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Poetry Dedication Project

  2. 2. AN APRIL DAY BY HENRY WADSWORTHLONGFELLOW When the warm sun, that brings Seed-time and harvest, has returned again, T is sweet to visit the still wood, where springs The first flower of the plain. I love the season well, When forest glades are teeming with bright forms, Nor dark and many-folded clouds foretell The coming-on of storms. From the earths loosened mould The sapling draws its sustenance, and thrives; Though stricken to the heart with winters cold, The drooping tree revives.
  3. 3. AN APRIL DAY BY HENRY WADSWORTHLONGFELLOW The softly-warbled song Comes from the pleasant woods, and colored wings Glance quick in the bright sun, that moves along The forest openings. When the bright sunset fills The silver woods with light, the green slope throws Its shadows in the hollows of the hills, And wide the upland glows. And when the eve is born, In the blue lake the sky, oer-reaching far, Is hollowed out and the moon dips her horn, And twinkles many a star.
  4. 4. AN APRIL DAY BY HENRY WADSWORTHLONGFELLOW Inverted in the tide Stand the gray rocks, and trembling shadows throw, And the fair trees look over, side by side, And see themselves below. Sweet April! many a thought Is wedded unto thee, as hearts are wed; Nor shall they fail, till, to its autumn brought, Lifes golden fruit is shed.
  5. 5. EXPLICATION An April Day was written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Henry WadsworthLongfellow was an American poet who died at the age of 75 in Cambridge,Massachusetts. Longfellow mainly wrote lyric poems. Longfellow was a verysuccessful poet. An April Day has eight stanzas. Longfellow is explaining a day in April. He’sexplaining what he likes about it. The poem is written well and has greatexplanations in it. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow uses plenty of words for you tounderstand his point. He makes you feel like you are actually in an April’s day.He uses so much imagery in his poem. He allows us to go to a different place. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow used ABAB rhyming scheme through the wholepoem. This rhyming scheme fits this poem in the perfect way. It balances outevery single line and makes you understand easily. This poem is very enjoying because the month of April is one of my favorites. Ican agree with what he is saying and I can enjoy his choice of words. I pickedthis poem because my mom feels the same way. Her favorite month is Aprilbecause that the month she was born and he name happens to be April. Thepoem has great depth to it because it brings great memories. “When the brightsunset fills, the silver woods with light, the green slope throws. Its shadows inthe hollows of the hills, and wide the upland glows.” This is one of the amazingstanzas in the poem. This is one of my favorites because I can literally imaginethis. I appreciate beautiful scenery and I know my mom does too. I enjoyed thispoem because I know I won’t forget when April comes along. I have a whole newmeaning for an April day.
  6. 6. FOCUSED ON MY FAMILY BY RAYMOND A. FOSS A night out, cut short needing to go back home to put them to bed, to give her rest time to mend and heal, no regrets of the change the redirection home where we needed to be resting when we needed to no regrets at all
  7. 7. EXPLICATION Focused on My Family by Raymond A. Foss is a great poem. This poemis self-explanatory. “Focused on My Family” gets straight to the pointbecause it’s one stanza. Even though this is a short poem, it has astrong message. Raymond A. Foss was born in Westfield, MA in 1960. He started writingpoetry while serving on the Barrington, NH School in Board in2000.There are now 13, 356 of his poems on his site called “PoetryWhere You Live.” I think this poem is a very well written poem because is captures you ina second. This poem really doesn’t have much to it. His words are verysimply which makes it easy to understand. This is a clear cut poem thatis exactly like my family. I enjoy how he explained a little story in apoem. I can relate and my family can relate to the poem because I thinka lot of families are this way. “Focused on My Family” has no rhyme scheme but it also doesn’t needone. I like how he explains the different people in a family. Something sosimple can be so powerful. This is a poem to share to others families.
