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Save Our Civilisation From Mediocrity !!!

Save Our Civilisation From Mediocrity !!!

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Satsang SocietySat (Truth) Sang (Together in a common thought) Mythbuster Session Comprehensive v1 Draft 1
  • 2. Perspective• Welcome to the world and web of shattering truth• Views discussed here may range from obvious to shocking to ridiculous• Keep your mind open• Be a spectator and ‘take’ what you think is right• Then question what you ‘think’ is wrong.. Do research and correct yourself or us if it is wrong• Refer to links in Comments / Notes section or just ‘Google it’• Discuss and develop with the society• Contribute by your own research• Feedback on present content – 2
  • 3. 3
  • 4. Somethings not right with the world!We always feel something is not right with the world. But cannot figure out what is wrong.We are all stuck in a world where do work which we don’t like, have system which strangulates us and still we support and work in the same systemWhy our span of attention is growing short and we always discuss some negative topics and issues 4
  • 5. Our Life Today! •One thing is always short, however much it may be! Money! •It is major factor in most of ills of our society •Money is the limiting factor which makes world go around •But where has our curiosity gone to know and investigate the issues? •Why don’t we recognize and then solve them? 5
  • 6. Structure of Society• Look around at society around us• We are all organised in a pigeon cage like structure where we are expected to follow orders of our ‘authority’ and do what you are asked to do• You are allowed only to know enough so that you just ‘complete’ your work• The structure includes Governments, Office, Business and Families too• The pyramid of manipulation in control structure is next slide 6
  • 7. Illuminati Structure You are stuck in most probability in lower most of level of your profession 7
  • 8. Somethings not right with the world!• In this pyramid structure, few people control whole society• The structure is worldwide and governed by secret societies• The exact structure at top is unknown, hidden and works from behind the scenes• There are many societies and the web is famously called ‘Illuminati’• Illuminati control – United Nations, Governments, Religion, Intelligence Agencies, Media Houses, Corporations, Money supply, Education• Emphasizing again, the people employed in these also just know about their jobs, not much above, not much below• People on top of these organizations are high degree freemasons and know a lot, but not all• Let’s look at their structure 8
  • 9. Hidden Symbols 9
  • 10. Illuminati Structure 10
  • 11. Illuminati Structure 11
  • 12. Control Structure 12
  • 13. Control Structure 13
  • 14. Control Structure 14
  • 15. Control Structure 15
  • 16. Control Structure• Few researchers claim that these secret societies are controlled by alien and reptilian species since old ages• That is why there is reference of reptilians in all religions• Hollywood / Bollywood cinema is known for its fantasy with reptilian world• Shapeshifting reptilians can be well seen in – Nagina – Hisss - Mallika Sherawat – It’s produced, directed and music by known Hollywood people – Numerous Hollywood movies• More, after next few slides 16
  • 17. Control Structure 17
  • 18. Corporations Controlling Society The above is just an indicative list! 18
  • 19. Secret Hidden SymbolsThe occult symbology of one eye, pyramid, 13 stars can be seen aroundus in movies, corporate logos, television and most prominently in 1 USDbill! 19
  • 20. Secret Hidden Symbols 20
  • 21. Symbols – One eye• One eye symbology - All around us! Olympic 2012 Mascots 21
  • 22. Symbols – One eye• One eye – Occult symbology 22
  • 23. Symbols – One eye 23
  • 24. Symbols – One eye 24
  • 25. Symbols – Pyramid• Pyramids in corporate logos These are just few examples. Search on.. You’ll find hundreds.. Few others are Sun, Owl, Camel, Masonic symbol 25
  • 26. Sign of the Horns The elite and celebrities can be found with Sign of Horns 26
  • 27. Sign of the Horns 27
  • 28. Sign of the Horns 28
  • 29. Sign of the Horns or Sign of Rock 29
  • 30. Secret Symbols – 666 and One Eye 30
  • 31. Secret SymbolsCinergy Logo – Check eye symbol on top of pyramidformation 31
  • 32. Secret SymbolsShahrukh in Ra.One – Lucifer! 32
  • 33. Secret Symbols 33
  • 34. Secret Symbols 34
  • 35. Bollywood Illuminati• Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi was a known Freemason (Illuminati)• Is it a coincidence that Saif Ali Khan’s production house is named ‘Illuminati Films’• Check out the Devil Sign in Sharmila Tagore’s hand 35
  • 36. Sign of the HornsLove Aaj Kal Twist Song Murder 2 36
  • 37. Reptilian Symbology 37
  • 38. Reptilian Symbology 38
  • 39. Reptilian Symbology 39
  • 40. Reptilian Symbology 40
  • 41. Reptilian Symbology 41
  • 42. 43
  • 43. MoneyWhat is Money?Money is exchange of Human LabourIn early age, money used to be anything from Gold, Silver, Bronze, Sea Shells to anything substantial and which another person gave value• As per Section 26 of Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934, the Bank is liable to pay the value of banknote. This is payable on demand by RBI, being the issuer. The Banks obligation to pay the value of banknote does not arise out of a contract but out of statutory provisions.• The promissory clause printed on the banknotes i.e., "I promise to pay the bearer an amount of X" is a statement which means that the banknote is a legal tender for X amount. The obligation on the part of the Bank is to exchange a banknote for coins of an equivalent amount• RBI Website reference:• The Reserve Bank of India is one more Central Bank in control of Global Central Banking System 44
  • 44. Debt Money Money also follows Pyramid structure.. Let’s see how! 45
  • 45. World Financed by Debt Money 46
  • 46. World Financed by Debt MoneyOne who controls money controls each economic and social aspect related with money. There are very few things which are not influenced by money today. Control of money should not be with few but with the public. 47
  • 47. Inflation? 48
  • 48. Debt MoneyRūpya is a Sanskrit term for silver coinWhat is the meaning of "I promise to pay" clause?From RBI website:• As per Section 26 of Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934, the Bank is liable to pay the value of banknote. This is payable on demand by RBI, being the issuer. The Banks obligation to pay the value of banknote does not arise out of a contract but out of statutory provisions.• The promissory clause printed on the banknotes i.e., "I promise to pay the bearer an amount of X" is a statement which means that the banknote is a legal tender for X amount. The obligation on the part of the Bank is to exchange a banknote for coins of an equivalent amount• RBI Website reference:• The Reserve Bank of India is one more Central Bank in control of Global Central Banking System 49
