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UFCH Quarterly Newsletter Winter 2011, Issue no.1

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U F C H Newsletter Winter2011 English

  1. 1. Winter 2011, Issue No. 1 United Foundation for Quarterly Children’s Health Newsletter http://www.unitedfoundation.org/ Hannah’s Story UFCH recently sponsored dental work for an eight-year-old girl named Hannah. Hannah was abandoned at the age of seven and was sent to live at New Day Foster Home in Beijing. Upon arrival, she was very malnourished. She also had a serious heart condition called “Tetralogy of Fallot,” which is a congenitaldefect involving four anatomical abnormalities.Under the loving care of New Day, Hannah immediately began to gain weightand be treated for her heart condition. She underwent her first heart surgery in UFCH: New WebsiteAugust 2009. Due to the severity of her condition, she also required a second Announcementheart surgery which successfully took place in May 2010. In addition to these medical issues, Hannah’s teeth were UFCH is excited to announcein poor condition as a result of never having had dental our new website. It features information about our mission,care. UFCH sponsored her dental care and dental th an overview of our programs,surgery, which was performed on December 17 , and beautiful photos of the2010 in the dental clinic of Beijing United Family children we support.Hospital. Hannah’s caregivers report that since the Please visit us online atcompletion of her surgeries, she is a “new child.” www.unitedfoundation.org.She is in good health and can now play with the And, if you are interested inother children, instead of merely watching. She volunteering for UFCH, weattends preschool at New Day Foster Home, where she would love to hear from you.is learning colors, numbers, the alphabet, and so much Please contact Maggie Fu atmore. Hannah is a funny, happy little girl. She loves to sing, play outdoors, build +86 010 5927 7285 or atwith blocks, and do arts and crafts. maggie.fu@unitedfoundation.org. UFCH gratefully acknowledges the competent dental team who performed Thank you!Hannah’s dental care and surgery, as well as all of Hannah’s dedicatedcaregivers. Thank you for changing the life of this very special child! UFCH’S Mission UFCH is in the unique position to provide China’s impoverished children a chance at life by helping provide opportunities for medical care that they would not otherwise have. UFCH seeks to provide these children, mostly orphans, with the chance to overcome their medical illnesses and have the chance to be adopted into a loving family. Healing Brings Hope
  2. 2. Winter 2011, Issue No. 1 http://www.unitedfoundation.org/ Jiaozuo Orphanage Trip Since 2004, UFCH has sponsored children at Jiaozuo Orphanage in Henan Province. Our support includes coordinating quarterly trips in which volunteer doctors and nutritionists visit the the New Hope orphanage to provide medical care and training. We Foundation. We also deliver free formula donated by Abbott Labs. were grateful for the opportunity to visit the Our most recent visit occurred on November 30, 2010. The team that New Hope Foundation’s sparkling facilities. We went on the trip included: Dr. Alan Mease, BJU Pediatric Chairman; Yin also enjoyed seeing the new classroom at the orphanage’s main building, where children from Fei Fei, China Little Flower Foundation staff; and Maggie Fu, UFCH the orphanage and COAT come for school and Operations Manager. We brought along medical supplies such as cleft physical training. Last but not least, it was a joy palate milk bottles and nipples, colostomy bags and stoma paste, to witness children learning to walk in the catheters, urine bags, disposable gloves, lubricant jelly, iodine, and physical therapy center – we wish them every gauze. success! Our team performed the following procedures: UFCH is grateful to everyone who made - Gave special check-ups to kid with pending diagnoses this valuable trip - Checked formula storage possible. Thank you to - Provided medical advice Dr. Mease, Yin Fei Fei, - Visited Eagle’s Wings Foster Home Abbott Labs, and all of the loving staff at - Measured children’s height and weight to ensure they are thriving Jiaozuo Orphanage for helping to change these children’s lives for the better! Yin Fei Fei provided catheter training to the caregivers at the main orphanage, as well as to China Orphans’ Assistance Team (COAT) and Shanghai Healing Home Medical Training Shanghai