Richard Turnbull CV Supplement 2012


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Richard Turnbull CV Supplement 2012

  1. 1. Offshore Industry Experience: -Design, Manufacture & FAT of Specialist Systems: - Carousel & Basket Lay Systems Subsea Equipment Launch Systems HDPE Crossings and J Tubes systems J Tube Gravity Base Radial Friction Welding Sea-fastening Systems Vessel Conversion & Construction Solution EngineeringProject Disciplines: - Wind Farm Installations Jacket “Piece Small” Decommissioning Flexibles, Umbilicals, Risers, Power Cables & LoFS Installations J Tube Installation Pipeline Pre Commissioning Product Trenching; Jet Trenching, Ploughing, Rock Cutting Remote Intervention Riser Pull-ins & Shore Landings Pipeline Reel Lay Spool Piece; Fabrication, Metrology, Installation SSIV / Manifold & Over Protection Structure Installation Wet Buckle Repair System
  2. 2. February 2011 – October 2012Saipem UK - Katy Project EngineeringManagerConocoPhillips - Katy Field Development,Southern North Sea: - Reel lay installationand jet trenching of 14.2km 10”x22.2mmpipeline c/w 2” Coil tubing piggyback line.Design, manufacture and installation of 2off Subsea manifolds & 4 off Tie in spools.System Pre Commissioning.• Management of all project engineering• Establishment of project team• Overseeing procurement scope of work documents for all project supply activities including procurement of project line pipe, coil tubing, subsea valves & structures.• Coordination of project analysis• Layout of the Hartlepool spool base• Design, manufacture and testing of Reel lay vessel SWWD / systems.• Client interface and engineering reporting• Offshore Installation and Pre Commissioning phases
  3. 3. October 2009 – February 2011VSMC - Engineering Manager (UK)• Set up a new Energy Engineering Department in Darlington, UK• Implemented all project systems/documentation along Oil & Gas lines and standardised installation procedures• Recruited and managed a dedicated multi-skilled project engineering team• Undertook outline / detailed planning of installation workscope• Managed the analysis, design, build & FAT/SIT of specialist project equipment on behalf of Statoil• Vessel analysis and selection• Shore End approach engineering inc. Pull in analysis, Landfall Works, Vessel Positioning & Float in and lay of product• Export Cable Lay & Second End Pull in at Substation• Inter Array Cable Installation• Trenching Analysis & Equipment selection► Statoil - Sherringham Shoals Windfarm - 88Turbine & 2 Sub Station installation► BritNed – British/Dutch interconnector project
  4. 4. March 2009 – August 2009Saipem UK - Lead EngineerFrigg 2009 DecommissioningRemoval of the Quarters Platform(QP) - Pre and post transit survey ofthe route into the Aker stored facility.Dredging of the pile locations,diamond wire cutting of the piles andone piece removal of the jacket bythe S7000 .Removal of the Drilling Platform 1(DP1)Use of subsea remote interventiontechnology. Pre-dredging at levelone, “piece small” subseapreparation, dismantling, lifting andtransfer of jacket sections to subseastorage containers. General seabeddebris removal.11 weeks offshore operations
  5. 5. April 2008 - May 2008CTC Marine Projects LimitedSenior Project Manager - BP Shefa IIProject120km lay & burial of Fibre Optic productrunning from the BP Clair Platformthrough to the BP Schiehallion FPSO inthe north east Atlantic, approximately140km NNE of Cape Wrath, west ofShetland Islands. Workscope included,Subsea Clamp installation, dynamic riserpull-in and hang off assembly. Producttensioning at the Clair Platform. FOTAdeployment at Schiehallion FPSO. Elevencrossings to bridge. Recovery andsplicing of BU tails at the FT FO cableintersection. Trenching of the productutilises the T1 Wheel Cutting Tractor &ISU 150te Plough. Construction vesselMaersk Advancer. Project Value£6.5million.
  6. 6. November 2006 – April 2008CTC Marine Projects LtdSenior Project Manager - Vessel Build. 106m“OCV Volantis”Management of specification and build of thevessel. Designed for Construction / Trenchingroles. Development and implementation of manyinnovative systems enabling the vessel to beconfigured to meet the various project demandsefficiently. Features included “Plug and play”system philosophy, modular container garageand handling system, unique sea-fasteningsystem and control room. Specialist teamconsisted of eight persons. Reporting to uppermanagement. Project Value £70m.
  7. 7. November 2006 – April 2008CTC Marine Projects LtdSenior Project Manager - 2000TeCarousel Lay SystemSpecification and management of laysystem including 17m Carousel, Fleetingtower, Accumulator and Tensioner. Amodular designed system capable ofoperation on multiple constructionvessels in various configurations.Included vessel hull analysis, grillagedesign, analysis and build. Incorporated aunique sea fastening system allowingefficient mob/demob. Lay controlintegrated into the vessel DP system.“Plug and play” philosophy adopted forthe vessel integration.. Project Value£5m.
  8. 8. November 2006 – April 2008CTC Marine Projects LtdSenior Project Manager/Designer - SeafasteningSystemPrimarily designed for the integration of a 2500TeCarousel lay system on to the OCV Volantis, thisunique seafastening system allows for efficientmob/demob of equipment on to vessels with norequirement for welding or burning on deck.Mob/Demob times cut from 4 - 5 days to approx.6hrs.
