#585 Essential SEO Tools for Your Website


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This was presented at the American Academy of Ophthalmology meeting by Randall Wong, M.D.

These are the fundamental components every website should have to maximize their search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the technique of translating the text files, or content, of your website into meaningful words and phrases so the search engines can understand your content.

SEO takes your content and tells the search engines how and what to rank your webpage.

There are many variables or components of SEO. Here are my favorite ways to maximize my SEO.


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  • Welcome! If you have questions about this course, please feel free to email me.rwong@medicalmarketingenterprises.com
  • Medical Marketing Enterprises, LLC was started to teach medical professionals the importance and techniques of website marketing for their medical practices. I am a retina specialist in Fairfax, Virginia.
  • SEO is the process of translating your website’s text, or content, into meaningful data understood by the search engines. It allows you to convey the proper information to the search engines so your pages may outrank your competitors. Your website, with proper optimization can become your best marketing tool with the best ROI!
  • This is our home page of our website. It is designed for a human reader.
  • This is what the search engines “see.”
  • SEO translates our home page to a meaningful message for the search engines. It translates information allowing the engines to better index, and then rank, our site.
  • All of these tools are free. Most can be obtained from Google. All you need is a GMAIL account. Listed here are some of the basic “tools” for any website to get started with its SEO (Search Engine Optimization).These are most of the elements that must be contained on a site or are tools used to improve the over SEO quality/score of your site.
  • An analytics package is expected to be installed on every site. Analytics can give you detailed information about your readers, also called visitors or traffic, to your site. Most demographic information about your readers is available; origin, browser used to look at your site, articles read, how long they stayed….or bounced!
  • This tool is useful to make sure that your site is functioning properly. Does it contain linking errors? If so, are they handled correctly? Webmasters tools is really a diagnostic tool for the website owner. Open your account when starting your website.
  • Not necessarily a true SEO tool, but it’s included because having an Adwords account allows you to use Google’s “Keyword Tool.”Keyword tools allow you to find or compare “keywords,” words commonly used by readers for “search.”You want to learn and use those words for which you care to rank highly.
  • These are the 3-4 lined ads you see littered on most webpages. They really have no SEO use, but I added for the sake of completion (I always get confused with Adwords).
  • Facebook and Google are competing for local search. It’s important to “claim” or create these pages. These pages can help your business/medical practice and your webpage be noticed. Google + pages may help your overall page rankings!These sites are free. Creating a “page” does not need to replicate your website! You can do it yourself or hire someone inexpensively.
  • The title, or title tag, of your website should clearly describe what services you provide or products you sell. Too often it is completely ignored or is simply used incorrectly. Which do you think conveys more information about my site? In other words, which “title” best answers a typical search query?NOTE: Most webdesign companies do NOT know much SEO. Too often this key element is ignored.
  • As with an analytics package, a sitemap is an expected element of every website. Websites not containing this file get a poorer SEO score. The search engines look first for this file, a listing of every page contained on the site, to ensure indexing of every page. Trusted sites, professional sites practicing “white hat” techniques will have the site. “Black Hat” sites….won’t.
  • Go here and follow the directions to list your site here.
  • As with the sitemap, this is simply a necessary file that should be created on every site….even if it contains nothing. Merely having the file can boost your SEO. Again, it’s a white hat vs. black hat filter and shows that you know what your doing….from an SEO point of view.
  • Domain ownership is all about trust. Trusted sites rank better than non-trusted sites.
  • More sites on the web are now viewed using mobile devices. Your site must be mobile responsive. Your present website can be become mobile ready for free or by purchasing an inexpensive plugin.What happens when you can’t download a webpage or file? Same is true for your readers. If your site takes forever to download….you’ll lose traffic. Google understands this and so do most of the hosting companies. This does not mean you need to spend a lot of money on your hosting account. In most cases, you won’t have to spend anything extra!
  • Your website can implement all the right tools and contain all the right element for proper optimization. Your content is, however, the most important element to getting your site ranked!
  • #585 Essential SEO Tools for Your Website

    1. 1. Essential SEO Tools for Your Website Randall V. Wong, M.D. Medical Marketing Enterprises, LLC AAO: 2012 Course #585
    2. 2. Financial Disclosure I have the following financial interests or relationships to disclose:  Co-Founder:  Medical Marketing Enterprises, LLC
    3. 3. What is Optimization? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) The process of translating the content of your web page to a format easily understood by search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) SEO only applies to websites with content. SEO only applies to content marketing. SEO is fundamental to anyone marketing a service or sales. Optimization allows your webpage to get ranked so it may serve as a marketing tool!
    4. 4. Tools for Optimization Gmail Account  Sitemap & Title  Analytics  DMOZ.org  Webmasters Tools  Feedburner  Robots.txt  Adwords  Length of Ownership  Adsense  Download Social Pages  Mobile Content Optimizer
    5. 5. Analytics Demographic information Learn what your readers like Expected Absence has negative impact on SEO
    6. 6. Webmasters Tools Google Product Submit website/sitemap to Google Ensures valid internal links Check for internal errors
    7. 7. Adwords Short Click Through Ads “Keyword Tool”
    8. 8. Adsense Little SEO use
    9. 9. Social Media Pages Facebook Google Plus (aka Google Places)
    10. 10. Title <tag> Website of Randall V. Wong, M.D. Vs. Board Certified Ophthalmologist, Fairfax
    11. 11. Sitemap Must Have “Table of Contents” List of pages in your website Ensures reading and indexing Negative Impact on SEO if absent
    12. 12. DMOZ.org List your site on the Open Directory
    13. 13. Robots.txt This is a listing of pages that need not be indexed Tells bots what not to read Expected
    14. 14. Domain Ownership Recommend 5-7 years Websites less than a year or owned for less than a year are not trusted “Trusted” sites rank well
    15. 15. Mobile Friendly and Download Optimized for mobile Mobile responsive sites Download speed Slow sites won’t rank well
    16. 16. Content SEO also applies to the content of your website Content is the most important component of your site that must be optimized Content is king! Content optimization programs
    17. 17. Factors Increasing SEO Content  Perceived authority Title Tag  Outbound links Inbound Links  Download speed  Analytics, Sitemap  Age of Domain  Keyword Tool  Social Media Pages
    18. 18. SEO SEO relates to Content Marketing Content Marketing is the Only way to achieve Rankings Rankings Allows Marketing Relationships Growing Your Practice
    19. 19. See You on the Web! January 15, 2013 Webinar Update/Refresh AAO 2102
    20. 20. Thank YouandTo Your Success!Randall V. Wong, M.D.Amy Wong, Esq.Medical Marketing Enterprises, LLC7726 Bradley Blvd.Bethesda MD 20817240.230.7353RWong@MedicalMarketingEnterprises.com Amy@MedicalMarketingEnterprises.com