Hoja de datos Servo ventiladores!


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Hoja de datos Servo ventiladores!

  2. 2. | Critical Care | SERVO-s | 3 |SERVO-sSIMPLY MAKES SENSEMAQUET – THE GOLD STANDARDLeading the way: MAQUET is a premier international provider MAQUET SERVO ventilators set the standard for the fieldof medical products for intensive care and operating rooms. of critical care. Based on proven SERVO technology,A firm commitment to investment in research and develop- SERVO-s offers leading edge mechanical ventilation in ament ensures that MAQUET products continue to make straightforward package. It is reliable, sensitive to patientsignificant contributions to improving patient care. effort and ideal for both pediatric and adult patients in a variety of hospital ventilatory care settings. Easy-to-use,MAQUET draws on many years´ experience in supplying dependable, adaptable – discover all the reasons SERVO-sleading edge ventilator systems. Since the introduction of the simply makes sense.first SERVO ventilator in 1971, MAQUET has delivered over100 000 units and SERVO has become the world´s number MAQUET – The Gold Standard.one ventilation brand.
  3. 3. | 4 | SERVO-s | Critical Care | FLEXIBLE CARE THAT GIVES YOU OPTIONS The SERVO-s ventilator’s simplicity of use makes it SERVO-s ventilatory configurations easier to provide high quality ventilation bedside, giving you more time to focus on patient care. It features a wide range of ventilation modes that can be tailored to specific clinical situations. The large intuitive user interface Lung mechanics provides valuable decision support information. Waveforms Alarm output connector with diagnostic quality and an array of lung mechanics Bi-Vent parameters make it easy to follow patient progress and enable clinical evaluations to tailor the treatment. SIMV (PRVC) + PS Options PRVC SERVO-s in combination with Compressor Mini offers NIV SERVO quality ventilation, independent of central gas Standard configuration SIMV (VC) + PS installations. The quiet and compact compressor supplies dry, filtered compressed air and is ideal for bedside use. VC Compressor Mini can also be used as a reliable back-up SIMV (PC) + PS that automatically takes over if the central gas supply fails. PC PS/CPAP A cost effective solution: SERVO-s is the cost-effective ventilator that is easy to use and tailor to your clinical needs. Same system for invasive and non-invasive ventilation, Key to abbreviations bedside and during transport within the hospital SIMV Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation PRVC Pressure Regulated Volume Control Adaptable to mobile chart, shelf or pendant CPAP Continous Positive Airway Pressure A one-piece, cleanable and interchangeable expiratory NIV Non-invasive Ventilation cassette, so the system can instantly be made ready for VS Volume Support VC Volume Control the next patient PS Pressure Support Quick automatic pre-use check of the entire system PC Pressure Control including breathing circuit Bedside upgrade of software 1 year/5 000 hours planned maintenance interval Non consumable ultrasonic O 2 sensor Maximize your uptime with MCare remote services™
  4. 4. | 6 | SERVO-s | Critical Care | ADAPTIVE VENTILATION FOR BETTER PATIENT INTERACTION Individual quality care one patient at a time: MAQUET’s The SERVO Feedback Control System™ immediately years of research in ventilator design and close cooperation with responds to patient needs in terms of pressure and flow leading clinical researchers have shown the importance of changes. Even the smallest deviations from set values are improving flow delivery in relation to the unique needs of sensed, fed back to the servo-controlled valves and regulated individual patients. – several hundred times per second. This ensures precise gas delivery, securing better patient interaction and improved lung protection.
  5. 5. | Critical Care | SERVO-s | 7 |The SERVO-s has further been designed to minimize the work The possibility to adjust inspiratory rise time i.e. how fastof breathing both during the beginning and the end of a breath maximum flow delivered during inspiration is reached and toto provide patient comfort. This is achieved with a sensitive adjust when a spontaneous breath begins expiration makes itinspiratory flow trigger and with an optimized opening of the possible to tailor the ventilation to each patient’s specificexpiratory valve at the beginning of expiration to minimize needs.work of breathing without losing PEEP.
