Twitter as a CPD tool?


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Powerpoint given to OT students about using twitter as a CPD tool.

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  • CPD is an important part of registrants' continuing registration with the HCPC. They expect registrants to continue to develop their knowledge and skills while they are registered so we can be confident that they are able to practice safely and effectively.
  • We recognise that these sites are a useful way of communicating and sharing information with friends and colleagues. Information placed on social networking sites is in the public domain and can therefore be viewed by other people. The HCPC only take action about a registrant using such a site if it raised concerns about their fitness to practise. For example, if we found out that a registrant had put confidential information about a service user on social networking sites
  • Keeping high standards of personal conduct will include your attitude and comments on social networking sites.
  • BAOT/COT Social Media User Guidance  Has a document that provides direction for COT staff and BAOT members in elected positions (e.g. Council members, committee members, Specialist Sections, Regional groups) that use social media to carry out their professional roles. The organisation’s social media communications complement and reinforce content from the website, OTnews, BJOT and marketing campaigns. The guidance aims to protect individuals and the strategic position and reputation of the Association and College and clarify how social media provides interactive opportunities for the organisation to articulate its aims and aspirations with members, stakeholders, related organisations, the press and a national and an international community of OT staff.
  • your professional online presence how will you make your mark? your professional online presence how will you make your mark?
  • but are great places to learn for CDP form others and And your own reflections
  • Twitter as a CPD tool?

