Why YOs (Young Ophthalmologists) Must Market


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This presentation was delivered to the "Young Ophthalmologist" society at the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) meeting in 2012, Chicago.

Young Ophthalmologists are; in training or who have been in practice for 5 or fewer years. Each year, a collection of speakers (including myself) has the privilege of addressing this group addressing a myriad of topics; location of practice, contract negotiation, etc.

This was my presentation on marketing.

In an nutshell, a diligent young doctor should start to understand how websites get ranked, the importance of a website and the need to engage patients digitally.

As greater than 80% of patients turn to the Internet for health related questions, patients now expect to find their doctor by searching websites, reading reviews and asking questions.

If any modern doctor does not have a website, they simply don't exist as far as patients are concerned.

Using these same arguments, young doctors can screen potential employers. Those lacking even a simple website probably have no marketing strategy to build a new doctor's practice...caution is advised!

Doctors new separated from a practice must now find a way for old patients to find their new location. The same basic principles of content marketing will help the lost patient find his/her old doc!

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  • I am a retina specialist in northern Virginia and I use my websites to educate my patients and build my practice. I have become my own single largest referral source. Marketing to patients is a necessity because patients want and expect a modern doctor to have a web presence, i.e. have a website and to engage digitally.My basic message is to market yourself by educating your patients….it’s the only way because it is now expected!I have founded Medical Marketing Enterprises, LLC to teach you how to do this yourself!http://medicalpracticeadministrator.com
  • Medical Marketing Enterprises, LLC was started to teach medical professionals the importance and techniques of website marketing for their medical practices.I am a retina specialist practicing in Fairfax, Virginia.
  • Marketing is not a synonym for advertising. The two activities are completely different. One promotes, the other solves problems.By marketing to your patients, you are solving their problems. Your “patients” have questions…we should provide the answers.In doing so, we’ll provide value and gain trust.
  • There are 3 likely scenarios which describe most Young Ophthalmologists. You are either soon to be employed, employed or no longer working for your first practice, i.e. separated.
  • I have some recommendations for;Marketing to Patients: Patients now expect their doctors (or potential doctors) to at least have a current web site.Tips for you to evaluate your potential employer, i.e. How does your potential employer intend to market their new associate (i.e. you!)Developing your own personal web presence. Discover the importance and flexibility of getting yourself found on the Internet.There are several quick ways for patients to find you at your new practice.
  • Marketing, or advertising, directly to patients occurs all the time. Look at the case of Viagra, Cialis, Allegra, Claritin…etc.Patients have become empowered. Not only are they choosing their own meds, but their doctors.Scarcity marketing provides that a non-competitive entity will always win (gasoline, restaurants, doctors).Health information used to be scarce. Only doctors were a source of information.No longer
  • The only way a website can get ranked, and maintain those high rankings, is through content marketing.Websites are indexed and ranked by Google based upon the relevance of the content contained within a website.Those pages containing the most recent and relevant content tend to achieve higher rankings. By publishing good content on your site, you can achieve visibility on the Internet.Social media is not necessary for a successful web presence. In fact, engage social media (FB, LinkedIn, Twitter) only if you have a website of which you are proud. Why draw attention to a website that is old and stale?
  • The referral has changed. Regardless of where a doctor’s name is referred or suggested (friend, neighbor, family, doctor), at some point, those suggested names are “Googled.”There are 3 results when “Googling” a doctor.Based upon the results of the “search,” a patient now decides whether or not to make an appointment.
  • An example of scarcity marketing is the marketing plan of the only restaurant in town. The only restaurant in town doesn’t have to have the best food, best prices, best wait staff, etc. Doctors, as sources of information, no longer are so special. The Internet provides instant information and 24/7. Patients can educate themselves about their health, allowing them to be more selective in their choice of doctors.The modern doctor must learn transparency both as an individual and as a small business. The goal of the modern doctor is to become a person who is a doctor.
  • There are 3 functions a website can provide for a medical practice. Resource sites provide basic information; hours, address, contact information, “About,” insurance participation, etc.Marketing sites rank well on SERP (search engine results page).Interactive websites can serve as a resource, market and grow your practice by interacting, and engaging, with (potential) patients.
  • For those of you considering employment options, I recommend searching your “new” practice on the web. Be critical about your findings.How does your new practice anticipate marketing and building “your” practice?Ever see “Field of Dreams?”
  • A common scenario occurs when a doctor leaves a practice. How do your established patients find your new practice?There are several ways to easily, and quickly, get your new practice location found on the web….Google PlusFacebookYelpHealthgrades/MantaLocal Directories
  • Local directories, or review sites, can be used to effectively boost your web presence.Facebook and Google Plus (formally Google Places) are competing for local search.Your own website can also be instrumental when changing practice locations.
  • Developing a web presence does not happen overnight. Inexpensive, costs <$10/ month.Social media should only be employed if a website is in placed. Vice versa merely says you don’t have the time, nor interest, in engaging your patients digitally.Starting a website while in-training is the best. It gives you time to build a webpresence…and gives you unique qualifications you can share with your new practice.
  • Why YOs (Young Ophthalmologists) Must Market

    1. 1. Why YOs Must Market Young Ophthalmologists AAO 2012 Chicago, IL Randall V. Wong, M.D. Medical Marketing Enterprises, LLC
    2. 2. Financial Disclosure I have the following financial interests or relationships to disclose:  Co-Founder:  Medical Marketing Enterprises, LLC
    3. 3. What is Marketing? Not just a synonym for advertising or promotion “Business function that identifies unfulfilled needs and wants…..” Understanding the problems of your customer
    4. 4. Patients Expectations Patients expect us to be on the net If you don’t have a webpage, you don’t exist
    5. 5. Young “O’s” In Training Practice Separated
    6. 6. 4 Topics in 20 Minutes1. Marketing to Patients2. Evaluating Your Potential Employer3. Starting Your Own Website Now4. How Your Patients Follow You
    7. 7. Marketing Directly to Patients Cialis and Viagra: Advertising to Patients Patients, too, directly choosing doctor Scarcity Marketing (Doctors as sources of information) Internet Provides Information 80% of patients look on web, first, for answers
    8. 8. Social Media and Rankings Content marketing/SEO SERP Social Media
    9. 9. 3 Scenarios Following “Referral” Smith, M.D: No website or Healthgrades Jones, M.D.: Website Wong, M.D.: Copyright 2006
    10. 10. Scarcity Marketing is Over Doctors no longer sole source of information Doctors no longer as “special” Learn to compete by distinguishing ourselves We are knowledgeable Transparency “People Who are Doctors”
    11. 11. 3 Types of Websites Resource Resource, Marketing Resource, Marketing, Interactive
    12. 12. Young “O” Needs Job Google Your New Practice Healthgrades….Beware! Engaged? Old-fashioned marketing “Build it and They Will Come” days are over
    13. 13. Recently Separated Build Practice Referrals Market to Patients How can my patients find me?
    14. 14. How Can My Patients Follow Me? Directories Healthgrades, Manta, etc. Yelp, Angie’s List, Google +, Facebook Website
    15. 15. Starting Now Start your own website…now Establish your own web presence With or without social media Get your name established Gives you versatility, unique marketing plan Added value to your next practice
    16. 16. Thank YouandTo Your Success!Randall V. Wong, M.D.Medical Marketing Enterprises, LLCRWong@MedicalMarketingEnterprises.com