Healing Home (SHH) is a medical home specializing in care for children with cleft lips/palates. UFCH is sponsoring an ongoing series of medical trainings for SHH. Weare developing this series in conjunction with Shanghai United Family Hospital (SHU) nursing staff. On October 29th, SHU Pediatric Head Nurse Li Yunjiao trained SHH caregivers on feeding babies with clefts. Because the anatomy ofthe oral cavity is disrupted, these babies have difficulty feeding. The hole in their mouth leaves them unable to properly seal around thenipple when they suck and swallow. Nurse Li Yunjiao’s four-hour training covered 5 areas: 1) Overview of the anatomy of newborns with clefts; 2) Safe feeding techniques; 3) Step-by-step instructions for using special bottlesand correct feeding positions; 4) Basic infant CPR; and 5) a Questions-and-Answer session.UFCH is pleased to report that the training was a success and is enhancing the children’s daily care. We offer many thanks to Nurse LiYunjiao, the caregivers at SHH, and everyone who has helped to organize this valuable medical training series. For more information about the Shanghai Healing Home, please visit: www.shanghaihealinghome.com. 2
  3. 3. Winter 2011, Issue No. 1 http://www.unitedfoundation.org/ Kaifeng Orphanage Sponsorship “Every day the kids grace the world with their brightUFCH recently sponsored cleft palate surgeries for three personalities”children from Kaifeng Orphanage in Henan Province. Happily,all of the surgeries were successful and the children recovered smoothly. Every day the kids grace the world with their bright personalities. Baby Jun is a sweet nine-month-old little boy. He craves being foods such as bread and cakes. Baby Hao is a well- surrounded by behaved child with a very active personality. Already he people and lights has begun to walk using his walker. If you approach him, up whenever his he will eagerly reward you with a smile. And if you hug caregivers play with him. He loves him, he’ll beam at you with delight!his games and toys, especially hide-and-seek and his beloved teddy bear. But think twice before you In addition to these three successful surgeries, UFCHtake away his toys, because he may cry! Baby Jun is growing is pleased to report that the Employee Labor Union atquickly and already boasts four teeth. His appetite is healthy Chindex International (UFH’s parent company) kindlyand he enjoys eating bread and other tasty snacks. Everyone voted to donate 3,000RMB to the orphanage for diapers.adores Baby Jun’s fun-loving nature. To everyone who has supported the children at Kaifeng Orphanage, we extend our heartfelt appreciation. Thank Baby Lu is a gorgeous nine-month-old little girl. Her pretty you to the medical teams, Chindex employees, and all ofeyes shine with energy. Everyone in the orphanage calls her the devoted caregivers. Your tireless love and care live on“Little Beauty.” Baby Lu smiles and laughs freely. The sillier through the children’s lives you have touched.the face you make at her, the louder she will laugh! Althoughshe was born prematurely, and her development is delayed,Baby Lu has a good appetite and an easy-going demeanor.She drinks her milk enthusiastically (about 150 at a time),which brings her caregivers great pleasure. Little Beautyglows inside and outside. Baby Hao is a playful eleven-month-old boy. He loves to socialize with his caregivers, visitors, and—especially—his little friends. He was born an adorable baby, and post-surgery he becomes even more handsome every day. His appetite is strong and he relishes solid 3
  4. 4. Winter 2011, Issue No. 1 http://www.unitedfoundation.org/ Yi Fan’s Announcement Little Jia’s Beloved Yi Fan passed away at th 7:26am on January 18 , 2011 Story (Beijing time) in Boston, Massachusetts. She was 6 years old. Little Girl Jia came into the world on February 13, 2007, and was abandoned Yi Fan was a beautiful child who at birth. Since then, she has been living in a was born with severe lung disease. foster home run by an orphanage in Gansu Her parents, Jack Pan and Ping Province. She is a beautiful child with a lively,Zhou, brought her to BJU to see Dr. Steven Alexander, who did pleasant personality.everything he could for the little girl until concluding that all diagnostic In June 2010, a physician diagnosed Littleand therapeutic means had been exhausted in China. As a result, Jack Jia with Vigino-Anal Fistula and referred her forPan and UFCH raised money for Yi Fan to go to Boston Children’s surgery. First, she needed a