  • 49. Debt MoneyImportant question:Do we have as much coins in circulation to fulfill the promise of pay of all bank notes by RBI?Facts are:• There are not enough coins in circulation to fulfill the RBI’s promissory note’s promise to pay• Infact value of 1 rupee coin has reduced from silver to a small nickel coin nowadays• Money today is created by few taps on keyboard and computer screen• There is not even enough paper currency in circulation and hence the push towards usage of electronic money 50
  • 50. Debt Money Indian one pice minted in 1950Sher shahs rupee French issued rupee in the name of Mohammed Shah 1719 1758 for Northern India trade cast in Pondicherry Aluminium Series Paise 51
  • 51. Debt Money Initially, Goldsmith-bankers began to accept deposits, make loans and transfer funds. They also gave receipts for cash, that is to say gold coins, deposited with them. These receipts, known as “running cash notes”, were made out in the name of the depositor and promised to pay him on demand. 52
  • 52. Fractional-reserve banking• Whenever a bank gives out a loan in a fractional-reserve banking system, a new sum of money is created. This new type of money is what makes up the non-M0 components in the M1-M3 statistics.• Reserve Money (M0): Currency in circulation + Bankers’ deposits with the RBI + ‘Other’ deposits with the RBI = Net RBI credit to the Government + RBI credit to the commercial sector + RBI’s claims on banks + RBI’s net foreign assets + Government’s currency liabilities to the public – RBI’s net non-monetary liabilities. 53
  • 53. Speed of money•In simple terms, all the money in existence is debt money•Few simple rules are followed•It needs to be consumed to stay relevant•How would you consume it?•Increase production in economy and hence increase production of products•These products need to be sold too•Hence the economy is ‘consumption based’•How would you sell them? Increase advertising – That is why you are bombardedfor consumption via TV, Radio, Internet, Billboards 54
  • 54. Speed of Money - Consumption•As money supply increases economy must grow to match it•Hence obsession with consumption for economic growth•Increase in consumption = Cut more trees, Dig more mines, Burn more oil, Pollutenature more, Produce sub-standard products, waste more•In this race to consume the phony currency, we are cutting trees, killing animals,polluting the core of earth•Today basic necessity like water is a commodity and plan is to make an air ancommodity too•Air is being turned into commodity by false and fraud theory called GlobalWarming. Shortly you will be paying carbon tax when corporations trade on carbontax.•This is again to keep the earth’s conscious and vibrations in low state (more on thislater) 55
  • 55. Speed of moneyFew more facts:•Why banks never give you cash when you take loan?•Whenever money is loaned.. It creates new money in system•Obviously money creation has some rules too.. For ex.. Cash Reserve Ratio, Liquiditylimits and all that complex mumbo jumbo•What’s the logic of Government borrowing it’s own money from a private reservebank and paying it back with interest and if it cannot it is called fiscal deficit.. Whichpushes reserve bank to create more money into existence! 56
  • 56. Debt Money• Money is created as debt• There is no GOLD in reserve bank against your money! It’s a myth.• Hence banks pester you to take loans i.e. to consume money created out of thin air• And they charge INTEREST on money created out of thin air• Profit of banks depend on it• For a bank, Loan is an Asset and Savings money a liability• If you & I had created or printed money this way, we would be in jail• Reason for massive bubbles like housing bubble, where most of property is owned by banks• It is hilarious that we are spending our lives running after money which is unlimited, phony, debt money and can be discharged with our signatures only 57
  • 57. What would happen ultimately?•The debt money cannot sustain itself and can’t be consumed•All the ‘Fiat currencies’ like Euro and Dollar would crash•Countries would be bankrupt.. PIGS nation (Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain)are already seeing this due to their ignorance•Rupee could be one of currencies to crash.•This currency crash is already visible•Holding precious metals would be savior•This was a problem created•Solution would be to bring in tightly controlled electronic money 58
  • 58. Push towards Electronic MoneyTo Increase consumption and use of extra created money, you need to increase it’sspeed - Usage of electronic money, debit card, credit card - Promote mobile money - NEFT in one day -Watch Shahrukh Juhi - Advertisement of Matrix – Death of Cash 59
  • 59. Push towards Electronic MoneyOffers of Reward Points/Cashbacks/Gifts are a bait to use electronic money and increaseyour dependence on it 60
  • 60. Increasing Speed of money 61
  • 61. Increasing Speed of money 62
  • 62. Increasing Speed of money Beware!Banks are looting your real money! Gold 63
  • 63. Looting your real money! 64
  • 64. Looting your real money!This paper currency is going to This is nothing more than a piecebe like a toilet roll eventually! of paper being used as money! 65
  • 65. Debt Money 66
  • 66. Looting your real money!This is state ofZimbabwe currencyand soon same wouldbe seen for everymajor fiat currencyincluding USD, INR.This would pave wayfor electronic money 67
  • 67. Debt Money 68
  • 68. Debt Money - Quotes“’The modern banking system manufactures money out of nothing. The process isperhaps the most astounding piece of sleight of hand that was ever invented.Banking was conceived in iniquity and born in sin. Bankers own the Earth. Take it awayfrom them, but leave them the power to create money, and with the flick of the penthey will create enough money to buy it back again...Take this great power away from them and all great fortunes like mine will disappear,and they ought to disappear, for then this would be a better and happier world to livein. But if you want to continue to be slaves of the banks and pay the cost of your ownslavery, then let bankers continue to create money and control credit’.”Sir Josiah Stamp Director, Bank of England 1928-1941(reputed to be the 2nd richest man in Britain at the time) 70
  • 69. Debt Money - Quotes"I am afraid that the ordinary citizen will not like to be told that banks can and docreate money ...And they who control the credit of the nation direct the policy ofGovernments and hold in the hollow of their hands the destiny of the people“ -Reginald McKenna, past Chairman of the Board, Midlands Bank of England"Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes itslaws." - Mayer Amschel Rothschild, International BankerEconomist John Kenneth Galbraith famously observed, the process by which money iscreated is “so simple it repels the mind. 71