  6. 6. | 8 | SERVO-s | Critical Care | VENTILATION THE EASY WAY WITH INTELLIGENT TIME-SAVING FEATURES User interaction: SERVO-s is easy to learn and operate, Simple to operate: making it ideal for ventilatory care in a variety of clinical High-resolution waveforms with diagnostic quality settings. Volume/Pressure and Flow/Volume loops Continuous 24 hours storage of trend data of measured The user interface is designed by clinicians for clinicians parameters and events – the intuitive menu system is accessed through the touch Individual patient circuit leakage checks screen, main rotary dial or direct access knobs, providing User defined start-up configuration secure control of vital settings such as PEEP, O2 concen- Previous Mode functionality, easy to switch back to latest tration, respiratory rate and volume/pressure. mode with latest settings Suction Support with possibility to set pre- and post- Convenience right from the start: The automated pre-use oxygenation level check – which gives easy-to-follow instructions on the screen Menus have been streamlined into just two main levels for and takes just a few minutes – offers an optimal calibration fast access to all settings and status of vital functions that need to be checked before connecting a patient. Lung Mechanics parameters such as resistance and compliance can be displayed, aiding in the understanding of the patients respiratory condition and the adjustment of settings. Weaning parameters P0.1, Shallow Breathing Index and Work of Breathing are also available, giving clinicians indications of when to start weaning the patient off the ventilator. 24 hour trend of vital parameters Direct access to vital settings
  7. 7. | Critical Care | SERVO-s | 9 |A WIDE RANGE OFVENTILATION MODESSERVO-s offers unique ventilation capabilities in different Pressure Regulated Volume Control (PRVC) combines themodes to fit various treatment needs. advantages of volume and pressure controlled ventilation, allowing SERVO-s to deliver the preset tidal volume with theVolume Control (VC) on the SERVO-s does more than just lowest pressure possible.deliver a set flow as in a traditional volume control mode.It senses if a patient demands a higher flow during Bi-Vent allows the clinician to combine controlled and assistedinspiration and delivers a flow profile adapted to the ventilation at low and high pressure levels. Timings for eachpatient’s immediate needs. The Flow-Adapted Volume pressure level are set and the patient can breathe sponta-Controller™ ensures improved patient interaction by neously at both levels. Bi-Vent can also be used for Airwaydelivering set tidal volume as a minimum, or a higher tidal Pressure Release Ventilation (APRV).volume if demanded by the patient. Non-invasive ventilation (NIV). Adapts to variable leakagePressure Control (PC) with Late Inspiratory Recruitment levels to maintain the set pressure and PEEP level. And theprovided by the SERVO Feedback Control System™ keeps measured Tidal and Minute volume shown on the screen arepressure constant at set levels throughout the inspiration time, compensated for leakage so the actual volume that the patientensuring an even gas distribution. If it appears that previously breathes in and out is displayed. The leakage fraction is alsocollapsed alveoli are beginning to open, indicated by a shown, giving an indication to when the non-invasive interfacepressure drop, they are opened further by a precise increase may need adjustment.in flow.Loops and waveforms displayed NIV with automatic leakage compensation
  8. 8. | 10 | SERVO-s | Critical Care | PROVEN RELIABILITY BASED ON A TRADITION OF QUALITY Dependable performance: SERVO ventilators are known for their outstanding performance, and SERVO-s is no exception. Fast, precise flow and pressure measurements and regulation, clear display of patient values, ease of control, and reliable alarm and back-up systems are part of the SERVO commitment to dependable care. In the expiratory cassette, the fast and precise ultrasonic flow transducers manage accurate measurement of the expiratory flow and reliability of alarms while ensuring the lowest possible expiratory resistance and Work of Breathing. Intuitive controls facilitate rapid response. Battery capacity and status information for oxygen cell/sensor and expiratory cassette are shown on the display. Back-ups and alarms: Audible and visual alarms for patient safety Optional external alarm system Back-up apnea function ensures safe ventilation in pressure support Continuous uninterrupted single gas capacity – in case of failure in O2 or air supply Built-in rechargeable batteries provide at least 60 minutes of back-up Remaining battery capacity is shown in minutes on the SERVO-s screen Added battery back-up time via external 12V power source Gas bottles can be secured directly to the back of the cart for intrahospital transports
  9. 9. | Critical Care | SERVO-s | 11 |DELIVERING EXTRA VALUEFEATURES AND SERVICES THAT ARE EASY TO APPRECIATEFeatures to fit every need: MAQUET offers a wide range of Flexibility with a variety of services: MAQUET MCare isaccessories and consumables such as active and passive our worldwide service concept. It offers complete flexibilityhumidifiers, patient circuits and the Servo Duo Guard™ filter with a variety of services.designed for safe use during nebulization. No matter what MCare solution™ you choose, our globalMAQUET offers solutions for intermittent and continuous services network ensures high-quality services for yournebulization with reusable or disposable units. All solutions SERVO-s and your staff. We supply MCare Portal™, originaloffer high performance aerosol delivery without affecting the spare parts, upgrades and training for the staff.ventilatory settings, making it possible to provide treatmentfor a wider range of patients. MCare is the chain of excellence that offers services tailored to our customers needs. Achieve optimum performance andThe SERVO-s mobile cart is ergonomically designed for maximize the value of your investment through one of ourmaximum stability and user-friendliness. Accessories such service offerings:as the nebulizer, humidifier and support arm can be easily MCare Preventive™attached to the side or front of the cart column. MCare Plus™ MCare Professional™ MCare Partner™ Local variations of MCare may occur. For more information contact your local MAQUET office or visit www.maquet.comSERVO Duo Guard Aeroneb We ensure high-quality services MCare Portal contains information for your SERVO-s and your staff and useful documentation
  10. 10. © Maquet Critical Care AB 2009. All rights reserved. • MAQUET reserves the right to modify the design and specifications contained herein without prior notice. MX-0525 Printed in Sweden • 0609 2. • Rev. 00 English. The following are registered or pending trademarks of MAQUET Critical Care AB: SERVO-s and MAQUET MCareMaquet Critical Care AB171 54 Solna, Sweden GETINGE GROUP is a leading global provider of equipment andPhone: +46 (0) 8 730 73 00 systems that contribute to quality enhancement and cost efficiencywww.maquet.com within healthcare and life sciences. Equipment, services and tech- nologies are supplied under the brands ArjoHuntleighFor local contact: for patient handling and hygiene, disinfection, DVT prevention,Please visit our website medical beds, therapeutic surfaces and diagnostics, GETINGEwww.maquet.com for infection control and prevention within healthcare and life sci- ence and MAQUET for Surgical Workplaces, Cardiovascular and Critical Care.