Music Magazine Research


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Music Magazine Research

  1. 1. Music magazine genres.
  2. 2. Rock music magazine. Kerrang is a typical rock magazine, the colours on the front page are dark and bold, mainly black and red. The title has a smashed effect, it looks as if someone has smashed the letters on the floor, similar to a guitar at the end of a rock concert. The main image is a man with a microphone with his band behind him, it is clear that the magazine has a large section dedicated to him. There are other images of bands on the front, all of the same genre.
  3. 3. Page spread and contents page.
  4. 4. Pop music magazine. Q magazine is a typical pop magazine, the front page is mainly dominated by a picture of Madonna, who is the supposed “queen of pop”. She is looking directly into the camera with a slight smile. The letter Q is written in white on a red background, the letter stands out from the rest of the magazine, drawing in attention.
  5. 5. Page spread and contents page .
  6. 6. Country music magazine. This magazine is a typical country magazine. The front cover is taken up by a whole picture of Jim Lauderdale, showing that the magazine has information of him inside, this picture has white writing over it indicating some of the contents and has the title “country” across the top in a salmon colour. In the picture he is holding an acoustic guitar, typically used in country music. The title is a very bold font in a colour that isn't used in the rest of the front cover, this attracts attention of the public so they look at the magazine.
  7. 7. Classical music magazine. The magazine classic fm is also a classical radio station, the free gift of a piano album automatically catches the audiences attention as they will enjoy that if they enjoy the magazine. The title is written in a slim sleek font and the colour of the text changes to stand out on whatever it is on. The main image is of Myleen Class, who is a well a well knows pianist, she will advertise the free gift more and so make people want to buy the magazine.
  8. 8. Page spread.
  9. 9. Indie magazine. This typical Indie music magazine has a colour scheme of mainly red. Black and white is also used to help the red stand out and become more eye catching. The font is mainly capital letters, this helps the different articles to stand out so that the audience can read them and become interested in the story. The main image is one of two men, it is clear that there is part of the magazine dedicated to these with an interview. Their names are written over the top of each of them in white which contrasts against their black jackets helping the text stand out.
  10. 10. Page spread and contents page.