    1. 1. #TeesOT Twitter as a CPD tool? Rachel Booth Clinical Lead OT Chair of Northern and Yorkshire BAOT Region @boothrach
    2. 2. #TeesOT Aims Explore CPD Explain your responsibilities as a professional -Warning Understand Twitter and Social media How to transfer your Tweeting and online presence in to CPD activities # Practical session # # # #
    3. 3. #TeesOT What is CPD? Continuing professional development A range of learning activities through which professionals maintain and develop throughout their career to ensure that they continue to be able to practice safely, effectively, and legally, within their changing scope of practice. HCPC standards for CPD say that a registrant must: 1. Maintain a continuous, up-to-date and accurate record of their CPD activities; 2. Demonstrate that their CPD activities are a mixture of learning activities relevant to current or future practice 3. Seek to ensure that their CPD has contributed to the quality of their practice and service delivery 4. Seek to ensure that their CPD benefits the service user 5. Upon request, present a written profile (which must be their own work and supported by evidence) explaining how they have met the standards for CPD. Overview of the KSF The KSF is a development tool designed to: identify the knowledge and skills that individuals need to apply in their post; provide a fair framework on which to base review and development of all staff; and support clinical governance.
    4. 4. #TeesOT Is using Twitter professional? What the HCPC say # Recognise social networking sites are a useful way of communicating and sharing information # Information placed on social networking sites is in the public domain and can therefore be viewed by other people. # The HCPC will only be concerned if your use raises concerns about your fitness to practise. # For example, - putting confidential information
    5. 5. #TeesOT HCPC – Your Responsibility Make sure that when you use social Networking Sites, your usage is consistent with the HCPC standards. # You must act in the best interests of service users. # You must respect the confidentiality of service users. # You must keep high standards of personal conduct. # You must behave with honesty and integrity and make sure that your behaviour does not damage the public’s confidence in you or your profession.
    6. 6. #TeesOT Think before you Tweet Think about whether it is appropriate to share that information. If the information is confidential and is about your service user, patient, client or colleague, you should not put it on a site. This could include information about their personal life, health or circumstances. You may use social networking sites to share your views and opinions. However, the HCPC might need to take action if the comments posted were offensive, for example if they were racist or sexually explicit.
    7. 7. #TeesOT COT/BAOT Guidelines BAOT/COT Social Media User Guidance The guidance aims to protect individuals and the strategic position and reputation of the Association and College s/public/social-media-guidance.doc
    8. 8. #TeesOT What Teesside University Says The Student Protocol sets out the University’s commitments to you and explains what is expected of you in return. The Protocol covers: # The contractual relationship between you and the University # the University’s promise to you # your obligations as a student # notification of key regulations # the duration of the Protocol. Regulations relating to student discipline (on grounds other than an unsatisfactory standard of work) protocol.
    9. 9. #TeesOT Some examples Really enjoying my placement at Roseberry Park hospital with @boothrach learnt loads from Bob in today art group. Keep places and service users out of Tweets My experience in acute mental health, and running art groups is teaching me lots, I’m going to reflect on it @DavidCameron is a F***ing idiot the #BedroomTax is going to create a bigger gap between #MH SU’s and the general public However the use of language would be seen as unprofessional I disagree with @davidCameron the #BedroomTax will create a bigger gap between #MH SU’s and the general Public.
    10. 10. #TeesOT How does twitter work - the basics? Great guides on using twitter are
    11. 11. #TeesOT Twitter Apps and Twitter on a computer Look a Little Different Private or Open Account Tweet - a single update of 140 characters or less Following and Followers Home – tweets by people you are following @Connects - tweets you are mentioned in #Discover - see which #hashtags are trending Me – your Tweets and page
    12. 12. #TeesOT Ok so where does this all fit with your CPD? #OTalk – a talk that happens on line every Tuesday from 8-9 with once a month journal clubs #OTuesday – people tweet what they are up to every Tuesday to promote OT #OTgeek some people add this to a tweet if is very geeky Tweets at learning events, COT conference had its own # #COT2013 people live tweeted from the event so that others who were not there could join in the learning.
    13. 13. #TeesOT Recent publications and presentations about Twitter use Social Media in Mental Health Practice -Online network tools for recovery and living well -A practical guide for health and social care practitioners working in mental health services Social media and professionalism for new graduates (Brown, Andrew) OT news May 2012 Social media as a professional tool by Miriam Crowe - OT News July 2013 Understanding Twitter’ by Fiona Maclean, Derek Jones, Gail Carin-Levy and Heather Hunter in the June 2013 issue of BJOT 2013 The Elizabeth Casson Memorial Lecture 2013: Transformational leadership in occupational therapy — delivering change through conversations Hunter EP. British Journal of Occupational Therapy 76(8) 346-354”
    14. 14. #TeesOT So how can I Evidence what I have learnt for my CPD # Maintain a continuous, up-to-date and accurate record of their CPD activities # Using TRAMm Model # Write a reflection on what you have learnt from tweets you have read, #Otalks you have joined in. # You could create your own blog for this purpose. # Create a storify of a tweeting sessions you have joined in
    15. 15. #TeesOT The TRAMm Model for Continuing Professional Development Free CPD materials – For HCPC Standards # A dynamic, interactive model which encourages interaction and provides a clear framework for maintaining and recording CPD. # Has Developed tools, # The TRAMm Tracker and the TRAMm Trail to help you keep track of your CPD @TRAMmCPD
    16. 16. #TeesOT What is Storify # Storify helps making sense of what people post on social media. Our users create the most important voices and turn them into stories.
 # They are building a new information network that will give you the social perspective on any event. # Basically if you create an account you can the drag information from all your social networking sites and websites to make a story of an event and how you where included for your CPD – this website was recommended to be used within a twitter chat with the HCPC
    17. 17. #TeesOT Example I sent out a Tweet about doing this presentation and this is the responses I got.
    18. 18. #TeesOT Blogging # Blogs range from the personal to the political, and can focus on one narrow subject or a whole range of subjects. # Many blogs focus on a particular topic, And others are more like personal journals, presenting the author's daily life and thoughts, maybe about their Career. # Again you need to remember to act professional on these sites. # Be aware not all blogs will be Evidence based, so be careful. My blog
    19. 19. #TeesOT Who to follow Organisations @BAOT/COT @BAOTNYRegion @OTalk_Occhat @thewfot @emeriging2OT @HCPC @TRAMmCPD @cotcpd Inspiring OT’s @claireOT @clissa89 @Helen_otuk @GillyGorry @mmolineux @suebecks @kirstyes @elaineahpmh
    20. 20. #TeesOT My Advice # Have separate twitter accounts for personal and professional # If in doubt don’t tweet it! # Remember your HCPC and COT guide lines # Follow Selectively # Tweet things you think the profession would be interested in # Tweet from learning events like conferences, study days, training # Join in #Otuesday and #Otalk # Evidence your learning from Twitter
    21. 21. #TeesOT Lets Have a go
    22. 22. References # The NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework (NHS KSF) 2004 # # # # # # # # # # # protocol