  • 70. Debt Money - Quotes"If all the bank loans were paid, no one could have a bank deposit, and therewould not be a dollar of coin or currency in circulation. This is a staggeringthought. We are completely dependent on the commercial banks. Someonehas to borrow every dollar we have in circulation, cash, or credit. If the bankscreate ample synthetic money we are prosperous; if not, we starve. We areabsolutely without a permanent money system. When one gets a completegrasp of the picture, the tragic absurdity of our hopeless situation is almostincredible -- but there it is."Robert Hemphill. Credit Manager, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta 72
  • 71. Debt Money - QuotesIf there were no debt in our money system —there wouldn’t be any money.Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of allindustry and commerce... and when you realize that the entire system is very easilycontrolled, one way or another, by a few powerful men at the top, you will not have tobe told how periods of inflation and depression originate.-James A Garfield, President, US-“That is what our money system is. If there were no debts in our money system,there wouldn’t be any money.”-Marriner S. Eccles, Chairman and Governor of the Federal Reserve Board 73
  • 72. Debt Money 74
  • 73. Debt Money 75
  • 74. Taxes• Presently Government taxes you to the tune of your 60% of income in one way or another• You are left as much to just survive and be left on debt of banks in form of loans and EMI’s• There are hundreds of taxes and they are hidden• There are taxes on Eating, Entertainment, travel, income, wealth and even basic commodities like water and electricity• Service tax, Customs, VAT, Excise, Income Tax and so many more• There is almost 100% tax on petrol• All these taxes are presently to reduce fiscal deficit of phony currency• We pay all these taxes via our labor, our health, our time• Most of social issues are due to lack of money or unequal distribution 76
  • 75. Taxes 77
  • 76. 78
  • 77. GovernmentSome of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.- Woodrow Wilson (28th President of the United States) 79
  • 78. Government 80
  • 79. Constitution of India• Why Indian Constitution is same as in British rule – same 3500 laws (Approx)• Why Bharat still follows same laws of IPS, IFS, Legal system, Monetary System?• Why don’t we change it?• Indian Citizenship Act – states that we are a ‘dominion’ state. Check out on Wikipedia. 81
  • 80. Illusion of Choice•Democrats or Republicans is just an illusion of choice•This is true for BJP or Congress•Both work for Corporate Interests to milk humans and nature 82
  • 81. Illusion of ChoiceIllusion of choice = Illusion of freedom 83
  • 82. Corruption• Corruption of money is easy to handle, corruption of character is difficult to handle• The attitude of ‘samarpan’ and ‘seva’ towards society and nature has transformed into personal gain and selfishness• Forgiveness and love has transformed to race towards money and unnecessary anger in psyche 84
  • 83. Problem Reaction Solution• Governments must create the problem, or label something as a problem. When the public see this new problem, they demand that government solve the problem, and the government willingly obliges by presenting its solution• Governments exist to solve problems. Governments increase in size and power when new problems arise, which they can then work to solve. It is not in the interest of governments to actually eliminate problems• The key to being able to see the truth through the matrix of lies and myths that exist around us, is understanding why the lies exist. This requires an understanding of the technique known as Problem-Reaction- Solution. 85
  • 84. Problem Reaction SolutionProblem-Reaction-Solution: False-Flag Attacks• A brief look at history teaches us that governments have always used Problem-Reaction- Solution to increase their size, power and control, often in the form of false-flag attacks.• The most popular type of false-flag attack is where a government carries out an attack, such as a terrorist attack, against its own people, then blames it on a foreign enemy.• The public demands the government take action against the apparent perpetrator, and the government willingly obliges by starting a war against their chosen enemy. Alternatively, a domestic enemy can be blamed and the public will accept a police state, told that it will be the solution to the problem and similar attacks will not occur again. 86
  • 85. Problem Reaction Solution 87
  • 86. Problem Reaction Solution 88
  • 87. Problem Reaction Solution 89
  • 88. Problem Reaction Solution• Wars and Terrorism is controlled and managed by Governments to keep people under control• Terrorism is an excuse by Governments to monitor you, control you and peep into your private lives• Think about need of so many verifications in your daily life, multiple identity cards and your dependence on them.• It’s all on pretext of terrorism• Rules are good if they make you love otherwise they are devised to curb your freedom• Rules divide and control• Mutual Love and respect in society should be the only rule 90
  • 89. Wars • Wars and Terrorism are controlled and managed by Governments to keep people under control 91
  • 90. Wars• Wars are for profit• Both sides are funded by same banksters• World War II ended the "depression." The same Bankers who in the early 1930s had no loans for peacetime houses, food and clothing, suddenly had unlimited billions to lend for army barracks, K-rations and uniforms.• A nation that in 1934 could not produce food for sale, suddenly could produce bombs to send free to Germany and Japan!• With the sudden increase in money, people were hired, farms sold their produce, factories went to two shifts, mines reopened, and "The Great Depression" was over!• Some politicians were blamed for it and others took credit for ending it.• The truth is the lack of money (caused by Bankers) brought on the depression, and adequate money ended it. The people were never told that simple truth and in this article we will endeavour to show how these same bankers who control our money and credit have used their control to plunder America and place us in bondage 92
  • 91. Wars 93
  • 92. Registration• What is meaning of legal term – ‘Register’• Anything ‘registered’ is property of Queen of England• What do you do when you ‘register’ your birth?• In your Home Deed.. Check out you are listed as tenant and you are ‘authorized user’• What is meaning of your name in ‘ALL CAPS’• ‘ALL CAPS’ is available on your Passport, Driving License, Birth Certificate• ‘ALL CAPS’ means it is a fictional identity created by system to take loans on it’s name• Further research and understanding is desirable on above 94