  8. 8. TOUCHED MY FAMILY BY IVAN DONN CARSWELL Even from afar came shouts of recognition joyful voices rang across the years disdained and faces of our childhood unforgot fit instantly familiar names; voices still the same despite the extra grey, the extra lines, like sacred family metaphors not blurred with passing time. Uncles greeted cousins, nieces hailed their aunts in private spaces kept for kith and kin, as if by chance this place, and the children’s children ran and played while old familiars sought out old familiars and said gooday. Some, lost in paternity-unexplained reserve feigned acquaintance, made clamorous greetings never really meeting friendly eyes; we observed no contradiction, in the art of being Gillgren ambiguity is a smile disguised. And as more arrived to swell the throng shyness shifted and was crushed in the overwhelming warmth of welcome. That was handshakes day, a day of greetings, of hugs and patent kisses, of faded family jokes and famous legends, a day we traded lissom lies and downright deconstructions, disavowals and denials, embellishments and exhortations,
  9. 9. TOUCHED MY FAMILY BY IVAN DONN CARSWELL trials and travails, and everywhere without exception, vibrant, friendly laughter filled the air. We packed the missing years, relentlessly connecting memories, seeking explanations, listening with desirous passion. We met again, to celebrate our names, to celebrate our Patriarch, Johannes Efraim Gillgren. The moment which defined it came belatedly amid a blush of hereditary patience (infused, no doubt, by alcohol and calmed by pious charity). We sat together, splendidly naïve on the threshold of our similitude, watching images of Johannes and forebears on the screen. The images didn’t cause abjuring sentiment (we have the pictures in our albums - treasure every one), but it was no less a shock to find our hows and whys, where with delinquent validation laid bare, we’d all endured yet come by signal cause - and now we knew who needed who. Mine weren’t the only tear-filled eyes, I cried for Harriet and Johannes, and my parents who had died, I cried without shame for I love them dear, and I loved them in secret for fear of discovery; yes, I tell you this, for how wrong can you be? And in the closeness of that room I reached out and touched my family
  10. 10. EXPLICATION Ivan Donn Carswell was born in 1965 in Gisborne, New Zealand. Carswell lovedwriting for as long as he could remember. Even though Carswell is not veryknown, he still had a passion for poetry and shares his amazing talent for othersto read. Touched my Family by Ivan Donn Carswell is a sweet poem. This poem is tellinga story. I love how he is explaining how his family was like. This poem was alsovery sad and heart felt. “Mine weren’t the only tear-filled eyes, I cried, for Harrietand Johannes, and my parents who had died, I cried without shame for I lovethem dear, and I loved them in secret for fear of discovery; yes, I tell you this, forhow wrong can you be? And in the closeness of that room, I reached out andtouched my family.” I thought this part in the poem was very strong. This was agreat way to end the poem because it sticks with you. I appreciate the honestyof his words and I think this shows great courage for him to write this poem.“Touched my Family” is a poem that I am happy that I got to read. Poems likethis I didn’t know existed. To know that poems could speak to you or to touchyou in a certain way is powerful. This poem has a great topic, imagery andinspiration. The best type of poem is a poem that has meaning; “Touched myFamily” is just that.
  11. 11. WORKING GIRLS BY CARL SANDBURG THE working girls in the morning are going to work-- long lines of them afoot amid the downtown stores and factories, thousands with little brick-shaped lunches wrapped in newspapers under their arms. Each morning as I move through this river of young- woman life I feel a wonder about where it is all going, so many with a peach bloom of young years on them and laughter of red lips and memories in their eyes of dances the night before and plays and walks.
  12. 12. WORKING GIRLS BY CARL SANDBURG Green and gray streams run side by side in a river and so here are always the others, those who have been over the way, the women who know each one the end of lifes gamble for her, the meaning and the clew, the how and the why of the dances and the arms that passed around their waists and the fingers that played in their hair. Faces go by written over: "I know it all, I know where the bloom and the laughter go and I have memories," and the feet of these move slower and they have wisdom where the others have beauty. So the green and the gray move in the early morning on the downtown streets.
  13. 13. EXPLICATION Working Girls by Carl Sandburg is a touching poem. I really enjoy thispoem because I love the amount of inspiration in the poem. I can’t helpto get a since of what could of or what was in this poem. This poem isabout working girls in downtown stores and factories. Sandburg iswriting was these could do at their age, enjoy life and be free. I love theconcept of the poem; it is a very good idea. My life I take for granted, butthis poem shows me how blessed I really am. I have the freedom to notwork in a factory, I never think I the kids that used to do it. The imageryin this poem is great because you can really picture what Sandburg issaying in this poem. Working girls will speak to many young girls. Ifevery young girl read this poem, I think that they would look at their lifeand be appreciative. I really never wondered what my life would be like ifI had to work as a child, but because of this poem I do. This poemteaches a message. Sandburg has great choosing of words for thispoem. This poem is a free verse which I love. I think this is perfect forthe poem. I love how this poem is so honest and clear for readers.“Workings Girls” is a structured poem.
