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Acg Affiliate Network Overview

  1. 1. Our Nationwide Affiliate Program is: Empowering Investors Supporting Entrepreneurs Revitalizing Local Economies
  2. 2. America loves small business. They’re the lifeblood of any healthy local economy. Where will the next wave of innovate companies changing our world come from? Look under your nose. In your community, new business ventures are forming right now. But there is just one problem..
  3. 3. Businesses need cash. Most entrepreneurs need capital to take an idea and create commercial success, but more importantly they will need help. For a lucky few, grandma comes through with the cash. But the rest face big obstacles. When banks aren’t interested, venture funds won’t take the risk and the nearest Angel network is 500 miles away, frustrated entrepreneurs often pull up stakes and move to a city with an ecosystem in place to support these types of companies. The new jobs, tax revenue and economic diversification that should have been yours end up somewhere else. Let us help you plant the first seed to grow your own entrepreneurial ecosystem – an Angel Capital Group affiliated network.
  4. 4. Angel Investing - The 411 Angel investment is a common second round of financing for high-growth start-ups. Angel networks give entrepreneurs a convenient and reliable way to raise capital through direct, private investment by business leaders who have built successful companies. Known as angel investors, these business leaders are accredited investors with proven track records managing and building successful companies. Angels use a portion of their total investment portfolios to provide emerging companies with seed and startup capital through direct, private investments. The goal is to achieve higher returns than typical public markets provide.
  5. 5. The Angel Capital Group is an organization of individuals and institutions who help high risk, seed stage companies find start-up funding. The company’s scalable Angel Investing Platform gives accredited investors nationwide the ability to form affiliate networks and enjoy convenient access to high-quality investment opportunities nationwide while giving local entrepreneurs local access to the capital, services and support needed to succeed. The Angel Capital Group offers deal structuring services, network services and a variety of investment fund options that give investors access to local and national deals while minimizing risk.
  6. 6. And...
  7. 7. We deliver what investors want. Access to Local and National Deals ~ Investors get access to a wider choice of investment opportunities, including deals in other states, enjoy unprecedented access to information about entrepreneurs nationwide who are attempting to commercialize emerging technologies High Quality Opportunities ~ ACG and its affiliates in other states are constantly on the lookout for high-potential investment opportunities nationwide. Our rigorous screening process presents only the companies with maximum upside potential, offering direct ownership in cutting-edge tech companies—the industry leaders of tomorrow. Delivered on Their Terms ~ Evaluate prospective companies in the privacy of our online deal room from the office, home or PDA. For investors who prefer a lower profile, funding LLCs protect investor identity. Unprecedented Service ~ ACG offloads accounting, recordkeeping and reporting, making the process enjoyable and cost- effective. Accounting and legal work are performed by trusted third parties. ACG staff structures and negotiates all deals on behalf of investors.
  8. 8. One size does not fit all. ACG was designed to give its members the best environment possible for gaining access to incredible investment opportunities in order to diversify their current portfolios while mitigating risk. In order to foster an environment of funding innovation, we offer two different service options to cater to a wide variety of Angels. We are here to help Angels in every way we can to find and fund the right investments for them. After all, this is Where Money Meets Imagination. Network Membership Fund Membership This option is for Angels who want to make their Our funds are organized to provide members an own investment decisions, hear presentations opportunity for passive or active involvement in from companies looking for funding and be an a diversified capital investment process. Our expert advisor to the companies they fund. For funds allow a small buy-in per person, which an small annual fee, our members get access to makes it perfect for those who want local, regional and national deals and can invest diversification and prefer to ease into Angel what they want, when they want. Fees cover all investing. Our add-on option allows Angels to deal structuring costs and other expenses also allocate additional investment amounts into associated with running the network. There are any one company they choose. Our funds are no minimum investments, membership can be designed to invest alongside our Angels so that cancelled anytime, and every dollar invested we are always sure to have an individual Angel goes directly to the funded company. leading and supporting our portfolio companies.
  9. 9. Grow Your Own Innovation Hub. With an active ACG Affiliate Network, the founders of seed stage companies in your community will be far less likely to relocate in search of capital, talent or support. Everything they need to be successful will be available at home. The ACG Nationwide Affiliate Program gives you a proven formula to create an Affiliate network in your community that will join other Affiliates nationwide to create the country’s most powerful Angel investing platform. Talent
  10. 10. End the Entrepreneurial Exodus. Create an environment that retains innovation launching an Angel Network in your community. Angel Capital Group’s Nationwide Affiliate Program now makes it possible for nearly any community in the nation to start one. All it takes is a minimum of ten accredited investors backed by community leaders who are serious about supporting innovation.
  11. 11. Contact us for more information. Angel Capital Group 209 10th Ave. S Ste 417 Nashville, TN 37203 615-969-2320