  • 93. 95
  • 94. Control Society 96
  • 95. Control Society• You just know what is supposed to be done• You do not know anything above it• This is How the Pyramid Structure is!• Police, Law are the tools in hands of PTB 97
  • 96. Control Society• Where is the surveillance:• CCTV – At Metro Stns, Markets, Hotels, Shops, Restaurants, Airport• Mobile Tracking (Suspicious activities can be recorded instantly)• Internet – Google, Facebook, MSN, your ISP’s• Your transactions – Electronic money tied with your PAN cards• Online return of Income Tax. It knows all your transactions, where you shop and for what?• Aadhar card is the future – Even your Biometrics will be in hands of Govt and international corporations• Protest this culture now! – Terrorism cannot be excuse for everything! Google recently has started to ask users to verify their account via phone numbers. Don’t do that! Google /FB have bad reputation of privacy.. For Privacy, quit Google and use / 98
  • 97. Control Society• How Control Society is sustainable?• Control society can only be sustained by keeping public in state of fear and low vibrations• Fear of – Death – Terrorism – Wars – Police – Diseases/Plague (Swine Flu) – Germs/Bacteria – Money – Peer Pressure – Society – Disasters – Aliens – Scarcity – Excessive population 99
  • 98. Control Society• The beauty of system thus created is that everyone is in silo waiting for their superiors orders and acting against their own fellow beings – A policeman is against own citizens on order of superiors – An army to kill its own citizens if they create any ‘law and order’ issue – An superior to keep eye on other – Police even promotes to keep an eye on another fellow• Ego inflation and competition is promoted which is ultimately for benefit of few• ‘Survival of Fittest’ promoted by flawed and manipulated Darwin Theory• We get dependent on system which is leeching upon your energy and labor 100
  • 99. Control Society 101
  • 100. Control Society 102
  • 101. Democracy or Police State? 103
  • 102. Democracy or Police State?A state wherefarmers and it’scitizens are shootedfor protesting is nomore a democracy 104
  • 103. 105
  • 104. Health 106
  • 105. Health 107
  • 106. Health• What exactly are we doing with our food?• In Egyptian civilization, dead bodies were preserved by ‘preservatives’• These were called ‘Mummy’• Today, our food has all the preservatives to preserve it• The food is dead food laden with chemicals!• Now you understand the correlation?• Eating dead food, makes you dud, removes thinking capabilities and makes you ill• The medicine industry is one more profit center• This chakravyuha is very much supported by our Governments and is in their and corporate interest• Genetically Modified Food, Cosmetics, Pollution add up to our chemical intake 108
  • 107. Pasteurised Milk• Schools teach students that ‘pasteurised milk’ is good and advancement of technology• Nothing can be farther from truth• With pasteurization process, friendly bacteria are killed and this finally helps increasing ‘shelf life’ in supermarkets and in distribution chain• Pasteurized milk is actually ‘dead’ and is harmful to health• Pasteurization converts the calcium into insoluble form that body can no longer absorb and Pasteurized milk kills bone density.• Encourage local desi cow milk for good milk• Demand creates supply. Demand pure raw desi cow milk for your children and you.• Jersey (Foreign) Cow’s milk is prevalent which is not healthy 109
  • 108. Cancer Cure• The globalists first cause the cancer and then provide us with their ineffective treatments (not cures) for profit. This method is known as Problem – Reaction – Solution• The cure for ‘famous’ diseases like cancer, AIDS Iossible, but never encouraged due to profit industry it is 110
  • 109. FoodBrining in FDI would allow corporates control our food chain supply for their profit 111
  • 110. FoodWeb of corporations own most of food supplyThe above image is representative of US and European foodindustry 112
  • 111. Poison in FMCGChemicals in water and FMCG products are poisonousIf we know of the reality.. Wouldn’t governments know it? Then why don’t they stop it?You can very well be aware and stop using this poison. BOYCOTT!sodium laureth sulfate is dangerous of all. Google it’s side effects 113
  • 112. Water SupplyDid you ever questioned fluoride in your water supply and toothpaste? 114
  • 113. Water Supply 115
  • 114. The Web of Food Corporations Who owns these corporations? Same Illuminati bankers! 116
  • 115. Genetically Modified Food 117
  • 116. Medicine 118
  • 117. Medicine• Allopathy is a for profit and invented by corporate business• Allopathy always treats your ‘Symptoms’ and not the ‘Cause’• A big corporate nexus drives all research and controls sector of medical education and further dissemination of medicines• Genuine researches and treatment for diseases like Cancer, AIDS are never allowed and adopted• Instead diseases like Swine Flu are created for profit and for creating a fear based control society 119
  • 118. Vaccines 120
  • 119. Vaccines •Vaccination is big business and big money for doctors, for the drug companies and for the government; •Vaccines are by no means proven safe, as you are being led to believe •Remarkably, vaccination has never been clinically proven to be effective in preventing disease! 121
  • 120. Terrorism 123
  • 121. Terrorism• What’s the interest? - Did someone told you?• Why there is no ‘big’ politician hurt in a terrorist attack?• 9/11 is a problem-reaction-solution example• Imagine if there are no wars and no terrorism, how would trillions of dollars worth of weapons and security solutions industry get its profits from?• Solution to Pakistan and Kashmir is not done deliberately due to US influence and to maintain it’s dominance in region• AS WE KNOW, Pakistan and Afghanistan are already controlled, funded and dominated by US. Is it not easy to stop that funding and reign in ‘Terrorists’ 124
  • 122. Terrorism – 911 is a lie the question is, on 9/11 how did the BBC learn that WTC7 collapsed 23minutes before it actually did.Building Seven was 47 storeys, modern in design with structural steelthroughout, yet symmetrically collapsed in 6.5 seconds, was someone leakinginformation.No steel framed skyscraper has ever collapsed due to fire, before or after9/11, 125
  • 123. Terrorism – 911 is a lie 126
  • 124. Are these Coincidences? Hints of 9-11 were prevalent in Hollywood even before it actually happened Watch out: 127
  • 125. Are these Coincidences? 128
  • 126. The Future – New World Order This is how you must be feeling.. But wait! This is tip of an iceberg! 129
