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Media a2 evaluation
Media a2 evaluation
Media a2 evaluation
Media a2 evaluation
Media a2 evaluation
Media a2 evaluation
Media a2 evaluation
Media a2 evaluation
Media a2 evaluation
Media a2 evaluation
Media a2 evaluation
Media a2 evaluation
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Media a2 evaluation


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  • My newspaper is influenced by the Manchester Evening News’ layout and shows this by the columns and strip at the bottom. I have tweaked it to only be similar to the MEN by changing the colour scheme from Orange to Green and blue and also the title and upper section of the paper do not have many similarities to the MEN at all.The Salford Times is aimed at people of a student age, so varying from late teens through to around age 35. This is shown in the colour scheme, the type of free magazines and the film and music reviews. The type of news reported on with be relevant to people of that age, for example the headline story of the local school may appeal to people who have had children.The paper resembles what my audience survey suggested by applying the simple layout, reasonable price, and a good selection of news to go at just from looking at the sections in the column on the right.It also emphasises the free magazines and mentions the film and music review sections, which the younger people who I surveyed said they were quite interested in.
  • My double page spread is similar to a tabloid paper although I have taken influence from The Guardian with the Film Review section and the text heavy format. It also bares similarities to the MEN with the large advertising space in the bottom corner with a small article next to it. I have chosen to write the articles I have written because I thought that the Smart Phone story would be the technology story my audience research showed was wanted, whilst restoring the locality of the newspaper with the story about the Eccles man’s shrine to Willy Wonka. The film review section is also to further entice a younger audience to buy the paper to read the reviews of films.
  • My radio advert is breaking the normal conventions as it does not adhere to the standard radio advertising protocol, being a voiceover just talking about the product, or a couple of people discussing the product. I chose to turn my advert into a song because I felt that is what my target audience of students and just under middle aged people would most like. I think it is catchy enough to get stuck in your head but it shouldn’t get annoying if you heard it over and over on the radio. I think the radio advert combines well with my newspaper product as it shows clearly that it will be a cool, young and not overly serious newspaper. Likewise with the billboard advert, it expresses that it is young and quirky but also tells the onlooker that it will be factual and informative, which helps it to sell itself on being for younger people but more mature than other tabloid newspapers for young people.
  • As shown by my previous notes evaluating the front cover of an issue of the MEN newspaper, I have researched the conventions of the MEN and used them on my own newspaper as well as it is clearly a good layout for a newspaper that certainly grabs a customer’s attention with the use of colour and the titles and headlines that stand out.
  • Again, my double inside page of the newspaper resembles the MEN, in the way that it has a short article with large advertising space at the bottom corners, but I also took influence from The Guardian newspaper with the very text heavy layout and the film review section. I chose The Guardian as I thought it would help accommodate students and adults of a more middle class background who had less interest in looking at the pictures and more interest in reading the details of the articles.
  • I have learned that most people aged 16 to 35 buy the MEN as their source of local news. It also shows males and females buy the MEN in a balanced proportion and that the 16 to 24 year olds are mostly students at a sixth form college or a university. People also stated that they prefer to read about violence/crime in their area, technology, economy and medical news/extraordinary cases, with a lack of interest in political and celebrity news from most. I also discovered I would have to do enough to ensure people would want to buy my newspaper as most people ticked “It is fine” as their answer to what they do not like about their regular newspaper, I feel my two adverts should help with this. People said that they prefer to read their paper in the evening, presumably after they’ve finished working or as something to read when relaxing between work, so I should make my newspaper an evening issue. Finally, people said they would most expect to pay between 41p to 80p for a local paper, that they prefer tabloid format newspapers with articles written in a not too serious manner and that employment news is a must.
  • I used my skills gained from last year’s AS coursework to help me design the layout of the newspaper. I also decided that placing an image of the MEN newspaper on the background and using that as a mould to work on helped me in the creation of my paper. The photo manipulation techniques I learned from last year’s work also helped me to finely cut out the background on the pictures I used. I also took into consideration the source of light when taking the photos and decided a slight shadow on the stack of coins made them more effective.
  • Soundcloud is a useful media technology as it allowed me to place my music track directly onto my blog. Soundcloud, along with Youtube, helped me to research other Newspaper Radio adverts to base my idea on or break the conventions and go the other way. The adverts I found were all people having a conversation about their product or just narrating about the product, so I broke the convention with my song form radio advert. I transferred my skills from my Music Technology lessons to help me with this task. Through my knowledge of microphones, ambience and music editing software, I created a sound I thought was right for the radio and recorded it in high quality.
  • Slideshare is a good use of media technology in the real business world too, as people could put their ideas onto a slide show presentation, upload it onto Slideshare and share it with everyone else. I found this useful as it gave me a quick and easy way to upload pictures and screenshots of my work in progress and at the end of the slideshow, show the finished products.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Media A2 Newspaper Matt Smith
    • 2. Newspaper Front CoverAdheres to myaudience research asthe layout and style The articlesmost resembles printed are ofwhat people wanted. relevance to the local community of Salford and inThe title of my keeping to thenewspaper is a sort of newsvery basic people statednewspaper title as they mostit uses the word preffered.“Times”.
    • 3. Newspaper Double Page Film Review section isArticle about influenced by TheSmartphones is Guardian’s shortrelevant to my sections oftarget reviews.audience. Advert isArticle of Eccles advertising a pizza which is not veryman brings expensive and evenback the local doubles up as aelement after voucher, thus showing that mycovering a newspaper is not awider topic in very expensive one.theSmartphonearticle.
    • 4. Radio Advert and BillboardThis radio advert wasrecorded with Cubase 5.Voiceover has slight EQ to tryand capture a better radiosound.It uses an electric guitar and aMIDI drum kit.My newspaper’s billboard isbright and expressive toensure it will grab people’sattention and also highlightthat it is for a youngaudience.
    • 5. How my product has used conventions of real media products
    • 6. What I have learned from audience feedback
    • 7. Adobe PhotoshopI created my whole newspaper front cover anddouble page using Adobe Photoshop.I drew lines using the rulers and line tool, boxesfor my photos with the rectangle tool, andcreated mock text using Lorem Ipsum textgenerator online and copy pasting the text intowhere I would like my real text to go.The photos were edited in Photoshop to removethe backgrounds and also fill slight bits in.
    • 8. • My billboard advertisement is also created fully on Adobe Photoshop using a polygon tool which I then filled in with colour and changed the opacity to give it a stained glass window look to it.
    • 9. Cubase 5• My radio advertise was done entirely in Cubase 5 music recording software. I used a microphone to capture the sound of my voice and a DI Box to capture the guitar sounds from an electric guitar. The drum beat was created as a MIDI track.• Upon completion I exported the track and uploaded it to Soundcloud to embed it onto my blog.
    • 10. Slideshare• Slideshare allowed me to create an easy way to view my work in progress and the finished product at the end of it, in a quick slideshow presentation embedded onto my blog.