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Data Warehouse Testing: The QuerySurge Data Wizards


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What Do Harry Potter And Data Warehouse Testing Have In Common? …

What Do Harry Potter And Data Warehouse Testing Have In Common?

They both use wizardry to get the job done!

Introducing the new QuerySurge Data Wizards. See how easy it is to validate your data warehouse data throughout the ETL process with our new Wizards! The Wizards are also perfect for database migrations and upgrades. Why spend time writing SQL queries when you can simply point to your data sources and tell the wizard what tests you'd like to run - fast and easy, no coding necessary!

We will walk you through use cases for this new functionality to show you how it can simplify your work and help you achieve efficiency and quality in the data warehouse development cycle.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • Web browsers: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.Operating systems: Windows & Linux.
  • Focus on the # of data sets tested (720k) in 34 seconds.
  • Transcript

    • 1. built by Bill Hayduk CEO/President RTTS Harry Potter and Data Warehouse Testing Introducing the QuerySurge Data Wizards Martin Henry-Lester Product Specialist RTTS Laura Poggi Marketing Manager RTTS Webinar
    • 2. AboutFACTS Founded: 1996 Primary Focus: consulting services, software Locations: New York, Atlanta, Philly, Phoenix Geographic region: North America Customer profile: Fortune 500, > 450 clients Software: QuerySurge The Software Quality RTTS is the leading provider of software quality for critical business systems
    • 3. built by The average organization loses $8.2 million annually through poor Data Quality. - Gartner 46% of companies cite Data Quality as a barrier for adopting Business Intelligence products. - InformationWeek Data Quality Best Practices boost revenue by 66%. - Research firm Sirius Decisions
    • 4. 4 About QuerySurge built by
    • 5. QuerySurge is the premier test tool built to automate Data Warehouse testing and the ETL Testing Process What is QuerySurge? built by
    • 6. What does QuerySurge ™do? built by QuerySurge finds bad data • Most firms test < 10% of their data • Your CxOs rely on BI apps to make strategic decisions • BI apps sit on top of DWHs that have at best, untested data & at worst, bad data • QuerySurge tests up to 100% of your data quickly & finds bad data
    • 7. QuerySurge™ Architecture built by QuerySurgeArchitecture Target Sources
    • 8. 8 Architecture-Under-Test Data Set #1 Data Set #2 © 2011 Real-Time Technology Solutions, Inc. Surge Architecture User(s) Web interface Compare Data Sets QuerySurge™: How it Works built by
    • 9. QuerySurge Roles & Uses Testers - functional testing - regression testing ETL Developers - unit testing Data Analysts - review, analyze data - verify mappings and failures. Operations teams - monitoring built by
    • 10. built by Design Library  Create Query Pairs (source & target SQLs) 10 QuerySurge™ Modules Scheduling  Build groups of Query Pairs  Schedule Test Runs
    • 11. Deep-Dive Reporting  Examine and automatically email test results Run Dashboard  View real-time execution  Analyze real-time results QuerySurge™ Modules built by
    • 12. built by QuerySurge™ Gallery: QueryPair Creation
    • 13. built by QuerySurge™ Gallery: Run Dashboard
    • 14. built by QuerySurge™ Gallery: Summary Report 14,000 data failures
    • 15. built by QuerySurge™ Gallery: Detail Report Individual QueryPair passes Individual QueryPair fails
    • 16. Business Problem built by In a survey of potential customers we asked: What are your top DWH testing challenges?
    • 17. They need to automate the testing effort Their Top 6 Responses They need to speed up the testing cycle built by They need to be able to schedule test runs They need to be able to test across different platforms They need to share test results with their group They need to verify more data than they currently do (typically <10%)
    • 18. automates the testing effort the kickoff, the tests, the comparison, emailing the results speeds up testing up to 1,000 times faster than manual testing schedules test runs run now, every Tuesday at 11pm or right after ETL process tests across different platforms any JDBC-compliant database, DWH, D-Mart, flat file, XML views & shares results  through automated emailing of reports the QuerySurge solution… verifies more data  verifies upwards of 100% of all data built by
    • 19. QuerySurge Value-Add QuerySurge provides value by either:  in testing data coverage from < 10% to upwards of 100%  in testing time by as much as 1,000 x combination of in test coverage while in testing time 19 built by
    • 20. Return on Investment (ROI)  redeployment of head count by 75% because of an increase in coverage  a savings over manual testing (minus queries, manual compares, other)  an increase in better data due to shorter / more thorough testing cycle, saving $millions by preventing key decisions made on bad data. 20 built by
    • 21. FYI - Training Courses built by Courses Fundamentals of QuerySurge 1 day Introduction to SQL for QuerySurge 1 day Advanced SQL Techniques for QuerySurge 1 day Data Warehouse Fundamentals 1 day Delivery Options in the Cloud in our Classroom private on-site training new
    • 22. built by
    • 23. QuerySurge™ new release!!! What do and QuerySurge™ have in common? 23 They both use to get the job done!!! Introducing the built by
    • 24. 24 Fast and Easy. No programming needed. built by • Perfect for data warehouse testing, data migrations & upgrades • Great for verifying that all rows have come over without issue • Superb at verifying table-to-table transfers • Ability to graphically create SQL stubs for advanced scripting
    • 25. Uses: Verify that the amount of rows match the amount that were expected built by Roles: ETL Developer, Operations, Testers SQL Skill set / Value added: beginner: no coding needed experienced user: saves time
    • 26. Uses: - Verify data warehouse loads when no transformation - Verifies data migrations, upgrades built by Roles: ETL Developers, Testers SQL Skill set / Value added: beginner: no coding needed experienced user: saves time
    • 27. Uses: - Utilize either wizard to create stub statements for writing SQL query pairs built by SQL SQL Roles: ETL Developers, Advanced Testers SQL Skill set / Value added: For experienced users: - No need to look up schema(s) or table names - Saves tons of time
    • 28. Visually select source and target database (or DWH) Wizards’ ease-of-use Select Row Count Wizard or Table Compare Wizard Select schema(s) from source and target Select matching tables in source and target QuerySurge automatically creates test suite Now you are ready to run!
    • 29. Ensuring Data Warehouse Quality QuerySurge built by Demo