  • 127. The Future – New World OrderThe individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy somonstrous he cannot believe it exists. ~ J. Edgar Hoover, first Director of theFederal Bureau of Investigation of the United States 130
  • 128. The Future – New World OrderAs per prevalent Conspiracytheories, the plan is tocreate a new world orderwhich will be done byculling billions of humansand there will be a oneworld government with onecurrency, one religion andpopulation will be RFIDtagged.European Union is already areality which will befollowed by American,African and Asian Unions. 131
  • 129. The Future – New World Order 132
  • 130. 133
  • 131. #paidmedia 134
  • 132. #paidmedia 135
  • 133. #paidmedia 136
  • 134. #paidmedia 137
  • 135. #paidmedia• Media is controlled as usual by few big people owning the media• Let not media tell you what is right and what is wrong!• Media fools people by asking biased questions and then interprets facts by itself to give you solution• A simple concept used is – ‘A Lie repeated hundred times seems truth’• Hence a repeated news creates illusion of lie being a truth• Hence also create an illusion that you know all about politics and cinema• Use your own critical thinking! 138
  • 136. #paidmediaDileep Padgaonkar – The man who once claimed he held ‘thesecond most important job in the country’ – Editor, Times of India 139
  • 137. #paidmediaYou can easily replace the news channels with Indian ones 140
  • 138. #paidmedia 141
  • 139. #paidmedia 142
  • 140. Cricket, Cinema & Sex• Cricket, Cinema & Sex are tools of PTB to keep you engaged, busy and in illusion 143
  • 141. Cricket, Cinema & Sex 144
  • 142. Cricket, Cinema & Sex 145
  • 143. Cricket, Cinema & Sex 146
  • 144. Cricket, Cinema & Sex 147
  • 145. Censorship• There is censorship on Cinema, Newspapers, Media and you think we are having freedom of speech?• Internet when invented was not envisioned to be so free• With rise of blogging, microblogging, facebook – Hidden energy expresses itself and hence the rising awareness of issues expressed here• PTB obviously hence want to control this awareness• Internet Censorship – Surveillance and Control – Blocking of sites – Creation of corporate for surveillance on you like Facebook and Google – Censorship of Facebook pages – Anonymous retaliates! 148
  • 146. Censorship 149
  • 147. Copyright• Copying is good. Our education system brainwashes us against collaboration and learning from each other• ‘Collaboration’ in corporate world is hence a failed attempt and it is always a race to cut each other in a fierce competition• Copyright is essentially dominance of media corporate houses over creativity• Did Rishis and gurus ever teach us ‘copyright’?• All the good Upanishads, Vedas, Gita and Sanskrit literature were evolved due to free flow of information. They were free of any copyright.• Information hence evolved i.e. Gyan, Education should evolve human to next level of consciousness and not bind it in mad race of consumerism, materialism and competition race• Information should flow freely and should be a catalyst for new and better information 150
  • 148. Copyright• Copyrights basically are being owned by the elitists as income for letting people use their free stuff online such as search engines, social networks, and other free services• Anything we do on the Internet may actually be owned by the corporations so by simply copying another persons work which they do consent to, you can still be sued if that person you copied their work from signed any kind of legal agreement with Google, Facebook,, or anywhere else that they own copyrights to that persons personal and non-commercial work. 151
  • 149. Macaulay - Education 152
  • 150. Macaulay’s Education• Education has taught us to ‘Believe’• When you just believe blindly, you do not ‘Question’• The biggest casualty hence is that it has killed our ‘Curious Mind’• The methodology of cramming and vomiting has made us lose our ‘thinking’ ability and system made us to ‘follow’ and be robotic• This system has killed all the ‘Thought’ process and provides us with all the readymade answers and the theories which have foolish assumptions• This has limited our Research & Development 153
  • 151. Macaulay’s Education• The system has also taught us to look out and be dependent on ‘good job’• The system teaches us to be risk-averse and has killed enterprenureship• This system is similarly controlled in pyramid fashion where you cannot question and change it.• Government controls all boards like CBSE, ICSE, UGC and their delivery method and has not changed as made by Britishers to westernize Bharatvasis• It is hence now also not strange that real historic freedom fighters and virat Bharat’s hindu past phase is absent from history textbooks 154
  • 152. Macaulay’s Education• In a gentleman’s company, you are not supposed to talk politics, religion• What is left out? Cricket, Cinema, Sports?• These are most idiotic topics to talk about• We have created a system where we are massaging egos and you speak only of interest of others, especially of superiors.• A difference in opinion is not welcome and not taken as different perspective• We are advised not to speak to strangers and be in silo (I detest Delhi Metro announcement of not speaking to strangers)• We have turned policeman for each other. Such is the mechanics of Control Society 155
  • 153. Macaulay’s Education 156
  • 154. Macaulay’s Education 157
  • 155. Macaulay - Education•Intelligence, as it is traditionally defined, does not adequately encompass thewide variety of abilities that humans display.•For example, a child who excels in science is not necessarily more intelligentthan a child who struggles with Newtons Laws. The latter may be gifted inanother kind of intelligence and may excel in other fields like music.•So, rather than blindly pursuing degrees and higher education that channel braindevelopment in one direction, individuals should work to develop their mentalfaculties in some core areas like linguistics, logical-mathematical ability, spatialsense, music, kineseology, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, and naturalisticintelligence. 158
  • 156. Macaulay - Education• Brain is primarily devided into two parts• Development of both the parts is very important for humans to thrive 159
  • 157. Macaulay - Education• But our education system is primarily developed to serve industrialized system and consumption• Humans should hence be more robotic and be easily following the orders without their thinking 160
  • 158. Left Brain vs Right Brain 161
  • 159. Left Brain vs Right Brain 162
  • 160. Left Brain vs Right Brain 163
  • 161. Left Brain vs Right Brain 164
  • 162. Macaulay - Education Courtesy: 165
  • 163. Where’s all the amazement lost? 166
