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What does a promotional package for a new album look like?
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What does a promotional package for a new album look like?


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  • 1. What does a promotional package for a new album look like?
  • 2. Digipak A digipak is the packaging of a compact cd or dvd which usually consists of a six sided binded panel. The digipak- made from paperboard or cardboard- is most commonly used for special edition cd’s or to promote a new album. The digipak format has become more popular recently for reasons including; allows greater graphic display, they are shatter proof unlike the jewel case form of cd packagaing, they are considered more environmentaly friendly, and they have an overall more pleasant, complex and entriging appearance. Because of this, nearly all digipaks have a theme. For example for this album ‘Teenage Dream’ by Katy Perry, the images are all linked using different sweets and desserts (associating with teenage endulgences ) such as candyfloss as clouds and cd’s in the shape of dohnuts and lolly pop heads.
  • 3. What elements make up a typical music video?
    • Music has always had a visual aspect that represents the type of genre of music, the image of the artist or a particular single or album. The music video is a big way of enhancing this visual elment, making the album more recognised and stimulating sales.
    • The elements of a music video differ accordingly to the genre of song; whether it be pop, rock, indie etc. For example, rock bands often create music videos that are based on the artists playing in concert creating an enthusiastic and exciting approach. Whereas, pop artists most commonly take a narrative approach in music videos by creating a linear story that portays the message of that particular song creating feeling and emotion in the videos.
    • Some of the mutual elements of a music video include:
    • A choreogrpahed dance
    • Featuring the band/ artist
    • A location
    • Presenting the artist’s image and message of the song
    • Filming techniques such as cutting, zooming and fading
  • 4. What do typical magazine adverts for new albums look like? Bold, high contrast artists name Subheading/capition Smaller album name Release date Special feature Website link Main image Download option