colostomy. UFCHHospital in the United States. In Boston, she was diagnosed with sponsored this operation, which was performedpulmonary hypertension and received a lung transplant. Sadly, after the at Shanghai United Family Hospital (SHU) intransplant Yi Fan suffered several infections and complications, until September 2010. Happily, Little Jia is recovering well from surgery. She has a strong appetite andher small body could bear no more. is able to pass her bowels well. In spite of Yi Fan’s health Little Jia is now awaiting a second surgery tostruggles, she lived a wonderful life. transfer her colon back to her anus. UFCH willShe brought great happiness to also sponsor this surgery, which will take place at SHU around the time of summer 2011. Little Jia’severyone who knew her, and foster family hopes that she will be adoptedespecially to her devoted parents. overseas by a devoted family. The successfulWithin her little body was a huge, completion of her second surgery will tremendously boost her chances of adoption.loving heart. Yi Fan adored her petbunny and cherished her parents. Today, Little Jia is just a few months shy ofWhen she saw children crying in the Sichuan earthquake, she told her four years old. She brings joy to everyone aroundfather to send her own savings to help. Poetry was one of her greatest her. She loves to play with her toys and watchpassions. As a young child she had already memorized many ancient her favorite television programs, such as “AnimalChinese poems. Yi Fan’s favorite song was titled “Invisible Wings.” She World” and an assortment of fun cartoons. Herdreamed of having her own pair of beautiful wings so she could fly. older foster brother has become her most treasured playmate.UFCH extends our most heartfelt condolences to Yi Fan’s parents and UFCH extends our deepest gratitude to Littleentire family. We deeply appreciate everyone who cared for Yi Fan, Jia’s foster family, as well as the hospital staff,including the medical staff at BJU and Boston Children’s Hospital. Also, for their loving support. Each person who haswe are forever grateful to everyone who donated to Yi Fan’s Fund. All cared for Little Jia has played a priceless role inof your loving care and generous support made a profound difference helping her live a normal, happy life.in the life of this very special little girl. Thank you all. Our Partnership with United Family Healthcare (UFH) Annually, United Family Healthcare (UFH) donates the equivalent of 1% of gross revenue in medical services to treat orphans and other impoverished children in need of quality medical care. The children are brought into a UFH facility for free care under this program. Since the programs inception in 2001, hundreds of children have benefited from UFH’s high-quality medical services. UFCH is proud to be the administrator of this generous donation. 4
  5. 5. Winter 2011, Issue No. 1 http://www.unitedfoundation.org/ Thank you! On behalf of the United Foundation for Children’s Health, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of the volunteers who have helped us over the years. With your support, UFCH is growing quickly. We have assisted children in Beijing, Tianjin, Jiaozuo, Kaifeng, Shanghai, Gansu Province, as well as supporting children from orphanages located throughout China. I would also like to acknowledge the outstanding medical staff at Beijing United Family Hospital and Shanghai United Family Hospital. Your dedication ensures that the children’s surgeries are carried out smoothly and always produce excellent, life-changing results. We especially appreciate the pediatricians and pediatric nursing teams. Whenever the kids need routine or urgent medical treatment, you always provide wonderful care! Many thanks to the volunteer physicians who assisted with our quarterly outreach trips: Dr. Xu Zhi Xin, Dr. Alan Mease, and Dr. Tyrone Bristol. We are also grateful to Dr. Randy Jernejcic and Dr. Jane Eason, who volunteered to provide check-ups and medical advice to the children at Jiaozuo Orphanage. Finally, my deepest thanks go out to all of our partner friends for taking loving care of the children. We appreciate your efforts in bringing the kids to a UFH facility for care, as well as your trust and confidence in UFCH. Your support is what makes the children’s treatments at Beijing United Family and Shanghai United Family Hospitals possible. With your help, UFCH will help even more children in 2011! Thank you, Maggie Fu Operations Manager Healing Brings Hope