  • 164. Where’s all the amazement lost?• Where’s your amazement lost? – Of how sun is rising – Sea roaring – Rise of Sun / moon / stars – Birth of child from a cell which contains all information• We have stopped questioning and take readymade answers for everything from so called ‘theories’• What if Galileo was satisfied with the fact that sun revolves around earth• Every theory has some assumptions behind it, which are ready to be proven false 167
  • 165. Darwin Theory• Why so few people question Darwin’s theory based on assumption? This actually means dissolution of our belief from ancient powers which were present in humans and are lost today 168
  • 166. Control Energy – Suppress Free Enery• The world is dependent for energy on oil• By controlling oil production and prices, almost every aspect of life is controlled• Electricity, Plastics, Paint, Fuel for every vehicle - everything is dependent on crude oil• Suppression of Free Energy technology is hence in interest of the power corporations and oil companies• Inventions of Nikola Tesla (inspired by Swami Vivekananda) were suppressed by oil mafia• Google – Nikola Tesla, Free Energy suppression 169
  • 167. Habit of negating• A habit of negation has entered the psyche• We keep our ego up and defend our ‘thoughts’• Ideally we should have questioned ourselves and strived for higher truth• A person saying no to god is similar. He has just read the Darwin’s theory and ‘believes’ in theory and has stopped relying in his ‘experience’• People similarly ‘believe’ in their governments 170
  • 168. Critical Thinking• ❝Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.❞ -Buddha• Not because you think you know everything without questioning, but rather because you question everything you think you know 171
  • 169. 173
  • 170. ReligionNo child is born with a belief in religion. All children are godless. They get brainwashed with religion later 174
  • 171. Akhanda Bharat 175
  • 172. Akhanda Bharat 176
  • 173. Akhanda Bharat 177
  • 174. Struggling for Identity - Hinduism200 years ago:• Hindu Kush region (now Afghanistan), was a vibrant place with all religions from Hinduism to Buddhism• Buddha statues were demolished in Bamiyan by Taliban - 2001 178
  • 175. Sanatan Dharm - Hinduism100 years ago:• Hindus in Lahore and Karachi were observing the Sanatan Dharm by performing Pooja and singing Bhajans and Kirtans. Today, there is none• Hindus who formed nearly 24% of Pakistan at the time of partition, have been reduced to less than 1% today50 (fifty) years ago:• Hindus in Srinagar (Kashmir) too were observing the Sanathan Dharm. All Kashmiri Pandits have been chased away, and are living like refugees in Jammu and Delhi.Now:• CIA agent Antonia Maino (Fake Sonia Gandhi) running the catholic government• Talks going on to separate J&K and give it autonomy. This will finally result in it’s occupancy by Muslim extremists• Assam under siege by Bangladeshi infiltrators50 (fifty) years from now:• Will our country remain democratic and secular. Will your children have the freedom of Hindu thought and expression and read Gita?• The landscape of ‘Bharat’ has continuously been shrinking.• India can remain united only on the basis of Hindutva, i.e. Hindu Principles, which encompasses everything humanity stands for. 179
  • 176. Sanatan Dharm - Hinduism• Try an experiment. Start speaking pro-hindu in your colleagues or intellectuals. They will feel uncomfortable!• Why Hindu’s have lost the self-identity• Since when talking about Hinduism become Anti-Secular and Communal? Speaking Pro-’any other community’ is secular. Such is the dogma and propaganda• Paidmedia has transformed the psyche of nation• It needs to be understood that PRO-HINDU IS NOT EQUAL TO ANTI-MUSLIM• God is as much as same for Hindus as same for Muslims/Christians• The difference in religions is just different ways to reach one destination i.e. super- consciousness• Fighting for the paths taken is foolishness 180
  • 177. Sanatan Dharm - Hinduism• Hinduism is more a way of living and built up on principles of sharing with community, society and future generations• It was never built up on principles of ‘ego’ and self• It was a way of life built in sync with nature, animals, plants• Today it has deformed to levels of individualism and self-interest• Debt Money is a big player in all this game• It is a philosophy more than a religion• A few challenged the idea of naming the society as Sat-sang Society but we deliberately emphasized it. 181
  • 178. Indian Logic about Secularism In India Muslims dont kill Muslims the way Muslims kill Muslims in Pakistan. Majority Hindu population is a good protection for Muslims – Taslima Nasreen 182
  • 179. Hinduism under seige• They have overtook all the big trusts of shrines• Kerala Padmanabhan Swamy Temple looted• Conversions at fast pace, as much so that Kerala is now a Hindu Minority• Assam• Fake Hindu Terrorism propaganda• Ganga pollution and deliberate efforts to diminish it• Sanskrit being denigrated and given no funding to develop even after so many years of independence• Rampant cow slaughter and initiation of Pink Revolution to butcher more cows and export beef• Saints like Nityananda being dragged into sex controversy• Conspiracy to break Ram Setu for Thorium under it by DMK and Congress• Kill Cow• Do check out Rajiv Malhotra on youtube and links in comments below 183
  • 180. Threat to Hinduism• The attacks are generally on your subconscious mind and slow• This happens in various forms and from various sophisticated fronts• History has seen wiping out of religions of Greece, Egypt, Iraq and large parts of US and UK• The authentic religions have been wiped out and replaced by Christianity and Muslims• All spiritual religions are finished or attacked (Hinduism in India, Buddhism in Tibet)• Macaulay and Max Mueller had implemented policies to break a society only culturally• The breakage of culture is visible with rampant run towards westernisation• Put porn (like Sunny Leone) and Gay culture in cinema 184
  • 181. How is Hinduism being attacked? Check out cross on Rs 10 coin (later withdrawn) 185
  • 182. Hindi• A language is just a mode of communication• Richness of Hindi – It is complete in itself and not needs tto import words from other languages• Poorness of English – Authentic English is being overtaken by slangs and words from other languages. It is slowly digesting local dialectWhy Hindi?• Every human when encounters foreign language, translates in mind into mother tongue and while expressing converts from its mother tongue• Imagine research study in foreign language, speed of thought reduces to 1/8• This is major reason of lack of R&D development in Bharat• The reason why Baba Ramdev demands for higher languages in mother tongue 186
