trip summer 2011 (narrated mba&grd738)
Carlow china trip summer 2011 (narrated mba&grd738)
Carlow china trip summer 2011 (narrated mba&grd738)
Carlow china trip summer 2011 (narrated mba&grd738)
Carlow china trip summer 2011 (narrated mba&grd738)
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Carlow china trip summer 2011 (narrated mba&grd738)


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  • Every summer,CarlowMBA students take an international trip as part of the Global Business Course, formerllyknown as Global TechnologiesIn summer 2011, we’re going to ChinaAlthough this trip is part of an MBA course, all Carlow graduate students are welcome to join the trip. This presentation provides information about the trip, and two different ways Carlow graduate students can participate
  • Why would an MBA program go to China?China, as you probably know, is one of the fastest growing markets in the worldIt’s also a key player in the global supply chainThe question should be, why not go to China? Every manager should visit China at least once just to see and experience what’s it’s like to work with suppliers, manufacturers, and venture capitalists in this important part of Asia
  • We are very fortunate to work with Tsinghua University on this tripTsinghua is the MIT of China, and has produced many outstanding engineers and political leaders, including China’s current president Mr. HuJintaoThe expansive campus is a former site of Qing dynasty royal gardens. It also features more than 30 restaurants and dining halls
  • MBA738 Global Business is a 3-credit course in the spring semesterIt is an MBA elective. You can complete the MBA program without taking the China trip at allStudents in other graduate programs, such as education, nursing, counseling and PRL can also take this 3-credit course as an elective.However, if you do decide to take this course, the trip is mandatoryFor an MBA student, this course counts towards all tracks and so you can take it no matter what track you’re onThe class will meet for a few times in Spring 2011. Everyone will receive an incomplete grade by the end of the semesterYou will take the 9-day trip in summer, and then complete the coursework and receive a final grade
  • Class meetings in the spring semester will focus on lectures and discussions on global business managementWe’ll also have a workshop on traveling in ChinaThe class will plan and prepare for the trip togetherThere is some flexibility in the schedule, and we can decide as a group what we want to do
  • For someone who wants to join the trip without doing the coursework, we have created a one-credit option called GRD 738: International ExperienceInternational Experience is a one-credit course in the spring semesterStudents enrolled in this course must attend a study-abroad workshop and take the trip, but they do not need to participate in the Global Business coursework. For insurance purposes, we can only allow Carlow students on the trip.This one-credit option is the best way to enjoy the trip without having to go through a 3-credit course. For example, if a nursing or PRL student wants to go to China without taking Global Business, she can sign up for this International Experience.It’s also an option for friends, family, or alums to participate in the trip.For students who have taken Global Business and gone to Ireland in the past, this 1-credit course allows them to join the trip without repeating the course.
  • It takes almost 24 hours to travel to China, so we will be spending 2 days just on the road (or in the air so to speak)We will spend 7 days actually in Beijing, ChinaAt Tsinghua we attend lectures by Tsinghua instructorsFor the most part though, we will spend time visiting companies and historical landmarksWe will also have opportunities to meet with local business professionals
  • We will visit Beijing headquarters of international businesses such as Yahoo and LenovoWe will also visit Chinese high-tech firms such as CapitalBioYou can see and experience manufacturing plants such as the car-making factories of Hyundai
  • In addition to lectures and company visits, we will also tour famous historical landmarks, such as Tiananmen Square, and Forbidden City. And you know we’re not going to miss the Great Wall!
  • If you are adventurous, you will not be disappointed by the range of delicacies we are going to sampleExotic dishes and fruits are readily available at almost every mealBut if you are McDonald’s or Pizza Hut kind of gal, they are right around the corner from our hotel!
  • Just like New York, Beijing offers an endless array of night life optionsRemember to bring extra cash!
  • We will leave on a Saturday and return on a Sunday. The next day is Memorial Day so you get to recoup before returning to workYou will need some time to adjust for the 12-hour time difference!When you sign up for the course, you will be billed a residency fee of around $2000 in addition to tuitionYou can use financial aid to pay for this fee, which includes room, most meals, tours, ground transportation, admissions and company visitsYou will have your own room in a 4-star hotelYou will be responsible for your own airfare, which runs around $1100. Application for the China visa runs around $150. If you don’t already own a passport, you will also need to pay for that.
  • This is a brief overview of the China trip in Summer 2011. Remember to consider the 1-credit International Experience option ifyou just want the trip experience without the course work, if you have taken this course before and went to Ireland, or if you want to bring a spouse or a friend,Registration begins in early October so start planning now! If you have any questions, please contact me by emailWe want you make an informed decision about this trip. Hopefully we will see you in Beijing next summer!
  • Transcript

    • 1. Carlow MBA Program<br />MBA738: Global BusinessGRD738: International ExperienceTrip to China, Summer 2011<br />
    • 2. Why go to China?<br />One of the fastest growing markets of the century<br />Key player in the global economy<br />Why not?<br />Tian’an men Square<br />
    • 3. Tsinghua University<br />Our host<br />MIT of China<br />Expansive campus<br />Former site of Qing Dynasty royal gardens<br />
    • 4. MBA 738: Global Business<br />Spring 2011 3-credit elective course<br />Counts toward all tracks<br />A few meetings in Pittsburgh in Spring 2011<br />9-day trip to Beijing, China, in Summer 2011<br />Forbidden City<br />
    • 5. Class Meetings in Pittsburgh<br />Spring 2011<br />Lectures and discussions on global business management<br />Workshop on traveling in China<br />Planning for the China trip<br />Group presentations of companies and sites to visit<br />A Qing Dynasty royal garden in Tsinghua University<br />
    • 6. GRD738: International Experience<br />Mandatory study-abroad workshop in Spring 2011<br />No lecture class meetings<br />9-day trip to Beijing, China, in Summer 2011<br />Discussions and reflection paper due in Summer 2011<br />Forbidden City<br />
    • 7. China Trip<br />9 days in Summer 2011<br />Itinerary includes<br />Lectures by Tsinghua instructors<br />Company Visits (e.g., Yahoo!, Lenovo, Hyundai, CapitalBio)<br />Sightseeing (e.g., Forbidden City, Tian’an men Square, Great Wall!)<br />Meetings with local business professionals<br />Exotic foods and entertainment!<br />
    • 8. Company Visits<br />* Actual sites for company visits are subject to change<br />
    • 9. Sightseeing<br />* Actual sites for sightseeing are subject to change<br />
    • 10. Exotic Foods<br />Peking Duck<br />Baijiadayuan<br />Steamed Dumplings<br />Spicy Soup<br />Lychee Fruit<br />
    • 11. Entertainment<br />Night Life & Shopping<br />Private Karaoke Party<br />Massage Services<br />* Additional cost may apply<br />
    • 12. China Trip<br />Saturday, 5/21/2011- Sunday, 5/29/2011 (5/30 is Memorial Day)<br />Approximately $3,250.00 plus tuition of 3 graduate credits<br /> <br />Cost Breakdown<br />Residency Fee approximately $2,000<br /> which includes room, most meals, dinner shows, tours, ground transportation, admissions and company visits.<br />Airfare approximately $1,100<br />China Visa approximately $150<br />(Bring extra $$ for a couple of meals, shopping & nightlife!)<br />
    • 13. Faculty<br />Rachel Chung, PhD , MSIS MBA Coordinator<br />MBAAssistant Professor <br /> PhD - University of PittsburghMS - University of PittsburghBS – National Taiwan University<br />Led study-abroad trips to Beijing, China, in 2008 and 2009 with University of Pittsburgh students<br />Native speaker of Mandarin Chinese<br />Questions?<br />