  14. 14. COME HOME! BY MARY ELIZABETH COLERIDGE When wintry winds are no more heard, And joys in every bosom, When summer sings in every bird, And shines in every blossom, When happy twilight hours are long, Come home, my love, and think no wrong! When berries gleam above the stream And half the fields are yellow, Come back to me, my joyous dream, The world hath not thy fellow! And I will make thee Queen among The Queens of summer and of song.
  15. 15. EXPLICATION Mary Elizabeth Coleridge is a British novelist and poet. She was born in Londonin 1861. Coleridge grew up with some of the greatest writers in her day. “ComeHome!” is not one of her popular poems but one of my favorite poems. Thispoem is so relatable, I think this poem is so simply but so large at the same time.I have read some of Coleridge other poem before so I knew this would be agood poem to pick. “Come Home!” is a poem that is written very well. I love the story behind thepoem and the very simple message. This is literally a poem that my motherwould love because the poem is a lot like her; I could see her saying thesewords in the poem. This poem has to well written stanzas that anyone couldunderstand. I feel connected to this poem because it means a lot for me. This isa type of poem that I could see my mom reading to me when I was a child. Thispoem can be shared to any age group. Coleridge has a way with writing poems;she does such a great job at delivery her message. “Come home, my love, and think no wrong!” This is probably my favorite line inthe poem because this is something my mom would say. When I read it, I can’thelp to think of her because she will probably say this a lot when I go to college.Mary Elizabeth Coleridge knows how to speak to people through her poetry. Herpoetry is for people to enjoy it and to be thankful that writers like this existed.“Come Home!” has great depth to it and can hold your attention easily.
  16. 16. ORIGINAL POEMSRachael Sessoms
  17. 17. I WONDER To each his own I’m all alone I wonder why I still close my eyes. I try to think And then give a quick blink But I find myself wondering Why this is happening What will I do? If I can’t get through I start to wonder Then I fonder
  18. 18. MISSING EVERYTHING AROUND ME Missing everything around me The trees so big and high The reach up to the sky Missing everything around me The nature that is so big The birds that fly in a swig Missing everything around me The people who I know The feelings that I used to show Missing everything around me The walls that never break Even the people that I can’t take Missing everything around me It’s time to start a new chapter So I can live happily ever after Missing everything around me
  19. 19. GOOD AND BAD Looking at a waterfall is so pretty I love to watch a great image I also love to look at a great city It’s like looking at a great voyage Going to a desert is not a good time I can’t stand a place that is hot I rather go for a hike climb And go eat, a lot
  20. 20. I AM I am quiet and shy I sometimes dream I can fly I wish to be success Even in a day of distress I am tall and lean Believe or not I also love to clean I love to make people laugh Then help them walk in a straight path
  21. 21. MY ROOM My room is a secret place I have all my pretty things In a space that I call mine In my room I can spread my wings I love the importance of my room Nowhere else I can quite bloom
  22. 22. EXPLANATION I dedicate these poems to you mom because of how versatile you can be. All these poemsare very different but they all still remind me of you. “I Wonder” is a poem I wrote when I try to solve my problems myself. I get confused,frustrated and then think why I am this way? Then I realize I do need help. The person Ialways go to for help is you. “Missing Everything Around Me” is a poem I wrote just for you. This poem indicates howyou still miss people around you but how you strive and move on no matter what. The lastcouple of years had been hard when you lost your mother but you are still thankful for whatyou have and also the little things in life, which this poem is about. “Good and Bad” shows how much we are alike. I show how we are very similar to thethings we like and don’t like. I know your favorite part will be the end because that’s thepart we have most in common. The person I am today has a lot to do with you, that’s why I wrote “I Am.” I explain myselfin this poem realizing how much I’ve grow was because of you raising me. If I’m feelingsad, I still wish to be successful and I know that is how you raised me to be. “Believe or notI also love to clean” I would have never said those words if it weren’t for you. I love my room and appreciate my room so much. I remember when we moved to our newhouse and how we sat in my room together and planned how I was going to design it. Youare the one that basically gave me all the ideas on my room. I don’t think I would love it somuch if you didn’t put so much into it. I know you love to decorate so I’m glad I made thatchoice to trust you because it paid off.
  23. 23. TO THE BEST MOM! Mom, you’ve have always been there for me.You are the biggest role model in my life and willalways be. I thank you for all you’re support andraising me into a strong woman. I dedicate thisproject to you because you mean so very muchto me. You know very well I don’t show muchemotion and say how thankful I am to have amother like you enough. I’m glad I have thechance to show how much you mean to methrough this project. You are my educator, mysupport, and someone I can always lead on.You are the best! I love you!
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