  • 183. HindiWhat can you do?• Start your communication in Hindi and feel proud about its richness• Aspire this to be a language of integration and revive our old literature• Feel same for your Tamil, Telugu and other Indian Languages and dialects• Start and encourage your local language• Don’t be ‘digested’ by some other culture• Encouraging mother language doesn’t mean insult of another one• This PPT in english is only indicative of author’s inability to express well in Hindi 187
  • 184. Sanskrit • Sanskrit is a very structured language with all alphabets shaped with precision • This is the most perfect and logical language in the world, the only one that is not named after the people who speak it • It is completely structured and thought out. There is not a word that has been left out in its grammar or etymology • Sanskrit in fact specializes in making up compound words from smaller words and parts • Text in Sanskrit from thousands of years ago remains same • All languages change because they are defective • They are born and die after seven or eight hundred years • Sanskrit is the only exception. It is a never-dying constant 188
  • 185. Sanskrit• The qualities of Sanskrit will become the qualities of your child- that is the mind and heart of your child will become beautiful, precise and reliable• User needs to pay FINE attention due to its uncanny precision. When the precision is there the experience is, that it feels uplifting. It makes you happy• This is the mother of most of Indian languages• Auspicious literature and mantras are in Sanskrit• This precision of attention serves all subjects, areas and activities of life• Children will be able to attend more fully, easily and naturally. Thus in terms of relationships, work, sport– in fact all aspects of life, they will perform better and gain more satisfaction. Whatever you attend to fully, you excel in and you enjoy more• By studying Sanskrit, other languages can be learnt more easily; this being the language all others borrow from fractionally.• What Sanskrit teaches us that there is a language that is ordered, following laws unfailingly and as they are applied your child gets uplifted, not only when they grow up, but as they are saying it! 189
  • 186. Sanskrit• NASA to use Sanskrit as computer language (The scientists believe that Sanskrit is also helpful in speech therapy besides helping in mathematics and science. It also improves concentration. The alphabets used in the language are scientific and their correct pronunciation improves the tone of speech. It encourages imagination and improves memory retention also. )• Best language for artificial intelligence• In the heart of London, a British school (St James Junior School) has made Sanskrit compulsory subject 190
  • 187. Cow • This world is made up of vibrations. What you see around you is result of your thoughts and actions. Your actions are not independent to your realm. Even a twinkling star billions of light year away affects you and your life. Your action of even plucking a flower or leaf creates pain in the plant and the vibrations are released in environment. • Did you ever thought that nature made you to co-exist in harmony with animal kingdom and not rule it? We were given brains to have love vibrations and not ego vibrations of supremacy. • Mother earth has equal love and nourishment for humans, animals, plants, insects and every other species. Mother earth vibrant conscious being by god. God made the earth to co-exist and not be ruled by humans • World Hunger: Animals are fed human crops to make them more bulky, and more sell-able. Causes of food shortage and hunger deaths in impoverished countries. 191
  • 188. Cow • Violence: The largest amount of violence, turbulence and oppression in world will naturally be seen in areas where the most animals are cut or where humans are non- vegetarian. • You: What you eat is what you become. Stress hormones laded meat when eaten kills empathy, calmness and humanness in you. It makes you more fearful from the control system designed around you. • Understand why Vedas and Puranas had called cow ‘Ma’ or ‘Mother’ and why we still follow it. The mother cow which nourishes you with milk in childhood is cut and you do not do anything about it.. it’s a shame! 192
  • 189. Women Women is created equal in society and half energy A Man is incomplete without Women Patriarchal Society has created inequality which is dangerous Imbalance is deliberately created by promoting male chauvinism 193
  • 190. Women• Women is one more ‘commodity’ and to be used as for ‘sex’ now• The mentality is created by cinema and advertisement world• Women Rights organisations are impotent and made like that• They have not solved any problems and in fact issues are increasing in society• Imagine most of the episodes of Satyamev Jayate are concentrated around female feticide, dowry, domestic violence• Women’s contribution at home is not considered part of GDP.. Why? 194
  • 191. Sex• Sex is important part of life and basic activity in all animals and plants• Nature’s way to pave way for creation of new so that old and decayed be replaced and give way to decay of old by death• You are born through initiation of this activity.. It cannot be bad• The psyche of ‘sex is bad’ creates conflict in humans and feeling of guilt• Our whole awareness drifting towards sex is all about keeping our energies in lowest of chakras• Kundalini awakens with rise of energy from lowermost sex center to highest sahstra chakra• Don’t be too much obsessed with sex 195
  • 192. 196
  • 193. Positive Vibrations 197
  • 194. Positive Vibrations• This world is made up of vibrations• Vibrations are high or low• Love is state of high vibration• Fear is state of low vibrations• All the emotions are by-product of these two emotions• We create our reality based on these vibrations• Earth is a conscious being too• Earth is evolving with time• The Dec 21st 2012 phenomenon is related to that 198
  • 195. Dec 21, 2012• As you would have understood by now, that there is fear society in place• The consciousness of earth is rising• Earth just like us is a conscious living being and it’s consciousness is rising• You would have experienced by now that ‘Time’ is speeding up!• What do you mean by that? Just think back last few years of your life.. See how technology is evolving, see how less time you get for yourself!• If mass consciousness starts to be fearful, the manifestation will be fearful• Start meditating• Spread the idea• 1+1 is 11 and not 2 199
  • 196. Conscious Thinking• Are you conscious of your thinking?• What you think is what you manifest… that’s the whole idea!• Ever thought how your intuitions become real? 201
  • 197. Conscious Thinking• Are you conscious of your thinking?• What you think is what you manifest… that’s the whole idea!• Ever thought how your intuitions become real? 202
  • 198. 203
