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  • 1. James Blake 10-1-08 Basic English Mrs. Borden Chapter 1. Mice of men 1. Gorge warns Lennie not to say any thing when they get to the ranch. 2. Gorge puts up with Lennie because he promised Lennie’s aunt that he would take of Lennie. 3. Lennie had a ded rat in his pocket because he wanted to pet it. 4. The two men dreamed of having a place of their own. 5. When the two men reached the river Lennie wet & found a mouse. 6. Lennie Aunt used to give Lennie mice to play with. 7. Lennie & Gorge Had beans for supper. 8. Gorge & Lennie are going to the ranch to work. 9. This story takes place in California. 10. Gorge warns Lennie not to drink so much of the water because they didn’t know what was in the water. Chapter 2. 1. Curly returns to the bunk house to find his wife. 2. Slim is the ranch hand. 3. The excuse gorge gives for being late is that they got lost. 4. The boss came in the bunk house looking for curly. 5. The time that Gorge & Lennie got to ranch was around 12:00. 6. Curly was looking for his pa when he first came into the bunk house. 7. Curly gave lennie a hard time because he is not a very bright guy. 8. Lennie & gorge went to the bunk house when they first got to the ranch. 9. Lennie was worried about curly picking a fight with him. 10.Slim’s dog had 9 pups.