  9. 9. January 2006 – September 2006CTC Marine Projects LimitedProject Manager - BP Clair Platform Westof ShetlandLoFS (Life of Field Seismic) installationincluding field layout and installationplanning, route and boulder clearance, JTube Gravity Base design/engineering,Pipeline Bridge installation & systemtesting. The LoFS system included some50km of product simultaneously laid andtrenched in difficult seabed conditionsutilising the CTC T3 wheel cuttertrenching system. Project Value £11.5m.
  10. 10. January 2006 - September 2006CTC Marine Projects Ltd.Project Manager - Gravity J TubeBaseAs part of the overall BP Clair LoFSproject, design, manufacture andinstallation of a Gravity J Tube Basefor dynamic riser installation. Designwork included: - 100 year storm loading analysis On bottom stability analysis Design finite element analysis Launch and recovery analysisIn air weight 65Te
  11. 11. November 2003 – June 2004Saipem - Lead Project Engineer & AssistantProject Manager.Statoil - Sleipner Vest Alfa Nord ExtensionProject.Project Pre requisitesConversion of the Solstad MV NormandCutter cable lay vessel into a constructionvessel. Both vessel conversion and projectwere completed on time.This work included: -• Clearing / cutting of deck and associated cable lay equipment• Fitting of 300Te heave comp crane.• Under deck strengthening for Carousel lay system.• Fitting of the 25m, 3000Te product lay Project system • Installation of an 18.5km umbilical comprised 75mm x 5.5mm super duplex core with associated electrical and• SIT prior to transit to field hydraulic lines • Product loaded out of Kaverner at Moss Norway after completing vessel & equipment trials of the Normand Cutter • Managing Project Engineering & Client interface • Preparation / submission of project documentation • Offshore installation activities
  12. 12. May 2002 – July 2002Saipem - Project EngineeringManager: -Installation of two “four-slot”drilling templates inc. protectionstructures for Norsk Hydro on the‘Fram Vest’ Field Development.Responsibility for:• Preparation / submission of project documentation & Engineering• Project scheduling• Vessel mobilisation of activities at ERS Base, Rotterdam• Vessel loading Langesund, Norway• Offshore support.
  13. 13. April 2001 - Aug 2001Saipem - Lead Engineer –Bluestream ITUR Cable CrossingsWork included Jig design &manufacture, Crossingmanufacture & in dock testing.Controlled and reported budgets/ schedules to uppermanagement and liaised dailywith Sub-Contractor.Technical: -Quantity 2 off30m in lengthWeighing 30Te in air.On bottom weight 800Kg.Manufactured from HDPE“The fabrications were initially sixweeks behind schedule on handover. Delivery of the equipmentwas made one day ahead oforiginal target schedule.”
  14. 14. September 2002 - March 2002Saipem - Lead Engineer: - WBRSTransferred within the BluestreamProject to technically assess andmanage the “Wet Buckle RepairSystem” (WBRS) redesignprogramme.Initiated redesign of key elements.Involved in preparation of theschedule, procurement, logistics andcost estimates of the work.Mobilised the build site in Samsun,Turkey and finalised documentationto ‘As Built’ status.Co-ordinated / managed the 8-weekrebuild phase of the equipment andFAT.Technical: -2300m depth ratedROV intervention system
  15. 15. 2000 – 2001Stolt Offshore LtdProject Manager: -Deep Matis Launch SystemEstablished design / deploymentdata / criteria and all commercialrequirements of the system.Directed the design scope andcontrolled / reported budgets andschedules to upper management.Commissioned specialist finiteelement analysis, feasibility studyand advanced ‘real time’modelling.Managed procurement / supply ofmaterials & services, as well asmanufacture / assembly ofequipment. Executedcommissioning and handover ofproject equipment to site inNorway and ‘closed out’contracts.Technical: -2300m depth ratedOperation West Africa. Designedto land on 0.4 kpa soils.ROV intervention system.Project Value: - £1.25million
  16. 16. 1997 – 2000Stolt Offshore LtdProject Manager - Radial FrictionWelding ‘J’ Lay Pipe SystemSet up manufacturing site.Established management systems.Controlled / reported manufacturingbudgets to senior management.Directed the conceptual designs,manufacturing solutions andprocedures. Manufactured and builtkey machinesWrote and Co-ordinated theassembly plans, devisedcommissioning tests/ procedures.Implemented design / manufactureof test equipment, reviewed testdata and set remedial actions.(value £10 million).Technical: -2Mw system designed to frictionweld a variety of metals up to 12 ¾”API pipe.
  17. 17. Trenching Systems Vessels Beluga  Bar Protector DSV CMR3 Jetting ROV  Cygnus Flexjet  Edda Freya ISU Product Plough  Far Samson T1 & T3 Rock Cutter  Far Sovereign UT1 Jet Trencher  Helix Express  Maersk Advancer  Maersk Recorder  Maersk Responder  Maxita  Normand Cutter  Ocean Challenger  Polar Prince  Seaway Falcon  Team OmanContact details: - 