  • 199. The Rise of Consciousness!What’s already there and needs supportIn Bharat:• Bharat Swabhiman - Baba Ramdev - Fighting against Black Money• Action Committee Against Corruption in India (ACACI) – Subramanian Swamy• Janlokpal – Team Anna – Beware of this group created with political agenda to counter Baba Ramdev’s fight against system – Check CommentsAround world:• Anonymous – Created Occupy Movement – The leaderless people’s movement. No specific goals but working to end corporate control on governments• – Julian Assange - Releasing secret documents of corrupt governments around the world• Pirate Bay – Fighting Freedom of Speech and Internet Freedom• Arab Spring – Around Arab World 204
  • 200. The Success Stories• At the start of the 2008 financial crisis, Iceland literally went bankrupt• In 2003 Iceland’s debt was equal to 200 times its GNP, but in 2007, it was 900 percent.• The three main Icelandic banks, Landbanki, Kapthing and Glitnir, went belly up and were nationalised, while the Kroner lost 85% of its value with respect to the Euro.• At the end of the year Iceland declared bankruptcy.• Contrary to what could be expected, the crisis resulted in Icelanders recovering their sovereign rights, through a process of direct participatory democracy that eventually led to a new Constitution.• Icelanders didnt stop there: they decided to draft a new constitution that would free the country from the exaggerated power of international finance and virtual money.• Iceland is the latest success stories where bankers were kicked out• Read: icelands-on-going-revolution 205
  • 201. 206
  • 202. What can you ‘Do’?We deserve this corruption, inflation, crime and ills of society because we werefoolish enough and didnt care! The same would continue for worse if we do notact and are not wise today! Tomorrow may be too late!Keep Your eyes, ears and mouth open for good 207
  • 203. What can you ‘Do’? 208
  • 204. What can you ‘Do’?• Remember, world is changed by people who ‘Do’!• Make use of your life.. Don’t let it pass away.• You have a chance to do something meaningful now!• A big set of aware people is the biggest savior in society• Stop Obeying Unjust rules! Boycott is the biggest power.• Unity is our Strength – Be together and Stand for each other – This is conquering fear• Negative people will obviously ridicule and term this as impossible• But we need positive people and positive energy in society• Don’t worry - Negative people will be transformed with change• The fear is their tool and you need to overcome it• Do your ‘good karma’ and leave results to god - Gita• Spreading awareness is the least you can do! 209
  • 205. Together – We Can 210
  • 206. Let’s ‘Do’?• This Satsang Society is about creating the world full of love• Stop fighting the crumbling system.. It is taking it’s last breath• Let the system fail.. Be rotten give way to fresh and new• Create your reality.. Manifest the life you want to live in!• Read and understand the ‘Sat’ and spread ‘Sat-sang’Let thousand revolutions bloom. Authentic ones would last and rest perish.. Souls with divine guidance will find their way! 211
  • 207. 212
  • 208. Together – We Can• There is absolutely no copyright to this content.• An Idea if taken by other is no more an idea of individual.. It is idea of all those people• Take the ownership and aware society about what you believe is right from the content• Take these ‘Mythbuster sessions’ in classrooms, lectures• Bring more people onboard• Create ‘buzz’. Display society’s link and logo on your blog / car / shop.• Collaborate to take such mythbuster sessions• Make videos of mythbuster sessions and upload it on YT• File RTI’s• File PIL’s• Share! Share! Share! – via email, Twitter, Facebook, CD’s, DVD’s, USB 213
  • 209. Together – We Can• Civil Disobedience has the biggest power• Starve the Beast – Eliminate ‘Fear’ – Create ‘Love’ – Boycott tainted corporations – Be Local, Support the society – Stop ‘taking’, Start ‘Doing’ 214
  • 210. Steps for ‘To Do’• Create and support for society we will like to see – Indulge in work we ‘like’ to do – Start a free sanskrit / vedic maths / critical thinking class for children in your locality – Organic farming, Pure Food – Boycott Preservative and Chemical laden food – Good medicines – Debt Free System• Create ministries with responsibilities – Seek help of other sat-sangis.. Put the request on website 215
  • 211. Help!• Create this matter in Hindi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu and other Indian languages• We need to: – Develop this material further with individual modules – Disseminate idea – Schools, Associations, Word of Mouth, CD’s, FB, Twitter – A website – Developers and Designers needed – Spread Idea, Study Groups – Volunteers for education society 216
  • 212. Share!• You could get this understanding because world cared to share!• If you look for what’s in it for ‘me’ – You can save yourself only if people unite• Remember you learn by sharing and what is outside is what is inside• ‘Love’ and actively share the information• Create the world you wish to live in NOW! 217
  • 213. Don’t Believe! Don’t believe any material here! Experience it!Learn with questions when you Discuss! 218
  • 214. 219
  • 215. About Us!• Satsang is from Sanskrit and made up of Sat & Sang – Sat :Truth – Sang : People of common interests and ideology• All the ideas and research in previous slides is obviously not constant. It develops with further understanding.• Only constant is change• Ideologies, ideas, way of working can change with its ideas of it’s members and with vision 220
  • 216. Ideology - ‘We are the Society’• Mutual Love is the only purpose and law in this society. All other rules and laws are oppression and control• Conquer your ‘fears’, Burn your ‘egos’• We are here with no masters or hierarchy, just experts or students• Expert may be a student in some other area• A Society with Mutual – Respect• Differences are actually Good and help grow your perspective.• ‘Unity’ despite differences is instrumental• And if you are dedicated to each other, rather than ‘competing’ with each other, you are actually helping yourself 221
  • 217. Ideology - ‘We are the Society’• We always say that society is from us.. But did we ever tried to create such society which we desire?• Challenge the idea of ‘One doesn’t matter’• Love travels round and round – When released.. It travels back to you• Money is good, but not the aim of life• World inside is world outside 222
  • 218. Ideology – How will we work?• Be Transparent• ‘No Money’ principle as priority• If money is involved, all the donations would be marked on website with identifiers of donors. Subsequently all expenses will be available too.• Absolutely no debt 223
  • 219. Honest Stands AloneIt’s Honest Man who always stand alone and then world follows them. Fools first make fun then shout and then follow. 224
  • 220. Any Inputs? Check if you are reading the latest version from 226